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Technical Information
Japanese 待つ者
Romaji Matsumono
Other Names Spoiled Girl (by Gammon)

Kagamine Rin

Biographical Information
Classification Awakened Vessel of Sin
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Evil's Theater
"I wanted someone for chores."

The Waiter was the awakened vessel of Pride. Initially working as the waitron of the Graveyard restaurant, she was later arrested after the restaurant was shut down. Released from jail, she then began acting as the spoiled and capricious waitron of Evil's Theater, saving Gammon Octo from execution.



Sometime before EC 990, the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia awakened as the Waiter. Hired to work at the Graveyard restaurant in USE Levianta, she became acquainted with the restaurant's chef, Eater Sabella.[1] Later on, she learned about the true story of Banica Conchita, deciding to tell the tale to the customers while they ate their meals.

Working at the GraveyardEdit

In EC 982, Waiter welcomed a new customer, really Gallerian Marlon, explaining that restaurant had a pre-set menu for its guests. After asking Gallerian to choose red wine as an aperitif, Waiter decided on Blood Grave and described its connection to Vampiress Vanika and her inspiration, Banica.

Once Waiter explained the "Old Blood Grave" was said to be made from human blood, she questioned if the guest was interested in Blood Grave or Banica. Noticing the appetizer was ready, the waitron offered to tell the story while they ate, told that the customer had gone there for that express purpose. She then told Banica's story between serving the customer each meal.[2]

After finishing the tale, the waitron described the aftermath of the events until the start of Beelzenia's decline. Saying the story ended with the dessert, Waiter elaborated that they would only accept hard cash as payment. Shortly after, the customer approached her and asked for the Graveyard's business license. Surprised, the waitron asked why they needed to see their papers and the customer revealed his identity as Judge Gallerian Marlon of the USE Dark Star Bureau.

Shocked, the woman denied the restaurant's supposed illegal activities and was arrested by more officers coming in. Telling them to stop and not to tear apart the establishment, Waiter iterated they didn't know about a glass or mirror there and that they weren't the owener. Realizing both Lich and Eater were missing, Waiter cursed at the latter, continuing to reiterate she didn't know anything.[3]

Later on, the woman was tried by Gallerian for the restaurant's lack of business permit, tax evasion and serving of dubious dishes. Waiter insisted she wasn't related to the management, and angrily yelled at him to pay his bill. Ignored, she was sentenced to six months of penal servitude.[4] After being released from jail, she transferred to Evil's Theater, rumors going around that she had gone missing and being spotted with Ma in the Millennium Tree Forest.[5]

Evil's TheaterEdit

Waiter then began acting as the theater's waitron, although neglecting her work.[6] On one occasion she pulled a prank on the inhabitants, hiding the vessels around the theater until Ma had an intruder recollect them for her.[7] When Gammon Octo was sentenced to death by the Master of the Court and awaiting his execution, the Waiter intervened and instead had him recruited to do chores.[8]

When Gammon submitted a "motion" to review the script regarding his vision for the Director Doll's utopia, the Waiter attended the faux hearing but largely ignored the prophecy.[9] In EC 998, she attended the "trial" the Master of the Court held, searching for the vessel of Wrath.[10]

Personality and TraitsEdit

As the awakened vessel of Pride, the Waiter was selfish and whimsical, reflected in her distaste for servant work at the Theater.[11] Despite being its waitron, she acted as if she had the "leading part" among the inhabitants, reflecting her own conceit.[12] Regardless of her crude behavior, she was sorrowful due to the loss of her counterpart, and sometimes looked glum as a result.[13] She also appeared to be lazy, saving Gammon Octo's life only for him to do chores for her.[14]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Working as waitron, Waiter was competent at serving customers as part of her duties. She also held knowledge about the true story of Banica Conchita.[15] Being a vessel of sin, she presumably had all the powers associated with the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia. She also had an apparent skill in persuasion, convincing the Master of the Court, who was intent on condemning Gammon to death, to spare Gammon Octo and allow him to work at the Theater.[16]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Gammon Octo: A fellow inhabitant of the theater. The Waiter saw him as a means to lighten her work load, rescuing him so he could do the chores in the theater.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Waiter's name is written as 待つ者 in Japanese kanji, literally meaning "the one who waits"; this reflects the notion that she is "waiting" for her "counterpart".


  • While many intruders came to the theater only to be executed by the Master of the Court, the Waiter chose to save Gammon in particular to do chores.




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