York Le Corbusier
Technical Information
Japanese ヨーク=ル=コルビュジエ
Romaji Yooku Ru Korubyujie
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Lucifenian
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lucifenia (formerly)
Lucifenian Resistance (formerly)
Beelzenian Empire

York Le Corbusier was a soldier for the Kingdom of Lucifenia and one of the leaders of the Lucifenian Resistance. He joined in opposition of Princess Riliane's tyrannical regime over the kingdom along with his daughter, Sekka, serving as Germaine Avadonia's second-in-command. Following the revolution, the former soldier left the new government and reunited with his comrades again to oppose Marlon's occupation by King Kyle.


Early LifeEdit

Born in the Kingdom of Lucifenia sometime during the fifth century EC, York later joined the Lucifenian army and fought in the Yellow Country's conquests with its neighbors. At some point, he was injured and lost his eye; he also sired a child, naming her Sekka.[1] During the conflicts, York learned about the famed hero Leonhart Avadonia's zealous brutality against the kingdom's enemies, especially the Beelzenians. Sometime after, he learned Leonhart adopted an orphaned Beelzenian child, Germaine.[2]

Eventually, the soldier retired from the military and settled down at home. Sometime after the death of King Arth I in EC 491,[3] York was approached by Leonhart's adopted daughter, Germaine. Learning her adoptive father refused to train her while instructing her foster brother, Allen, York agreed to instruct the girl; over the years, York helped teach the teen how to fight with a sword. As time progressed, he became familiar with the young woman's heavy drinking habit.[4]

Seeds of RebellionEdit

"How's our situation?"
"Pretty bad."
―Germaine and York[src]

Following the death of Queen Anne in January of EC 499, York and his fellow Lucifenians suffered under the tyrannical rule of Princess Riliane, becoming disillusioned with the royal government. When Germaine decided to rebel against Riliane's tyranny after the mysterious assassination of her father the following year, the former soldier joined her along with Sekka, Minage, and Marc in establishing the Lucifenian Resistance. After the rebels set up their base of operations at the abandoned home in the Forest of Bewilderment, York and the others agreed to knock twice then five times repeatedly to confirm they were resistance members. Afterward, the old warrior became Germaine's second-in-command.

York later met with Sekka, Minage, and Marc at the hideout, learning their progress was going poorly. Hearing the proper knock code, York asked who it was. When Germaine answered, York opened the door and welcomed her in. Noting everyone was finally there, he asked if she wanted to drink first. Germaine refused and instead inquired about their situation and York admitted it wasn't very good. Once Minage confirmed they had many recruits, the immigrant qualified that they lacked any swordfighting ability, noting his plan to have York and him train them as best they could.

Afterward, Sekka and Marc confirmed similar issues with supplies and intelligence. When Marc asked if they could get information from Leonhart's subordinates in the royal guard, Germaine said it wasn't the right time for them to reveal their existence to any palace officials and York agreed that it could bring about the end of the resistance; he then let out a sigh. As time progressed, York and Minage trained the new recruits in swordplay.[5]

Green HuntingEdit

"Our hideout's still safe... but it's only a matter of time."
―York regarding the fire[src]

After they discovered the Forest of Bewilderment was on fire later that year, York and the others joined in trying to put out the flames. While carrying more water over with his daughter, the strained York noted their base was safe for the time being, adding that it was only a matter of time before it too was burned. Sekka immediately stated they could make a new headquarters and that extinguishing the fire was what they needed to focus on. When a group of Lucifenian soldiers on horseback approached them demanding they stop putting out the fire, York listened to Marc argue with one of the soldiers.

