Original 魔道師二人旅~長壁と番人~
Romaji Madoushi Futari Tabi ~Chouheki to Bannin~
Singer(s) GUMI
Release Date August 17, 2014 (CD)
October 15, 2014 (PV)
Collaborators Ichika (illust, video)
Series -
Preceded by Handbeat Clocktower
Followed by Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep
"Ah, before their eyes is a long, long wall."

The Journey of Two Mages ~Great Wall and Watchman~ is a song released by Akuno-P on August 17, 2014 in The Muzzle of Nemesis album and later uploaded with a PV on October 15 the same year. It portrays the journey of the mage Elluka Clockworker and her apprentice Gumillia as they head East for Jakoku.


Elluka and Gumillia progress East on their quest to find the Twin Blades of Levianta. After they come upon a great wall, the two are stopped by the wall's watchman, who tells them to leave, explaining he had an order from the king to only let their country’s people through.

Leaving the wall, the women paint their hair dark and approach the watchman again; shaking his head, the watchman states that their country’s people didn’t have such pale skin. The women leave and cover their skin with mud; approaching again, the man then tells them the people of their country didn’t have eyes such a ghastly color.

The watchman then implores the two not to think badly of them, stating he and the wall are necessary to protect their great country. Losing her temper, Elluka summons a gust of wind that blows him away and the two finally pass; on the other side, they see nothing, and wonder what the watchman had been guarding. They proceed East on their journey, only to suddenly come upon a vast sea. At the end of the PV, their ship can be seen sailing toward the distant island nation on the horizon.


The song uses GUMI's VOCALOID2 voicebank. Piano, drums, flute, bass guitar, and accordion are used for instrumentals. The song opens with an instrumental melody, preceding the first verse starting at 0.24. A chorus-like part is sung, then the verse ends at 0.47 and shifts into a brief instrumental break.

This pattern is used throughout the first half of the song, with the beginning of the verse starting at times 00:55, 01:25, and 01:56, chorus-like verses 1:10, 1:41, and 2:12 at and the entire verse ending at 1:17, 1:49, and 2:19. At 2:29, a bridge begins, and lasts until 3:02, when the song shifts back into its original melody. The original pattern of the song continues, with the verse beginning at 3:06, the chorus-like verse at 3:21, and the end of the verse at 3:26. The song briefly trails off for less than a second, then snaps back. The verse begins at 3:46, and ends at 4:00. Afterwards, the opening instrumental plays until the song's end.


荒れた道を進む 二人組の女
魔剣を求めて 西からやってきた
ああ 目の前には長い長い壁

あの壁を越えたならば 目的地まであと少し

壁に近づく 二人組の女
そこに立ちふさがる 一人の男
異国の者どもよ 立ち去るがいい
俺は偉大な王から こう命じられてる

「我が国の民以外は 誰もここを通すな」と

壁から離れた 二人組の女
髪を黒く塗る 男と同じ色
国の民を装い 進もうとするが
男は再び 首を横に振る

「我が国の民の肌は そんな奇妙に白くない」

壁から離れた 二人組の女
顔に泥を塗る 男と同じ肌
今度こそはと 進もうとするが
男はまたもや 首を横に振る

「我が国の民の瞳は そんな不気味な色じゃない」


業を煮やした 魔道師の女
風を巻き起こし 男を吹き飛ばす
壁の扉を開け 先に進むと
そこには何もない 何もなかった


荒れた道を進む 二人組の女
魔剣を求めて 東へと進む

ああ 目の前には広い広い海

Areta michi wo susumu futari gumi no onna
Utsukushiki madoushi to sono manadeshi
Maken wo motomete nishi kara yattekita
Aa me no mae ni wa nagai nagai kabe

Ano kabe wo koeta naraba mokutekichi made ato sukoshi

Kabe ni chikadzuku futari gumi no onna
Soko ni tachifusagaru hitori no otoko
Ikoku no monodomo yo tachisaru ga ii
Ore wa idai na ou kara kou meijirareteru

