The Very Amazing Green Onion was a magic tool used for long-distance communication. Developed originally by gods and recreated by humans, the vegetable was utilized for short-term interchanges between parties.


Some time prior to the Third Period, gods created the magic tool. Following the foundation of the Magic Kingdom Levianta during the BT era, humans discovered the means behind the device's creation. Modeling off of the tool, mages created the magical green onion and used it for communication between the humans residing in Levianta.

After the kingdom's collapse in EC 013, the tool became a rarity and few surviving mages stll maintained the knowledge of creating, preserving, and using the tool.[1] During the early 6th century EC, Elluka Clockworker and Abyss I.R. created their own very amazing green onions for communication with their collaborators in Elphegort and Lucifenia, respectively.[2]


Based on the original divine creation, the tool was an enchanted green onion that allowed long-distance communication between the owner of the tool and its user. By retaining the magic of its owner, the user could have the tool pick up its owner's frequency and allow the two to communicate. The device was activated by being shaken by the user and the hard green onion planted into the ground, emitting a dazzling light when actively used. Conversely, when the owner is attempting to contact the user, the green onion emits flashes of light.

The green onion, while effective, was only good for moderate or rare usage; the time for users to communicate using the green onion was limited as well, and over time the voice of the speaker would become progressively fainter, eventually fading entirely when the time limit was reached. Similarly, because the tool deteriorated over time, it needed to be sealed in a special box to prevent decay.[3]




Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The green onion and its first usage in the novels by Michaela may be a reference to Hachune Miku's character item, the green onion.



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