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Shiro Netsuma
Technical Information
Japanese シロ=ネツマ
Romaji Shiro Netsuma
Other Names No. 1 (codename)
Vocaloid Derivative

Yowane Haku

Biographical Information
Died February, EC 983
Classification Human
Race Netsuma
Gender Female
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Affiliation(s) Union State of Evillious
"Um.... uh.... sorry."
―Shiro Netsuma[src]

Shiro Netsuma, codenamed No. 1, was general of the USE military and a member of PN. Worshiped and later sacrificed by the Sisters of Clarith due to her appearance, the Netsuma eventually fled to Zenosai village and became a sniper. Later joining PN, Shiro helped the organization orchestrate the demise of Loki Freezis before enlisting in the military as well as working as an assassin under Judge Gallerian Marlon.


Early LifeEdit

Born sometime in the mid EC 900s, Shiro was worshiped by the Held sect due to her resemblance to Saint Clarith and was believed to be a reincarnation of her. After almost getting sacrificed by a martyr part of the Sisters of Clarith, Shiro fled from her birthplace and came across the Netsuma village of Zenosai. Adopted by a sniper, Shiro eventually convinced him to train her. Despite his worries, the Netsuma progressed under his tutelage and accompanied him out on battlefield on her own volition. During the time she trained, Shiro's confidence grew more and more and she was able to make friends, namely Owa and Mido.

After making enemies with Asmodean, Shiro was forced to go to Maistia to save one of her friends and her father. While there, she managed the save her friend but not her father. After that, she decided to not return to Zenosai and stayed in Maistia. After a civil war broke out, she became involved and was hired to become a bodyguard by the Freezis Conglomerate. She then encountered the family's servant, Bruno Zero and befriended him.[1] Bonding over their experiences with discrimination, she eventually fell in love with the former slave, although too shy to confess. After Bruno formed PN, Shiro joined the organization, becoming acquainted with her comrades Hale Jaakko and Feng Li.

A Composite RevengeEdit

"Your revenge–is complete, Bruno."
―Shiro after killing Loki[src]

In winter, EC 960, Shiro witnessed the young Gallerian Marlon flee from her employer's son, Loki Freezis. Wanting to save the Marlon teenager, she shot through the chest and left him in suspended animation. After Bruno convinced Loki that the boy was dead, he whistled for Shiro to come and take care of the "corpse". While Bruno drove Loki back to the mansion, Shiro carried Gallerian to Lunaca Labora.

In the facility, Shiro tended to the boy's wound with Hale and Feng, by using techniques left by Magic Kingdom Levianta and then left him to rest. By the time she came back to find him awake, Shiro had lost all confidence and could only reply to his questions with apologies. When Hale came in after her, the woman explained Shiro's confidence issues and retold the events that had led to him staying in Labora.

After Loki was trialed for the massacre of his slaves and sentenced to thirty years imprisonment the following year, Bruno approached Shiro in EC 962 and asked her to kill him for him as revenge for what the Freezises did to him and his family. Shiro then obliged and they made up a plan under the guise of planning a secret meeting as boyfriend and girlfriend; Loki would be sent a gun with which to kill himself, if he did not follow through, Shiro would shoot him.

The next morning at 2 AM, Shiro watched over Loki's prison cell as the gun was delivered, noticing he wasn't going to go through with it. When the man walked up to the cell window and swore to get his revenge against Gallerian, Shiro shot the young man in the head and stated that Bruno's revenge was complete.[2]

Military GeneralEdit

"There is someone... on the other side of the fog."
―Shiro spotting Postman[src]

Later on, Shiro became a general for USE army, hiring Hale as her deputy. Later on, she was also appointed head of PN, which then became the bureau's private espionage force. In summer of EC 976, she and fellow soldier Tony Ausdin had problems with undead soldiers and went to see Gallerian in hopes of finding Ma to help them fight the undead soldiers. After being greeted by his daugter Michelle, they met with Gallerian and explained their situation. Shortly after, Gallerian received a letter from one of his servants, Kacherina, that was written by Ma.

Shiro later led Gallerian, Bruno, and Tony through the Misty Mountains while looking for Ma. After Gallerian suggested turning back home, Shiro saw someone approaching them in the fog, and drew her revolver to go and check on the figure to find that it was Postman, the one who delivered the letter. After Gallerian asks them where Ma was, they silently showed Gallerian and Bruno the way while Shiro and Tony went looking for a way out. They were later informed that a troupe was waiting for them in the Babul desert.[3]

When the news of Michelle's death in the Titanis sinking came in EC 978, and after the World Police declared it an accident, PN was forbidden from investigating. Bruno then gathered Shiro, Hale, Feng and Postman and called for their old organization "Père Noël" to be taken up again and investigate the death of Michelle. Shiro did not object as she was fond of the girl and once again took up her codename No. 1.

