Xenos Jaakko
Technical Information
Japanese ゼノス=ヤーコ
Romaji Zenosu Yaako
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Divine Levianta (formerly)
Beelzenian Empire

Xenos Jaakko was a traveling minstrel and the grandfather of Will Jaakko. Traveling across the Evillious region in the hopes of inspiring his craft, the bard came to Beelzenia to see the horrors of Banica Conchita. Disappointed by his failure to find the monsters of rumors, Xenos later shared his failures with the sorceress Elluka Clockworker.


Early LifeEdit

Born in the Jaakko Family around the turn of the fourth century EC, Xenos eventually acquired a lyre and became a traveling minstrel, constantly searching for new experiences to inspire him with new song and story ideas. Over the years, he composed several ballads, including "25,600 Years and 10 Minutes of Love".[1]

Evillious TravelsEdit

"I thought about taking a peek at those white men and tried approaching the mansion, fully aware of the danger. If it was dangerous, I figured I'd run first thing. However— when I finally managed to reach the place, there wasn't a single white man!"

While journeying through Divine Levianta during the summer of EC 325, Xenos heard rumors of Duke Banica Conchita's supposed cannibalism and the white undead terrorizing her territories, especially around her mansion in Gasto. Curious to get a glimpse of the pale white monstrosities for inspiration, the bard immediately began heading for the Beelzenian Empire. During his travels, he heard that the Earl of Calgaround was offering a reward for information regarding their missing daughter.

After he arrived in Gasto in August, Xenos investigated duke's mountaintop estate, but found no trace of the supposed white monsters before fleeing to the local tavern. When the mage Elluka Clockworker and her green-haired companion entered the tavern asking about the corpse soldiers, Xenos told her what he knew and then offered to sing his ballad, "25,600 Years and 10 Minutes of Love," before the two promptly left.[2]

Two months later, while visiting Demilamb, Xenos picked up one of the bounties scattered around town featuring Phantom Thief Platonic. Recognizing the green twin tails, he realized the mage's companion was actually Phantom Thief Platonic and recognized her as the missing Calgaround daughter. Nearly broke, the minstrel immediately traveled to the town in northern Elphegort to collect the reward.

When he visited the mansion, Xenos discovered that Platonic had abandoned thievery and returned to her original name and home. During the visit, Xenos noticed the girl didn't seem to remember him, only smiling with a red glass of wine in-hand. Inspired by the event, Xenos composed the song "Platonic and the Wine Glass", but he soon discarded the song due to its unpopularity.[3]

Years later, Xenos compiled a book regarding his adventures throughout the Evillious region, entitling it "Evillious Travels". A child that Xenos sired would go on to have a grandson, Will in EC 353; as the child grew up, Xenos relayed stories of the legendary Banica to the growing boy.[4]


Because of his grandfather, Will was inspired to write about the stories of Banica and the vessels of sin, which gained infamy long after Xenos' lifetime.[5] The minstrel's own novel had at least one copy existing in Calgaround's royal library throughout the centuries. Long after his death, Elluka Clockworker read through Calgaround's copy of Evillious Travels while investigating the folklore surrounding Mikulia Calgaround.[6]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Xenos was a brave yet curious man, driven by his craft. The bard loved telling others stories through song and was willing to go to great lengths to experience interesting events, even braving great dangers, to inspire his work. Despite his seemingly relaxed attitude about encountering the occult, he still acted energetic and enthusiastic regardless of his mood, often emphasizing certain words in his speech patterns. However, Xenos was still fearful of being punished for breaking the law, especially related to the aristocracy. Regardless of his love for his work, the bard was still open to obtaining money by other means when needed.[7]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

In spite of his profession as a minstrel, Xenos' works seemed to lack much popularity and often went ignored by his audience. Regardless, he was capable of playing a lyre and had some singing ability. Having spent his life traveling abroad, the man was very knowledgeable about various current events and could even obtain information being shut out by the Beelzenian Imperial Family.[8]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Will Jaakko: Xenos' grandson. Xenos enjoyed telling Will stories of Banica Conchita while the boy grew up, impressing the child with his tales to a point where Will followed in his footsteps as a storyteller and historian on the Vessels of Sin.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The word xenos is Greek for "stranger" or "alien".
  • His surname, Jaakko, is a Finnish derivative of the name Jacob, meaning "holder of the heel".


  • Humorously, Xenos' song "25,600 Years and 10 Minutes of Love" is likely a reference to mothy's very first Vocaloid song, 10 Minutes of Love.



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