Willus Zorach
Technical Information
Japanese ウィルス=ゾラック
Romaji Wirusu Zorakku
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Marlon
World Police
"There's the potential for strange things like that to happen in this world."
―Willus Zorach[src]

Willus Zorach was an officer of the World Police and heir to the Zorach Family legacy. After losing his chance to become the comissioner, he continued his police work as an investigator for the International Works Department. Having slain Fifth Pierrot, Willus later investigated a series of murders in Rolled allegedly committed by the notorious assassin.


Early LifeEdit

Born in the facility deep beneath Castle Hedgehog sometime during the sixth century EC, Willus was raised in the underground facility as a member of the Zorach Family, taught about the family history and the duty of each family head to live in the underground facility and safeguard the Freezis devices along with the other Leviantan relics left by the gods until receiving the deities' message; when he was old enough, Willus attended proper schooling outside on the Marlon surface.[1]

At some point, Willus' parents told him the Freezis Fairy Tale of a hunter who saved a trapped bird and was then led to a feast within the forest. After hearing that the hunter returned home to discover centuries had passed before rapidly aging to death in an instant, his parents warned that the birds' seeming generosity was actually vengeance against the hunter.[2] After the death of his father, the young Willus was made the new heir to the Zorachs to succeed the current family head, his grandfather; during his life in the cold underground, Willus saw an old woman named Angela occasionally visit and drink tea with his grandfather.[3]

Seeker of JusticeEdit

"For a period of time, you have been an excellent man and a candidate for becoming the World Police's head, correct? But your candidacy was removed by force. Now you're wasting away as merely an investigator for Justea."
―Bruno Marlon to Willus[src]

After finishing his schooling outside, Willus joined the World Police and made a family of his own, moving into a home in Marlon; afterwards, he continued visiting his grandfather in the underground facility.[4] Over the years, Willus helped solve numerous cases, becoming a highly commended officer.[5] During one of his visits to his grandfather, the officer saw the broken revolver among the relics in one corner of the facility. Asking if he could try repairing the weapon for himself, his grandfather acquiesced, noting it could do good if he didn't misuse it. Agreeing to only use it against the wicked, Willus repaired the gun and began using it for his police work.[6]

Willus was eventually nominated to potentially become the international organization's new commissioner. He was later disgraced and forcibly removed from the candidacy, becoming an investigator for the International Works Department.[7] Continuing to solve numerous cases for Justea, Willus became the department's ace investigator.[8] At some point, he taught fellow investigator Heidemarie Lorre how to create his unique weapon, learning she fashioned a similar revolver based on the design.

In EC 607, Willus cornered the infamous Fifth Pierrot, shooting and killing the Père Noël assassin.[9] As time went on, Willus prayed his grandfather would stay alive so he could enjoy his life outside more before having to take up the family duty.[10] After Chief Hob Homer recruited Constable Ayn Anchor into Justea, Willus heard about the young officer's involvement in investigating the mysterious death of Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim and the subsequent Toragay Epidemic in Elphegort.

Rolled Serial KillingsEdit

"This is of course just my personal conjecture for now. But if the culprit's a member of Père Noël, it's hard to imagine he'd murder without purpose. As far as I know, Père Noël's always committed crimes with some benefit to them."
―Willus regarding the Rolled Serial Killings[src]

In early EC 610, Chief Homer assigned Willus as the overseer for the inexperienced Ayn to help investigate the recent serial killings in Rolled claimed to be perpetrated by Fifth Pierrot; the two then studied the eight confirmed victims starting with the merchant Ton Corpa before murdering random prostitutes. After arriving in Rolled in the early morning of January 4, the two investigators checked into a local inn and Willus fell asleep there.

When he awoke later on, the investigator heavily drank before learning there was another murder on 28th Block, heading straight for the scene. Staggering over to Ayn and the other officer investigating the boy, the pained Willus cried out that he gave up, admitting he wasn't entirely sober. When his junior partner asked if he was intoxicated, he struggled to deny it, claiming it was only seasickness and that he knew he'd never get used to a ship. Complaining about his head spinning, Ayn tersely begged him not to vomit.

