Yukina Freezis
Technical Information
Japanese ユキナ=フリージス
Romaji Yukina Furiijisu

Kaai Yuki

Biographical Information
Born December 4, EC 491
Classification Human
Race Marlon
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Elphegort (formerly)
Kingdom of Marlon (formerly)
Lucifenian Republic
Levin Church (Held sect)
"I have to write the rest of the story."
―Yukina Freezis[src]

Yukina Freezis was a famous writer in Evillious and the creator of the Freezis Fairy Tales. Writing stories since childhood, Yukina developed into a popular novelist at a young age. During her youth, she traveled throughout Evillious to learn more about the vessels of sin and The Daughter of Evil. Among her most popular works was "The Daughter of Evil", depicting the true story she learned during her travels.


Early LifeEdit

"If you like the life there, then you can become a nun. But I do hope you will come back to my home. Without you, Yukina will be lonely."
―Keel to Clarith[src]

Born in Aceid's Central District on December 4, EC 491,[1] Yukina moved into the Freezis Mansion in the Elphegortean capital's Northern District with her parents, Keel and Mikina, while very young. After the birth of her brother, Shaw, in EC 493, Yukina began being neglected by her parents as they focused their attention on the family heir. Early on, she showed a love for reading and writing, which earned the attention of her father, Keel. Buying her Rollam bird feather pens, the child began writing her own stories or sometimes had the servants do so instead for her.[2]

As she grew up, the girl heard her mother play the harp and watched as her father failed to convince her to perform at any of his monthly banquets.[3] Whenever the child was lonely, she looked for her father and enjoyed receiving his affection even when he was busy working. Over time, Yukina listened to her mother tell her love story with Keel several times, learning the pregnant Mikina had left her noble family in Marlon to elope with her father in Elphegort and have the child.[4]

After the birth of her sister, Aile, in EC 495, Yukina became even more lonely as her mother continuously nurtured the sickly infant, acting up for even more attention as a result.[5] Around EC 497, her mother read the story of Vampiress Vanika to Yukina, scaring the child. Despite knowing it was a work of fiction, the scarred six-year-old was unable to sleep that night.[6] At some point, Yukina overheard rumors among the servants that Mikina refused to let anyone take care of Aile due to an Elphe nanny allegedly causing an accident that burned her brother's back, hence Mikina's prejudice to the race.[7]

Cha13 yukina
In EC 499, for her ninth birthday, Yukina recieved a notepad from her mother and fell in love with it.[8] Later on, the child came under the care of Clarith and grew attached to her unique appearance and ability to serve her needs. When Keel returned from Princess Riliane's birthday party on December 28, Yukina ran straight into her father, excited to hear he came back from his trip. After expressing her disappointment that he didn't come see her first, Keel promised he would read the child a story to make up for it.

Months later, Yukina had woken up during one of her father's parties and yelled at Clarith for running in the halls.[9] During the Green Hunting, Yukina wept as she said goodbye to Clarith while the Netsuma girl comforted her and promised to make her a cream cake when they saw each other again. Like the rest of her family, Yukina was imprisoned at the Lucifenian Royal Palace and was released two months later, staying at Corpa's mansion in Rolled.

A few days later,[10] while playing with her mother, Yukina met Germaine Avadonia and the one-eyed York as they arranged to meet with her father.[11] Clarith later arrived and Yukina immediately clung to her leg in excitement. Led into another room, she watched silently with her mother as Clarith broke down in tears and asked if she was okay. On the day of Clarith's departure, Yukina cried and gave her a book with all her stories she had written, up till that point.[12]

Life in MarlonEdit

"Next, I'm going to write about The Daughter of Evil!"
―Yukina's resolve as a child[src]

During the Lucifenian Revolution, Yukina and her family fled after the area was liberated by the Resistance and moved into the Freezis Mansion in the Kingdom of Marlon. Living there in Bariti, the family was visited by Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia sometime after. Living with them for several months, Yukina was often accompanied by Gumillia and played with. At some point, she was lectured by her for not using honorifics.[13]

Sometime after they left, Yukina was desperately writing when her father asked about it. She responded she was writing a snake and frog story and later was confused by her father's laughter while reading a letter. After finishing her story, she had Keel read it and told him she would write about The Daughter of Evil next, captivated by the recent Revolution against Riliane's reign.[14]

In EC 501, Yukina heard Elluka and Gumillia's names again when King Kyle added them to the Witch Hunt.[15] As time passed, Yukina wrote numerous books that her father published,[16] including "The Raven and the Three Crows", and grew in fame as a novelist across Evillious.[17] Due to her continued interest in the revolution, Yukina studied the event closely and its people involved.[18]

Journey AbroadEdit

"Eh? You ran away from home?"
"I didn't run away from home... I'm on a journey for knowledge."
―Germaine Avadonia and Yukina[src]

Yukina during her travels

Around EC 504, Yukina read the historical account of Will Jaakko and became interested in his writings about the "vessels of sin" and those said to be possessed by them. Finding the name "Elluka Clockworker" included in the century-old text, Yukina became interested in researching the Sins and understanding exactly what happened with The Daughter of Evil and Kyle's current regime.

Although opposed by her family to leave, Yukina snuck away from home and voyaged to Divine Levianta.[19] After entering the snowy northern country, Yukina checked into an inn and was surprised by the seemingly tiny quarters she was given. While journeying throughout the country, she met a teenager who related the tales of Banica Conchita being possessed by a glass vessel of sin that made her into an "Evil Food Eater" and, skeptical the vessels even existed, didn't believe the tale.[20]

She later embarked towards the neighboring Asmodean, but the border guards refused to let her cross until she bribed them. Arriving in Asmodean, she investigated the Venomania Mansion ruins in Lasaland but found nothing. At some point, she met a group of mercenaries there and they instructed her in proper fencing and self-defense. Yukina continued on her journey and crossed over to Lucifenia. Restricted in many of her actions due to being a foreigner, the young writer decided to leave for the Beelzenian Empire.[21]

Star-Shaped FortressEdit

"The soldiers at the fortress gates were saying that Commander Mouchet is as terrible as an ogre and as cruel as a demon, bossing her troops around like slaves. You must've also suffered working under someone like that, right, Miss Lily?"
After Yukina traveled to Retasan Fortress, she checked in at the Half Moon Pavilion and stayed there for three days before heading towards the fortress. While walking through the city streets, her hat flew off in the wind and she rushed to pick it up when a blonde-haired soldier did so for her and she thanked her before running off again.

Stopped at the front gate, one of the two guards told her she wasn't allowed and, pressing him for why, was told it was a military problem. When he said she wasn't allowed to know the details, she told the arrogant soldier that Marlon must have had a hard time controlling guards like him. Faced with the guard's outburst, the other guard approached her and kindly apologized, explaining it was classified. Placing a gold coin in his hand, she asked if there really was no way to pass. The guard returned the bribe, saying Commander Mouchet would kill him if the "demon" officer knew he accepted it. Yukina finally gave up and returned to the hotel.

After explaining she already paid the bill, the owner returned her identification papers and Yukina headed to the bar. Paying the waiter two coins for a white Rollam bird meal, Yukina spied the blonde-haired soldier from earlier and thanked her again. The writer joined the soldier and she spoke about her experience at Retasan when her meal arrived. Asked about why she went toward the gates, Yukina explained her situation and the soldier elaborated on the political friction between Marlon's Lucifenia and Beelzenia. When the blonde woman mentioned higher-ups saying Beelzenia was harboring criminals, Yukina pressed her to know more.

The woman then said it was classified and said it was likely war would break out, hence why traffic to and from Beelzenia was limited. Angered that such a small issues was halting her journey, she punched the table and cursed that it was an excuse for them to expand their territory. Realizing her blunder, she was surprised when the soldier laughed and agreed with her. Grateful, she explained how poorly she was treated at the gate and criticized Commander Mouchet for being so awful. Remembering her manners, Yukina asked for the soldier's name and she said she was called "Lily".

The child then ranted how Lily must have suffered under Mouchet's cruelty the guards mentioned and that sensible people like her should be leading them instead. At that moment, a soldier entered to discuss military matters with Lily and addressed her as "Commander Mouchet" before leaving. As the revelation came over her, Yukina asked for Lily's full name and, when she stated it was "Riliane Mouchet", the child immediately apologized but the commander encouraged her to eat before the food grew cold.

