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The Evillious Chronicles is an expansive dark fantasy multi-media series conceptualized by Akuno-P, originally told in song using the Vocaloid software. Expanding into light novels, short stories, and manga, the overarching story revolves around the vessels of sin, seven objects inhabited by demons that spread malice and calamity in their wake, and the numerous characters affected by them throughout the centuries.

Please note that series is currently ongoing and therefore has many ongoing plot threads that have yet to be concluded. We ask you be respectful when contributing your own ideas concerning the series. Otherwise, have fun exploring the world of Evillious!

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Featured Article

The Reincarnation Ritual was a magic ceremony used to transmigrate the soul of an entity from one form of being to another, achieving reincarnation. Conducted via a third party, the ritual allowed one's soul to be incarnated into a new physical body.

The ritual's primary purpose was to supply a being with a new body via reincarnation. The procedure for the ritual's preparation involved drawing a magic circle on the ground of an area that was suitably astronomically aligned, designing the circle to accommodate the world's celestial bodies through various symbols.

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Seven Deadly Did You Knows...

  • Seth Twiright is stated to have created a device called "Black Box Type S" and had it installed in the heart of a stuffed cat toy utilized as a body by Irina Clockworker.
  • The Tasan Empire is possibly inspired by the real world Roman Empire; like Tasan, the Roman Empire was split in two, divided as the western Roman Empire and the eastern Byzantine Empire.
  • Levia's name is derived from the Leviathan, a female sea monster in Judeo-Christian mythology; it, along with the Behemoth, is believed to have been slaughtered by God to serve as a banquet for the righteous souls in heaven.
  • Interestingly, clock tower of Evil's Theater, Heartbeat Clocktower, shares the same name as the clock tower located at Castle Hedgehog.
  • Ton Corpa's surname may be a pun on the Latin word corpus (コーパス), meaning "body".
  • In the Evils Forest booklet, Ma comments that they didn't know the whereabouts of the last collectible, questioning if The Last Revolver was a clue to learning it or simply an error.
  • Mayrana's choice of number for her codename was four; the Japanese word 四 (shi), meaning "four", is often associated with 死 (shi), meaning "death".


What are you hoping to see in The Muzzle of Nemesis novel?

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21/02: The Daughter of Evil: Act 4 and the novel for The Muzzle of Nemesis have been confirmed for release on March 16!

10/12: The PV for That King was Born from Mud has been released!

09/21: mothy releases Arth's song, That King was Born from Mud, on EXIT TUNES' Vocalocreation album!

08/26: Deadly Sins of Evil: Judgment of Corruption has been released!

08/14: Lucifenia Trinity has been released!

08/09: The novel for Judgment of Corruption confirmed for release on August 26! Follow updates on twitter!

08/08: A Hero's Armor is Always Crimson has been released!

06/11: mothy confirms Trinity as new album for Comic Market 90! Follow updates on twitter!

05/04: The Ma Survival PV has been released!

04/01: mothy teases song featuring Leonhart Avadonia for April Fools Day! Follow updates on twitter!

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