Technical Information
Japanese 悪ノ娘 Illust Story
Romaji Aku no Musume Illust Story
Publication Information
Publisher PHP Institute
Release Date August 26, 2012
Media Type Illustrative story
Pages 6
Illustrator(s) Yoshida Dondorian
Published in Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook
Series The Daughter of Evil

The Daughter of Evil: Illustration Story[1] is a collection of short, poetic stories included in Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, released on August 26, 2012. The stories were illustrated by Yoshida Dondorian. It reflects on several of the characters from the series, focusing largely on their personal traits or emotional dilemmas.

Story of Two SwordsmenEdit


The Story of Two Swordsmen[2] is the first poem featured in the collection. It elaborates on Allen and Leonhart's motivations for their fateful duel. One boy wished to protect his family and the member of his family. For the sake of that person, he was willing to throw himself away. When it was only him against one person of his family, he was alone. The hero facing him had many things he wanted to protect, and swung his sword for their sake. However, a cup of alcohol and that boy's eyes caused his sword to waver.

Story of One SorceressEdit


The Story of One Sorceress[3] is the second poem featured in the collection. It explains the effects that Elluka had by incarnating Michaela and Gumillia as humans. To protect what she gained, the lonely sorceress made two spirits become human, training one in magic and one in songs. After the singer came to understand love, her life was taken, but she simply changed forms and continued to support her beloved. In the end, her feeling spread to others to protect that person's memento.

Story of Two HeroinesEdit


The Story of Two Heroines[4] is the third poem featured in the collection. It depicts Gumillia and Riliane Mouchet and focuses on their determination. One girl, trained in magic, was searching for things. One girl, skilled with a lance, had pride. Both had things they refused to give up and the means to fight for them. For their sake, they fearlessly moved onward.

Story of One GirlEdit


The Story of One Girl[5] is the fourth poem featured in the collection. It elaborates on Ney and delves deeper into her twisted psyche. Perhaps the girl was very lonely but perhaps she enjoyed herself; perhaps she was broken and wanted to be protected, loved, and coddled. Perhaps she wanted to speak or hear others speak. Perhaps she wanted to be like a normal big sister. There's no way to know anymore.



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The word 一人 used in two of the poems' titles has both an numerical and physical meaning, referring to both "one" person and to being "alone".


  • Like the stories themselves, their names follow a pattern, referencing "two" then "one" of someone or something for each title.
  • The colors of the titles and their orders follow the thematic color of The Daughter of Evil light novels: yellow, green, red, and blue; similarly, each of the stories focus on characters or events present in their respective novel.



  1. 悪ノ娘 Illust Story
  2. 二人の剣士の話
  3. ひとりの魔道師の話
  4. 二人の女傑の話
  5. ひとりの女の子の話

External LinksEdit

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