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Spell Songs[1] were a type of magic involving the exertion of magical power through song. Composed of a plethora of different spells, spell songs were both a powerful and versatile magic.


By projecting a song's tune via the voice, the user could effectively conduct their magic power through the song. Because spell songs relied on the caster's singing voice, only able singers could cast it.[2] Spell songs ranged from offensive magics to simple support spells, making them flexible as well as changeable.[3] Editing a spell song could therefore change its effects.

Detection spells like the Clockwork Lullaby could be used to search out specific types of magic power such as demonic magic.[4] Likewise, the singer could project any particular song across an area as a means of communication, signaling trained mages with the resonating magic.[5] These types of spell songs could also simply amplify the user's singing voice, making it produce a pacifying effect for listeners.[6]

Spell songs geared for offense included enthralling nearby animals with the song, allowing the caster to control them as familiars for a period of time.[7] Among the most powerful spell songs was the ability to direct the magic power in one's voice toward specific opponents, causing devestating damage; as a drawback, the spell song inflicted a proportional amount of damage back on the caster. Spell songs also relied on the magic power of the caster and could therefore be nullified by cutting off the magic supplying the song.[8]



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Spell songs may be inspired by Vocaloid, the singing voice synthesizers many characters in the Evillious Chronicles and therefore the spell song casters are based on.




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