He later heard the soldier reveal that the fire was intentionally cause under Riliane's order to prepare for their invasion of the neighboring Elphegort. When it then suddenly rained and doused the flames, all the common folk rejoiced at the fortunate event; watching the stunned soldiers finally leave, York muttered that they might return to set it aflame again. Germaine answered it was at least fine during the rain and suggested they increase their watch over the forest once it stopped to prevent it from happening again. Once they confirmed the soldiers had left, everyone returned home triumphant.[6]

Preparation for InsurrectionEdit

"Calm down, York. While they're not regular soldiers, it isn't a good idea to disagree with the men of the royal palace."
"But... Germaine."
"For now, patience... for now."
―Germaine and York[src]

After the Lucifenian army invaded the next day and began slaughtering any Elphe woman or other person who resisted them, Chartette Langley joined York and the others at the resistance meetings to share information from the royal palace. During one meeting at their hideout, the sound of three knocks came to the door and everyone picked up a weapon anticipating a potential enemy. When York questioned who was there, a young man's voice responded that he was there to cooperate with them, pleading they open the door.

Playing dumb, York said he didn't understand and told the voice he had the wrong house. When the man insisted he was there to help the resistance, the one-eyed man asked Germaine what to do. Once Minage confirmed through holes in the wall that the man was alone and not dressed like a Lucifenian soldier, Germaine told him to open the door but not hesitate to kill him if he proved himself an enemy; York abided and opened the door, allowing the masked man with a bloodied hand holding a shell pendant to enter. The mysterious man then agreed to support the resistance in overthrowing Princess Riliane's regime.[7]

Later on, Chartette established contact between the resistance and the Evillious Commerce Alliance president Keel Freezis and York joined Germaine in meeting the merchant at the Corpa manor in Rolled. After they arrived and greeted Keel's wife and daughter, the two met with Keel in the other room and York watched with his arms crossed while Germaine negotiated with the merchant regarding aiding the resistance. During the meeting, Keel mentioned his maid Clarith, telling the revolutionaries about her getting drunk on one bottle of alcohol once and crying and raving;[8] after he told them how she lost her fellow maid and dear friend Michaela to the genocide, a knock came to the door with a voice asking to come in and Keel permitted it.

Once the Netsuma woman entered, York and Germaine watched Keel get up to greet "Clarith". After Germaine interrupted their conversation and connected the white-haired girl to the Clarth Keel mentioned, York listened to his comrade suggest she had their same mutual hatred toward the princess. Surmising she intended to recruit the maid into the resistance army, the one-eyed revolutionary immediately interjected, noting she didn't even appear like the fighting type. Germaine argued they needed every person they could get before clarifying it would ultimately be her decision. York then watched while Germaine introduced the two to Clarith and explained their situation and offer to have her join their cause.

Once the girl said she'd think about it and Keel confirmed she wouldn't leak any information to the palace, Germaine relented and York silently left with the revolutionary leader.[9] The next day, Germaine and York went to the tavern at Rolled's Milanais Square to meet with Clarith and receive Keel's response, drinking until Clarith arrived. After seeing Germaine drink ten shots, the revolutionary offered his comrade another drink and she refused. York then pointed out how the woman was drinking less, comparing how she would previously have twenty shots easily. Clarith then quietly expressed her belief that ten was already too much.

Once York teasingly asked if she wanted a drink, the Netsuma quickly retorted that she was just there to report and confirmed that Keel decided to cooperate with the resistance. York then muttered it was all thanks to the "hooded woman". After the Netsuma explained to Germaine she didn't wish to join their revolutionary army and left, she and York overheard the tavern owner yell and saw him arguing with two armored customers refusing to pay. Hearing Germaine mutter that even the royal palace soldiers were behaving badly, York widened his eyes a little and stated that soldiers had a minimal etiquette even though many were indeed thugs.

After telling Germaine they were actually mercenaries, his comrade connected them to the Venom Mercenaries she received reports about. After seeing the larger Yarera kick the owner to the ground before heading off with his brother Zusco, the furious York prepared to retaliate when Germaine stopped him, saying that it wasn't good idea to fight with people from the palace even if they weren't regulars. As he tried to protest, Germaine told him to be patient for the time being and he remained silent, trembling his clenched fists. Once she told him they should leave, York cursed before finally joining her in making sure the tavern master's injuries weren't serious.

Afterwards, the two paid the man for their drinks and left. As they began preparing for their revolution with Keel's aid, York noticed the masked man bring a small army of soldiers equipped with elite swords to bolster their forces. At some point, Germaine asked York to see if they could remove Allen from the royal palace before the planned revolution. Later on, he learned from the cloaked Chartette that the boy and the princess shared an intimate relationship and were difficult to separate. 