Over the course of five days, Yukina was constantly spending her time with Commander Mouchet while walking through the streets, learning about her father, Gaston, and character. On the fifth day, Riliane promised to help Yukina get to Beelzenia. While window shopping later on, Riliane asked if she needed a new pair of shoes and Yukina noted the commander's good mood. Brushing her off, Riliane said they should focus on their goal and asked why she wanted to go to the Red Country. Yukina responded that she wished to visit the ancient city there, though not an enthusiast.


Yukina following after Lily

Coming up with a plan, Yukina tried posing a question and Riliane asked if she had wanted another pair of shoes. Brushing aside she would like them but could still use her old one, she inquired if they could send a messenger to Beelzenia. The army commander asked why due to the danger and she explained her elation to Keel and how they could use her Freezis name as weight and the surprised Riliane agreed, sending out the messenger that day.

Eighteen days later, Yukina awoke to the sound of Riliane shouting outside and the soldier quickly stomped into her room, demanding she get dressed. The writer obeyed and asked why Lily wanted her suitcase and Mouchet replied Yukina was heading abroad. On their way towards the gate, Lily explained that her name didn't cover it but that her acquaintance to Keel pushed the plan's success.

At the gates, Yukina watched as Riliane hurriedly barked orders for the gates to be opened. Curious, Yukina asked why she was hurrying her out and the commander explained that King Kyle ordered troops to arrive that afternoon and it was difficult to get her visa approved. Yukina thanked her again and Lily told her to follow the road to Rukolbeni and that, if she was stopped, she should show the guard her permit, given the paper. Excited that she was heading to "Vampiress Vanika's" area, Yukina accepted Lily's advice to stay alive and be wary of impending war and headed out into Beelzenia.[22]

Meeting the PastEdit

"It's decided! I want to live together with everyone!"

Along the road, one of the checkpoint guards reported Yukina was summoned to the Imperial City but she ignored the call. Once she arrived at Rukolbeni, the young novelist went to the city center and looked through her outdated map. Finding her way to the Conchita Mansion atop the mountainside ruins, Yukina searched for Banica's vessel of sin but came up with nothing. After taking out her notepad, she sighed by the lack of "drama" and couldn't write anything.

While gawking at the landscape, she heard someone approach, noting she should have received the summons. Failing to put off she must have wandered into the wrong castle, the green-haired woman said she shouldn't worry her father and Yukina angrily barked she should mind her own business. When the woman responded she hadn't changed and should use honorifics with her, Yukina recognized it was Gumillia and immediately embraced her friend.

The two then stayed at a hotel in the north-western region of the empire. During lunch the next day, Gumillia agreed to help Yukina meet the revolutionary hero, Germaine Avadonia. After their meal, they set out to meet with Chartette Langley. Although Gumillia suggested they take a carriage, Yukina insisted they take the short walk towards the meeting place. As they traveled, Yukina questioned if the sorceress was bothered by it and she replied she didn't mind. When the child noted how different she looked, wearing glasses, Gumillia asked if it was strange and Yukina said it suited her.

The young writer then questioned why she wasn't in a far eastern kingdom and Gumillia explained how she was called to serve the Emperor and that Elluka had gone missing. Afterwards, she asked if the mage was alright, given the Witch Hunt. Gumillia then confirmed for the child that she had helped Yukina enter the country and asked why she bothered to come. Omitting mention of Sin, Yukina said it was for knowledge and expressed concern if she didn't go to the city, though Gumillia brushed it off as her orders and that she knew the child wouldn't listen.

Although insulted, Yukina brushed the comment aside when they arrived at the cemetery and Gumillia explained both she and the Langley Unit lived there. Meeting Chartette, Yukina introduced herself and was suddenly barraged by the soldier's excitement to have met her favorite author before Gumillia sent her flying with a tombstone. Concerned, she asked if Chartette was alright and Gumillia assured her she was tough. Journeying to the camps together, Yukina noted Chartette's revolutionary heroism and asked about the details of her fight with Mariam Phutapie.

At the camps, Yukina asked to look around a bit but Chartette said that Germaine was perhaps at the headquarters. Led there by the battalion commander, Chartette explained how the original resistance army became Beelzenian soldiers but noted that was what she had heard, since she only joined a year ago and was immediately made captain. Although Yukina was impressed, Gumillia whispered to her that there weren't any other candidates.

After Yukina asked what she was doing before, Chartette said she, like Yukina, liked to travel, and they entered the headquarters. Reintroduced to York, she happily took his hand and recounted their last meeting. Seeing his prosthetic leg, she asked what happened and he explained that one of Lucifenian's female commanders broke it with a lance. York then got caught up in an argument with Minage before the green-haired male introduced himself and Yukina recounted his contributions to the revolution's success.

When York learned the child wanted to meet Germaine, he questioned her and half-lied that she wanted Germaine's interview for a future story about The Daughter of Evil. Although finding it unnecessary, he told her to try looking around and Yukina obliged. As Gumillia departed, Yukina promised to visit her again when she had free time. Seeing Chartette was busy and torn over whether to work or continue guiding her, Yukina bowed out and looked around the encampment.

Noticing movement by the trees, she checked to find Germaine passed out. As the woman mumbled, Yukina said she'd call for help but her skirt was grabbed by Germaine, mumbling her nightmare aloud. Once Yukina sat her up against the tree, Germaine apologized for her drunk stupor and Yukina lectured her for drinking during the day. After she reintroduced herself, Germaine asked how Keel was doing and Yukina admitted she didn't know since her journey, insisting she didn't run away. When the swordswoman mentioned she traveled as well, Yukina asked if it was with Chartette and Germaine affirmed it.

Pressing her about what troubles she faced after leaving, Yukina asked about the Witch Hunt and Germaine's reported intentions of rebellion. The swordswoman denied the claim as mere fabrication, and stated Kyle had suddenly been trying to eradicate both her and the Resistance. Yukina then noted how Kyle believed she murdered Michaela to incite the revolution and Germaine questioned how she knew this information. Lying, she said she heard it during her journey and asked if it was true that she murdered Michaela, explaining her relationship to her. Promising she just wanted to know the truth, Germaine conceded that she never even met the green-haired Diva.

After a long stare, Yukina said she believed her, earning Germaine's anger that she didn't know anything about her or anything else. Although having already planned it out, Yukina pretended to think about how she could better acquaint herself with the warrior, deciding to live together with the troops. When Germaine objected, Yukina noted how the Freezis Firm's financial assistance kept them going, that Captain Chartette was a huge fan of hers, and that even the imperial family was supported by Keel. Admitting she wasn't ashamed to use her family relations as collateral, the stunned Germaine called her an evil girl and gave up her opposition.[23]

Touring BeelzeniaEdit

"Who knows, might not be long before we're in a full-blown battle with the Lucifenian army..."
―Chartette to Yukina[src]

Soon after, Yukina met with the Beelzenian Emperor and received permission from him to stay at the Langley Unit, along with his promise not to reveal her location to Keel. Deciding to tour Beelzenia while investigating Banica Conchita, Yukina informed the Emperor and he introduced her to Duke Oruhari, an expert on Banica.

Over time, the Duke took Yukina across Grabia to visit places associated with the famed Evil Food Eater while also reading more on her history. Learning that the Emperor of the time entrusted a sorceress with investigating Banica, Yukina suspected a connection to Elluka but found nothing else useful to her research. Towards the end of this period, Chartette related how she worked as a maid at the Lucifenian Royal Palace before the revolution.

Two weeks since she first met the Langley Unit, Duke Oruhari took the writer to the New Moon Sea and described its history to her. When the Duke asked what she would like to do next, she replied she would drop her investigation into Banica and focus on Princess Riliane. Thanking him, the Duke encouraged her to return when she had free time and Yukina teased that he said that to other girls as well. Insulted, he reiterated his words were sincere and she played along. 

Once she promised to return when she had the time, she laughed alongside him before returning to the Langley Encampment. At some point, she and Gumillia agreed to see each other at the capital the next afternoon. At the Langley encampment the next day, Yukina saw Chartette speaking about something serious to a soldier while she arranged her past few days of notes. Checking her watch, Yukina finished getting ready when Chartette finished her meeting, saying she just need to report to the capital.

Chartette praeludium

Yukina cowering behind Chartette

Expressing she was heading there too, Chartette said they should go together and grabbed her hand before walking them towards the city. As they walked through the graveyard, the scared Yukina asked if the soldiers they passed were her subordinates as well, trying to ignore the frightening atmosphere. Chartette answered they were but weren't defending at the moment and Yukina pressed for details, though told it was classified.

When Chartette halted, she asked what was wrong but the soldier only threw some branches into the fog ahead and they saw a figure ahead. Seeing a golden-haired woman in a Marlon uniform approach them, Yukina hid behind Chartette in fear of her hostile smile.

