NND / YT (subbed)
Original 円尾坂の仕立屋
Romaji Enbizaka no Shitateya
English Leviathan slope
Singer(s) Megurine Luka
Release Date December 7, 2009
Collaborators Rgveta, Jiji Fujimaru, Kurokino, Mizujun, Loft, ai, Yoiyami, Arisa, himi, Nyohonoko., Mikan-fuumi, Coral, rakug (illustrations)
Series Seven Deadly Sins Series
Preceded by Fifth Pierrot
Followed by The Weathered Head at Onigashima
Are you looking for the novel titled Deadly Sins of Evil: The Tailor of Enbizaka?
"But I have to keep at my work."
―Kayo Sudou[src]

The Tailor of Enbizaka is a song released by Akuno-P on December 7, 2009. It is part of the Seven Deadly Sins Series, depicting Envy.


The song takes place in the town of Enbizaka, Jakoku with the tailor Kayo Sudou. Although famous for her skill and good attitude, she often thinks about how her "lover" is unfaithful and never comes "home". One day, Kayo sees her "lover" walking with a woman in a red kimono. Observing how friendly he seems to be with her, she leaves in a jealous fit and eventually tailors a kimono while crying.

Sometime after, the tailor observes the town's concern over a crime being committed. Later on, Kayo sees her "lover" being comforted by a girl in a green sash and observes how good the girl looks in her clothes; afterwards she tailors a sash while crying. After noting the growing unease of the town, Kayo sees her "lover" buy a yellow hairpin for a girl and is shocked by his lack of boundaries. She then continues to work hard, noting that her scissors have changed color.

After finishing her work, she goes out to meet her lover, dressing in the kimono, sash, and hairpin, believing that she has become beautiful for him. Sometime afterwards, Kayo relates how the village is in chaos due to the murder of a family of four. She also relates that her lover had treated her terribly, greeting her as though she were a stranger. Commenting on how her scissors had turned red, Kayo continues to carry on with her work.


The song utilizes Megurine Luka's VOCALOID2 voicebank. The instruments utilized within the song are piano, drums, glockenspiel, accordion, synth violin, and bass guitar. The song is also composed in reminisce of traditional Japanese music, using regional instruments such as the sanshin, biwa and fue

The song begins with a short intro that appears in 0.10 and ends in 0.28. Then two verses can be heard, which resemble the intro, with first ranging from 0.29 to 0.44. A chorus follows, appearing in 1.00 - 1.17. After the first chorus, a bridge reminiscent of the intro is played. The song uses the intro, verses, bridge, and the choruses several times, and have a long alternative part between 4.13 and 4.55. It ends in a variation of the intro. 



円尾坂の片隅にある 仕立屋の若き女主人
気立てのよさと確かな腕で 近所でも評判の娘

そんな彼女の悩みごとは 愛するあの人の浮気症
「私というものがありながら 家に帰ってきやしない」

だけど仕事は頑張らなきゃ 鋏を片手に一生懸命
母の形見の裁縫鋏 研げば研ぐほどよく切れる

今日も町はいつもの通り 嗚呼穏やかで平和な日常
大通りであの人を見かけた 隣の女はいったい誰?

赤い着物がよく似合う 美しい女と仲むつまじく
歩くその姿こらえきれず その場所をすぐ離れたの

だけど仕事は頑張らなきゃ 鋏を片手に一生懸命
頬を涙で濡らしながら 着物の縫直しに精を出す

町は何やら不穏な空気 何か事件がおこったらしい
橋の前であの人を見かけた 隣の女はいったい誰?

落ち込んだ様子のあの人に 寄り添う髪のきれいな女
緑の帯がとても似合うわ ああそんな子が好みなのね

だけど仕事は頑張らなきゃ 鋏を片手に一生懸命
赤く眼をはらしながら 帯の修繕に精を出す

町はにわかに騒ぎ始めた 再び事件があったらしい
かんざし屋であの人を見かけた 隣の女はいったい誰?