York later attended the resistance's final meeting at their hideout before their planned revolution. Once the knock code was heard, York questioned who it was. Hearing it was Germiane, he peeked open the door and looked to confirm it was her before fully opening it for their leader. When the young woman thanked him for the hard work, he stated everyone else was there before asking if she wanted a drink and the woman said she'd do so once it was all over.

After Minage confirmed their numbers were more than enough between Lucifenia, Elphegort, and the mask man's soldiers, York spoke up that the latter was the problem. He then asked the mysterious blue-haired man if they could trust him, pointing out the professional quality of his soldiers' equipment and the suspicious mask he wore in front of everyone. The masked man answered that it should be fine since they and he had the mutual interest of overthrowing the royal palace and York exclaimed he was saying he couldn't trust him.

When the suspicious character scoffed that he was being stubborn, York grew angrier when Sekka told them both to shut up and he directed himself to Germaine, wondering why she wasn't complaining about him too. After she admitted she had no particular complaints about him and believed it was fine if it gave them one more person, York reluctantly conceded before asking for the man's name, reasoning that they couldn't just call him "masked man". When he answered he was "Karchess", the resistance leader questioned if that was his real name before dropping the subject.

After Sekka confirmed the resistance army was well armed with Keel's support, a knock came at the door. Hearing the Langley blacksmith call out to them, York opened the door and let him in. After the man delivered weapons and armor for the resistance leaders and left, Germaine inquired again about removing Allen from the palace, expressing her desire to keep him uninvolved. After briefly considering it, York reluctantly told her they couldn't, reiterating his position that they shouldn't risk any intelligence being leaked to the palace. When the woman retorted that his strong sense of justice would support their cause, York countered with what information they received from Chartette and she finally conceded. [10]

Lucifenian RevolutionEdit

"Now, let's go and topple The Daughter of Evil. The laughter and crying, all that comes after."

The day of the revolution, York, Marc, Germaine went to the tavern in Milanais Square with a group of fellow revolutionaries, waiting leisurely at the bar for the mercenaries to return. Once Yarera and Zusco entered and began harassing a waitress, York saw Zusco reach for her breasts and grabbed his arm, demanding to know what he was doing while kicking the younger mercenary in the face. After Germaine joined in and began pummeling the older brother, York saw Zusco come in with six other mercenaries.

As the mercenary demanded they release his brother, Germaine stated they weren't just two and everyone else in the tavern stood up to join her and York. Surrounding the mercenaries, they tied them up and dragged them outside into Milanais Square. The resistance army then cheered as Germaine rallied them against the royal government. When she asked what their shields, armors, and swords were for, they yelled in turn that they were to protect their families, bring true peace to their country, and take revenge on The Daughter of Evil. Finally told the time for their revolution had come, the mob yelled with glee. 

Afterward, York and Sekka joined Germaine in fighting with their forces in Rollam against the Lucifenian army. During the following week, the soldiers pushed the resistance army to its breaking point when the Rollam merchants delivered supplies. Resupplied, the resistance army pushed their assault over the next week and the city was captured; during the period, York discovered Sekka was seriously injured. Once Rolled was captured by Karchess and Marc's forces a week later, the two resistance forces linked up and heading toward the capital.

After reaching Lucifenian, York confirmed Sekka's injuries weren't life-threatening and decided to send her back home. Around that time, he met with Chartette and, learning she planned to join the final assault on the royal palace, tried to stop her but failed to convince her otherwise. He later confirmed all their forces gathered at the palace gates before pushing through the crowds to Germaine and Karchess at the front, telling them the news. When the revolutionary leader apologized for his precious only daughter getting injured, the one-eyed man told her not to worry about, admitting she knew that could happen when she joined and that he should've stopped her. He then urged the fellow revolutionary to overthrow The Daughter of Evil, saying they could laugh or cry after it was all over.

