Technical Information
Japanese 宇井兵衛
Romaji Uibee
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Jakokuese
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Jakoku
"We want to catch the culprit as soon as possible."

Uibee was the constable of Enbizaka in Jakoku. Following the death of Mei Miroku, Uibee began investigating the string of murders occurring throughout the year.


Early LifeEdit

Born sometime during the turn of the ninth century EC, Uibee eventually became a constable for Izasa Magistra Gato Octo, stationed in the town of Enbizaka. During the course of his work, the constable became well acquainted with Detective Eikichi and cooperated with him on several occasions.[1] At some point, he became familiar with the Miroku Family and their draper shop, seeing that Miku and the Yarera-Zusco Firm's Kiji Yarera were dating following the huge fire that struck the town in EC 838.[2]

Blood on the StreetsEdit

"While you slept in and got here late, I examined everything myself... She was the lady of Miroku shop."
―Uibee to Eikichi[src]

After a woman's naked corpse was discovered in the middle of main street in spring of EC 842, Uibee investigated the crime scene and confirmed the woman was Mei Miroku. Once he determined an unknown edged tool lacerated the woman's throat and was stabbed through her chest, he covered the body with a straw mat. When Detective Eikichi finally arrived later that morning, the constable lifted the mat to show him Mei's corpse. Hearing the man remark on how disgusting it looked, Uibee shared his findings, suggesting the wound to the chest was the mortal blow.

Eikichi questioned if he implied the culprit was a samurai and the constable replied that a different kind of blade was used. When he then asked about the actual motive, the constable hypothesized that it was the work of an average thief given the fact her kimono was missing. When the detective finally inquired about the woman's identity, Uibee answered he had examined everything while the detective had slept in, confirming that she was the Miroku Shop owner's wife.[3] Later on, Uibee informed Kai Miroku about his wife's death. Afterward, he noticed the draper began managing the storefront while Miku handled the sales dealing outside.[4]

A Watery GraveEdit

"A corpse turned up in the river this morning. This was... the kimono the corpse was wearing."
―Uibee to Kai[src]

A few months later, Uibee heard that Kiji Yarera had apparently returned home to Elphegort for about a month. When another woman's corpse was spotted in the river soon after, Uibee investigated the body and confirmed she was stabbed in the stomach by a similar edged tool and missing her obi. Sometime after he and Eikichi examined the corpse, Uibee determined it was Miku. Traveling to the Miroku Shop with her water-worn kimono, the constable solemnly entered and was met with Kai's warm greeting.

When the man asked if his visit meant they discovered something new about Mei's murder, Uibee ignored the question and noted how he and Miku had adapted to their mother's demise. Once Kai finished explaining how his daughter had taken the initiative to help him out more despite what happened, the constable questioned if he hadn't seen her at all that day. Kai admitted she hadn't returned from the order she went out to make the night before.

As the draper theorized she was out having fun like she used, Uibee interrupted to confirm the girl's foreign love was out of town. When Kai began wondering where she was then, the constable showed him the kimono. Seeing his shocked reaction, he asked if it looked familiar and the draper related that it was the kimono he gave Miku for her sixteenth birthday that she was wearing yesterday. Uibee then revealed the corpse he found that morning that was wearing that kimono. After seeing Kai collapse, upset, the constable left.[5]

Investigating MurderEdit

"With respect to your daughter, Miku--is there anything you're not telling me?"
"No... not at all."
―Uibee and Kai[src]

Uibee and the other officers of the magistrate's office then began relentlessly investigating for clues about the murderer. Learning both women had been witnessed visiting the Freezis Trading House the days before their deaths, Uibee went there and received an audience with the manager, Perrié Cutie Marlon. When the hysteric woman said she'd tell him whatever he wanted to know, the constable confirmed the women always visited her for business and he inquired if any issues cropped up during the negotiations.

After the woman exclaimed there weren't, he questioned the statement and Perrié wondered if he suspected her. Insisting he didn't, the smiling constable noted merchants were strong-willed and might value money over people's lives. While he glared at her, Perrié reminded him she selflessly rebuilt Enbizaka after the huge fire and Uibee admitted they were all grateful to her but that those were two different situations. As he declared she'd need a witness to prove her testimony, Anan Octo entered and suggested himself.

