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The Evillious Chronicles is an expansive dark fantasy multi-media series conceptualized by Akuno-P, originally told in song using the Vocaloid software. Expanding into light novels, short stories, and manga, the overarching story revolves around the vessels of sin, seven objects inhabited by demons that spread malice and calamity in their wake, and the numerous characters affected by them throughout the centuries.

The series is currently ongoing and therefore has many ongoing plot threads that have yet to be properly concluded. We ask you be respectful when contributing your own ideas concerning the series. Otherwise, have fun exploring the world of Evillious!

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The Lucifenian Expansion War refers to the conflict fought between the Kingdom of Lucifenia and its neighbors, primarily Asmodean and the Beelzenian Empire. Lasting for over two decades, the war greatly expanded Lucifenia's borders and influence across Evillious.

Following the establishment of the Kingdom of Lucifenia in EC 399, the nation continued to grow as a militaristic power. Sometime in the early EC 470s, Prince Arth planned to ambitiously expand Lucifenia's dominion over the continent. During the preparations, plans were made to invade the nation's neighboring countries. Because the Forest of Bewilderment presented a natural wall against full-scale invasion, Arth decided against warring with Elphegort.


Seven Deadly Did You Knows...

  • Lukana's occupation as a tailor is likely a reference to Kayo Sudou, a tailor who would eventually swap into her body.
  • The surname of Hatsune Miku, the Vocaloid sharing the doll's likeness, sounds nearly identical to the Japanese word 発明 (hatsumei) meaning "invention"; this wordplay possibly connects to the Clockworker Doll's artificial origin and to Belphegor, the patron demon of Sloth.
  • Although Gumillia is regarded as one of the next Three Heroes, neither Mariam nor Leonhart are mentioned to have trained successors specifically for the group.
  • Marx Felix, along with his daughter's father-in-law Karl Blankenheim, may be a reference to the famed German philosopher and sociologist Karl Marx.
  • The name Kyle is derived from the Scottish Gaelic term for a channel, straight, or something narrow; Marlon, Kyle's native country, is inspired by the British Empire.
  • Mayrana's codename as the "Shadow" is a reference the Japanese concept of shadow warriors (陰武者), body doubles who typically replaced military leaders; the term can also refer to someone who manipulates events from behind the scenes.
  • Scissors can symbolize the separation of a couple, cutting away something that doesn't benefit you anymore, and the fear of being cut off from someone you love, much like the Twin Blades of Levianta.

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