Yukina then watched as the two exchanged banter about their past as maids and how the blonde woman killed Chartette's men on the border because the peace treaty between Marlon and Beelzenia was annulled. The woman then shifted her attention to Yukina, wondering where she met her before and Yukina apologized that she didn't remember.

When the Marlon officer introduced herself as Ney Phutapie, Yukina was about to introduce herself in turn but Chartette stopped her, demanding Ney leave or she'd fight her. Ney then mentioned how Chartette killed her mother and Yukina remembered the golden-haired assassin's identity. As the maniacal Ney suddenly toasted to them with a wine glass, saying Chartette would drink with Allen and the others later, Yukina responded in confusion that her name wasn't Allen. After the manic Marlon officer poured the glass upon the ground and it began to shake, Chartette and Yukina agreed to flee and headed towards Rukolbeni.[24]

The White ArmyEdit

"There was something wrong with that guy just now, right? He looked odd. And it was like he'd lost all reason."
"I've my doubts he was human at all."
―Yukina and Chartette[src]

The two arrived in Rukolbeni and, after regaining her breath, Yukina asked what just happened. Yukina then proposed they continue on to the capital and see if Gumillia knew anything about the situation and Chartette agreed. As they trudged on, Chartette expressed her disbelief that Ney became a Marlon soldier and Yukina, about to ask about the topic, stopped herself since Chartette was in the same position.

The two continued conversing about Ney's off behavior when a woman's scream was heard. Rushing over to its source, they saw the panicking citizens run from a group of figures in the distance. The Beelzenian commander, worried it was a crazed drunkard, told Yukina to stay while she handled the situation and Yukina watched the confrontation, worried it might have been Germaine.

Seeing their struggle ensue, Yukina approached them and realized the figure was a pale, naked man and cried out that it was a monster when it looked at her. Chartette told her to run and the writer said she couldn't fight the creature weaponless. Just then, Chartette defeated the creature with her rocket glove and Yukina, stunned by the weapon she witnessed, leaned against the wall to process it. Getting a closer look at the monster's appearance, she realized it had a bloodied mouth and, realizing the meaning, asked Chartette if she was hurt but the soldier brushed it off as a graze, standing between her and the monster. The soldier asked if anyone was nearby and Yukina said they must have all sought refuge.

Using it as their change to escape, they ran until they reached a wine bar. Asked if she was alright with all the running, she replied she was fine despite her exhaustion. Seeing the monster didn't follow them, Yukina questioned the creatures rationality and Chartette expressed doubt it was human. When she mentioned treating its attack, Yukina shivered at the image of the creature's bloodied mouth. She then inquired what weapon Chartette had used and she explained it was only for emergencies and that her broadsword was being repaired.

As Chartette was about to look for help, she stopped and headed inside the wine bar and Yukina followed. Finding Germaine inside, Chartette attempted to wake her while Yukina noticed the amount of wine she consumed before passing out. The novelist, seeing Germaine's sword, asked if they could borrow it and Chartette said she wasn't skilled with fencing, though Yukina retorted it was better than nothing.

Once the soldier took the weapon, Yukina saw the creature at the window and cried out to Chartette. With the bar keeper in shock and Germaine drunk, Yukina was told to close and lock all the doors and window while Chartette fought off the monster. Wishing her luck, Yukina did as she was told. While comforting the bar keeper, the old lady said the creature was her son who had died of the Gula disease. When the fight was over and a knock came at the door, Yukina checked before letting the victorious Chartette back in.

After a small rest at the bar, they sent for a wagon to take the monster away and, asked about her mood, Yukina said she'd talk about the details later. While collecting her thoughts, she saw the Beelzenian army heading towards Rukolbeni and pointed it out to Chartette. As the tired pair approached the Imperial City, Yukina noted to Chartette the army's fatigue, seeing the soldiers retreating from the massive undead army. Finally inside the capital, they met with Duke Oruhari, asking if she was alright, and Yukina asked why he was in the city. Learning all the nobles were convening to discuss the white monster threat, Yukina was given a room to wait for Gumillia in.

As she waited for Gumillia to finishing speaking with the Emperor, Duke Oruhari waited with her and explained they called them "corpse soldiers" from the Vampiress Vanika tale and believed the dead were reanimated, since the Emperor's father was leading the army. Chartette then entered, having finished her report, and Yukina asked about their next course of action. Chartette suggested they had to prepare for battle then notified her that Gumillia was too busy to see her.

Yukina responded that she'd tag along with her instead but Oruhari refused, stating she needed to be kept safe during the emergency and remain in the city. Although trying to object, the Duke stated it was the Emperor's will and Chartette agreed; as the two parted, Yukina wished her well. Escorted to her room by an attendant, she looked at the furnishings and became frustrated by the situation.[25]

Aiding the BattleEdit

"I intend to stay in this country for some time..."
"Well anyway, it’s useless to leave the country... The next step is to usher in a real war."
―Yukina and Lily[src]

Three days later, Yukina snuck out from the Imperial City and became a medic for the Langley Unit. As they fought in the streets of Rukolbeni, she gave the soldiers food and water while congratulating them for their hard work and attending to their injuries. Germaine approached her and asked why she wasn't at the capital, advising she stay away from the front lines. Saying she just wanted to help, Yukina asked if she was being a burden. Germaine denied the notion, retorting she was actually a big help, although noting York might not like the idea. Yukina then also admitted it was also a rare experience and Germaine sighed at how she treated war like a game.

Soon after, the group was approached by Riliane Mouchet on horseback, a corpse soldier impaled on her lance, and she announced that she the "former" commander of Retasan desired an audience with the Emperor. Following Lily back to the Imperial City, she met up with Gumillia and told her about her and Chartette's experience with Ney. Asking if Ney was responsible for the undead soldiers, she speculated it was possible and asked if Yukina wanted some black tea and she complied. After noting how great it was, Gumillia agreed and laughed.

The writer then remarked how differently she acted and Gumillia, brushing it off, stated Ney herself didn't have the magic power to revive the dead. Yukina suggested that the wine glass or wine might have been special and Yukina shivered at the thought of it reanimating corpses. As Gumillia comforted her, she explained that her investigations into the corpse soldiers' bodies uncovered that they all died of the Gula disease. Connecting the dots, Yukina considered it was the vessel of sin, the "Glass of Conchita".

After Gumillia was called away by a servant, Riliane entered and noted how she hadn't fled with the war. Yukina commented that Lily was always in high spirits but she retorted she had lost her military job. The young writer then asked who was commanding Retasan and she stated it was Ney and Yukina expressed her surprise for escaping from Lucifenia to Beelzenia.

After explaining how she left and beheaded the revived former Emperor as a gift for the current Emperor's protection, Yukina asked if she wanted some tea but Lily instead inquired about coffee and the child asked a maid to bring her some. Saying the coffee would be late, Riliane brushed it off and asked what Yukina planned to do. The child replied she planned to say in the country for a little while and Lily noted it was useless to leave anyway, revealing the Emperor planned to attack Retasan Fortress the next day.[26]


Yukina awaiting Gumillia's answer

At some point, Yukina caught up with Gumillia in the halls and asked the mage about why she needed glasses. The sorceress queried if they were weird and the child denied it, saying they suited her. The writer then explained how she couldn't imagine a mage's eyesight deteriorating and that there had to be another reason.

Gumillia conceded she couldn't hide it anymore and Yukina readied her pen and notebook to write the story. Once Gumillia said it was because Elluka wasn't there, Yukina became interested and pressed for details. Told she'd leave it to her imagination, the disappointed Yukina saw Gumillia leave on official business and said she'd hear the full story later, urging her to be quick.[27]

Soon after, Duke Oruhari voiced his disapproval for Yukina leaving the city. Deciding to allow her to remain on the battlefield if he kept tabs on her, the Duke introduced her to Bruno, not knowing he was her former butler. The child took advantage of the situation and had Bruno collect information on the battle's progress while she stayed at a hotel in Rukolbeni. Since Germaine wasn't participating in the fighting, she tried several times to talk to her but gave up due to her drunken stupors. After Bruno reported what he learned, she thanked him and told him to continue investigating, paying him handsomely.

Although the butler explained he occasionally worked an informant, given his skills, Yukina reiterated that she didn't expect to encounter him. Expressing disbelief in his answer that it was fate, she half-joked that her father may have hired him to watch her, earning Bruno's laughter. When she pressed if she was right or wrong, he half-answered it was both then left. Traveling to the Rukolbeni bar to see Germaine, the writer was surprised to see Lily there as well.

