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Tasan,[1] founded as the Tasan Empire with the vassal states of Ra Tasan and Re Tasan, was a state in the Bolganio continent's Evillious region. Once a dominion that rivaled that of the great Magic Kingdom Levianta, Tasan eventually declined and split apart before being swallowed up by the growing Beelzenian Empire.


Schism and DeclineEdit

After the Tasan Empire was founded, it grew in power and became a strong imperial power in the Evillious region. Following the collapse of the Magic Kingdom Levianta, the nation had split apart due to constant infighting under the rule of Emperor Ang,[2] leading to its split as the nations of Re Tasan and Ra Tasan. The countries were later invaded by the growing Beelzenian Empire and were eventually conquered, becoming part of Beelzenia's territories.[3]

Government and PoliticsEdit


As an imperial power comparable to that of the Magic Kingdom, the Tasan Empire developed into an autocracy, ruled by the Emperor who held absolute power.[4] The Emperor's territories were then divided into two vassal states, Re Tasan and Ra Tasan, allowing them to be governed individually.

Society and CultureEdit

Due to being ruled as two independent vassal states, the Tasan people appeared dissonant to one another, eventually polarizing into two distinct nations rather than remain under one banner.[5] After being made part of Beelzenia's territory, the residents became equally contempt of their new imperial overlords and sometimes rebelled in its former major cities.[6] The nation also named at least one of its cities after the country and, by the fifth century EC, Tasan continued to exist in name in some areas.[7]

Geography and ClimateEdit

Existing in the south-western portion of Evillious, the Tasan Empire had encompassed a large area and was a habitat suited to that of the baemu pig.[8]



A star-shaped fortress city located in the empire. It was a strategic point during the standoff between Tasan and Beelzenia. It was later incorporated with the rest of Ra and Re Tasan as a Beelzenian territory.[9]

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Known ResidentsEdit


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The Tasan Empire is possibly inspired by the real world Roman Empire; like Tasan, the Roman Empire was split in two, divided as the western Roman Empire and the eastern Byzantine Empire.
  • Similarly, the Beelzenian Empire that absorbed it also bears similarities to that of the Roman Empire.
  • Its name is likely based on Satan, the patron demon of Wrath.


  • The name of its last emperor, Ang, is possibly derived from the word "anger", alluding to Satan and the sin of Wrath.[10]
  • A USE political party in Elphegort was dubbed the Tasan Party; interestingly, the party's leader, Nemesis Sudou, was a prominent user of the vessel of Wrath.



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