Afterward, York joined Germaine in leading the charge through the palace gates, entering into the Heavenly Yard. After the Lucifenian soldiers refused Germaine's offer of surrender, York heard her command they get in a raid formation and complied with the rest of their forces. At her signal, the resistance army charged and began breaking through the enemy lines when Mariam Futapie intervened and disrupted their assault. As the reinvigorated Lucifenian forces pushed back, York saw Chartette enter the fray and hold of Mariam. When Germaine questioned why she joined the fighting, York admitted he tried but that she wouldn't listen like his daughter.

The two revolutionaries and their forces then followed after Karchess through the enemy's broken lines and rushed into the palace. After Germaine and Karchess split their forces to respectively locate Princess Riliane and block off the enemy's escape in the Hall of Mirrors, York stayed with Germaine's forces when they were confronted by Gast Venom. As Germaine questioned if the mercenary leader really wanted to fight them alone, York and the others clenched their swords. Gast then waved and the royal guard came out of hiding, surrounding them. At Germaine's command, York and the others charged at the enemy forces.

Fighting against the red-armored knights, York fended them off until the injured Germaine killed Gast and the royal guard was finally defeated. Dispatching forces to continue the search for the princess and Germaine's foster brother, York later received a report from Karchess claiming he found Prime Minister Minis and killed him when he resisted arrest; after receiving reports that they didn't find either Riliane or Allen and that all the ministers were dead, York shared the reports with Germaine.

The wounded-eyed revolutionary then insisted they go and find the princess and her one-eyed comrade stopped her, insisting she rest with her eye injury and leave the rest to them since there shouldn't be any more soldiers in the palace. After the wounded Chartette joined to say she shouldn't worry about them, York exclaimed that she couldn't help either, pointing out she'd die if she pushed herself any harder with her injuries from the last battle. When Germaine tried to address York again, he stated he already knew and promised he wouldn't kill the princess, citing she deserved a public execution and that she could vent her rage at her once she was healed.

As he was about to leave, Chartette stopped to tell him Riliane was a bad person but to not bully her too much if possible. Remaining silent at her words, he continued on into the royal palace to search for Riliane. Once York and his forces seemed to find the princess in the Hall of Sounds, they apprehended The Daughter of Evil and sent a report to Germaine. When their leader swiftly rushed into the room, York angrily chided her for not listening to him and she apologized, insisting she confirm it with her own eyes.

Wondering if she could even see, York watched as the injured woman tried to look at her. After Germaine admitted she couldn't tell, the one-eyed man reiterated his point that she should leave it to them. The princess then began struggling, demanding not to be touched, and York admitted their captive was a real tomboy while a few troops restrained her. Making a huge sigh, he told the princess he didn't want to get rough with her, telling her to quiet down. When he tried to move his hand to The Daughter of Evil, the princess slapped it away, calling him an insolent fool.[11]

Marlon ReformsEdit

"From this point onward, the Kingdom of Lucifenia shall be under Marlon rule."
"...! Don't screw around! The hell does that mean!"
―Kyle and York[src]

After the princess was imprisoned, York and the others discovered Karchess was actually Marlon's King Kyle. Shocked, the one-eyed commoner began trying to act more polite in the foreign royal's presence. One day, York and Kyle went out drinking together. During the occasion, York mentioned Germaine's origins as Leonhart's adopted daughter; while admitting he was only speculating, the former soldier told Kyle his feelings that she was Leonhart's atonement, sharing Leonhart's dark history during Lucifenia's conquests and suggesting the zealous knight may have discovered the foolishness of his actions after killing innocent Beelzenians and finding a baby surviving among the corpses.

Later on, on December 24, York attended the peace talks at the Lucifenian royal palace's Hall of Sounds between all involved parties in the revolution along with Germaine. Looking around the luxuriously decorated room, the former soldier inquired why they couldn't just meet in the Hall of Mirrors and Germaine answered that it was too spacious. Once the meeting began, Kyle thanked everyone present for coming and congratulated them for the resistance's victory in the civil war, steering the conversation to discuss Lucifenia's remaining forces.