The wasted investigator then finally began centering himself, fixing up his hair while noting his partner looked fine. Ayn lectured that he should be firm as his overseer and Willus brushed off Hob's words, claiming he wouldn't be monitoring him since Justea lacked an actual hierarchy. When his junior officer insisted he help investigate then, Willus explained that was why he came before complaining about how awful he felt again. Putting a hand to his mouth, the ace investigator crouched to examine the body, seeing the stab wound in the chest.

Impressed with the killer's finesse, Willus noted she was seemingly killed with little resistance. When Ayn pointed out her clothes were torn, Willus answered that that was a result of her fleeing, explaining that most criminals don't fight them. After suggesting the killer simply caught and jabbed her in the chest, Willus heard Ayn ask why and he questioned him wondering why a criminal was only targeting prostitutes before admitting the first victim was a merchant.

After hearing Ayn deduce it couldn't be robbery since nothing was stolen and suggest the killer's motive was a grudge against prostitutes or simply wanting easy targets, Willus interrupted that they were good leads but that the bodies looked too clean, touching the corpse. When Ayn asked if there was any other possibly motive, Willus suggested that the killer was looking for someone but only knew they were a prostitute; as he speculated that the killer may have learned that information from his first victim Ton Corpa, Ayn inferred that he didn't learn her name or location before Willus continued that he was therefore thoroughly searching through all the local prostitutes.

When Ayn criticized the killer's method for searching as inefficient, Willus noted he wasn't even trying to hide the bodies but instead leaving them out in the open for them to find. The ace investigator then reasoned that the perpetrator was either a simple pleasure killer or causing a commotion to distract them while he searched for his true target. Afterward, Willus admitted it was only him speculating before noting that he couldn't imagine a Père Noël member killing aimlessly given the organization's history.

Willus then remarked they had to start looking for clues and noted there was a common thread all the prostitute victims shared: their ages ranging between mid-twenties and early thirties. Deducing that was the age range of the woman the killer was looking for, Willus stated they should look for suspicious prostitutes meeting that criteria. When the young investigator questioned them searching for their culprit's target instead of the actual culprit, Willus pointed out that the local officers failed to produce any results searching for the criminal and that finding the target was the best decision. Ayn finally agreed and said he'd check all the local brothels.[11]

Over the next few months, Willus and Ayn eventually visited the brothel on Seventh block and met with its owner in a wheelchair; learning about each of the prostitutes, the owner told them about Isabel Ismael and how her past before becoming their most popular prostitute a year prior was unknown, the madam explaining she didn't bother to look into her employees' pasts. Determining Isabel was a potential lead, the two planned to interview her before abruptly learning that she had passed away.

After getting access to the woman's corpse, Willus investigated and confirmed with the doctor that she apparently died of Gula. During the period, the Justea investigator learned the young woman was interested in fortune telling, as well as had a hobby of collecting fortune telling-related materials for making such things. Afterward, the lack of new victims cropping up in the city caused the trail to grow cold.[12]

New LeadEdit

"You think this's the chief's real intentions?"
"... The guy's got weak authority. But he also believes in justice more than anyone else. I remember how infuriated he was at Bruno during the Toragay case."
"Yeah, that's true. So this is the chief's encouragement we have here. "The enemy's finally sent a challenge, here's a game for you!"... right?"
―Willus and Ayn[src]

On May 17, Willus received a letter from Chief Hob ordering them to drop the investigation and return to headquarters immediately; he also received a letter from Investigator Qyoichi revealing Bruno Marlon and other Freezis Founation executives were meeting with political leaders at the Lucifenian Palace the following week. While looking over the investigation papers at their inn room later on, the senior officer rebuked Ayn for sighing at their lack of success, offering him a glass while holding the wine bottle to him.

He then listened as the junior investigator poured and drank some of the white wine while bemoaning their investigation hitting a dead end, off-handedly agreeing that their culprit slipped away. When asked about Yuzette's body, Willus revealed what the doctors told him. After expressed doubt that anyone still died of Gula anymore, Willus speculated she might've hated doctors or medicine in general. While the Netsuma questioned if Isabel could have been the culprit, insisting that some women were very strong, Willus suggested that Isabel was the culprit's target and that his objective was now achieved.

