Technical Information
Original Lucifenia Trinity
Publication Information
Featuring MEIKO, MAYU, Megurine Luka
Release Date August 14, 2016
Illustrator(s) Ichika
ID AKNP-0010
Preceded by Original Sin Story: Complete Edition
Followed by Master of the Heavenly Yard

Lucifenia Trinity is an album released by Akuno-P on August 14, 2016. It was distributed at Comic Market 90 and features six tracks, three of which are instrumentals, and an eight page booklet. The album's jacket is illustrated by Ichika.


  1. A Hero's Armor is Always Crimson
  2. Neomaria of the Inverted Gravestone
  3. Swear an Oath on that Bridge
  4. A Hero's Armor is Always Crimson (Off Vocal version)
  5. Neomaria of the Inverted Gravestone (Off Vocal version)
  6. Swear an Oath on that Bridge (Off Vocal version)



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The album's title is derived from the word "trinity", which means a group of three closely-related persons or things.


  • The album's provisional title was briefly listed as "Music Selection: Story of Evil" on mothy's Comic Market webpage.


External linksEdit

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