Technical Information
Japanese イヴェット
Romaji Ivetto
Other Names Sarah (alias)
Biographical Information
Born EC 463
Classification Human
Gender Female
Affiliation(s) Asmodean (formerly)
Kingdom of Lucifenia (formerly)
Kingdom of Marlon (formerly)
Lucifenian Republic
Levin Church (Held sect)

Yvette was the abbess of the Held Monastery in Lucifenia and the stepdaughter of General Shalgham. Miserable after her mother's marriage to the Asmodean general, the child became involved in her stepfather's scheme to eliminate Gast Venom in the hopes of earning her family's love. After murdering her stepfather in a blind rage, Yvette eventually became a nun for the Held sect.


Early LifeEdit

Born in Asmodean in EC 463, she was the only child of a low-ranking soldier. In EC 468, Yvette's father died in a war and the five-year-old kept the Golden Key he owned as a memento. Discovering its ability to shapeshift, she often played with it. Over time, her mother regularly told the child how her father was a brave soldier of Asmodean. Around EC 473, her mother remarried and the innocent girl moved in with her stepfather, General Shalgham, and his sons at their home in the capital of Lasaland. Initially pleased with her new lavish lifestyle, Yvette grew miserable as her entire family treated her coldly.

As time progressed, Yvette considered running away from home several times before quickly becoming terrified of the idea of living on her own and be separated from her apathetic mother and giving up each time. Hoping to please her stepfamily and earn their love, the young girl smiled regardless of how she actually felt, kept clean, and ate things she hated in spite of her misery; failing to be treated as anything more than an "unnecessary child" in the family, Yvette continued her act while fearing her stepfather may someday sell her for sex.[1]

Chance PlanEdit

When three visitors came to their home in EC 477, Yvette saw the beautiful silver-haired woman give General Shalgham some documents before leaving. After her stepfather left with the other two guests for the library, Yvette went to her room and played with the key until summoned to the library by Shalgham. Obediently meeting her stepfather in the hall, she silently stared at the green-haired visitor staring back at her for a while before the man began talking to Shalgham again. Believing the man was going to use her for sex, Yvette trembled until the Elphe man left and Shalgham told her to return to her room while he spoke with the old woman with a red cat.

Yvette obeyed and then immediately went to sleep. The next day, her stepfather gave her the documents he was given and she read over the Futapie intelligence officer's detailed history of Gast Venom. Afterward, Shalgham told her his plan to make an excuse to have his Golden Dragon Unit camp at the Misty Mountain ruins en route to combat Lucifenia and forbid anyone from going near the "heretical" altar there. Saying he would have her stepbrothers call the anti-authority Gast to the altar where his sister Sarah's "ghost" would meet him during the night, the general explained how the green-haired man was Gast's neighbor when he lived in Elphegort and was telling him how much Yvette looked like Gast's dead sister.

After describing her role in making Gast believe she was Sarah and push him to mutiny against Shalgham's orders to destroy the altar and therefore have him legally killed since the Emperor wouldn't listen to his direct appeals, Yvette hesitated to cooperate with the plan. Told it was for the sake of their country and that her brothers were already participating, the girl gladly conceded, believing she would finally be accepted as part of the family. Told to head to the southern Misty Mountains and stay at the nearby town of Mystica until Golden Dragon Unit arrived, Yvette executed her father's wishes as instructed. Once the unit passed through town, the girl hid herself away with them during the journey across the mountain range.[2]

Daughter of FogEdit

After word of rebellion from Silver Sparrow Unit ahead of them reached Golden Dragon Unit, Shalgham ordered his soldiers to camp in the ruins during the meantime and Yvette hid in his bed to avoid the other soldiers until nightfall. Just before she left bed that night to execute the plan, Shalgham came by and offered Yvette to take a peculiar-looking sword. The girl rejected it, saying she was afraid of sharp tools, and Shalgham forced her to take the weapon, saying it wasn't a weapon but something to show Gast should he doubt her. Seeing her father's serious look at her, the confused girl meekly obeyed.

Afterward, Yvette headed to the altar and waited there while playing with the golden key until Gast arrived. Struck by his beauty, Yvette saw the young man drop the bottle of liquor he held. Convinced the plan succeeded, the girl embraced her "brother" with glee, saying she came to see him. After Gast hesitantly hugged her back, the girl inquired if he was going to stay for a while. Once the teen soldier stated they still hadn't received any reports from the frontlines, "Sarah" expressed joy at the outcome.