年端もいかぬ女の子に 黄色いかんざし買い与えて
一体何をしようというの? 本当に見境がないのね

だけど仕事は頑張らなきゃ 鋏を片手に一生懸命
鋏の色 こんなだったかしら? 今日も仕事に精を出す


赤い着物 緑の帯
黄色いかんざし 髪に挿して

今日は町中が大騒ぎ 今度は男が殺された
これで家族4人が全て 何者かに殺されたらしい

それにしてもひどい人ね 「はじめましてこんにちは」なんて
まるで他人みたいじゃない まるで他人みたいじゃない

だけど仕事は頑張らなきゃ 鋏を片手に一生懸命
赤く染まった裁縫鋏 研げば研ぐほどよく切れる

Saa, shitate o hajime mashou

Enbizaka no katasumi ni aru shitateya no wakaki onna shujin
Kidate no yosa to tashika na ude de kinjo demo hyouban no musume

Sonna kanojo no nayami goto wa ai suru ano hito no uwakishou
"Watashi to iu mono ga ari nagara ie ni kaette kiyashinai"

Dakedo shigoto wa ganbaranakya hasami wo katate ni isshoukenmei
Haha no katami no saihou hasami togeba togu hodo yoku kireru

Kyou mo machi wa itsumo no toori aa odayaka de heiwa na nichijou
Oodoori de ano hito wo mikaketa tonari no onna wa ittai dare?

Akai kimono ga yoku niau utsukushii onna to naka matsumajiku
Aruku no sugata koraekirezu sono basho wo sugu hanareta no

Dakedo shigoto wa ganbaranakya hasami wo katate ni isshoukenmei
Hoho wo namida de nurashi nagara kimono no nuinaoshi ni sei wo dasu

Machi wa naniyara fuon na kuuki nanika jiken ga okottarashii
Hashi no mae de ano hito wo mikaketa tonari no onna wa ittai dare?

Ochikonda yousu no ano hito ni yorisou kami no kirei na onna
Midori no obi ga totemo niau wa aa sonna ko ga konomi na no ne

Dakedo shigoto wa ganbaranakya hasami wo katate ni isshoukenmei
Akaku manako wo harashi nagara obi no shuuzen ni sei wo dasu

Machi wa niwaka ni sawagi hajimeta futatabi jiken ga attarashii
Kanzashi ya de ano hito wo mikaketa tonari no onna wa ittai dare?

Toshiha mo ikanu onna no ko ni kiiro ikanzashi kaiataete
Ittai nani wo shiyou to iu no? Hontou ni misakai ga nai no ne

Dakedo shigoto wa ganbaranakya hasami wo katate ni isshoukenmei
Hasami no iro konna datta kashira? Kyou mo shigoto ni sei wo dasu

Youyaku shigoto mo hito danraku shita
Ai ni kite kurenai no naraba
Kochira kara ai ni yukimashou

Akai kimono midori no obi
Kiiroi kanzashi kami ni sashite
Anata konomi no onna ni natta wa
Dou? Watashi kirei deshou?

Kyou wa machijuu ga oosawagi kondo wa otoko ga korosareta
Kore de kazoku yon-nin ga subete nanimonoka ni korosaretarashii

Sore ni shite mo hidoi hito ne "Hajimemashite konnichi wa" nante
Maru de tanin mitai ja nai maru de tannin mitai ja nai

Dakedo shigoto wa ganbaranakya hasami wo katate ni isshoukenmei
Akaku some matta saihou hasami togeba togu hodo yoku kireru

Come, let’s begin tailoring

There was a young woman who was the owner of a tailor shop in the corner of Enbizaka
Good-natured, with definite skill, she was a popular girl in the neighborhood

What distressed such a woman was her loved one’s infidelity
“While he has someone such as me, he never returns home”

But I have to keep at my work; I tightly grip my scissors in one hand
Sewing scissors inherited from my mother, the more you sharpen, the better they cut

Today the town is like always; indeed, it’s calm and peaceful as usual
On the main street I chanced upon him; who the heck is the woman next to him?

