Toy Conchita
Technical Information
Japanese トーイ=コンチータ
Romaji Tooi Konchiita
Biographical Information
Born EC 106
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Beelzenian Empire

Toy Conchita was a baron of the Beelzenian Empire and the close adviser to Princess Maylis. Serving as the princess' loyal retainer, Toy executed Maylis' commands during her discreet investigation of the mysterious disappearances occurring throughout Asmodean. As every noble assisting them turned up dead, Toy recommended Karchess Crim help with the case.


Early LifeEdit

Born in the Beelzenian Empire in EC 106, Toy eventually married and earned the noble title of Baron, serving Princess Maylis Beelzenia at the Beelzenian Imperial Palace.[1] As he and his wife tried siring children, they discovered she was infertile.[2] At some point, he met and became close friends with Count Karchess Crim of Marlon and learned of his affair with Queen Yufina.[3]

Ominous HappeningsEdit

After Maylis decided to secretly investigate the recent disappearances of women throughout the Asmodean province in EC 136, Toy passed on her will to have Marquis Glassred act as their field agent, regularly reporting any updates to the princess. In March the same year, Toy learned the marquis had suffered a breakdown after his household was massacred and his daughter went missing. Searching throughout the imperial palace for Maylis, Toy finally found the princess in the halls with Queen Yufina and called out to her.

Approaching her, the Baron confirmed he had another report for the investigation when he abruptly stopped and looked at Yufina. Once Maylis told him to ignore her, Toy continued the report, revealing what transpired with Marquis Glassred and that they would likely need someone to replace him. When Maylis recalled Glassred was the active governor of Asmodean and inquired about its citizens, Toy confirmed the new Duke Venomania would likely want to take over his original duty since he's recovered. As Maylis considered the events, Baron noted they should rely on the Duke given the disappearance affected his territory.

When the princess began noting the similar massacre of the Duke's family and the convenient circumstances since his recovery, Toy asked if she suspected a connection and she asserted she at least believed there was. Noting there could be other collaborators, Toy suggested Marquis Ferdinand of Mystica and the princess admitted she disliked him due to his constant ogling. Toy then pointed out he would act in secret from her siblings and she reluctantly agreed, entrusting him to arrange it. The baron accepted and bowed his head to both royals before leaving.[4]


Toy delivering Karchess' report to Maylis

He then confirmed Marquis Ferdinand's assistance in the case. After Queen Yufina disappeared while touring Asmodean and Ferdinand and his household were found massacred in his mansion, Toy recommended Karchess help with the case and the princess recruited the Marlon Count.[5]

During the summer, the baron received a sealed letter from Crim and took the document to Maylis during her throne room meeting with a minister. After confirming he had a report from Karchess, the smiling baron inquired if he should read it and the princess insisted on reading the contents for herself. Handing her the letter, he silently watched while she enjoyed reading the Count's findings.[6]

Later LifeEdit

After Duke Sateriasis Venomania was assassinated by Karchess and the women were rescued in EC 137, Maylis offered her illegitimate child she sired as Venomania's brainwashed concubine to the baron. Accepting the child, the couple raised the girl as their own flesh and blood.[7]


Toy's lineage continued to exist in the succeeding centuries, eventually becoming counted among the Five Dukes governing its own imperial province; it also produced Banica Conchita, who later became famed for her contributions to Beelzenian culture and society as both "Gourmet Noble Banica" and "Evil Food Eater Conchita".

Personality and TraitsEdit

Toy was a loyal servant of the Beelzenian Empire. Holding great respect for the imperial family and especially Princess Maylis, the baron's dedication to the princess' will made him exceptionally trustworthy to his peers. As a result, he was careful with keeping secrets and always mindful of the audience that could overhear such private affairs; Toy therefore enjoyed a professional relationship with Maylis, sharing details about their private lives while working to find solutions to the empire's various problems.

Still, Toy wasn't a humorless man, and was devoted to his beloved wife despite their inability to sire children. As a byproduct of this, he treated their adopted child from Maylis as if she was his own daughter. He also had a casual friendship with Karchess Crim, and trusted greatly in the Count's abilities and motivation for finding Queen Yufina.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a baron of the Beelzenian Empire, Toy possessed limited clout among the nobility, though greatly elevated in status due to his close relationship with Princess Maylis. The man was also learned in the proper decorum for dealing with his fellow nobility and royals, as well as a decent understanding of politics, making him an excellent adviser and diplomat.

Character ConnectionsEdit


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Toy's Japanese name, when reversed, spells the English word "eat".[8]
  • Conchita is a Spanish diminutive of the name Concepción, meaning "conception"; the history and culture of Beelzenia, Toy's native country, is partially inspired by that of Spain.




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