Original 待ち続けた手紙
Romaji Machi Tsudzuketa Tegami
Singer(s) Kagamine Len
Release Date December 28, 2011[1] (CD)
Series -
"I want a reply to that letter."
―Old Nun[src]

The Letter She Kept Waiting For is a song released by Akuno-P on December 28, 2011 in the Triangle -vol.1- album. It tells the story of an old nun and the efforts of the orphans she raised to fulfill her last wish before death.


A boy relates how he was abandoned and ended up in an orphanage when he was young, and was helped by a kind nun who all the children loved. Now the old nun has contracted a disease, and will soon pass away. The boy and the other orphans gather around her death bed and tell her that they will grant her any wish, no matter how absurd it may be, in return for her kindness. She tells the orphans that she had sent out a letter as a young girl and is still waiting for the response.

She wants to know if her sins had been forgiven and if her wish had came true, but tells the orphans they can just forget about it if it hadn't. Wondering who she sent the letter to, the orphans split apart, traveling far and wide to grant her request. During their search, the boy finds an old painter who tells them the truth, that the nun once killed many people and that the person she sent the letter to is already dead. The boy notes that, even so, she will probably wait for that response indefinitely.

As the time arrives for the nun to die, the boy hands her a fake response to her letter, which he wrote the day before. She looks upon it with a glance and says "thank you" as she dies, with a smile still on her face. The boy remarks how they only learned of her sins after it was all over.


The song utilizes Kagamine Len's vocals for the duration of the song. Notable instruments include an electric guitar, piano, drums, and cymbals.

The song begins with guitar chords and the first verse at 0.22, which ends at 0.43 for an instrumental break. The second verse starts at 0.52, with the pre-chorus beginning at 1.13, and the first chorus starts at 1.33 and ending at 1.52. A brief instrumental break plays, and the second verse starts at 2.14. The second pre-chorus begins at 2.34, followed by the second chorus at 2.54, and is sung until 3.14, with another instrumental refrain afterwards. At 3.34, the bridge is sung, followed by the third chorus at 3.50 that repeats until 4.30. The chorus melody plays until the song's end at 5.00.


僕らは皆 幸せだった


届いたか どうかもわからない手紙を








Chiisai koro oya ni suterare
Umi no mieru koji in de sodatta
Yashinatte kureta no wa
Toshioita shuudoujo
Kanojo wa totemo yasashikute
Itsumo NIKONIKO waratteta
Tatoe mazushii seikatsu demo
Bokura wa mina shiawase datta

Yagate kanojo wa yamai ni fushi
Ten ni mesareru hi ga chikadzuita
Kanojo no makuramoto de
Bokura wa kou itta
Koko made sodatete kureta
Anata ni ongaeshi ga shitai
Donna mucha demo kamawanai
Nanika negai wa nai desu ka?

Kanojo wa nikori to hohoemi
Konna fuu ni kotaete kita
Watashi wa zutto matte iru
Tegami no henji wo matte iru
Wakakatta ano hi ni dashita
Todoita ka douka mo wakaranai tegami wo

Moshimo negai ga kanau nara
Moshimo tsumi ga yurusareru nara
Ano tegami no henji ga hoshii
Sore wo matte iru

Kanaerareru hazu mo nai negai
Douka wasurete to kanojo wa warau
Kanojo no dashita tegami
Dare ni okutta mono na no ka?
Bokura wa minna de tewake shite
Kunijuu wo sagashite mawatta
Soshite kanojo no kako wo shiru
Gaka no roujin wo mitsuketa

Roujin ga kataru shinjitsu
Kanojo wa katsute hito wo koroshita
Ooku no hito ga fukou ni nari
Ooku no hito ga namida wo nagashita
Tegami wo okutta aite wa
Mou kono yo ni wa inai hito
Henji ga kuru koto wa nai

Sore demo kanojo wa matsu no darou
Sono mi ga kuchihateta ato demo
Kitto kanojo wa matsu no darou
Henji ga kuru made

Tsui ni sono toki wa yatte kita
Kanojo no shougai wa maku wo tojiru
Boku wa kanojo no te no naka
Ichimai no youhishi wo watasu

Sore wa boku ga kinou kaita
Itsuwari no tegami no henji
Kanojo wa sore wo hitome miru to
Saigo ni "arigatou" to itta

Kiete iku kanashiki negai
Itsumodoori no ano egao
Tsumi ni kidzuku no wa itsudatte
Subete owatta ato

Abandoned by my parents when I was small
I was raised in an orphanage that could see the ocean
The one who raised me was
An old nun
She was very kind
And was always happily smiling
Although it was a poor life, but
All of us were happy

Eventually she fell to illness
The day she’d be summoned to heaven drew near
At her bedside
We said to her:
You’ve raised us up until now
We want to repay you for that
Now matter how absurd, it doesn’t matter
Isn’t there something you wish for?

She sweetly smiled
Like this, she came to respond:
I am always waiting
Waiting for a reply to my letter
I sent it one day when I was young
A letter that I don’t know whether it arrived or not

If my wish comes true
If my sins are forgiven
I want a reply to that letter
I will wait for it

She laughs, It’s a wish that can’t be granted
Please forget it
The letter she sent
Who did she send it to?
We all divide our work up
And searched all over the country
And we found an old painter
Who knew her past

The old man tells the truth
She once killed people
Many people became unhappy
Many people shed tears
The recipient of the letter
Is someone no longer in this world
The reply won’t come

Even so she’ll wait, won’t she?
Even after her body has rotten away
Surely she will wait
Until the reply comes

Finally that time arrived
Her lifetime is drawing to a close
I press inside her hand
One sheet of parchment

That was a fake reply to the letter
That I wrote yesterday
She gave it a glancing look
And finally said “Thank you”

The sorrowful wish fades away
She had that same smile as always
Our realization of her sin was always
After everything ended

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related SongsEdit

The Daughter of Evil Edit

The events for The Daughter of Evil were the original backstory set to occur prior to The Letter She Kept Waiting For, describing the acts for which the nun wished to repent.

Regret MessageEdit

Regret Message details the originally intended situation prior to The Letter She Kept Waiting For, describing the letter the nun desired a reply for.


  • Letter Recipient
  • Old Nun
  • Old Painter
  • Orphan


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The song was originally intended to be a continuation of Story of Evil, but was later scrapped by mothy as a dead plot point.[2]
  • Although not being part of the official canon, Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook describes the fates of some characters that parallel the song's events, showing traces of the original concept.
  • The orphan's comments at the time of the nun's death are reminiscent of The Daughter of Evil and The Servant of Evil; similarly his words regarding realizing her sins when it was already over paraphrase Riliane's line in Regret Message.


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