After Ayn mused that it'd be fine if the murders stopped, Willus replied that it wasn't good when the culprit had yet to face justice and continued to drink. When Ayn pointed out that Fifth Pierrot should have been shot dead by Willus three years ago while gesturing to his holstered gun, Willus teased it wouldn't be easy for such a small gun to make the shot. Ayn told him not to play dumb and that he'd seen it before. Inferring the investigator referred to Heidemarie, Willus clarified he only taught her the basic mechanics of the model and that hers shot flashes as well as regular lead bullets.

When Ayn mused that "Fifth Pierrot" returned despite his apparent death, the investigator quickly noted that it was someone else who had taken the name, noting the new killer using knives as a murder weapon compared to the previous one's use of them as diversions. After Ayn recalled not finding any knives in Isabel's room, Willus announced they had good news and tossed Hob's letter onto the table before him, confirming it was the chief's signature. Once Ayn questioned how that was good news, Willus explained that the timing indicated he was being pressured and Ayn deduced it was the work of Bruno.

Ayn put down the letter and Willus pointed at the signature, asking his partner if he believed that was the chief's true intentions. After the junior officer related that Hob was weak-willed but still a huge believer in justice, infuriated by Bruno's meddling in the Toragay Epidemic case, Willus insisted that the letter was Hob encouraging them to answer the enemy's challenge. As Ayn mused about that being the truth, Willus claimed he had proof before presenting Qyoichi's letter to him.

Willus then told Ayn about their fellow investigator's results and questioned how the parallel events sounded to him. Once the Netsuma deduced Bruno was getting them out of the way of his meeting in Lucifenia, Willus related that they were given the opportunity to catch Bruno, Fifth Pierrot, and even their leader in Père Noël. He then suggested they investigate a little more for evidence and head to Isabel's brothel. When Ayn asked what to do about the termination order, his partner strongly put down the wine bottle on the table and tersely said they'd ignore it.[13]

Peering into the PastEdit

"Officer Zorach. Please help me look for a weapon and not just documents. Or do you think she has a bunch of papers on people stabbed to death?"
"You aren't entirely incorrect."
―Ayn and Willus[src]

The investigators then visited the brothel around 3:00 PM that day. Greeted by the madam in the wheelchair again, Willus requested she let them examine Isabel's room and the troubled owner replied that another woman was using it already. The senior investigator then inquired about where they kept her personnel effects and the madam answered that they were in storage. Satisfied, Willus asked to examine them and the woman reluctantly agreed. After showing them to the storage room, the owner requested they be brief and only touch Isabel's things before leaving and the two began sorting through the prostitute's belongings.

As he looked over a pile of documents, WIllus saw his partner looking through Isabel's belongings and noticed a vial labeled as medicine for a fever among the items. He then heard Ayn question if she practiced fortune telling while examining a crystal ball. Willus confirmed she liked it before relating it was probably just regular glass, noting her apparent hobby making things. Seeing the list of names in each document, Willus surmised it was her customer list. When Ayn questioned her writing about that, Willus suggested she was a hard worker, hence her popularity as a prostitute.

The young officer later snapped at Willus to help him look for a weapon unless he found papers of people stabbed to death. Noting his sarcasm wasn't necessarily wrong, the senior investigator cited the "pen was mightier than the sword" adage and that words could kill someone in spirit. As Ayn argued his story was unrelated to the murder weapon, Willus insisted unrelated stories were also a weapon. Looking over at the vial of medicine, he directed his comrade to the curious item. Once the Netsuma related its ordinary content, Willus noted what the label claimed and that one could get medicine for the Gula disease at a pharmacy.

When Ayn then questioned its relation to the crime, Willus admitted there was none yet while continuing to look through the papers. Seeing another list of names with arrows between them, including Kaidor Blankenheim and Bruno Marlon, Willus stopped and shared that he found something interesting. After confirming it was her customer list, Ayn pointed out he already told him and the black-haired investigator clarified that it looked far older. After seeing the list, Netsuma noted there were names for both genders listed. When Ayn then asked about the arrows, Willus replied he had no idea before pointing out Bruno and Kaidor's names.

Afterward, Ayn questioned Bruno being one of Isbael's customers and Willus answered that he wouldn't be one for a prostitute. He then noted the amount of female names was unnatural, suggesting Isabel was in a different line of work before coming to Rolled and made the list for that. Once Ayn added they could've been business partners, Willus recalled the Netsuma was helping investigate a Marquis Blankenheim's death, asking if that was Kaidor. Ayn confirmed Kaidor was supposed to be the marquis' uncle before noting he went missing twenty years ago after killing his wife and becoming a fugitive.

