Prelude to forest
Original 僕とカエルのラブロマンス
Romaji Boku to Kaeru no Rabu Romansu
Singer(s) Kagamine Len
Release Date February 7, 2010 (CD)
Series -
"This is my and your love romance."
―The Snake[src]

The Frog's and My Love Romance is a song released by Akuno-P on February 7, 2010 in the Prelude to Forest album. The song is based upon a story written by a nine-year-old Yukina Freezis.


The speaker falls in love with a frog he meets by a spring and attempts to flirt with her, promising to take her away to his castle and asking why they can't be friends, promising lavish dinners for the two of them. He fantasizes about their beautiful romance under the starry sky and begins to praise her beautiful features, overjoyed that they can be together. One day, the frog disappears; heartbroken, the speaker searches for her everywhere, dragging his long body and calling her name. The frog instinctively disobeys him, however, and he laments how he will never get to eat that which he loves. Later, he sadly swallows his dinner whole, noting its resemblance to his love. He implores her to leave the spring.


The piece manipulates Kagamine Len's Act2 voicebank on the VOCALOID2 engine. The song uses synthesizers, drums, piano, and bass guitar.

The song begins with an opening instrumental of synthesizers. At 0.30, the first verse begins, along with accompaniment from the drums, piano, and bass guitar. At 0.58, the first pre-chorus begins, followed by the first chorus at 1.12. The chorus ends at 1.45, immediately entering into the second verse. At 2.14, the second pre-chorus begins, preceding the second chorus at 2.28. At 3.02, the chorus ends, with the song playing the chorus instrumental until the song's end at 3.45.


おいしいディナー ふたりでむさぼりましょう


大きな瞳 濡れた唇


もう永遠に 君と会えないのかな?


大きな瞳 濡れた唇


そろそろ出掛けようか あの泉へ

Aruhi boku wa koi wo shita n da
Madara mouyou no chiisana KAERU
Deatta no wa gunjouiro no izumi
Boku no oshiro ni issho ni ikou
Otomodachi kara hajimemasen ka?
Oishii DINAA futari de musaborimashou

Hoshi no kirei na yoru wa
Sora wo nagametsutsu ai wo katariaimashou

Ookina hitomi nureta kuchibiru
Kimi no subete ga daisuki na n da
Kore kara zutto mi wo yoseatte
Kurashite ikou
Sono utsukushii tsubureta koe de
GEROGERO to boku ni sasayaitara
Futari no sekai wa BARAiro ni naru

Kore ga boku to kimi to no RABU ROMANSU

Aruhi kimi ga sugata wo keshita
Sagashita keredo doko ni mo inai
Boku wa hisshi ni kimi no namae wo sakebu
Nagai karada wo hikizurinagara
Boku wa GARAGARA nakiwameita yo
Mou eien ni kimi to aenai no ka na?

Honnou ni sakaratte
Kimi no seichou wo tanoshimi ni shiteta no ni

Ookina hitomi nureta kuchibiru
Kimi no subete ga daisuki na n da
Toki ga kita nara tabetai kurai
Daisuki datta

Totemo kanashii kibun no mama de
Kyou no DINAA wo subete marunomi
Sou ieba kimi ni sukoshi niteru ne

Sorosoro dekakeyou ka ano izumi e

One day I fell in love
With a small, speckled frog
We met at a deep blue colored spring
Let’s go together to my castle
Can we begin from being friends?
Let’s devour a delicious dinner together

On this beautiful starry night
While gazing at the sky let’s talk about our love

Those big eyes, those wet lips
I just love everything about you
From now on, let’s always snuggle together
And spend time together
If you whisper ribbit ribbit to me
With that lovely, broken voice
Our world will become rose colored

This is my and your love romance

One day you disappeared
I searched but you weren’t anywhere
I cry your name in desperation
While dragging along my long body
I was raspily bawling
Can I never seen you again anymore?

Against my instincts
I had been looking forward to your growing up

But those big eyes, those wet lips
I just love everything about you
If the time came, I loved you to the point of
Wanting to eat you
In a very sad state
I swallowed all of today’s dinner whole
Come to think of it, I guess it does resemble you a little

Before long shall we go out? To that spring

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

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  • The Snake


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • In Japanese ken games, the snake automatically defeats the frog by eating it, similar to how the scissors cut paper in the Western rock-paper-scissors.


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