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Water Magic was a type of magic involving the generation and manipulation of water. Capable of conjuring enormous storms or raging torrents, water magic was very useful for combating both drought and fire.


Water magic allowed the user to control and manipulate nearby water in the environment. Skilled practitioners could build up great storms or massive waves to great effect. Water spells likewise enhanced the dousing effects of water, making it the perfect counter to fire magic.[1] It also included a ritual to conjure rain, involving prayer to the gods while offering a ziz tiama as sacrifice. A baby ziz tiama would result in a heavy storm for the day, while better sacrifices resulted in storms lasting days, possibly even leaving a permanent mist around the cast area nearly year round.[2]

Due to its nature, water magic could be further manipulated into different forms, making it flexible. As an added benefit, the caster supplemented their spell power with already existing water, casting more powerful spells with less magic power. In reverse however, the magic, outside of certain rituals, was completely dependent on the water in the environment to use the power, making the magic useless indoors or in barren landscapes without water.[3]




  • While Gumillia is described as having learned to predict the weather, it isn't clarified whether the ability is related to water or plant magic.



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