After looking through the list more, Willus noted that the arrow connecting Kaidor and Bruno made him feel uneasy. Deciding they should divide their investigation into two parts, Willus told Ayn to head to Elphegort and thoroughly investigate Kaidor Blankenheim's past while he headed back to Marlon to hear more about Qyoichi's investigation into Bruno; he quickly added his return should also deceptively look like they answered their orders from headquarters. When Ayn wondered if it was alright to leave Fifth Pierrot be, the senior officer asked what he was talking about, insisting their investigation into Bruno was also investigating Pierrot.

After stating they're meet in Rolled again the following week on May 23,[14] the two split up and Willus returned to Marlon. Meeting up with Qyoichi, the investigator learned Bruno had been secretly sending his subordinates to Maistia, the development of which was under the jurisdiction of the Freezis Foundation's other vice president, Nob Nicole. He also learned Bruno was making frequent trips to Elphegort and Lucifenia, discovering the man was frequently visiting Lucifenian President Julia Abelard and the black market that Nob was working with the World Police to soon eradicate.

The following week, Willus returned to Lucifenia and met up with Ayn in Rolled on May 23. Sharing the results of their individual investigations, the senior officer learned that Isabel Ismael was originally the fortune teller Yuzette Ora and Père Noël's Seventh Magician who changed criminal's faces. Once Ayn related that Kaidor apparently had his face changed to that of Bruno when the executive missing around the time Kaidor disappeared, the pair deduced Bruno was part of Père Noël and plotting to have Fifth Pierrot assassinate Nob Nicole at the Foundation's meeting with the Lucifenian government and usurp his authority.[15]

The UnmaskingEdit

"We―believe that Vice President Bruno is in league with Père Noël. If so, then Vice President Nicole, who had been planning to have the black market eradicated, would become a disruptive presence for him."
―Willus presenting his deduction before the assembly[src]

Rushing to the Lucifenian Palace, Willus and Ayn discovered President Julia Abelard and other Lucifenian officials were finishing the meeting with President Aai Freezis and the two vice presidents in the Hall of Sounds. Realizing that the assassination would take place soon, the two argued their way inside and burst in on everyone assembled in the meeting room. When President Julia questioned why the two Justea officers were there, Willus apologized for the disruption. As he began explaining the emergency, the senior quickly stopped and introduced himself and Ayn beforehand.

Once Bruno yelled that they should've had orders to return and questioned why they were still in Lucifenia, the investigator immediately countered, questioning why he would know that information. After a short pause, Bruno explained he heard it from a friend in the World Police and Willus inferred he referred to Hob Homer. The investigator then noted that the Justea chief abandoned Bruno for talking too much, saying he hated distorted justice more than he feared demotions or pay cuts.

Afterward, Bruno calmly told Willus that he was only listening to rumors. When the Freezis Foundation executive pointed out his previous excellence and candidacy as the World Police commissioner, Willus was brought to silence while the blue-haired man pointed out his fall from grace since then, questioning if he had any actual evidence he was collaborating with the World Police other than Hob's biased testimony. The Justea investigator admitted the man was clever in leaving no evidence of the orders he issued Hob. Dropping the topic to focus on the "emergency" they came for, Willus approached Nob and revealed his life was being targeted.

When Julia calmly asked if he had any basis for the claim, Willus revealed Justea's secret investigation into Bruno. Asking President Aai to confirm the friction between Bruno and Nob regarding the foundation's management, the old woman admitted they did before insisting there needed to be a stronger reason for Bruno to want to kill him. After Willus revealed Bruno's suspicious activity in Maistia, he went through his thought process in deducing that Bruno was planning to have Nob killed and throwing manpower into the New World's development projects to start taking over his position ahead of time.

As Willus slowly prowled the room, he pointed out Bruno had also been frequently visiting Lucifenia and Elphegort rather frequently, pointing out his several visits to Julia's estate. When the Lucifenian president calmly explained that they were merely exchanging talks for the current meeting in advance, Willus questioned the claim before deciding to leave it be. He then shared Bruno's presence at the black market and conclusion that Bruno was in league with Père Noël and therefore concerned about his fellow vice president's plans to eradicate the black market. Bruno immediately screamed that Willus had no evidence, making his claims mere speculation.