After the council guaranteed the safety of the Lucifenian army imprisoned in Elphegort and confirmed the Three Heroes were no longer a threat, York listened to Kyle announce that Marlon would occupy Lucifenia and set up an interim government while the nation rebuilt itself. Outraged, York stood up and yelled for the king to stop messing around. Kyle then insisted he calmly listen and the one-eyed man retorted the notion, exclaiming they didn't fight for Marlon. Germaine then calmly told him to let Kyle finish first, explaining it wouldn't be too late for them to oppose it.

York then reluctantly sat down and conceded, telling the Marlon king he should be grateful. After Kyle explained that none among the peasants of the revolutionary army had the experience to rule and reform the country, York spoke up that Germaine and Minage were both very intelligent. Kyle then retorted that they lacked the talent and experience needed and would risk the fugitive ministers returning and taking over again. At a loss for, York struggled to reply and Kyle continued his reasoning that Elphegort was still under reconstruction and that they didn't need to worry; the Marlon King then assured the revolutionaries that they would also be taking part in the new government.

Unable to counter any of Kyle's points, the one-eyed man silently relented, folding his arms. After York and the others finally agreed to Kyle's conditions, the former soldier agreed take part in the new government along with Minage. When Germaine refused to join in, citing her role leading the revolution was rewarding enough, York became discouraged. Kyle then brought up Princess Riliane's execution and the council unanimously agreed to go forward with the action two days from then at 3 o'clock in Milanais Square.[12]

Marlon OccupationEdit

"But, your comradesthe members of the resistance were rebelling against Marlon at that time. Indeed, that's what I heard."
"Everyone was only fighting back because Kyle was suddenly trying to purge both me and them."
―Yukina Freezis and Germaine[src]

Following The Daughter of Evil's execution on December 26, York acted out his position in the new government at the royal palace.[13] Around three months later, in EC 501, the Marlon government announced its Witch Hunting Ordinance proclaiming Germaine a fugitive wanted for treason; realizing Kyle's intention was to eradicate the resistance leaders, York and Minage decided to restart the resistance and oppose Marlon's occupation. A few days after the proclamation, the two fled the royal palace and set up a base of operations at Breck Mountain, amassing troops for the reconstituted resistance army with York leading and Minage as his second-in-command. At some point, York learned Minage married Sekka and sired several children with her.

When the Lucifenian forces from Retasan Fortress assaulted them, the resistance successfully resisted the onslaught and pushed them back, eventually capturing the fort. After the forces commanded by General Riliane Mouchet attacked them in EC 503, York faced the former Lucifenian general on the battlefield. During the fighting, the woman tore off his right leg; surviving the encounter, he had the missing limb replaced with an iron prosthetic and began using a cane to help him walk.

Once the resistance was defeated at both Breck Mountain and Retasan, York and his comrades fled from the fortress and retreated over the border into the Beelzenian Empire, seeking safe haven. When the Beelzenian Emperor agreed to protect the resistance from Marlon in exchange for them serving as part of its army per his advisor Gumillia's advice, the resistance agreed to the arrangement.[14]

Beelzenian SoldierEdit

"You can't put up a decent fight anymore; you should hurry up and retire."
"Shut up, Minage. You go home and show your face to your brats once in a while. Sekka's been complaining."
―Minage and York[src]

Once Germaine and Chartette reunited with the resistance in Beelzenia in EC 504, Chartette replaced the disabled York as captain of the new "Langley Unit", the former resistance setting up camp at an abandoned town near the Lucifenian border. Later on in EC 505, Sekka told York her worries with Minage spending little time at home with her and the children. Sometime after, York was sitting at the unit's headquarters with Minage when Chartette arrived with Gumillia and Yukina Freezis.

