Wind Magic was a type of magic involving the generation and manipulation of wind. Capable of great gales, wind spells created large amounts of force able to lift various large objects.


Wind magic allowed the user to conjure wind of varying sizes out of nothing and manipulate them to an extent. The winds could be strong enough to send an average-sized adult flying and render them unconscious.[1] Skilled practitioners could create winds large enough to easily sweep up six people into the gusts and launch them over several dozens of meters toward an opponent. Wind spells could also be dispersed over a large area or released in smaller, concentrated blasts with greater force.

Wind magic could be further manipulated into different forms; with enough concentrated magic power, the wind could be formed into a violent tornado. As an added benefit, a mage could draw upon preexisting wind to supplement their spellpower, casting more powerful spells with less magic power. While maintaining a great amount of brute force, the winds conjured were more often suited for incapacitating rather than killing. The winds could also be countered with powerful fire magic and snuffed out by the flames.[2]





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