Thorny Elphen
Technical Information
Japanese ソーニ=エルフィン
Romaji Sooni Erufin
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Elphe
Gender Male
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Elphegort

Thorny Elphen was the King of the Kingdom of Elphegort. Ruling under the banner of diplomacy and peace, Thorny's regime prospered until his country was faced with a sudden invasion from the neighboring Kingdom of Lucifenia. Backed into a corner, he collaborated with the Lucifenian Resistance to help ensure the success of their revolution.


Early LifeEdit

Thorny was born into the Elphegortean royal family during the fifth century EC, later becoming the King of Elphegort and resided at the royal palace in Aceid.[1] Holding true to his beliefs, the king maintained the army for self-defense while sticking to his pacifist ideals.[2] At some point, he married and sired children. In EC 492, Thorny disguised himself in rags and went out into the capital city. While in the Central District, he browsed a local shop and met its owner, Keel Freezis.

Impressed by the foreigner's excellent wares and service, the incognito king bought a pipe from the merchant before leaving. Afterward, the royal spread word of the Freezis' shop and made it well known throughout the land, saving their struggling business.[3] As the Freezis Firm became more famous and wealthy, King Thorny continued to keep close ties with the merchant. Keel later purchased a title of nobility in Elphegort and supported the king's reign.[4]

Lucifenia's TroublesEdit

"Are you sure you're all right with such a thing for aiding Lucifenia, King of Marlon?"
"Yes. Thank you so much for hearing out my whim, King of Elphegort."
―Thorny and Kyle[src]

Thorny kneels before Princess Riliane

On December 27, EC 499, King Thorny attended Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche's fourteenth birthday party at her palace in Lucifenia. During the celebration in the Hall of Mirrors, Thorny approached the young princess and kneeled before her, congratulating Riliane on her birthday before returning to the festivities. Once the party was finished, the Elphegortean king departed for home that night.

Several months later, the Elphegortean King secretly visited the Freezis Mansion to meet with Keel and Marlon's King Kyle. After sitting down at a table in Keel's meeting room with the others, the three discussed Lucifenia's current affairs and how to handle the famine. During the talks, Kyle proposed he petition aide to Lucifenia on behalf of Marlon and Keel agreed to send aide on behalf of Elphegort to relieve the Yellow Country's citizens' suffering and avoid potential political issues with the nation in the future.

Putting a hand to his chin, Thorny considered the arrangement and questioned if the blue-haired king was okay with the proposal. Kyle agreed and thanked the fellow royal for hearing him out. Keel then exclaimed that their work talk was finished and that they should enjoy a drink together before the King of Marlon left the next day. After waiting a short while, Keel noted the liquor still hadn't arrived and began to call out to his servant when another servant, Clarith, burst in screaming her introduction with the alcohol in-hand.


King Thorny watching the chaos ensue with Keel's servant

The shocked Elphegortean King then watched as the woman suddenly slammed the bottle on the table before them, saying it was the liquor they were waiting for. Thoroughly confused, Thorny watched while Clarith screamed at King Kyle in a drunken stupor before arguing with Keel. As the master and servant yelled at each other about their "characters", the perplexed king silently wondered what they were even talking about. After the matter was settled,[5] Thorny returned to the royal palace and sent a messenger to confirm their earlier discussion the next day.[6]

Afterward, Thorny worked with Keel to send the necessary aide to Lucifenia via letters. When Keel requested Lucifenia send a servant working directly for the princess as a diplomat instead of the prime minister or royal family, the Elphegortean King passed on the message to Lucifenia, rejecting the Yellow Country's Prime Minister Minis as the dignitary. Once Lucifenia offered to send the princess' servant, Allen Avadonia, the two governments confirmed the meeting place as Keel's mansion.[7]

Green WarEdit

When the Lucifenian army suddenly invaded Elphegort around a week later,[8] the enemy forces swiftly overwhelmed the Elphegortean military and forced Thorny to flee the capital. Pushed further north, the king settled at the fortress at Merrigod Plateau and used it as the military's base of operations against Lucifenia.[9] As the war dragged on, Elphegort's army managed to hold back Lucifenia's onslaught while the enemy massacred the country's populace.[10]

Lucifenian RevolutionEdit

"No, I heard that without your cooperation with the Elphegortean army, the revolution's success would've been impossible."
―Yukina Freezis to Minage[src]

Later during the conflict, a Lucifenian Resistance leader, Minage, made contact with King Thorny. The fellow Elphe then negotiated with the king regarding Elphegort's assistance in blocking the Lucifenian army's main forces from retreating back to the Yellow Country while the revolutionaries rebelled against Riliane's tyrannical regime. Thorny agreed to assist the resistance and directed his commanders to slow Lucifenia's retreat.[11]  Once the resistance captured Lucifenia's capital city of Lucifenian and The Daughter of Evil was imprisoned, the Lucifenian army surrendered and Thorny had the enemy soldiers detained.[12]

Five days later, on December 24, King Thorny attended the peace talks at the Lucifenian royal palace's Hall of Sounds between all involved parties in the revolution. Once the meeting began, King Kyle thanked everyone present for coming and congratulated them for the resistance's victory in the civil war, steering the conversation to discuss Lucifenia's remaining forces. Thorny immediately confirmed what transpired with the Lucifenian army in Elphegort and their current status. Minage then pointed out that the soldiers likely shared their sentiment of opposing the war and requested they be treated with care.

