NND / YT (subbed)
Original トワイライトプランク
Romaji Towairaito Puranku
English Day and night
Singer(s) Kagamine Rin/Len
Release Date January 27, 2010 (play ver.)
February 3, 2010 (CD)
August 3, 2010 (PV)
Collaborators Ichika (illustrations)
Series Story of Evil
Preceded by Swear an Oath on that Bridge
Followed by The Daughter of Evil
Are you looking for the story titled Twiright Prank?
"If we join hands, we get an orange sky."
―Riliane and Alexiel Lucifen d'Autriche[src]

Twiright Prank is a song released on January 27, 2010 as part of The Daughter of Evil ~Gemini of Charm~ stage production and later uploaded with a PV by Akuno-P on August 3 the same year. It is the fifth song in Story of Evil and acts as a prequel to the other songs in the series.


On a beach, two twins, a boy and a girl, are alone in the twilight. The girl trips and is comforted by the boy, as she notes they should get home before it becomes dark. The boy witnesses a hungry demon threatening them and wants to go home before they're eaten. They both note how they found and buried a chest on the beach, but it's too dark to find it. The two decide to "split" the twilight between each other, the girl being "day" and the boy being "night," creating a "beautiful orange sky" when they hold hands. Later, as a bell tolls three times, the demon returns; the girl refuses to share her snack with the demon, but the boy feels pity and gives some of his. In return, the demon tells him a secret about the ocean. Later, the boy promises to share the secret with the girl. 


The song is a duet between the Kagamine voicebanks, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len Act2, with backing from MEIKO's original voicebank. The voice banks sing at separate times outside the chorus, but otherwise harmonize for at least one line of each chorus. The song uses piano, various woodwinds, and drums.

The song begins with an opening instrumental, followed by the first verse at 0.20, starting with Rin. At 0.51, percussion is added, and switches to Len. At 1.22, the song switches to the pre-chorus, starting with Rin. It switches to Len at 1.33, followed by a harmony between the two at 1.44 in the first chorus. The song takes an instrumental break, ending at 2.23. The second verse starts, with Rin beginning again. At 2.54, it switches to Len, and leads into the next pre-chorus at 3.31, sung only by Len. The second chorus starts at 3.42, with a reprise following. At 4.30, the song goes into an instrumental break, and ends on it as well.


大丈夫 それはきっと




夜の闇 包まれて









Nanimo nai tokoro de
Totsuzen tsumazuite nakidashita
Daijoubu sore wa kitto
Warui yuugure no itazura yo

Hayaku kaeranakya
Kuraku naru mae ni

Suiheisen no mukou de
Akuma ga nikori to waratte'ta
"Watashi no kuroi onaka ni
Kimitachi wo irete asobou yo"

Hayaku kaeranakya
Taberareru mae ni

Sunahama ni kakushiteta
Chiisana hako wa
Yoru no yami tsutsumarete
Mou nido to mitsukaranai

Yuuyake wo futari de
Hanbun zutsu wakeaou
Watashi wa hiru
Boku wa yoru
Te wo tsunageba ORENJI no sora

Sandome no kane no ne wa
Akuma ga me wo samasu aizu
Monohoshisou na kao wo shite
Jirori to kochira wo mitsumete'ru

Watashi no oyatsu wa
Agenai kara ne!

Onaka ga suita to akuma ga
Totemo kanashisou na kao wo shita
"Sekai wo subete nomikondemo
Watashi no onaka wa fukurenai no"

Kawaisou dakara
Oyatsu wo wakete ageru

"Arigatou oujisama
Orei ni kono umi no
Chiisana himitsu wo
Kossori oshiete agemashou"

Yuuyake wo futari de
Hanbun zutsu wakeaou
Ato de kimi ni mo oshiete ageru
Kono umi no suteki na himitsu

Yuuyake o futari de
Hanbun zutsu wakeaou
Watashi wa hiru
Boku wa yoru
Te wo tsunageba ORENJI no sora

At a place with nothing there
I suddenly tripped and burst into tears
It’s alright, this is surely
A prank of the bad twilight

We should return soon
Before it gets dark

At the other end of the sea’s horizon
The demon sweetly sneered
“I’ll put you in
My black stomach, and then let’s play”

We should return soon
Before we’re eaten

The small box
We had hidden in the sandy beach
It’s wrapped in the night’s darkness
It will never be found again

Let’s share the sunset
One half each
I’ll be the day
I’ll be the night
If we join hands, we get an orange sky

The third ring of the bell is
A signal that the demon is awakening
Making a greedy face
It fixes a glance this way

Because I won’t
Give up my snack!

With its stomach empty, the demon
Made a very sad looking face
“Even if I swallowed down the whole world
My stomach won’t get full”

I pity it, so
I’ll share my snack

“Thank you, dear prince
In thanks, I shall covertly
Tell you a small secret
Of this sea”

Let’s share the sunset
One half each
Later I’ll tell you too
The wonderful secret of this sea

Let’s share the sunset
One half each
I’ll be the day
I’ll be the night
If we join hands, we get an orange sky

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

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The Daughter of EvilEdit

The Daughter of Evil details the later life of Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, showing how she grows up to be a tyrannical princess and is eventually overthrown by her own people.

The Servant of Evil Edit

The Servant of Evil details the later life of Alexiel Lucifen d'Autriche, showing how he grows up to become Riliane's servant, Allen Avadonia, and sacrifices himself for her sake.

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Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The word twiright is an Engrish derivative of the word "twilight"; on his blog, mothy states he intentionally changed the spelling to create a portmanteau of the words "twist" and "right".[1]
  • The song is performed by Rin and Len, with Alexiel giving the sweet to the demon and Riliane refusing to share hers, reinforcing the wordplay.[2]
  • The "prank" performed in the song refers to the mischievous trick played on the twins by Abyss I.R., who purposefully set them up to be attacked by the demon. 
  • The song's English title, "Day and night", alludes to the twins' decision to split day and night between them.




  1. The Heavenly Yard - August 10, 2010 - 本来なら「Twilight Prank」=夕方の悪戯 とするべきですが あえて「Twiright」とLをRに変えています。「right」は正しい、正常などの意…、「twi」はtwist…
  2. The Heavenly Yard -August 10, 2010- - 演じるのは「R」inと「L」en…、王子様はアクマにお菓子をあげたけれども、王女様は…

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