Chat, or Internet Relay Chat, is one of the best parts of this wiki. You can discuss the series and socialize with fans who have joined the wiki's community, potentially speaking with others from around the world.

These sets of guidelines are to help users learn to utilize chat properly. It is expected all users to follow rules listed here to participate and partake of this privilege or have action taken upon their account by a chat moderator or an administrator.

Usage and MechanicsEdit

  • To send a message, type it in the message box at the bottom of the chat window, then hit the Enter key. To make the message more than one line, press Shift+Enter.
  • Chat also has set emoticons that can be used; these can be found at MediaWiki:Emoticons. If a user wants an emoticon added, it can be *discussed with an administrator.
  • Another great feature of chat is Private Messaging (PM). To PM a person, click their image or user name on the taskbar on the side, which will open a small window of options. The option to PM the person is at the bottom, under the link to their message wall and contributions page.
  • To return to main chat, the user must click the Evillious Chronicles banner found at the same taskbar above all the users.
  • To type an "action" on chat, type "/me" in the message box at the bottom of the chat window and the action you perform; your username will be displayed preceding the action and it will be highlighted in grey font.
  • To enable more personalized fixtures, click on on the setting buttons found on the task bar on the side below the user names or above them. They will allow users to use other functions.

NOTE: “Chat hacks” or any other features available in the settings were not made by The Evillious Chronicles Wiki. If users find trouble with these options they are encouraged to turn their settings off or contact Community Wiki for help.

Administrators and Chat ModeratorsEdit

A chat moderator or an administrator can be easily identified with a star by their name when in the chatroom. It is highly discouraged for users to escalate matters within main chat. If an issue arises within chat, users are advised to contact these persons through private messaging. You may contact any of the chat mods or admins when they are online.

If a user should ever have any issues with another user and can't be resolved on their own, consult a chat moderator or an administrator. Any discussions and complaints made to chat moderators and administrators will be kept at the discretion and privacy of the involved users to avoid conflicts.

Current administrators and chat moderators are:

NOTE: If a user feels a chat moderator is acting biased or unfairly to them, consult an administrator or another chat moderator. Likewise, if a user feels they have done nothing wrong or worth being acted upon by a chat moderator, also consult an administrator.


Chat basicsEdit

It is expected of all users to interact with each other in a civil, respectful manner. If asked to stop doing/saying something in a non-satiric manner, the offending actions must cease immediately. If a user feels that they have done nothing to receive these requests, they can confide with a chat moderator or administrator. It should be known that violations of the rules will be handled appropriately and only by moderators or administrators.

If any of these violations or disruptions are committed, an administrator or moderator will issue a warning and the person will be asked to stop. If these actions persist, the offender will be kicked from the chat and/or banned depending on the severity of the violation and number committed. If a chat moderator or administrator feel that an issue does not warrant any immediate actions, please respect their decisions.

However, these guidelines' regulations only apply to public chat. If one of the above issues persists in private chat, please take a screenshot as proof for a chat moderator to review and determination if action needs to be taken upon. Because private chat is a space separate from the main chatroom, PM's will be judged by the user's willingness to participate in the conversation and/or the persistence of any harassment from any user. If users are aware of similar situations occurring with other users, it would be beneficial to ask those users to confirm such actions.


These are the basic guidelines for what are considered violations. All violations are subject to change via an administrator's decision. The violations are as follows:

  • Posting links to pornographic or sexually explicit images, videos, and websites
  • Posting links to excessively gory and violent images and videos without a warning given to others
  • Harassment of other users
  • Excessive foul language
  • Spamming of message or link
  • Insulting other users
  • Slanderous ideological, political, and religious remarks
  • Racism, sexism, homophobic remarks, or other hate speeches
  • Using chat to replace another wiki chat previously banned from
  • Inviting those from other chats without an interest to Evillious into our chatroom
  • Controversial, sensitive, or triggering topics
  • Flame baiting--purposely saying something to start an argument
  • Being on chat on more than one account at the same time

NOTE: These policies apply to everyone, including other administrators and chat moderators. These violations may also apply in Private Messaging if a user feels attacked, uncomfortable or non-consenting to any of these acts committed.

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