Yukina asked if the two women were acquaintances but Lily stated they had only encountered each other at the Battle of Rollam during the revolution. Noting how exciting and dramatic it was to see former enemies drinking together, she took out her notepad and listened to their conversation. As Riliane continued to pressure Germaine for not fighting, Yukina politely interjected that even before the undead army invaded, Germaine was already a big help for Beelzenia.

As their debate continued, Germaine angrily denied she began the revolution to avenge her father and Yukina again interrupted to confirm that her father was Leonhart Avadonia of the Three Heroes. Lily answered her and explained that Princess Riliane was assumed to have killed him. With their argument reaching a close, Yukina finished jotting down notes before Lily left. Three days later, Bruno reported how the deadlock between Beelzenia and Marlon was broken and Germaine, her fighting spirit rekindled, staged nightly raids to undermine the fortress' defenses.[28]

A New QuestEdit

"Oh, Yukina. What's the matter?"
"Why didn't you tell me!? You suddenly quit your job and vanished!""
―Gumillia and Yukina[src]

Two months later, Yukina learned from Bruno that Gumillia resigned as the Emperor's adviser and was staying at Retasan's Di Bono Pavilion. Entering the half-conquered city, she hurriedly searched for the hotel and found it just as Gumillia was about to depart. Demanding an explanation, Yukina asked where she was going and the mage stated she had to find Ney, who had escaped, and the Glass of Conchita. Yukina reminded her she was on the Witch Hunt list and that heading to either Lucifenia or Marlon was too dangerous but Gumillia stated she hired a bodyguard.

At that moment, Germaine approached them and voiced her disgust to see Yukina there. The young writer queried if she left the army and the swordswoman explained it was a temporary leave while she helped Gumillia investigate. Asking if she too was interested in Sin, the confused Germaine retorted she was only interested in meeting Kyle. As the two prepared to leave, Yukina refused to say goodbye and jumped into the carriage seat between them, telling the driver to leave. In response to Germaine's shock, the young novelist noted how difficult it would be for the two fugitives to enter Kyle's palace due to their wanted status, eighty-percent certain Ney was in that area.

After Gumillia confirmed the driver was one of Elluka's followers and wouldn't rat them out, Yukina explained her plan to have them pose as her servants and let her status as the daughter of Kyle's friend, Keel, to allow them to enter. When Germaine pointed out that Ney had already seen her, Yukina countered that she never revealed her name, meaning they were safe. The swordswoman conceded to let Gumillia decide and the sorceress agreed to the idea. With their plan in mind, they set course for the royal palace.[29]

After they reached Rollam, Yukina and her compatriots checked in at a hotel in the city. Learning that Kyle had gone to a banquet held by Corpa, they decided to alert the king that they would be visiting him the next day. Yukina then returned to the mansion and attended the party while Germaine and Gumillia were forbidden from joining her. Once she found him in the courtyard, Yukina brought the tired and drunk king some black tea and suggested he take a rest. She then noted how he changed his hairstyle but that it suited him.

When asked who she was, the young novelist replied that she preferred his dinner parties, since her "guards" weren't allowed to attend. Noting how sad her father was when Kyle stopped attending his banquets, Kyle finally recognized Yukina and commented how much she had grown. When the king brought up her novels' popularity, Yukina said she still needed more practice. Before Kyle could continue, she said he was too drunk and alerted him she would visit the palace the next day. After saying their goodbyes, Yukina left the party.[30]

Visiting KyleEdit

"I'll be visiting the palace tomorrow. I just wanted to notify you in advance."
―Yukina to King Kyle[src]

Alongside her disguised compatriots, Yukina visited Kyle at the Lucifenian Royal Palace and knelt before him in the Hall of Mirrors. Cut off during her greeting, she raised her head at his command and Kyle noted how she was looking more like her mother. Afterward, he remarked about her bodyguard's attire and Yukina explained how they were an Asmodean mercenary family she met during her journey. When the king asked what she came to propose to him, Yukina said she came as Keel's proxy to negotiate Marlon's embargo with Elphegort since it was certain to hurt Keel's business.

Kyle pointed out how Keel was the one who originally proposed the idea and Yukina panicked. While trying to explain why her father sent her instead of Shaw, Keel brushed the matter aside. Kyle then asked if it was Yukina's first time at the palace and she admitted her father never brought her to Lucifenia's dinner parties. When the King suggested she look around for potentially interesting material for her novels, she grew excited. Told she was not allowed to keep weapons, the child said she was in Kyle's care before taking out her notepad and left the room.[31]

Wandering around the palace for several hours and writing about what she found there, Yukina eventually wandered into the Heavenly Yard and exclaimed in wonder about one of the fountains. As Kyle made his presence known to her, she turned and enthusiastically greeted him, speaking excitedly about how large the palace was. After Kyle asked if she always used her notepad, Yukina affirmed that it had been a gift from her mother and she treasured it. 

When Kyle remarked he also had a few treasures, Yukina noted how as a king he must have many, although she admitted he would never let her see them. When, in response, Kyle showed her his hand mirror, Yukina said it didn't appear very expensive; as Kyle wryly replied she must be Keel's daughter, the girl blushed and apologized, asking him why the mirror was treasured when the king affirmed it was cheap. Hearing it was a gift from his mother, she asked if he had it on him all the time.

As Kyle said he even had it on him while sleeping, she remarked that it would be easy to break the mirror that way. She then asked him if he had any other treasures, then asking him to specify what it was when he affirmed there was a treasure even more precious to him than the mirror. When Kyle refused, Yukina grew angry and huffed how he refused to tell her even after the building the suspense.

Kyle then asked Yukina if she was staying in Corpa's mansion and the girl clarified she was staying in Rollam. When the king noted it was a place with poor security, Yukina airily replied that she was used to it before stammering and covering her mouth as the king caught on to the implications of her words. When Kyle instead suggested she stay in the palace, she asked if she could and, hearing there were plenty of rooms available, excitedly said she would be happy to oblige. She then gave the king her thanks and went inside.[32]

Demon on a Moonlit NightEdit

"Mr. Kyle looks weird."
"He's seriously ill. His mind's become fairly dependent on the demon."
―Yukina and Gumillia[src]

That night, the three attempted to steal the mirror before being discovered by the Espionage Task Force; while Germaine diverted their attention, Yukina took the mirror and fled with Gumillia to Princess Riliane's room, escaping through its secret passage to the royal stables. Shortly after they arrived and began making their escape, Kyle followed after them and immediately jumped and grabbed the mirror from Yukina, knocking the surprised girl to the ground and slightly scraping her elbows.

While watching Kyle obsessively hold the vessel, Yukina remarked how the king was acting strange. After Gumillia claimed his heart was possessed by a demon, the young writer watched while Kyle argued with the mage over the existence of demons. When he suddenly asked about her small injuries and apologized for his rudeness, Yukine noticed Kyle's face go pale while his skin turned black, noting his sickly pallor. 

Once he said he was fine, Yukina pointed out he had indeed changed in the past five years, regardless of whether demons actually existed or not. As Kyle insisted he was himself, Yukina responded that he'd never have supported his recent policies in the past and asked if they were really his decision. After Kyle suddenly began to transform, Yukina trembled and screamed in horror. When Gumillia attempted to intervene, the girl watched Kyle throw Gumillia like a rag doll before sprouting wings and disappearing into the night sky.[33]

Battle in the ForestEdit

Yukina and Gumillia met up with Germaine and, two weeks later, headed into the Forest of Bewilderment; the three of them walked through the trees until reaching the Millennium Tree Forest at nightfall, Gumillia leading the way afterwards. As they walked, Yukina thought back on Kyle's transformation and felt both anxiety and curiosity; seeing the expression on the girl's face, Germaine asked her if she would like to rest and the girl replied she was fine. Germaine then told her that the place they were aiming to find was only a little further, pointing ahead. 

Speaking to herself, Yukina whispered that she didn't want to see someone she knew turn into a demon; hearing her statement, Germaine asked if she was sure the demon was Kyle and Yukina flatly stated she was very sure it was. When the swordswoman brushed it off as the world having too many incredible things, Yukina angrily demanded to know why she was so calm, raising her voice as she asked if she and Kyle had fought side by side in the past. 

After the swordswoman apologized, stating she simply didn't know what to think anymore, Yukina asked her why that was. Germaine answered that a demon was beyond the scope of their understanding and that she didn't know how to deal with it, adding that they could only do what Gumillia told them to. Feeling conflicted, Yukina asked if, if they were to fight, they didn't do it in an open field. After Germaine noted that should be the case, speculating if there was enough space to defeat the demon, the two of them followed Gumillia for some time.