Surprised to see his boss' grandson, Uibee warmly welcomed him before confirming the samurai was present during the uneventful negotiations with both women. When Perrié asked if that confirmed her innocence, Uibee admitted it did before saying they wanted to catch the culprit as soon as possible and asking they contact the magistrate's office if they recall anything. As the constable began to leave, Anan stopped and stated he did have one piece of useful information.

After the samurai whispered that Miku had revealed she was pregnant with Kiji Yarera's child, the surprised Uibee questioned if it was really true, admitting it was the first he heard of it. Saying he'd investigate around Enbizaka again, the constable excused himself and left. Over the next few days, Uibee confirmed Kai and Miku were witnessed arguing over her pregnancy around Twin Mirror Bridge before staying out late into the night; while looking into the Yarera-Zusco Firm, he learned Kiji had apparently left to tell his parents about his intentions to marry her, unable to bring Miku due to Kai's disapproval of their relationship.

After hearing Kiji had returned to Onigashima that morning, Uibee visited the Miroku Shop again. The grim-faced constable immediately asked Kai if he calmed down and the draper replied that he recovered a little since they needed to eat. Recalling he still had his youngest daughter, Uibee listened to Kai reveal she had been constantly crying since Miku's death and he noted the draper could always buy her gifts to comfort her.

While straightening himself up, Uibee stated he had something he wanted to hear before pointing out the man was hiding something. As Kai denied it, the constable revealed everything he learned about their fight and that he couldn't deny it. When Kai finally admitted he lost his temper, insisting that didn't make him the killer, Uibee confirmed he wasn't insinuating he was the culprit. He then clarified Miku finished taking the Freezis Foundation's order long before nightfall, noting coming home must've been difficult for her.

As Kai beat himself up over the tragedy, Uibee revealed Kiji's intentions before recalling his recent arrival. When an Elphe businessman then rushed in and Kai suddenly grabbed him in anger and blaming him for Miku's death, the constable quickly pulled the two apart and warned Kai not to start a fight in front of him or he'd be arrested. After witnessing Kai yell for the Elphe to leave, Uibee followed after the businessman out of the shop and grabbed his shoulder. Confirming he was Kiji, Uibee introduced himself and stated he wanted to hear his testimony.

When the Elphe snorted in response, the constable questioned his reaction before Kiji explained Miku had told him that the Magistrate's officials were incompetent and barely able to find any clues. Saying he wouldn't argue the opinion, Uibee tried to explain their current efforts when Kiji mocked that Miku and her unborn child were already dead. Unable to respond, Uibee released his shoulder and listened while Kiji declared he had no faith in them and would find and kill Miku's murderer himself before leaving.[6]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Uibee was a dedicated officer of the law, believing in bringing justice to criminals and comfort to those affected by their crimes. Having a great deal of empathy for the victims, he was sad to bring news of people's deaths to their families and resolute to catch their murderers. As a result, he was harsh towards suspects, though he still managed to keep a civil smile during interrogations. At the same time, the constable didn't allow the victims to avoid facing their own part in the crimes, should he find their poor judgment or behavior had a direct influence on how events played out.

Despite this, Uibee could act rather restrained and professional, especially in the presence of his superiors or their relatives. Unlike many Jakokuese, Uibee wasn't prejudice against foreigners and generally friendly towards them as any other resident of Enbizaka. Still, he was distrustful of merchants due to their stereotypical focus on money, believing some might consider a life less important than a profit. He also recognized his own profession's limits in saving lives and providing justice, though still dedicated to doing everything he could to help.[7]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As the local constable, Uibee had the authority to arrest people on behalf of the Izasa magistrate if given sufficient evidence. He was a decent investigator, thoroughly interrogating witnesses to find clues. However, his competence was limited, unable to discern much from simple observation. He was also strong enough to break up small scuffles.[8]

Character ConnectionsEdit


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Uibee's name is written as 宇井兵衛 in Japanese kanji, using the kanji for "roof" or "heaven", "well" or "town", "soldier", and "protection" respectively.



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