Yvette continued the ruse each night for two weeks, falling in love with Gast over time while keeping the sword with her and out of sight as Shlagham instructed. When the soldier asked why she was there one night, Yvette told him she was a ghost. She then claimed the altar was a pathway between their world and the Hellish Yard that allowed her to visit him on dark and foggy nights, hence why she could visit him. During the period, her stepbrothers feigned illness and Shalgham used their fake sickness to have the "pagan" altar destroyed as planned.

The night before Gast's planned murder, Yvette met with Gast again by the altar. After he announced he deserted the army, the surprised girl listened to him explain that Shalgham knew about his lineage to Venomania. Pleased that her father's objective would be achieved without Gast being killed, the girl inquired what he planned to do afterward and the deserter admitted he didn't know, mulling over his options. When the teenager asked if she'd come with him, the lovestruck teen began to say yes before stopping herself. Conflicted, the cowardly girl said she couldn't since she was a ghost. Met with Gast's anger for making the claim again, she flinched.

The young man then placed his hands on her face, saying she couldn't be a ghost considering how warm she felt. Reiterating that she still couldn't, Yvette apologized and Gast stated that he would come there to see her in the future. When the soldier stopped his train of thought and questioned what would happen if the altar would be destroyed, Yvette confirmed they couldn't meet again, reminding him it was the pathway between worlds. "Sarah" then asked if the altar was going to be destroyed and Gast confirmed Shalgham decided it, prompting Yvette to tell him she wouldn't be able to see him anymore then.

After Gast said it wouldn't happen, the confused "ghost" pointed out the altar would be destroyed and the youth retorted he would stop it even if he had to kill Shalgham. The terrified Yvette told him it was pointless, reminding him he couldn't win by himself. Remembering her stepfather's words about the sword, the girl grabbed the sword and swung it before him to convince him to listen to her. Seeing him suddenly fervently want the blade she held, Yvette refused to give it to him. As Gast argued she must've always had it for the purpose of giving it to him, the girl continued her refusal until the young man forced it from her arms.

Realizing what ominous power the blade held, Yvette met with her stepfather the next day. Seeing the old woman Abyss I.R. next to him, Yvette told Shalgham about Gast's desertion, hoping to keep them from killing each other. When her father staunchly refused to stop his plan to kill Gast, Yvette became furious. Possessed by the Demon of Wrath, she transformed the key into a knife and stabbed Shalgham in a blind rage. After coming to her senses and realizing what she had done, Yvette fled from Abyss I.R. and her stepbrothers with the key.[3]

New IdentityEdit

During the course of her escape, Yvette met a Levin friar of the Held sect and the compassionate man allowed her to join him as a pilgrim. Thinking much about Gast during her travels, the pilgrim later met the wandering Asmodean Emperor. Sharing her concern about Gast to the vagabond emperor, he told her that he saved Gast from execution for the general's murder and had him exiled instead. Relieved, Yvette continued journeying with the friar; during her travels, she heard of Gast's activities over the years and became conflicted over whether to try seeing him again, ultimately deciding it was best they didn't meet.[4]

Later LifeEdit

In the late EC 490s, Yvette and the monk established a monastery near the Lucifenian port town with funding from the Freezis Family. After discussing the golden key with the monk, the two decided to seal away the key in the monastery. After doing so, Yvette decided to dedicate her life as a nun there and was baptized by the new director she followed for decades. Later on, she replaced the monk as the abbess of the monastery, helping lead the other nuns with managing the church and orphanage.[5]

In EC 500, Yvette accepted Keel Freezis' former maid Clarith as a guest and potential new nun at the monastery.[6] Sometime after the Lucifenian Revolution, she heard of Gast's death and visited his grave several times, brought to tears at the thought of his pitiful life that ended buried in a grave of the religion he despised.[7] At some point, Yvette told Clarith about a legend she heard about the sea where one would write down a wish, put it in a bottle, and throw it out to the ocean so it would come true, telling the fellow nun it was actually a demon contract.[8]

Over the years, Yvette came to see Clarith and the young orphan and later fellow nun Rin as her own daughters. In EC 505, the abbess learned about their guests Yukina Freezis, Germaine Avadonia, and Rin defeating Abyss I.R. on the beach while the mage possessed Yukina's mother, Mikina. Afterward, she checked where the key was supposed to be sealed and discovered it missing, realizing Abyss had also known and must've since lost interest in her and the monastery. At some point, the abbess learned about the vessels of sin and that both the key and sword were among them.