After Willus admitted they had nothing concrete implicating him, Bruno began to continue his argument before Willus interjected that they did have evidence for another matter, inviting Ayn to speak. Afterward, Willus listened while Ayn presented all the evidence tying Bruno Marlon to Kaidor Blankenheim via Yuzette Ora and Père Noël, countering all of Bruno's arguments until he collapsed to the floor in shock. Once Ayn asked Bruno to remove his clothes to confirm he didn't have Kaidor's distinctive tattoo on his back, the group saw the stunned executive refuse to answer. The two arrested the fugitive Kaidor shortly after.

Once Kaidor was assassinated in his Castle Hedgehog cell with a longsword in September, Willus and Ayn learned the World Police assumed it was also the work of Fifth Pierrot. After determining the difference in methodology and weapon potentially indicated a different killer, Willus and Ayn agreed Fifth Pierrot could've also simply changed his modus operandi. Willus then headed to Castle Hedgehog and began investigating the murder while Ayn returned to Rolled to investigate the new string of killings occurring there. By January 26, EC 611, the World Police determined Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb was the perpetrator.[16]

Completing the Family DutyEdit

"Willus. The time our family finished its role has finally come. There has been a revelation from God. Terminate the Freezises, he says."
"... Did he happen to say which Freezises, Grandfather? The family already on the ground or―"
"Of course, the Freezises for us are those."
―Willus and his Grandfather[src]

On January 30, EC 611, Willus went to visit his grandfather at the facility, relieved to see the man still looking lively. He then told his grandson their time to fulfill the family duty had finally come, revealing he received a "divine revelation" for them to terminate the Freezises. Willus then questioned which Freezises the god had referred to and the old man clarified he obviously referred to the devices rather than the family, pointing at the machines. Knowing it would save him from spending the rest of his days underground, Willus agreed to the arrangement without further questions.

Once the family head shut down the devices and killed the babies inside, Willus heard him assert that they wouldn't be able to return again and advised his grandchild to take whatever he needed. Willus answered he only needed his gun while displaying the relic to the old man before asking for specifics about the facility's fate. Once his grandfather explained that it would sink into the lava below and be immolated, Willus inquired where he was heading afterward. As Willus offered to have him live with him and his family, the old Zorach declined, citing he didn't want to intrude on his family, and related his plans to live with Angela.

Willus recalled the woman and his grandfather immediately revealed his plans to marry her. When the shocked Willus asked when that occurred, the old man laughed and admitted the revelation was a burden off his shoulders too, noting he could finally enjoy the rest of his life. Willus asked if he could still visit him every so often and the old man confirmed he could. Afterwards, the two exited the facility and headed above ground. Once they exited the castle tower, the Zorach elder met up with Angela and the lovers departed together. After watching them leave, Willus looked up to the sky and questioned if there was such a thing as "God".[17]

Meeting a HeroEdit

"She's gone completely loony."
"What about, what about? Perhaps she's speaking the truth."
―Ayn and Willus regarding Germaine Avadonia[src]

In early February, Willus and Ayn received a report that former President Julia had been found and arrested at Merrigod Plateau, claiming she was the "hero of the revolution" and many other strange things. Traveling to the Elphegortean detention center where she was being held, the senior Justea officer confirmed the doctor's diagnosis that the woman was rapidly aging and would die in a few months. Afterward, Ayn and Willus entered Julia's cell to find the old woman inside. When Ayn asked for her name, "Julia" replied that she was Germaine Avadonia.

As Ayn tried to correct her, Willus interrupted and accepted the woman's claim. He then pointed out the current year was over a century since she was last confirmed sighted and questioned what had happened to her during the time since then. The two then silently listened to Germaine explain that she had begun losing her sense of self after battling a mage on the Lucifenian coastline before blacking out while fighting Neo Apocalypse with her comrade, waking up in a cave before being arrested.