After some time, Gumillia stopped by the Freezis family's hiding place. Observing Germaine as she inspected the well for some time, Yukina concluded this was the swordswoman's first time at the location and stated it was the secret base of the Freezis family for emergencies. Coming closer, she added that going down the well, there was an iron door with the secret base behind it. As Germaine began to realize the implications of her words, Yukina affirmed this was the site of Michaela's death. She then heard as Gumillia noted the location had traces of magic on it, and Germaine discussed the possibility of Kyle having been there, Germaine finding no more clues in the well.

After the former Resistance leader suggested they leave, Yukina stood up from the well and proclaimed they would save Kyle from the clutches of evil. As they began walking, Germaine said it was a shame they didn't find anything and Yukina countered her and added that she at least knew for sure that the swordswoman was innocent, having never seen the well before. The three of them soon came across the grave of a soldier named Ayn and prayed to it before moving on.[34]

Soon after, the demon-transformed Kyle tracked the three and the young writer witnessed the entire battle against Kyle. Later on, Yukina's younger brother, Shaw, appeared, and explained that he had been sent as a messenger for Yukina and Kyle, asking them both to return to Marlon. Worried about her father, Yukina decided to return to her family. With Kyle, Gumillia, and Germaine, Yukina boarded the Royal Victoricia that Shaw had sailed to them in. Bound for Marlon, the curious novelist wrote in her notebook about her adventure.[35]

Voyage to MarlonEdit

"Oh my! What a dramatic development!"
―Yukina regarding the pirate attack[src]
Cha17 yukina
The next day, during their voyage, Yukina went above deck and enjoyed the ocean view with Kyle. When the king asked why she did what she did, the girl exclaimed that it was because she wanted to know more about the world. Shortly after, the smiling child asked how long it would be before they arrived at Marlon. Kyle answered that she would see the land before long. When Kyle took out Keel's invitation to him later on, Yukina happily stated that he should go to Marlon Castle first, certain the king's mother would be happy to see him.

Moments later, Yukina noticed what appeared to be the Jamet Mountains in the distance and excitedly exclaimed that she saw land. After the lookout yelled it was pirates, Admiral Dylan came out of his cabin and told the two to evacuate if cannonballs came flying. Once the pirates began firing at them, the king politely told Yukina to return to her cabin due to the danger, pushing her back. Questioning if he wasn't coming with her, she listened to Kyle answer that he would be observing the admiral's heroics; she immediately made a reluctant expression.

After being forced belowed deck by Kyle, Yukina returned to her quarters and noticed Germaine looking rather awful. Later on, the swordswoman voiced her feeling she was going to vomit. The two then agreed to go above deck so she could avoid doing it in the ship and exited the cabin. Once they reached the main deck, Yukina saw Kyle facing off against two of the pirates and stared in awe with her notebook in hand.

After expressing her excitement about the dramatic development aloud, the others noticed and Kyle demanded to know what she was doing there. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the child began flailing her arms in a panic. As she hurriedly explained what had happened below deck, she noticed Germaine wasn't around and began frantically looking around for her. After questioning where she had gone, they heard a scream from one of the pirates and saw Germaine vomiting by the ship mast.

Yukina then grabbed Chartette's gift sword and returned to the main deck. While the king and revolutionary hero argued over her lack of a weapon, the writer called out to Germaine and tossed the weapon to her with all her might. While the swordswoman unwrapped the weapon, Yukina explained how she had acquired it. She then pleaded for the swordswoman to use it and Germaine gave the girl her thanks.

Afterward, the writer watched as Kyle and Germaine fended off Captain Yarera and his brother. She and the others then watched the two pirates escape on their ship before it suddenly sank. Noticing a shadowy figure nearby was the cause, Yukina cried out in wonder at it. As they attempted to evade the creature, Yukina realized it was a giant octopus before it launched a wave to rock the ship.

Losing her footing, Yukina rushed over and nearly fell before Kyle supported her.  Once she thanked him, the king asked if she knew anything about giant octopi, the teary-eyed writer admitted she didn't before excitedly relating that there were tales of demons of the sea. Afterward, Kyle called over Germaine and entrusted the swordswoman to Yukina's protection.[36]

Return HomeEdit

"After so long, let's eat dinner together as a family."
―Keel to Yukina[src]

After the octopus was defeated and they arrived at Jamet, Yukina and the others said goodbye to the sailors while they headed off to party; the group then took three carriages prepared for them, Yukina joined by her brother and two attendants. While traversing the shaky cobblestone roads toward Bariti, Yukina grew concerned for Germaine and looked over at the adjacent carriage; she then saw the swordswoman look deathly ill while Gumillia seemed unaffected by the ride.

As they entered the city, Shaw asked Yukina for her feelings about returning after so long. While she contemplated how little had changed, she noticed her brother's line of sight go past her and realized he was actually staring at Gumillia through her window. Peeved, Yukina muttered seething thoughts in her head when they crossed into the Northern District. Approaching the church, the novelist was surprised to see the long lines there.

Shaw then immediately explained how the church was giving free medicine to those afflicted with Gula. Recalling the corpse soldiers in Beelzenia, Yukina fearfully asked Shaw whether anyone had died. Her brother then stated the immediate aide there helped prevent any deaths, but that it was pretty bad in some areas, especially around Castle Hedgehog. Realizing Ney might be in Marlon, Yukina saw the thin and deathly looking people waiting for the medicine as they moved past the church. She then prayed for their recovery.

After they arrived at the Freezis Mansion, Yukina noted the house was still huge while dismounting the carriage and Shaw questioned her words. After being greeted by an unfamiliar servant, Yukina watched as Shaw had the boy go call for Keel. When Germaine questioned if she and Gumillia should leave, given the parent-child reunion, the young novelist told her they wouldn't be a bother. Once she saw Keel rush over from the back of the house toward the entrance, Yukina prepared for the worst.

She then saw her overjoyed father lovingly open his arms and welcome her back, accepting his hug. After slightly suffering through the merchant's overzealous affection, Yukina politely introduced him to Germaine and Gumillia. Keel welcomed the two and asked his daughter to join them at the dinner table, adding they were preparing something to eat. Yukina replied that she wanted to see her sister and mother first and Keel instructed her to call them to the table too while she did so, wanting them to eat again as a family.

When the merchant then asked about Kyle, the writer related she recommended he fulfill his presumably more important kingly duties at Marlon Castle first. Once her disappointed father left and Shaw sent away his attendants, her brother told her to head for their mother's room while he checked on Aile. She then involuntarily questioned him and the boy asked if she had changed, given what happened with their father. Confused, the writer glared and told him to speak better to his big sister.

After Shaw apologized and left, Yukina headed over to her mother's room and heard a harp playing, assuming it was her mother playing. Opening the door, the shocked Mikina welcomed her daughter and Yukina announced she was home. Once the two lovingly embraced, Mikina asked if she had grown a little and the writer wondered if she had. When her mother asked if she had fun on her journey, inquiring if she ruined her stomach with any foreign food, Yukina admitted she was fine.

The child then said she wanted to hear her mother play the harp again after so much time and Mikina complied to play a little before dinner. Seating herself down, Yukina listened to the noble play for a while before apologizing for selfishly going on a journey and making her worry. As her mother stopped playing and prepared to answer her, Aile burst in Yukina confirmed she was home. Aile then excitedly hugged her sister before coughing heavily. When Shaw entered to ask if they could head to eat, Mikina complied and they all headed to the dining hall.

Once the food was served and they were all seated, the family ate with Germaine and Gumillia, Yukina feasting on the roast beef, baked potato, and pudding garnish. After they all had finished, Yukina watched her father recommend their two guests rest in the bedrooms and recount what happened tomorrow. As the drunk Germaine ranted about their terrible experiences at sea, horrifying her parents, Yukina interrupted that they could hear the rest of the story tomorrow. With Shaw adding that everyone was tired, the two managed to subside the situation and everyone retired for the night.

Walking to her room, Yukina slipped into bed and began to fall asleep before hearing a rustling sound outside the window. Walking to the northern window, Yukina watched as a figure started walking into the Column Forest, recognizing her as Gumillia as she slipped inside.[37]

Encounter with the SorceressEdit

The next morning, Yukina learned from Keel that Prim Marlon and the mage Abyss I.R. had been responsible for manipulating the events that transpired. Yukina apologized to Keel for sneaking away to find out the truth by herself. Keel said it was alright, and then told her that Ney and Elluka had been spotted in Bariti. After Keel left to find Kyle,[38] Yukina was visited by Elluka, carrying a red cat on her shoulder.