Afterward, the old warrior greeted Keel Freezis' daughter and recalled the time they met years ago. When Yukina asked about his leg, the invalid became embarrassed. Once he explained how he lost his leg, Minage noted he should hurry up and retire since he was no longer able to fight well. York told his son-in-law to shut up, noting he should go home and see his kids per Sekka's complaints. Minage told his father-in-law he was well aware. After Gumillia left and Minage reminded Chartette to help with the paper work, York saw their captain attempt to leave after Yukina and swiftly grabbed her by the collar, dragging her back to Minage.[15]

When an undead army swarmed Beelzenia two weeks later,[16] the Langley Unit fell back to protect the nearby city of Rukolbeni, fighting through the corpse soldiers for three days and nights straight. On the third day, the Beelzenian Emperor ordered the counterattack and the Langley forces assisted in retaliating against Retasan Fortress. Over a month later, the unit linked up with the Baggio and Catalani units in conducting night raids and spreading misinformation among Retasan's troops, capturing much of the fortress city within three days.[17]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Let me say this as a former soldier for the royal palace: While many Lucifenian soldiers are thugs...  they're people who know to have minimal etiquette."

York was a brave but headstrong patriot to his country. As a citizen of the Kingdom of Lucifenia, York proudly served in the Lucifenian military throughout its conquests up until his retirement.[18] While believing many soldiers to be thugs by nature, York strongly believed they all shared the same decorum expected of their rank. Hot-tempered and righteous, the man was quick to express his anger towards those he felt acted immoral or dishonest and readily standing up for the abused or violated. As a result, his stubbornness made him both straightforward and blunt, though sometimes unreasonable.[19]

Despite his pride in his country, York was disillusioned with the royal government headed by Princess Riliane and became devoted to overthrowing the tyrannical regime to create a more prosperous and less oppressive government;[20] because of this, he was strongly opposed to any form of aristocratic rule, though otherwise respectful of foreign nobles and royals.[21] He similarly was hesitant to include just anyone within the resistance, cautious of the suspicious and reluctant toward the seemingly helpless.[22]

York loved his only daughter, Sekka, and cared greatly for her safety, later blaming himself for the dangers she faced during the revolution.[23] At the same time, he accepted her will to help the resistance fight and listened to her concerns. Likewise, the man shared a camaraderie with his fellow resistance leaders.[24] With Germaine in particular, York acted as a mentor to the woman and worried for her wellbeing after the death of her father; she was also one of the few able to sooth his stubborn anger, trusting greatly in her judgment.[25]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"But most of them are amateurs who've never so much as held a sword. I was going to have them train with York and I as it is, but..."
―Germaine and Minage[src]

York was fairly strong and had an impressive size and physique. Having served as a veteran in the Lucifenian army, York was a capable soldier and skilled in swordsfighting, though unable to handle Chartette's large claymore;[26] he also demonstrated a certain teaching affinity, having helped train both the legendary Germaine and the inexperienced recruits in the resistance.[27] Over the years of fighting for the resistance, York gained a lot of experience as a leader.[28]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Germaine Avadonia: York's protege. Unlike Leonhart, York was willing to train Germaine in swordfighting to become an excellent warrior, and later he trusted his student as a capable leader of the Lucifenian Resistance. The two being close friends as well as student and master, York also spent his free time with Germaine such as in the two drinking together. Additionally, Germaine would sometimes serve as York's voice of reason in stressful situations.

Leonhart Avadonia: A friend of York's. York was close with Leonhart as a fellow warrior in Lucifenia, with York being close enough with him to know about his past in the Lucifenian Expansion Wars and guess at the real reason he adopted Germaine. Despite this, he had no problem going against Leonhart's wishes in teaching Germaine swordplay. 

Sekka Le Corbusier: York's daughter. York loved his daughter and as her father was concerned after her safety, as well as making sure she was treated well by her husband later on. Despite this protectiveness, York also trusted her fighting capabilities enough to let her fight in the Lucifenian Revolution and accepted her as a fellow member of the Resistance.

Minage: York's son-in-law. A fellow member of the Lucifenian Resistance, York was friends with Minage and didn't appear to disapprove of him marrying his daughter at some point. Despite this, he often traded barbs together with his son-in-law and was critical of how often the younger man left his daughter alone with the kids.  


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • York is an English name derived from a city in northern England sharing the same name.
  • York's surname is the pseudonym of the famous Swiss-French artist and architect, Le Corbusier; Lucifenia, his native country, is inspired by France.

Curiosities Edit

  • York was described as a large man with one eye and having a prosthetic leg after his encounter with Lily.



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