"Wa ga kuni no tami igai wa daremo koko wo toosu na" to

Kabe kara hanareta futari gumi no onna
Kami ni kuroku nuru otoko to onaji iro
Kuni no tami yosooi susumou tosuru ga
Otoko wa futatabi kubi wo yoko ni furu

"Wa ga kuni no tami no hada wa sonna kimiyou ni shirokunai"

Kabe kara hanareta futari gumi no onna
Kao ni doro wo nuru otoko to onaji hada
Kondo koso wa to susumou tosuru ga
Otoko wa matamoya kubi wo yoko ni furu

"Wa ga kuni no tami no hitomi wa sonna bukimi na iro janai"

Waruku omou na tabibito yo
Idai de goudai na wa ga kuni wo mamoru tame ni wa
Kono kabe to ore no you na bannin ga hitsuyou na no da

Gou wo niyashita madoushi no onna
Kaze wo makiokoshi otoko wo bukitobasu
Kabe no tobira wo akete saki ni susumu to
Soko ni wa nanimo nai nanimo nakatta

Ano bannin ga mamotteta no wa
Ittai nan datta no darou?

Areta michi wo susumu futari gumi no onna
Utsukushiki madoushi to sono manadeshi
Maken wo motomete higashi e to susumu

Aa me no mae ni wa hiroi hiroi umi

A female duo advances on a rough road
A lovely sorceress and her apprentice
Seeking the cursed sword, they came from the west
Ah, before their eyes is a long, long wall

If they passed that wall, it would be a short ways to their destination

The female duo draws closer to the wall
Standing there in their way is a lone man
Hey you foreigners! You should take your leave
I was given this order from our great king:

“No one except the people of our country passes through here”

The female duo left from the wall
They paint their hair black, the same color as the man’s
Feigning like the country’s people, they try to advance
But the man once again shakes his head

“The people of our country’s skin isn’t such a peculiar white”

The female duo left from the wall
They paint their faces with mud, the same skin color as the man’s
For sure this time, they try to advance
But the man again shakes his head

“The people of our country’s eyes aren’t such a ghastly color”

Don’t think badly of us, travelers
In order to protect this vast and great country
It’s necessary to have this wall and a watchman like me

Having lost her temper, the sorceress
Creates a wind, and the man blows away
The gates of the wall open, and when they proceed ahead
There’s nothing there, there was nothing

What that watchman was guarding,
What the heck was it, do you think?

A female duo advances on a rough road
A lovely sorceress and her apprentice
Seeking the cursed sword, they proceed to the east

Ah, before their eyes is a vast, vast ocean

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related SongsEdit

Chrono StoryEdit

Chrono Story shows the start of the quest continued in this song, detailing how the sins were originally split and Elluka tasked with collecting them.




Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Prior to the song's creation, mothy had wanted a song that portrayed both Elluka and Gumillia together rather than just Elluka alone, then decided to have it be sung from the apprentice's perspective.[1]
  • In a similar vein, mothy had wanted a song that portrayed immigration and was inspired by the video game Papers, Please,[2] particularly the frustrating experience of immigrants having to be turned away because their papers weren't in order.[3]
  • While creating the song, mothy wanted its sound to have the essence of socialism, including Russian folk song phrases and other tunes from different socialist countries.[4]


  • Although important to the setting, mothy admitted Chartette and the Twin Blades of Levianta weren't actually relevant to the song's plot, though he enjoyed making the little side story all the same.[5]



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  2. Akuno-P Twitter (@mothy_akuno) - 10/15/14 - 今回の曲は元々、入国管理官の曲を作りたいなあ、と思ったのがきっかけでした。まあ「Papers, Please」っていう海外インディーズゲームの影響なんですけれども。
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  5. The Heavenly Yard - 10/15/14 - という設定ですが、この曲に関してはぶっちゃけ双剣もシャルテットも悪魔もあんまり関係ありませんw

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