Around EC 529, the 65-year-old nun realized she would soon die and decided to entrust her position to Rin. Hoping to confess her single regret from her youth to someone, the dying woman decided to write a letter to Yukina about her past with Gast and the golden key. After writing her confession in the letter and sharing what she discovered after the novelist's encounter with Abyss I.R., Yvette wrote that it was true the key helped her but was still a vessel of sin harboring a demon. She then jotted her desire for the girl to seal away the key again before it brought disaster to the world, should she find it. Shortly after Yvette sent the letter, she died.[9]


Following Yvette's death, Rin was made the new abbess of the monastery and took care of the children in its orphanage until her death decades later.[10] Sometime after the abbess' death, Clarith left the monastery and established her own religious order, dedicating the Sisters of Clarith to fighting injustice and providing for the needy across the Evillious region.[11]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Yvette was a kind but cowardly woman. Ruled by fear throughout much of her youth, the woman lacked the courage to strongly resist others' intentions or take action that greatly endangered the status quo. Despite her initial glee at becoming part of a richer household as a child, the girl quickly became unhappy with her stepfamily's treatment of her, feeling like the "unnecessary child". Terrified of having to take care of herself if she escaped from her family, the child did everything she could to please her stepfather, developing a certain patience and quiet obedience to his will.

However, while impersonating Gast's sister, Yvette developed deep feelings for the teen and greatly sympathized with his pitiable life. After failing to convince Shalgham to not murder Gast, the girl's frustration boiled into a large enough rage that, fueled by the Demon of Wrath, prompted the girl to finally rebel against her stepfather and murder him. Her devotion to Gast continued into the decades after, often trying to hear about his exploits; although conflicted over the matter, the woman came to believe she could only be seen as the "ghost" of Gast's sister, ultimately deciding against ever reuniting with her beloved. Regardless, she visited his grave many times after hearing of his death and cried at the thought of his life's cruel irony.

Yvette also trusted greatly in the compassionate monk she met following her escape as a child and considered him her savior. Once the monastery was established, the woman hoped to discard her past and live a new life as a Levin nun in the service of others in need. Through spending her time nurturing the orphans and fellow nuns, the abbess came to consider Rin and Clarith in particular like her own daughters and cared for them greatly. Likewise, the woman felt extremely indebted to the Freezises for funding the monastery and was always welcoming and respectful to its members.

Although having often played with the shapeshifting key for entertainment as a child, Yvette came to consider the vessel of sin a danger to the world and was sealing it away and having it and her murder be forgotten for all time. However, despite her earlier desire to take the secrets of her past to her grave, the woman had a change of heart as her death drew near, wishing to share her single regret and "sin" with someone before her spirit left the world; as a result, Yvette had no qualms about Yukina choosing not to read the nun's dying letter due to the sensitive topics relevant to her, desiring only to have her confession exist in some form. She was also afraid of edged tools and disliked violence since her childhood, though still murdering her father with a knife in a blind rage while possessed.[12]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Yvette lacked much physical ability and was a poor fighter, though still capable of wielding a knife to great effect. Due to her uncanny resemblance to Gast's sister, Sarah, Yvette could easily impersonate the dead girl, albeit under the impression she was an older version. The woman became knowledgeable about the vessels of sin following her experience with the cursed tools. She was also literate.[13]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Shalgham: Yvette's stepfather. Made miserable by how cold and cruel Shalgham was, Yvette grew up wishing to please her stepfather and terrified of how he would decide her future. Because of this, and wishing to be loved by her stepfamily, the girl was desperate to please him and would do whatever he asked even if she disliked it or found it immoral. Eventually, pushed too far by her father's cruelty towards Gast, this miserable desperation turned to hate and she murdered him in her wrath.

Gast Venom: Yvette's crush. As a sheltered girl to afraid to run away, Yvette was amazed by Gast's sense of independence and came to harbor strong feelings for the handsome older teen, wishing to run away with him. Due to this, she became increasingly conflicted over deceiving him for her stepfather and even murdered Shalgham to save him. Over the years, Yvette continued to harbor feelings for Gast and felt great sympathy for him, mourning his bitter end in the Revolution.

Clarith: One of Yvette's nuns. Accepting the woman into her monastery, Yvette began to consider Clarith a dear friend and even like a daughter to her. She also saw fit to impart to her some of the wisdom that she had gained, such as the legend of forming a contract by using a message in a bottle.

Rin: One of Yvette's nuns: After bringing the orphaned girl into her monastery at a young age, Yvette came to care for her and appreciate Rin's dedication towards taking care of the other orphans and working hard as a nun. Due to this, she was confident in trusting Rin with control over the monastery after her death.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The name Yvette is French in origin, meaning "archer".



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