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"Sleep with this Gift of mine."
―Margarita Blankenheim[src]

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Welcome to the The Evillious Chronicles Wiki, the place where we attempt to disclose the complex storyline of interconnected songs and stories written by the Vocaloid Producer mothy, also known as Akuno-P.

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The Evillious Chronicles is an expansive dark fantasy multi-media series conceptualized by Akuno-P, originally told in song using the Vocaloid software. Expanding into light novels, short stories, and manga, the overarching story covers over a thousand years on the Bolganio continent, mainly its Evillious region, and has become a massive ongoing epic.

Because this is an unfinished series, there are many theories coming from fans that have yet to be proven or disproven. We ask you be respectful when contributing your own ideas concerning the series. Other than that, have fun exploring the world of Evillious!

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Kachess Crim, later becoming Kachess Marlon, was the Count of the Kingdom of Marlon, and the lover of Queen Yufina. After his beloved had gone missing, Kachess was asked to help investigate the disappearance cases plaguing the Beelzenian Empire. Discovering that Duke Sateriasis Venomania had been the perpetrator, Kachess assassinated the Duke and eloped with Yufina whilst dodging both Beelzenia and Marlon.

Born in EC 110, Kachess eventually became a count of the growing Marlon country. At some point, he became friends with Baron Toy Conchita. Later, Kachess met and entered an affair with Yufina Marlon, eventually telling Toy; sometime afterward, she left to travel to Beelzenia as part of her husband's homecoming. Before leaving, she gave Kachess the Golden Key and, under the presumption that it was a type of advanced technology, he would become aware of its power and capabilities.


Seven Deadly Did You Knows...

  • Margarita mentions that her husband sold her spoons, glasses, and mirrors; this possibly alludes to the four vessels that made their debut in Miniature Garden Girl.
  • The War of 505 and its related motivations may draw inspiration from British imperialism, characterized by extensive global colonization and competition with other European countries.
  • Trees and tree spirits, much like Held and his spirits, often appear in mythology as holy or sacred entities of nature and the universe, such as the Yggdrasil of Norse mythology and the Kodama of Japanese mythology.
  • In an interview, Akuno-P stated that Clarith had been part of the story since the very beginning, albeit her character's set-up and role changed several times during development.
  • According to mothy, only one of the Vessels of Sin was a magical artifact before housing a Demon.
  • Minis' manner of approaching Riliane to appease her demands reminded Allen of Germaine's pet dog, Chubby.
  • Gast's original name, Zenon, is derived from Zeus, the Greek god of the sky and thunder who ruled over Mount Olympus; in Greek mythology, Zeus is often portrayed as a particularly lustful god, having children with countless women.

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