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The Swap Technique was a spell involving the transfer of a person's soul and consciousness to another body or object. Only known by a handful of individuals, the technique allowed the user to directly possess different people or objects and potentially surpass the average human lifespan.


The Swap Technique allowed the user to transfer the soul of either themselves or a nearby individual to another human body or object. The desired soul resided in the targeted "body", sharing it with the occupying soul;[1] the user could also move the occupying soul into another human body or object, such as the user's previously inhabited body, effectively swapping the bodies of the two individuals. It was also possible for the spellcaster to use the spell to draw a soul into their own body and soul. While sharing souls in the same body, the consciousness of one soul could be suppressed while the other took possession of the body.

A complex spell, only a select few and powerful human mages were capable of performing it.[2] In order to invoke the technique, the user was usually required to recite a short incantation.[3] By using this technique, the user would be able to gain the targeted body's unique characteristics and abilities, save for traits ingrained in the soul such as immortality or HER Syndrome.[4] As a downside, the targeted body's consciousness could resurge by triggering powerful emotions or memories, making it difficult for the user to control the body.[5]



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The two words in the technique's activation phrase (ノロク  リトス) use the same characters as the song title "Chrono Story" (クロノ・ストーリー) with the characters in each word reversed.[6]




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