While they discussed what had happened, Yukina noticed she only called her "Keel's daughter" although she should have known her name. Offering her black tea, the sorceress refused, although the writer knew Elluka liked it. When Gumillia encountered her master, Yukina noticed how Elluka uncharacteristically referred to her apprentice affectionately.

Once the two left for a private discussion, the young novelist rushed over to Germaine and told her the oddities she noticed about Elluka. Germaine was skeptical but then a sharp noise was heard, and the two ran to the nearby Column Forest to find Gumillia and Elluka battling one another. The sorceress then revealed she was actually Abyss I.R. and attacked them. After a brief struggle, Elluka regained control of her body.

With the battle over, Yukina and Elluka followed Germaine while she carried the unconscious Gumillia back to the mansion. Once the mage was placed in her bed, they sat down to discuss what had happened. Hesitant to believe she was the real Elluka, Yukina asked and the mage stated she was glad to be back in her original body. The servant from before then came in and offered milk and the disgusted sorceress demanded he bring her lemon tea, confirming it was the real her.

The novelist then inquired what happened after they left the mansion five years ago. Saying she'd give them the short version, Elluka asked if they were familiar with the Demons of Sin before explaining that she noticed the Venom Sword lacked its demon so she went after Kyle at the Lucifenian Royal Palace, knowing he had been possessed. When Yukina asked if the Demon of Lust was responsible for Kyle sprouting wings and attacking them, Elluka clarified Kyle had since been possessed by the Demon of Pride residing in his mirror.

As the girl considered the effects it must have had on Kyle during the revolution, she asked about his sex drive and blushed. Elluka agreed, saying it was likely the reason for his intense passion for Michaela; when Yukina said Kyle had been tricked, the mage again agreed and explained that she figured Kyle being possessed twice was unlikely and someone had to be behind it.

The mage then summarized how they had traveled to Marlon to meet Queen Dowager Prim but were instead confronted by Abyss I.R. and the Espionage Task Force, leading to the mage's capture; she then described how she used her Swap Technique to leave her body and reside in Gumillia, finishing her story. Yukina then queried who Abyss I.R. actually was and Elluka stated she didn't know before grumbling to herself. Confused by her mutters, Elluka insisted Yukina and Germaine didn't have to worry about it.

Afterward, they all saw a red cat enter the room and meow and Yukina realized it was Abyss I.R.'s pet that disappeared during the battle. As Elluka lamented about its missing owner, the young novelist suggested she keep it but the sorceress retorted that she disliked cats, suggesting she do it. Yukina expressed her own small dislike for cats before passing the question onto Germaine, who apologized with the same sentiment.

They then heard Mikina calling for the cat and pop her head in, surprised to see Elluka there. When her mother stated they were keeping the cat, Yukina was shocked and reminded her mother that she didn't like them, prompting Mikina to decide they'd keep the cat in her room. Yukina then exclaimed how that didn't solve the problem and her mother chided her for being so picky, noting how cute the animal was.[39]

Tides of BattleEdit

"There's no use in making that face. I admire your curiosity, but from this point on—"
"It has nothing to do with curiosity! I did nothing to help during the battle with you or with Abyss and Miss Gumillia... even though I knew everyone was in pain and suffering... my trembling body wouldn't move... I was so frustrated..."
―Kyle and Yukina[src]

Later on, Yukina eavesdropped on Kyle, Gumillia, Elluka and Germaine in an adjoining room as the king attempted to gain their support for his planned battle at Castle Hedgehog. Once Elluka finally promised to lend her aid to him, Yukina cried out and ran into the room, burying her head in Kyle's chest and begging him to take her too. When Kyle put his hands on her shoulders and told her to stay behind, unwilling to put her in any more danger, Yukina protested that she could help.

Although Kyle attempted to dissuade her from this by mentioning the unique nature of their opponents, Yukina reminded him that she had seen them in Beelzenia before, glaring at the king with a determined tone. When Kyle said he admired her curiosity, she insisted that it wasn't because she was curious. Tears welling up in her eyes while she trembled, Yukina recounted how she hadn't helped Kyle before, or Gumillia when dueling Abyss I.R, and that she was frustrated for being afraid and trembling while others were suffering.

Yukina then listened as Kyle reassured her that she needed to stay behind so she could convey the truth through her writings. Finally calming down, the child stated that she understood and that she would await his return. She then demanded Kyle come back safely so that she could ask him what happened at Castle Hedgehog, and the king promised. At that moment, they heard Keel state it would be difficult to fulfill that promise and Kyle released their embrace; the merchant explained it was because he was going to die and promptly beat up Kyle for his apparent play on Yukina.[40]

Soon after, Yukina agreed to mingle with one of her father's shady contacts as part of his payment for providing the Marlon soldiers with weapons. A few days later, Yukina departed with Keel for Lioness. After they arrived at Lioness Castle, Yukina interacted with the black suit for the next few days. Sometime after, Keel rushed over to her and, embarrassed, she ignored him and began helping distribute weapons to the troops. During the battle across the Blood Pool Region the next day, the young novelist remained at the castle to avoid the undead soldiers.

After the battle, Yukina met with Kyle, Keel, Gumillia, Germaine, and Elluka in one of Castle Lioness' bedrooms while the Marlon King explained what had transpired with Queen Dowager Prim and Ney. After Kyle fully briefed them on the situation, Yukina looked at the unconscious Ney bound to the bed and asked if it was safe to be near her, concerned she'd wake up and go on another rampage. After Gumillia assured her that they removed her weapons, Yukina watched as Kyle, Elluka and Gumillia discussed the sin vessels they had collected and Prim's interference with the Venom Sword.

Yukina then announced her opinion that they tell Ney the truth, adding that there were many unknowns in this case since Queen Dowager took her answers to the grave. When Elluka attempted to point out how no one could vouch for Ney, Yukina looked the sorceress in the eyes and said that Ney had been broken by the demon, asking if there was any magic to help her. Though Elluka replied there wasn't much magic could do, Gumillia added she also wished for Ney to awaken and apologize for her actions. After Elluka finally assented that she would help Ney, Yukina made a triumphant pose.

Later, Yukina made a perplexed face when they heard a rattling sound outside the room and asked what is was. Keel then offered to investigate the noise, claiming he was the only one uninjured in some form, and they overheard him talking with someone before suddenly being interrupted by a dull sound. After the door opened and the room was enveloped by a blue flash, Yukina saw someone wearing an Almoga Mobarez mask in the doorway before being rendered unconscious. Once she and the others awoke, they discovered the vessels of sin missing, Keel seriously injured, and Ney dead. Yukina was then taken to another room to check if she needed treatment.[41]

Search for MikinaEdit

"I believe this is the Freezis family's problem. My father currently hasn't regained consciousness, making me the eldest and therefore the one who should solve it."
―Yukina in her letter to Kyle[src]

Yukina later returned home and discovered her mother was missing. When she asked a servant what had happened to Mikina, the menial said she had left shortly after they had departed from Lioness. Discovering the Almoga Mobarez mask Keel had bought from Germaine was missing from his storehouse, Yukina deduced her mother was the culprit who attacked them and stole the vessels of sin. Over the course of two weeks, Yukina used the Freezis' information network to search for Mikina. During this time, she learned that Clarith had joined the Held Monastery and become a nun after leaving her family's service.

After writing to her friend, Yukina received a letter back reporting that Mikina had visited the monastery and the young writer agonized throughout the night over whether to consult everyone on what she learned. She eventually decided to allow everyone to heal from the battle and that she needed to handle their family's matter herself while her father was in a coma. The next morning, she wrote a letter to Kyle detailing what she learned and her intentions; she also asked for his forgiveness and told him to give her family her best wishes in case anything were to happen to her.

Afterward, she tasked Shaw with delivering the letter to the King and then departed for Lucifenia.[42] After she arrived, she wandered in the port town until it began to grow dark, unable to find the monastery. Sighing and staring at the sea, she heard a voice call and ask if she had gotten lost and turned to see Germaine. Asking why she was here, she was reminded she was originally from Lucifenia and asked if that meant the swordswoman's job escorting Gumillia was over. After Germaine explained that her job was over when Gumillia reunited with Elluka, Yukina wondered if she was lonely.

After Germaine asked for Yukina's business in Lucifenia, the girl only replied after some hesitation that she was traveling to meet an old acquaintance. Asked if she was running away from home again, the girl refuted it and said that after this errand she'd return home. Once Germaine questioned where she wanted to go, Yukina explained her destination but related that she didn't remember the way anymore. She then watched as Germaine offered to guide her herself; although reluctant, Yukina eventually followed the swordswoman to the front gate of the monastery.


