NND / YT (subbed)
Original 悪ノ召使
Romaji Aku no Meshitsukai
English His significance of existence
Singer(s) Kagamine Len
Kagamine Rin (back-up)
Release Date April 16, 2008
April 29, 2008 (PV)
Collaborators Ichika, Kishida, Mameari, Hitsuji, Shiuka, Kiro, meimei, imin, Sincerity, Yuu., piano, noDuki, Haru, Yamada Rokkaku, sirose, myk, sabo, Yagami (illustrations)
Series Story of Evil
Preceded by The Daughter of Evil
Followed by Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~
Are you looking for the non-canon manga series titled The Servant of Evil?
"Because I will protect you keep smiling somewhere."
―Allen Avadonia[src]

The Servant of Evil is a song released by Akuno-P on April 16, 2008 and later uploaded with a PV on April 29 the same year. It is the second song in Story of Evil and serves as a response to The Daughter of Evil


The song takes place in Lucifenia, where the servant, Allen Avadonia, serves the Princess Riliane. He reveals he is her twin brother, separated from her due to "selfish adult reasons". The servant promises that even if the rest of the world turns against her, he'll continue to protect her.

One day, he goes to visit the Kingdom of Elphegort, and he falls in love with Michaela. However, Kyle Marlon has also fallen in love with her and the jealous Riliane desires her death. Though Allen states he will always grant her wish, he wonders why his tears won't stop falling. Sometime after the event, he serves Riliane brioche for a snack and sees her laugh innocently.

Posterior, the Lucifenian Revolution starts and Allen realizes Riliane will be killed. Despite acknowledging this might be just fate, he still swears to protect her. He has her switch clothes with him, stating that because they were twins, no one will notice. As the princess, he is arrested and Riliane escapes. Following his imprisonment, he is executed, and Riliane watches in the crowd as he says her favorite line. During the last few moments of his life, Allen wishes:"If I could be reborn, I would like to play with you again."


In its initial release, the song utilized Kagamine Rin and Len's VOCALOID2 voicebank, but later updated the vocals with the Act2 version. Rin's voicebank is used as a background vocal until the execution and she sings during the last pre-chorus with different lyrics. The instruments used in the original song include electronic organ, bass, piano, music box, drum, cymbals, and a sound effect for the guillotine.  

The song starts with the chorus and the instrumental version of the chorus, ending at 0.15. The songs repeats the sequence of a verse at (0.32, 1.25, 2.22, 3.13) pre-chorus (0.49, 1.42, 2.38, 3.28) (climbing verse to the chorus), recitative (short speaking portion), and a chorus (1.06, 1.58, 2.57, 3.47) four times. In the middle of the two sequences is the instrumental variation of the first two lines of the chorus at 2.15. After the last chorus, a coda (an addition that brings a song to a close) follows abruptly at 4.04, and the song ends with the instrumental chorus. Interestingly, the song structure parallels The Daughter of Evil.

Another rearranged version of the song with an updated PV was released by mothy, titled "The Servant of Evil ~velvet mix~", in celebration of Len's second anniversary. The instruments used in the remix are flutes, music, drums, organ, strings, piano, and a bloodier sounding guillotine.


もしも 生まれ変われるならば

君は王女 僕は召使
運命分かつ 哀れな双子
君を守る その為ならば



君は王女 僕は召使
運命分かつ 哀れな双子
君を守る その為ならば




君は王女 僕は召使
運命分かつ 狂おしき双子
君は笑う 無邪気に笑う

僕はあえて それに逆らおう


僕は王女 君は逃亡者
運命分かつ 悲しき双子
僕だって同じ 血が流れてる




君は王女 僕は召使
運命分かつ 哀れな双子
君を守る その為ならば


Moshimo umarekawareru nara ba

Kimi wa oujo boku wa meshitsukai
Unmei wakatsu aware na futago
Kimi wo mamoru sono tame naraba
Boku wa aku ni datte natte yaru

Kitai no naka bokura wa umareta
Shukufuku suru wa kyoukai no kane
Otonatachi no katte na tsugou de
Bokura no mirai wa futatsu ni saketa

Tatoe sekai no subete ga
Kimi no teki ni narou to mo
Boku ga kimi wo mamoru kara
Kimi wa soko de waratte ite

Kimi wa oujo boku wa meshitsukai
Unmei wakatsu aware na futago
Kimi wo mamoru sono tame naraba
Boku wa aku ni datte natte yaru

Tonari no kuni e dekaketa toki ni
Machi de mikaketa midori no ano ko
Sono yasashige na koe to egao ni
Hitome de boku wa koi ni ochimashita

Dakedo oujo ga ano ko no koto
Keshite hoshii to negau nara
Boku wa sore ni kotaeyou

Doushite? Namida ga tomaranai

Kimi wa oujo boku wa meshitsukai
Unmei wakatsu kuruoshiki futago
"Kyou no oyatsu wa BURIOSSHU da yo"
Kimi wa warau mujaki ni warau

Mou sugu kono kuni wa owaru darou
Ikareru kokumintachi no te de
Kore ga mukui da to iu no naraba
Boku wa aete sore ni sakaraou

"Hora boku no fuku wo kashite ageru"
"Kore wo kite sugu onigenasai"
"Daijoubu bokura wa futago da yo"
"Kitto dare ni mo wakaranai sa"

Boku wa oujo kimi wa toubousha
Unmei wakatsu kanashiki futago
Kimi wo aku da to iu no naraba
Boku datte onaji chi ga nagareteru

Mukashi mukashi aru tokoro ni
Akugyaku hidou no oukoku no
Chouten ni kunrin shiteta
Totemo kawaii boku no kyoudai

