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Wrath was one of the Seven Deadly Sins born from Eve Moonlit. At some point, its demon inhabited the Golden Key as its vessel. Nemesis Sudou was among its most prominent owners, taking part in the Leviantan Civil War.



After Eve Moonlit's death, her children, Hänsel and Gretel, split her Original Sin into seven fragments, each with its own Demon. Afterwards, the Sins were scattered across the world.[1] The Demon of Wrath eventually inhabited a golden key as its vessel.

Venomania EventEdit

At some point, the vessel ended up in the hands of Yufina Marlon. Around EC 136, Yufina gave the key to Karchess Crim while she attended her husband's homecoming.[2] Becoming aware of its powers, Karchess carried the vessel with him and later brandished it to Rajih, claiming it could even kill a "demon".[3] Later on in EC 137, the vessel transformed into a knife and was used by Karchess to kill Sateriasis Venomania, injuring him despite his protection from the Demon of Lust.[4] After staging a coup and establishing a "legitimate" Marlon government, Karchess kept the vessel in the Marlon Royal Family.[5]

Disappearance of ConchitaEdit

Around the turn of the 4th century EC, Prince Carlos Marlon discovered the magical capabilities of the Key when combined with other ingredients. Using shavings produced by sharpening the vessel, the prince learned how to make a healing elixir from a shaman living in Held's Forest, regularly ingesting the concoction over the years to maintain its effects.[6] He later used the powder to create a more potent poison so that he and his beloved, Banica Conchita, could die together. The murder-suicide attempt failed, and although Banica survived,[7] the Demon of Gluttony was severely weakened as a result.[8]

Story of EvilEdit

In the 5th century EC, an Asmodean soldier came into possession of the key and later died during a war in EC 468. The vessel was then kept as a keepsake by his daughter, Yvette, and she often played with it. In EC 477, the key transformed into a golden knife for the enraged Yvette and she murdered her stepfather with it. After coming to her senses, she fled with it and later founded the Held Monastery in Lucifenia. Yvette, along with the friar and the director, then sealed away the key in the monastery.[9] At some point, the vessel escaped.

Later on, in EC 505, Clarith took the vessel, in the form of a knife, from the cupboard in her room at the monastery. Under the vessel's influence, Clarith slowly approached Rin from behind on the nearby coast. The Demon of Wrath, masquerading as Michaela, encouraged her to avenge her death; Clarith prepared to stab the sobbing Rin but was stopped by the spirit of Allen Avadonia. Restrained, Clarith turned to Michaela for help and saw the scowling false persona before her. Disillusioned by the Demon of Wrath's facade, Clarith awakened from the demon's possession,[10] using the knife to cut Rin's hair instead.[11] Later that year, Abyss I.R. stole the key from the monastery.[12]

Père NoëlEdit

At some point, Julia Abelard gained owneship of the key. She then passed the key onto Gatt Coulomb and tasked him with killing Seventh Magician using the key in its dagger form.[13]

Leviantan Civil WarEdit

Around EC 982, Nemesis Sudou came in contact with the vessel and became possessed by the Demon of Wrath. Enraged at Gallerian Marlon for having her kill her lover, Nemesis swore vengeance on her father. In August of EC 983, she confronted Gallerian within his burning home and demanded he repent for his crimes. Faced with his refusal, the assassin placed the gun to his head and prepared to shoot.[14]

End of the WorldEdit

In EC 998, Nemesis used the Golden Key to fire the prototype of Elphegort's new weapon, Punishment, upon the Millennium Tree Forest.[15] After observing the forest's obliteration, Nemesis used the key again to fire the weapon across the entire world, destroying the Third Period. Shortly afterward, Michaela summoned all seven vessels together for Allen.[16]

Sin AttributesEdit


Similar to the other vessels of sin, the Key influences its owner's anger and rage, often putting them in a vicious frenzy. This is sometimes achieved by whispering words of encouragement to them or its Demon assuming the form of a loved one and goading them on. It is capable of possessing its owner.[17]


The Golden Key has the ability to shift into multiple shapes,[18] doing so in reaction to the passions of its wielder. When exposed to rage, it turns into a knife, a weapon capable of killing strong individuals, regarded as being even more powerful than Abyss I.R.[19] The key also is extremely dangerous for the other Demons of Sin, capable of weakening and possibly even killing the demons over time.[20] Similarly, shaving the key creates a powder holding its magic which acts as a deadly poison, making it just as effective when ingested by a normal person or a demon possessing its victim. The powder can also be combined with other substances with various effects, creating an amazing healing elixir when combined with the ink of a ziz tiama.[21]


Like all the Demons of Sin, the Demon of Wrath resides in its vessel even when attached to a human and is the source of its magical power.[22] In order to seal the demon, it must be sealed in its original vessel.[23] The Demon of Wrath can mimic the form and voice of its host's loved ones, but has a devil-like expression regardless of its appearance.[24] The demon's voice could only be heard by those who had the right to contract with it; similarly, once contracted, the demon and host could speak directly via thought.[25]


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The Sin's name and its effects are derived from Wrath of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • The vessel is likely a reference to The Golden Key, a Brothers Grimm's fairy tale; the tale itself ends on a cliffhanger, telling the reader they have to wait until the boy unlocks the small iron box with the golden key.
  • For a large period of time, the fairy tale was placed at the very end of the brothers' book, referencing the release order of the Wrath song in the Seven Deadly Sins Series.
  • The Golden Key's ability to shapeshift may refer to the unstable and volatile nature of Wrath.





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