Clarith and Yukina reunited

Entering into the enclosure, Yukina caught sight of a boy by the monastery shed and watched as he confronted them both for being there. Asked their business, she stepped up and told the boy that they came to see one of the sisters. Asked which sister, Yukina began to speak before being interrupted by a nun, who admonished the boy and bowed before her, apologizing. After the nun saw and recognized Germaine, she stared at Yukina and the girl began to recognize her as Clarith, tears welling up in her eyes. Jumping to her chest, Yukina hugged Clarith tightly and exclaimed that she had wanted to see her.

The young writer then accompanied Clarith into the monastery and was brought to one of the guest bedrooms, where her old friend served her and Germaine tea. After Clarith explained the nature of the monastery to shelter travelers, Yukina questioned Germaine's reason for not going home and was told she simply wasn't used to settling down yet. Afterwards, she asked if she could speak to Clarith privately and Germaine left. Remarking on what a long time it had been, Yukina smiled at the nun and listened as Clarith informed her she had several of her books in her room. Yukina said that she had bought them all, only to hear that they were all donated.

Guessing her mother had donated them, Yukina listened as Clarith relayed how Mikina had visited the monastery and often spoke about the vessels of sin. After hearing that she had visited just recently, the writer asked if she had said where she was going, only to hear she hadn't, and then asked what day it was. After receiving her information, Yukina chatted with Clarith over her adventures over the last five years. Eventually, the two ran out of tea and Yukina watched as a young woman, Rin, came and replaced it and was told to have the workers in the cafeteria make a two person meal.

Getting up, Yukina nodded to the woman and introduced herself and Rin did likewise. Once Rin guessed she was the daughter of the people who funded the monastery, Yukina confirmed it and listened as Rin remarked on how it had been first Mikina and now her appearing before she was chastised by Clarith. She then witnessed Rin asking about the woman in the other room, and panicking when she learned it was Germaine Avadonia. She watched in confusion as Clarith and Rin both panicked and attempted to leave, before Germaine entered and entered into a tense meeting with Rin. The girl tried to cheerfully ask what was the matter, only to be ignored until Germaine and Rin greeted each other and the swordswoman, as well as Rin, left.

As Clarith collapsed on the bed drenched in sweat, Yukina demanded to know what the relationship was between the two, only for her friend to say she would tell her when she was older. Clarith then changed the subject to dinner. Later on, Yukina and Germaine waited before eating with the rest of the members of the monastery, learning Rin had forgotten to tell the workers about the meal. That night, Yukina lay in bed and deduced that Rin was actually Riliane, deliberating on the consequences of this information before becoming lost in thought about her mother and falling asleep.[43]

Battle on the BeachEdit

"Stop your futile resistance already! You scoundrel!"
"Scoundrel, huh...? Does that refer to me, Abyss I.R.? Or to this body—Mikina?"
―Yukina and Abyss I.R.[src]

After two days, Rin told Yukina that Mikina was spotted on the beach and the girl rushed around the countryside looking for her mother in the dark of night, until finally her lantern fuel let out. When the young writer began to turn back to the city, she caught sight of a figure and, running closer, recognized it as Germaine. Walking closer, the girl began to call out to her before seeing that Germaine was pointing her sword at another figure, wearing an Almoga Mobarez mask and Mikina's clothes. Taking a step to stop the swordswoman, Yukina then heard Germaine call her mother "Abyss I.R." The girl watched and slowly approached as her mother spoke to Germaine under the control of Abyss I.R., discussing how she had been found out and her objective to find a vessel of sin. 

Coming close, Yukina was spotted by Germaine and stopped, surprised, before facing her mother again. She watched as Mikina removed her mask and smiled, asking her what she was doing out. Her mother then began to beg for help and walk forward before being stopped by Germaine, who warned Yukina this wasn't truly her mother. Yukina asked Mikina if she had been hijacked by Abyss I.R. and the sorceress replied it was something like that; the girl then demanded to know why, when her spirit was already destroyed, only for Germaine to cut in that Elluka's body had never contained Abyss I.R.'s soul. Yukina and the surprised Abyss I.R. listened as Germaine explained that the Swap Technique was a powerful spell that not everyone had the capability to do. 

Yukina then watched as Germaine asked about the sorceress's red cat body, before quickly locating it with her sword in a nearby cottage. As the cat fled from its hiding place and to Mikina, Yukina attempted to run after it, exclaiming how it was Abyss I.R.'s real body and screaming at the sorceress to release her mother. While Germaine helped to confront the evil sorceress and pointed out Mikina wasn't a sorceress or soldier, Abyss I.R. brought out a spoon glowing blue in the darkness. 

As Germaine noted it was a vessel of sin, Yukina listened as Abyss I.R. noted how Germaine knew much for not being a mage, before also musing on how fast the swordswoman had healed from her injuries. As Yukina also noted that Germaine healed quickly, she heard Germaine insist it was because of how many meals she ate and Abyss I.R. coming to the conclusion she was a relative of Conchita, before declaring she wanted Germaine's body. Yukina then picked up a pebble and uselessly threw it at the cat, telling the "villain" to desist.

The cat then meowed at Yukina and Abyss I.R. asked if she had directed that at her or Mikina; before the girl could answer, the sorceress went on asking if she really knew her mother and never doubted her despite her mysterious behavior. Yukina watched as Mikina then attempted to retake control, not wishing her daughter to know the truth, before Abyss retook her body and began to force Mikina to speak. Yukina watched as Germaine attempted to intervene, only to be blown back by the sorceress. She then listened as her mother was forced to confess that she had been secretly collaborating with Prim and Abyss I.R. and had facilitated many of the events that transpired, revealing her past and part in Michaela's murder.

Abyss then retook control and asked Yukina what she thought of her mother's confession. She then remarked that, even without magic, the body could use the power of the demons and Yukina felt the temperature rise as the light grew brighter. The girl was then engulfed by hot blue flames and wondered if she was going to die. Anguished by her mother's revelations and fearing the end, Yukina began to lose hope, only to hear a voice note how troubling it was for her to accept the end at her own convenience. Wondering who the voice was and wishing it to leave her alone, she heard it say it was her role to continue the story and the girl wondered what story that was.

Reminded that it was the story of Germaine, Riliane, and even herself, Yukina remembered Kyle had also said such and internally asked the voice if it would help her. When the voice said he was already dead and so couldn't, Yukina bemoaned that he was useless, only to hear that she would accept help from his sister instead. Rin then attempted to steal the spoon from Abyss I.R., forcing her to release Yukina from the fires. As Abyss I.R. flung the apprentice nun backwards, Yukina exclaimed her name and Rin told the girl that she had gotten worried and come when she didn't return. 

Yukina then witnessed as Abyss I.R. attempted to kill them with the spoon, only for it to fail from interference of the Demon of Gluttony and Ney. She then watched Germaine attack the red cat, only for it to scratch her and flee from Mikina. As Yukina watched, she saw a boy manifest alongside Germaine and urge her on as she tossed her rapier at the red cat, skewering it. Running to support her unconscious mother with Rin, Yukina then asked Germaine if the cat was really dead. When Germaine showed her the body Yukina asked her to stop, turning her eyes away. She then took another look, realizing that the cat was just a stuffed animal; Yukina soon after returned her attention to her unconscious mother, hoping that she was okay.[44]

Later LifeEdit

Afterwards, Yukina continued writing, publishing multiple stories that gained popularity in her time. In EC 508, Yukina journeyed to eastern Levianta and was caught up in the Four Horsemen Incident caused by Neo Apocalypse.[45] Sometime later, she reunited with Kyle and the two began to cohabit in Lucifenia, living a happy life together.[46] Following the establishment of the Freezis Foundation in EC 531, Yukina began publishing her works under the conglomerate's Freezis Publishing.[47]

At some point, Yukina wrote and published a fairy tale about Princess Riliane's terrible reign and apparent death in the revolution, entitling it "The Daughter of Evil". Determined to fulfill her promise on the beach,[48] she continuously worked on the true story about Princess Riliane and the vessels of sin before finally finishing the book, also entitling it "The Daughter of Evil".[49] At some point, she wrote a tale inspired by the tales of Duke Venomania entitled "The Duke and the Four Women". Around the EC 540s, Yukina began writing her own personal memoirs. At some point, Yukina heard tales of Mikulia Calgaround and her actions at Merrigod Plateau.