After hearing the woman speculate she was possessed by the mage and leaving the room, Ayn whispered to Willus that she was insane and he countered that she might've been speaking the truth.Shocked, the Netsuma asked what he was saying and Willus shared the Freezis Fairy Tale of the hunter who saved the trapped bird and ended up removed from his own time. When Ayn scoffed that it was a ridiculous tale, Willus noted his parents' saying it was the bird's vengeance. The junior officer then asked if he was suggesting the same happened to Julia and Willus considered the possibility, revealing the doctor's diagnosis.

Once Ayn finally admitted that it was too late to ask her about any of her crimes regardless, Willus assured him that Père Noël was at the very least crippled, if not destroyed, and that they might as well take their time and lend the former President of Lucifenia a hand. When Germaine requested she be transferred to Lucifenia, Willus and Ayn signed the necessary documents permitting her work, assigning Ayn as her companion during outings for surveillance.[18]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Please be firm. Aren't you supposed to be my "overseer"?"
"—Yeah, that's what Chief Homer said. Well rest assured. I wouldn't think to try monitoring you. Justea's non-chief members don't have a hierarchy to begin with. Even if you're a newbie."
"Really now? Then please properly participate in the investigation with me."
"I get ya, I get ya. Isn't that why I came to the scene proper?... Oh, I feel awful..."
―Ayn and a drunk Willus[src]

Wlllus was a righteous and open-minded man, devoted to keeping order. Taught not to abuse his tools or abilities for ill cause, he was determined to pursue the criminals until they were properly tried and judged under the law, holding a firm belief in justice. Because of this dedication, Willus was particularly aggressive about pursuing acts of injustice or corruption from within the World Police itself and considered such challenges to be like a game. He also kept a broad perspective, even open to the existence of the supernatural and magic, though at one point struggling with his belief in gods.

Willus took a very laissez-faire attitude regarding his investigations, taking Justea's lack of a real hierarchy within the department to heart and treating all officers equally regardless of experience. Willus was also a heavy drinker, sometimes even becoming drunk during his cases. As a result, he encouraged drinking to relax when cases were going poorly and to keep an open mind while investigating. Coinciding with his laxed attitude, Willus had a habit of repeating his first word or phrase in his responses at least once.

Despite these quirks and the irresponsible stigma they attached, Willus was still a very responsible individual. The man did act more courteous and grounded when needed to in emergencies and did take his actual police work very seriously, even if appearing otherwise. At the same time, Willus did hold a certain shame for the incident ruining his chances of becoming the World Police's commissioner. Despite his significiant abilities as an officer, he was also rather humble, downplaying his own accomplishments.

As a member of the Zorach family, Willus accepted that he would inevitable take up his family's duty to look after the underground Freezis facility. However, despite mentally preparing himself for it, the man still hoped to live his life in the outside world as long as possible and ultimately felt alleviated upon the realization he was completely freed of that duty. Regardless, he was still a caring grandson, visiting his grandfather from time to time despite his busy job and offering the old man to join his family after the elder was relieved of his responsibility.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Willus was an ace investigator, possessing years of experience from numerous cases. Becoming an expert in deductive analysis, Willus could quickly determine all the logical possibilities from whatever evidence was provided, becoming especially acute to minute details regarding the crimes. His skills in criminology extended to criminal profiling, swiftly breaking down a culprit's psychology based on the nature and history of their crimes. Because of this, he could infer a lot about murderers based on the means they killed their victims and predict their behavior, even when drunk.

Aside from investigating, Willus was a trained gunman, employing the small, unique revolver model from the Magic Kingdom Levianta's era to great effect. Willus' knowledge about guns also included their making and repair, allowing him to share his knowledge about his relic's design with others. Willus was also seemingly knowledgeable about Yukina Freezis' works and possessed a formal education.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Ayn Anchor: Willus' partner in the second Fifth Pierrot investigation. Willus found Ayn to be a reliable and trustworthy coworker, although not sharing with him his secrets from his private life unless pried into. During the course of their investigation and afterwards, the two had an efficient working relationship, with Willus occasionally guiding Ayn towards the right course of thought.

Zorach (grandfather): Willus's grandfather. Willus had a cordial relationship with the man as family, and often visited him for both company and to prepare to take charge of his family legacy; as part of this, he also was willing to go along with his orders even if they seemed unbelievable. Despite this closeness, he wasn't aware of other aspects of the man's personal life.



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