In a red kimono that suits her well, he’s affectionate with that lovely woman
Unable to bear walking to that sight, I immediately left that place

But I have to keep at my work; I tightly grip my scissors in one hand
While my cheeks are wet with tears, I work hard to resew a kimono

The town has an uneasy air for some reason, it seems some scandal has occurred
In front of the bridge I chanced upon him; who the heck is the woman next to him?

With a depressed air about him, he’s nestled against a woman with beautiful hair
That green obi suits her very well; ahh, that’s the kind of girl you prefer?

But I have to keep at my work; I tightly grip my scissors in one hand
While clearing my red eyes, I work hard to mend an obi

The town has suddenly begun to make a fuss; it seems there was another scandal
At the hairpin store I chanced upon him; who the heck is the woman next to him?

He was buying an ornate yellow hairpin for a very young girl
What the heck do you think you’re doing? You’re really indiscriminate, aren’t you?

But I have to keep at my work; I tightly grip my scissors in one hand
Were the scissors this color before, I wonder? I work hard today as well

At last I’ve hit a stopping point in my work
If you won’t come to meet me
I’ll go from here to meet you

The red kimono, the green obi
The yellow hairpin, I put it in my hair
I’ve become the kind of woman you prefer~
How is it? Aren’t I beautiful?

Today the whole town is in an uproar; this time a man has been killed
With this, it seems a whole family of four has been killed by someone

At any rate, he was a cruel man; “Nice to meet you, good day” and such
Isn’t that like a stranger? Isn’t that like a stranger

But I have to keep at my work; I tightly grip my scissors in one hand
Sewing scissors stained red, the more you sharpen, the better they cut

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Booklet TextEdit



Come, let’s begin tailoring

Scissors are composed of two blades.
Each blade pressed together, fulfilling their role by scraping together.
It’s just like a married couple in harmony
That’s something my mother once told me.

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related SongsEdit

Seven Crimes and PunishmentsEdit

Kayo's obsession with her loved ones is alluded to in Seven Crimes and Punishments while showing her in the garb she wore during her murders.

The Weathered Head at OnigashimaEdit

The Weathered Head at Onigashima details the experiences of the monk Gakusha, Kayo's true husband, who learns about the gruesome history behind Kayo's severed head.




Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The song's melody and Enbizaka's aesthetic pays homage to Edo Japan.
  • When using different characters, 艶美 (enbi) and 坂 (zaka) translates as "beauty" and "slope"; fittingly, Enbizaka itself lies on a slope.
  • The song's English title, "Leviathan slope", is a reference to Leviathan, the patron demon of Envy; the term "slope" refers to the wordplay for Enbizaka.
  • Kayo asking her "love" if he finds her beautiful before killing him possibly alludes to the legend of Kuchisake-onna, the ghost of a woman who asks her victims the same question before killing them with scissors.
  • In the author's note of Deadly Sins of Evil: The Tailor of Enbizaka, mothy states that the song was originally going to be a Japanese version of The Daughter of Evil.
  • In the same note, he states that Kayo was originally a fisherwoman wielding a pink lance due to Luka's connection to Tako Luka and therefore octopuses.
  • While making the song, he didn't plan for the "unfaithful lover" to be represented by KAITO, although the illustrators pushed for the idea in the song PV and he simply followed it when making the novel.


  • Like the other songs in the Seven Deadly Sins Series, the song PV begins with the phrase "さあ" (Saa).
  • During the song PV's ending credits, the name of Kai's represenative Vocaloid, KAITO, is covered in a censored red color, likely blood.
  • The song's depiction of the Enbizaka Murderer Scandal presents Kayo's motive as being out of the belief Kai Miroku was her husband, in contrast to the true reasons revealed in its corresponding novel; conversely, it matches Kayo's false testimony of why she killed the Miroku family during her trial.


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