Sometime after Elluka and Gumillia departed for the East in EC 548, the writer decided to revisit eastern Levianta and make up for her previous tour of the region. Deciding to stop by Calgaround and learn more about Countess Mikulia, Yukina related her travel plans to Kyle and he agreed to come along, saying he wanted to paint a landscape of the plateau.

The two then journeyed together to Calgaround. Learning of the folklore surrounding Mikulia, the two eventually saw the portrait of Mikulia and her husband hanging in the former royal library. Shocked to see Mikulia's striking resemblance to Michaela, Yukina continued to learn about the tales while Kyle painted his landscape, noticing he still seemed to be chasing after Michaela's phantom. Yukina later called for a carriage and departed back to Aceid.

Staying there for sometime, she eventually returned home in Lucifenia and planned to leave on another journey. The novelist then wrote of what transpired in her memoirs, certain that Michaela's resemblance to Mikulia was no coincidence. Determined to write a fairy tale about the Flower of the Plateau, Yukina noted she was certain Elluka would want to read it once she returned from her journey to the East. After noting that Kyle still hadn't returned, Yukina wrote the story of Mikulia and entitled it "Flower of the Plateau".[50]


Following her death, Yukina was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there with her family and friends. In EC 998, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[51] After learning Keel was invited to a dinner party at the Lucifenian Royal Palace held in Princess Riliane's honor, Yukina and Aile begged their father to take them with him. The former merchant conceded and the three joined the other guests in the Hall of Mirrors before the girls ran off. Later during the festivities, Yukina saw her father and others collapse in the Hall of Mirrors.[52]


By the time of her death, Yukina had written and published over a hundred different books, with numerous other tales still unpublished. Her unpublished works, including Flower of the Plateau, were later traded and sold on the black market at high prices for collectors, known as the "Lost List". Yukina's fame immortalized her in Evillious' history, famed for her Freezis Fairy Tales, and efforts to recover Yukina's lost works were pushed by the Freezis Foundation; her personal memoirs similarly gained critical appeal among her fans.

Around half a century after her death, Elluka read Yukina's memoirs and promptly investigated her mysterious experience in Calgaround. After discovering the same portrait at Calgaround's library, Elluka immediately understood Yukina's concerns. The original copy of her unpublished Flower of the Plateau was eventually acquired by Second Dealer and given to Sixth Venom, who handed off the fairy tale to Elluka during her visit to Calgaround's library.[53]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Ho ho ho. This proves you really are Miss Yukina. Still filled with interesting ideas."

Yukina was a cheerful and independent girl. Having developed a love for writing at a young age,[54] Yukina came to believe that the pen was mightier than the sword and was excited by stories,[55] wishing to document dramatic events for others to read or making up her own with her boundless creativity.[56] As such, she was constantly writing down her experiences or ideas.[57] This accounted for her love of the exotic that developed into a fascination with the occult,[58] although she maintained a healthy skepticism.[59] Yukina also was driven to seek out the truth of affairs that were shrouded in mystery so she could recount them herself.[60]

Yukina's interests led her to have a great love of books,[61] as well as also giving her a strong wanderlust that inspired her to go off on her own.[62] Intelligent and willful, Yukina was unafraid to explore the world, learning to take care of herself, and was undaunted by the political ramifications of her actions.[63] Despite this, Yukina was traumatized by tales of "Vampiress Vanika" when she was little and thus afraid of graveyards, as well as being forced to often stand on the sidelines of battles because of her small stature.[64]

Having been raised with strong values by her parents, Yukina was an honest girl who believed in justice and kindness. As such, she strove to be polite to those around her even if at times acting rash and "unlady-like", although she would accidentally insult others out of her own naivete towards a situation. She was also angered by those who hurt others for petty reasons, and wished to help others regardless of the risks involved. This caused her to become frustrated with her inadequacies in battle and saw it as a sign of her weakness;[65] she eventually saw her own writing as being her means to help people.[66]

Particularly after she began to travel, Yukina tempered her kindness with a growing savvy about the world. As part of this, she was although reluctant still willing to use shady methods to achieve her goals, like using the influence afforded by her Freezis name.[67] She also had an awareness of her cute appearance when older and used it to sway others to her cause.[68] Over time, Yukina's continued experiences hardened her belief that often times "coincidences" were actually "laws" that she had yet to uncover.[69]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"The story Lady Yukina made was really interesting. Even though she's still only nine years old, I think the things she writes alone are really ingenious."

Yukina was an intelligent girl with a creative mind; a prodigy in storytelling from an early age,[70] she constantly wrote and took note of her situations to craft into interesting stories, both fiction and non-fiction.[71] As her parents built on and supported her authorial talent, Yukina's works gained her mild popularity in Evillious by the time she turned fourteen,[72] and her tales made her famous in Evillious' literary history. In addition, her research for her stories gained her many insights into past historical events.[73]

Like her father, Yukina was very perceptive and a capable investigator, as well as able to make use of her father's connections in the Freezis Firm's information network.[74] Her journeys abroad furthermore gave her insight into the world outside of Marlon,[75] as well as heightening her sense of intuition.[76] While in Asmodean, Yukina learned swordplay but was not a skilled practitioner, and had little fighting ability due to her weaker stature.[77] Although not able to give aid on the battlefield, Yukina was more than capable of giving support on the sidelines, such as nursing wounded soldiers.[78] She also took advantage of her cute appearance.[79]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Keel Freezis: Yukina's father. Yukina had a close relationship with her father and enjoyed spending time with him, having him read to her or showing him her latest written works. She was willing to disobey him if necessary, such as in going out on her quest to discover the truth, but worried over his reaction to her doing so and did not want him to worry.

Mikina Freezis: Yukina's mother. Yukina loved her mother deeply and was concerned by her later disappearance, traveling to Lucifenia to find her. She was horribly shocked and demoralized to discover the wrongdoings that Mikina had committed under Prim and Abyss I.R's influence, but the girl easily forgave her mother.

Shaw Freezis: Yukina's younger brother. Despite feeling frustrated by her parent's constant attention to Shaw, he and Yukina had a close relationship as siblings. This relationship is demonstrated as the latter was able to be persuaded by the former to return home, while Shaw had traveled all the way to Lucifenia to find her.

Clarith: Yukina's caretaker and later friend. Yukina became enamored of Clarith's appearance and enjoyed spending time with her while writing or playing games, appreciating the company when her parents were unable to spend as much time with her. Yukina was noticeably upset when Clarith had to leave the Freezis' employ and would visit her in the monastery.

Germaine Avadonia: A traveling companion of Yukina. Yukina had a high opinion of Germaine's character, believing her a great hero for her role in the Lucifenian Revolution and appreciating her great swordsmanship. The two became close over the course of Yukina's quest and she was thankful for Germaine coming to her aid on multiple occasions.

Kyle Marlon: A friend of Yukina. Yukina and Kyle became friends as an extension of his friendship with her father, and the two became close over the course of her quest to find the truth. Yukina cared deeply for Kyle's well-being and wished to aid him with his endeavors, such as his confrontation of Prim. She enjoyed spending time with him, choosing to live together with him in Lucifenia after they were reunited.

Gumillia: A friend of Yukina's. Yukina enjoyed spending time with Gumillia when the latter temporarily lived in the Freezis mansion, although she had difficulty remembering her years later. Yukina was delighted to see Gumillia again in her travels and stayed with the girl for some time, curious about how she'd changed over the years.

Chartette Langley: Yukina's biggest fan. Yukina was appreciative of Chartette's tour of Beelzenia and looked to her swordsmanship for protection when threatened by Ney, the two becoming good acquaintances.

Riliane Mouchet: A woman that helped Yukina. Yukina was appreciative of Riliane's aid getting her through Retasan Fortress and the two became good friends over the days they spent together, Yukina running into her many times afterwards.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Yukina's surname is possibly derived from the English word "freezing".
  • Her personal belief that the pen is mightier than the sword is a reference to Edward Bulwer-Lytton, the popular English writer who coined the phrase.
  • The Freezis Fairytales may be inspired by the Brothers Grimm's fairytales, reaching similar fame well beyond their lifetime.
  • Yukina's name is inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Yuki, sharing the same four letters in its beginning.


  • Several songs by mothy are confirmed to be Freezis Fairy Tales; in The Daughter of Evil series, excerpts from the fairy tales are placed at the beginning of several of the light novels.
  • Yukina shares the same birthday (December 4th) with her Vocaloid.[80]
  • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Yukina was voted as the eleventh most popular character in The Daughter of Evil series by Japanese fans, along with Chartette.




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