Tatoe sekai no subete ga
Kimi no teki ni narou to mo
Boku ga kimi wo mamoru kara
Kimi wa dokoka de waratte ite

(Tsui ni sono toki wa yatte kite
Owari wo tsugeru kane ga naru
Minshuu nado ni wa me mo kurezu
Kimi wa watashi no kuchiguse wo iu)

Kimi wa oujo boku wa meshitsukai
Unmei wakatsu aware na futago
Kimi wo mamoru sono tame naraba
Boku wa aku ni datte natte yaru

Moshimo umarekawareru naraba
Sono toki wa mata asonde ne

If only we could be reborn

You are the princess, I am a servant
Fate divided, miserable twins
I’ll protect you, if it’s for that
I will even become evil

We were born in high expectations
Blessed by the church bells
By the arbitrary circumstances of adults
Our futures were split into two

Even if all the world
Becomes your enemy
Because I will protect you
You should keep on smiling

You are a princess, I am a servant
Fate divided, miserable twins
I’ll protect you, if it’s for that
I will even become evil

While on an outing to the neighboring country
In town I happened upon that green haired girl
I fell in love at first sight
With that kind voice and smile

But if the princess
Asks me to erase that girl
I shall answer that

Why? These tears won’t stop

You are the princess, I am a servant
Fate divided, maddened twins
“Today’s treat is brioche”
You laugh, you innocently laugh

This country may end very soon
At the hands of its crazed people
If it’s said this is our punishment
I shall take it upon myself to oppose it

“Look, I’ll loan you my clothes”
“Wear them and escape immediately”
“It’s alright, we’re twins.”
“I’m sure no one will know”

I am the princess, you are a fugitive
Fate divided, sorrowful twins
If it’s said that you’re evil
Then that same blood runs in me too

Once upon a time
I had a very precious sibling
Who reigned at the top
Of a fiendish kingdom

Even if all the world
Becomes your enemy
Because I will protect you
Keep smiling somewhere

(Finally that time arrived)
(The bells signaling the end ring)
(Without taking notice of the crowd)
(You speak my favorite phrase)

You are the princess, I am a servant
Fate divided, miserable twins
I’ll protect you, if it’s for that
I will even become evil

If only we could be reborn
Let’s play again then, okay?

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations

PV TextEdit




///has been confined to bed for 3 years now due to her illness.”
“My mother is the only queen.”
“Your orders, princess!”
“I’m not a prince, I’m your servant.”
“Come, kneel to me”
“If they don’t have bread then let them eat c///
///all of the people will starve to death!”
“With this now, no one will defy///
“Nooooo! Dad, Daaaaaaaa///

“Ah, it’s teatime.”
“Is this…inside a well?”

“You insolent thug!”
“That mask doesn’t suit you, Lady-killer.”
“I’m sorry…Len.”

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related SongsEdit

The Daughter of EvilEdit

The Daughter of Evil details the life of Allen's sister Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, occurring alongside The Servant of Evil, and shows her eventual removal from power.

Twiright PrankEdit

Twiright Prank clarifies an event in Allen's childhood before his separation from Riliane; it shows how he encounters the Demon of Gluttony, as well as how he learns the "secret of the ocean".

The Daughter of WhiteEdit

The Daughter of White details how Allen managed to manifest next to his sister after his death, ultimately preventing her death at the hands of Clarith.




Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The Lucifenian Revolution is based on historical events of the French Revolution, as Lucifenia itself is based on France and Riliane on Marie Antoinette.
  • The phrase "of Evil" (aku no) is commonly used to characterize the songs' themes such as "Story of Evil" and "Deadly Sins of Evil"; the creator of the Evillious Chronicles, mothy, also uses the name "Akuno-P".
  • The song's English title, "His significance of existence", is a reference to Allen's dedication to Riliane's happiness, cherishing her above anyone else.
  • Riliane and Allen's switch may be an allusion to A Tale of Two Cities, where the character Carton switches clothes with his friend Darnay and is executed in his place.


  • When text appears on the third bridge, Allen is instead referred to as his representative Vocaloid Len.
  • Several of the lyrics during the song mirror that of The Daughter of Evil.
  • Preceding each chorus, quotes are shown relating to the scene depicted, colored to indicate the character speaking; these quotes are later seen in The Daughter of Evil: Clôture of Yellow.
  • A manga adaptation of the song was serialized, albeit a non-canon spin-off; a non-canon prequel to the song's novel adaptation was later released, titled "Servant of Evil ~Opera Buffa!~".
  • The song's final line is referenced in Tree Maiden ~Millennium Wiegenlied~, begun by Michaela but left incomplete as she dies.
  • The song was rearranged by mothy shortly after the release of Kagamine Len ACT 2, titled "The Servant of Evil (Modified Version)", a revised track to improve the smoothness of sound quality while keeping it close to the sound of the original ACT 1 song.
  • Both the song and its prequel were also rearranged as a single song titled "The Daughter and Servant of Evil", an instrumental track included in Four Melodies of Evil ~The Daughter of Evil Novel Music Collection~.
  • The Daughter and Servant of Evil, along with another arrangement by Torabolta, titled "The Servant of Evil Arranged Version", was included in The Daughter of Evil: BGM Reading Collection in promotion of The Daughter of Evil: Act 1.
  • While commenting about the song, mothy expressed that, like The Daughter of Evil, he was tired of listening to the song after reworking it so many times;[1] afterward, he admitted that there wouldn't be Akuno-P if it weren't for the song.[2]
  • The Servant of Evil is featured in the 3DS game, Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai.



  1. Mothy Twitter - 02/24/15 - これも悪ノ娘と同じ。
  2. Mothy Twitter - 02/24/15 - でもやっぱりこの曲が無ければ今の悪ノPは存在しなかった。

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