The Elphegortean King replied that he understood his feelings, admitting that he too didn't want any more chains of enmity. After the council confirmed the Three Heroes were no longer a threat, Kyle announced Marlon would occupy Lucifenia and set up an interim government while the nation rebuilt itself. Once the Marlon King convinced the resistance members to agree to the conditions and then brought up Princess Riliane's execution, the council unanimously agreed to go forward with the action two days from then at 3 o'clock in Milanais Square.[13]

Later LifeEdit

Following The Daughter of Evil's execution two days later, Thorny began rebuilding his kingdom, eventually releasing the Lucifenian prisoners of war back to their home country.[14] After Marlon annexed Lucifenia and established a blockade of Elphegort's ports in EC 501, Thorny remained unopposed to Marlon's sudden imperialistic policies.[15] Around that time, the king stripped Earl Felix of his title for his capture by the Lucifenian army during the war.[16]

Afterward, he granted the Blankenheim Family head the title of Marquis and governance of Toragay in Felix's place, hoping that promoting the Marlon Royal Family relatives would deter Marlon from warring with them.[17] Following the Battle of Castle Hedgehog in EC 505, Marlon lifted its blockade and improved relations with Thorny's government.[18]


After his death, Thorny was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there with his family and friends. In EC 998, he and the other souls were pulled back into the Third Period while the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[19] Afterwards, Thorny was invited to the dinner party at the Lucifenian Royal Palace in honor of Princess Riliane and joined the other guests in the Hall of Mirrors. During the festivities, Thorny awaited his meal.[20]


"This is what Hermann Bälz, a civil official during the reign of Thorny Elphen, left behind."
―Mayrana Blossom[src]

Following his death, Thorny's lineage continued into the seventh century EC with King Soil Elphen. By the following century, Elphegort's relations with Lucifenia and Marlon were restored and the three countries prospered together. Rumors of Thorny's political motivations for replacing the ousted Felixes with the Blankenheims continued to exist well past his lifetime.[21]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"I too desire no more chains of enmity."

Thorny was a kind and benevolent king, believing strongly in his pacifist ideals even after the horrors of the Green Hunting. Because of his ideals, Thorny was strongly opposed to war and bloodshed, looking at grudges and vengeance as a means to forge endless chains of enmity with one another. Despite this, Thorny still believed the army was necessary for self-defense and was not above using the military to protect their country from invading forces.

Regardless, the man always searched for a non-violent, diplomatic solution to Elphegort's affairs when able.[22] As a result, he was particularly attentive to foreign affairs and was open to supporting other countries with aide to relieve tension between nations and keep suffering.[23] As a by-product of these beliefs, Thorny was uncharacteristically warm towards non-Elphes and eased tensions between different races across much of Elphegort during his lifetime.[24]

Despite this, Thorny's beliefs also made him somewhat of a sycophant in his foreign policy, buckling under Marlon's imperialistic polices and remaining uninvolved even as the nation began invading its neighbors like Lucifenia before it.[25] However, despite facing a furious populace calling for the Lucifenian soldiers' deaths for massacring their friends and family, the troubled King still held to his ideals to the end, demonstrating both his compassion and mercy even in the face of public outcries.[26]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As the ruler of Elphegort, Thorny possessed a great amount of political power and influence within the Green Country and was effective in managing the nation during both war and peacetime,[27] although often not exercising his power.[28] Because of his influence, the king could easily affect the reputation of the Freezis' shop despite Elphes' general hostility towards foreigners.[29] As head of the Elphegortean army, Thorny was able to inspire morale in his troops and effectively use his commanders to handle war strategy.[30]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Keel Freezis: An acquaintance of Thorny's. Initially meeting the merchant when he was struggling in his kingdom, Thorny was impressed by the man's persistence and attention to quality in the face of the Elphes' discrimination. After boosting his business the two had a close confidential relationship as two of the most powerful men in Elphegort, and the king often consulted with Keel and relied on his financial support in important political matters.

Kyle Marlon: An acquaintance of Thorny's. As the king of Marlon, Thorny respected Kyle as an equal and consulted with him on important political matters, the two having a somewhat confidential relationship. Aside from this, however, Thorny was clueless on matters of Kyle's personal life.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The English word thorny means "having many thorns".




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