Original るりらるりらと響く唄
Romaji Rurira Rurira to Hibiku Uta
English Bonus Track
Singer(s) Kagamine Rin/Len
Release Date December 22, 2010
Series -
"In the end they return, they return to the forest along with anger, to where it overflows."

The Song that Resounds with Lu Li La, Lu Li La is a song released by Akuno-P on December 22, 2010 in the Evils Kingdom album. It cryptically summarizes basic events of the Seven Deadly Sins and Clockwork Lullaby Series.


Two unspecified singers call "Lu Li La" the "resounding song," which colors time. They say that from the "sword" bloomed a "flower," and from the "seed" grew a "glass." Instruments get introduced, and the speakers relate how, on the night of the full moon, the "gems" were polished into "four mirrors" that shined with a bottle. According to the vocalists, a "blade" is dipped into a "spring" the color of blood, which was sought out. A "doll" danced in invisible "wind" and scooped up invisible "soil" with a "spoon". After time passes, the singers relate how, eventually, they all return to the "forest", teeming with uncontrollable "rage".


るりら るりらと響く唄
時をいろどる あわれな唄よ
空で輝く つきがきれいで
剣から咲くよ うつくしい花が
種から咲くよ うつくしいグラス

まんげつの夜に みがきつづけたら
石は四枚の 鏡になった
ぴかぴか光るよ 小びんとともに
ついなるやいば 泉にひたす
泉のいろは ちのいろに
めざしたひとの ちのいろに
人形動かす 見えないか風が
スプーンはすくう 見えない土を

全部そろった その時に
最後にかえる 森にかえる
あふれるほどの 怒りとともに

Ru ri ra Ru ri ra to hibiku uta
Toki wo irodoru awarena uta yo
Sora de kagayaku tsuki ga kirei de
Ken kara saku yo utsukushii hana ga
Tane kara saku yo utsukushii GURASU

Mangetsu no yoru ni migaki tsudzuketara
Ishi wa yon mai no kagami ni natta
Pikapika hikaru yo kobin to tomo ni
Tsuinaru yaiba izumi ni hitasu
Izumi no iro wa chi no iro ni
Mezashita hito no chi no iro ni
Ningyou ugokasu mienai kaze ga
SUPUUN wa sukuu mienai tsuchi wo

Zenbu sorotta sono toki ni
Saigo ni kaeru mori ni kaeru
Afureru hodo no ikari to tomo ni

The song that resounds with lu li la, lu li la
Is a sorrowful song, painting time
The moon that shines in the sky is beautiful
From the sword blooms a beautiful flower
From the seed blooms a beautiful glass

On the night of a full moon, it continued to be refined
And the stone became four mirrors
They brightly sparkle, along with a small bottle
The blades that become a pair are dipped in the spring
The color of the spring goes the color of blood
The color of the blood of those who aimed for it
The doll moves by the invisible wind
The spoon ladles invisible soil

All were assembled then
In the end they return, they return to the forest
Along with anger, to where it overflows

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Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The song's title is a reference to the Clockwork Lullaby, which has a distinctive "lu li la" pattern.