Two months later, Shiro, Bruno, and Postman set out to the Millennium Tree Forest to look for the "demon beast master" Hale had informed Bruno about, as she was the only one who had obtained a pass from the Sister's of Clarith. After Shiro showed her pass to the sisters to enter it, Bruno began to insult the church, but stopped when he realized it hurt Shiro's feelings.

After walking a straight path, they arrived at a wood cutters house. After they asked the woodcutter if he knew of the beast master, the forest's branches suddenly began enveloping the cabin; despite Shiro's attempts to shoot the branches away, they remained trapped until Sickle convinced the forest god to let them go. After they properly interviewed the woodcutter, they managed to get to the house of the beast master only to find it empty. Postman then picked up a doll that looked exactly like Michelle, leading them to speculate that the beast master was after her all along. As Bruno and Shiro went out to find the beast master, they ordered Postman to take the doll back to Hale.[4]

Trials of WarEdit

―Shiro's dying words[src]

After war broke out across Evillious in EC 982, Shiro approached Tony and Colonel Mars on their way to Asmodean in February of the following year. Standing in front of the armored vehicle, Shiro told them they'd never make it through the thick snow and had to wait about half an hour. After Tony suggested they'd stay in the Zenosai village, Shiro revealed her past to him.

After arriving at Zenosai with Tony, Shiro was reunited with Owa and Mido once again. The two women revealed that since the time they last saw each other, they had both gotten married and had kids of their own and when asked if she herself had settled down, Shiro apologized, earning hearty laughter from the women, as it reminded them of their childhood.

After suddenly hearing a cry of panic from Tony, Shiro turned to see a Netsuma girl holding a lit stick of dynamite. As she ran towards them, the stick exploded, burning her leg, but leaving Tony unharmed. When the panicking Tony gave the order to slaughter the village under the assumption that they were agents for Asmodean, Shiro protested and tried to limp over to him but wound up accidentally shot by him instead. Crying out Bruno's name with her last breath, the Netsuma died.[5]


"That was... an accident. The gun just went off. Please believe me."
―Tony Ausdin regarding Shiro's death[src]

Following her death, Tony was charged with her murder as well as the massacre of Zenosai village. Tony would later insist to Gallerian that Shiro's death was an accident and that he was innocent. After Gallerian acquitted Tony, Hale and Feng were outraged by the judge's decision and quit being members of PN. Bruno later condemned Gallerian for his actions but continued serving the judge.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Shiro was a shy but strong-willed woman, devoted to her friends and comrades despite her lack of self-confidence. Due to almost being sacrificed early in her life, Shiro was traumatized by the experience and developed a nervous temperament. Over time, however, Shiro's courage grew as she learned how to become a sniper; as a result, the Netsuma drew confidence from her shooting skills and would become more bold every time she held a gun. However, Shiro's trauma stayed with her into her adulthood, causing her to be sensitive regarding her past. She also retained her shyness, often stammering and apologizing whenever spoken to.

Despite her shyness, Shiro was loyal to both her adoptive father and her friend, journeying to Maistia in order to save them. After joining PN, Shiro also became loyal to her fellow members, accompanying them on their missions and contributing her skills to help them achieve their objectives. Coinciding with this loyalty was a strong sense of justice; despite being employed by the Freezises, Shiro saw the immorality of their ways and joined PN out of her own sense of right and wrong.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"On the battlefield and in places of strife at least, there is no one more reliable than Shiro."
―Bruno Zero[src]

Shiro was an extremely skilled sniper, able to shoot targets from afar with incredible precision; her aim was accurate enough for her to be able to shoot Gallerian in the chest and stop his breathing without killing him. Aside from this, Shiro was a competent soldier, allowing her to fight against corpse soldiers and attain the rank of general in the USE army. However, Shiro was inhibited by her shyness and lacked communication skills, needing someone to assist her whenever she talked to people.

Character ConnectionsEdit


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Shiro's name is derived from shiro (白), the Japanese word for white.
  • The name "Netsuma" (ネツマ) shares the same characters with the phrase tsumanne (ツマンネ); the phrase was a result of a glitch in the Vocaloid software parodied in the song It's a Bokkoboko, becoming a catchphrase for Yowane Haku, Shiro's representative Vocaloid derivative.
  • Shiro's constant apologizing may be a reference to Clarith's character and her catchphrase of "I'm sorry for being alive."


  • Shiro was first mentioned in a poem mothy wrote on twitter, detailing her past.
  • In-universe, her preferred revolver model is the Naga E895.[6]




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