Shaw Freezis
Technical Information
Japanese ショウ=フリージス
Romaji Shou Furiijisu

Tsukuyomi Shouta

Biographical Information
Born EC 493
Died October 17, EC 609
Classification Human
Race Marlon
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown (later white)
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Elphegort (formerly)
Kingdom of Marlon
Freezis Firm (formerly)
Evillious Commerce Alliance (formerly)
Freezis Foundation
Levin Church (Held sect)

Shaw Freezis was the head of the Freezis Family in Marlon and the founder of the Freezis Foundation. Raised to become his father's successor, Shaw acted as Keel's aide and attendant for much of his young life. After his father suffered a permanent handicap, he took over the family's international business, eventually reorganizing it as the Foundation.


Early LifeEdit

Born in the Kingdom of Elphegort in EC 493,[1] the son of Keel and Mikina Freezis, Shaw was raised by his mother and an Elphe nanny during his infancy. The following year, Mikina's father, Duke Sfarz, took the child from his crib with the help of the nanny when Mikina arrived home. After his mother inadvertently unleashed the power of the Marlon Spoon, the vessel's flames burned Shaw's back while killing his grandfather and the nanny. Soon after, the family moved into a new mansion and Shaw was given all of his parents' attention and raised to be the heir of his father Keel's business. the Freezis Firm.[2]

In EC 500, Shaw joined his father and mother in their meeting with the staff regarding King Kyle's rejection of Princess Riliane in favor of their maid, Michaela. Sitting on Keel's lap, Shaw listened while the butler, Bruno, explained the situation to everyone. When Keel vented his fury towards Kyle, slamming his arms on the table, the boy became scared and Mikina soothed him. Later on in the meeting, as his mother rallied everyone to follow the Freezis motto of protecting friends and family, including Michaela, Shaw pitched in his approval.

During the Green Hunting, Shaw fled from his home with his family but was later captured by the Lucifenian army and imprisoned in the royal palace there. Once the family was released,[3] Shaw lived at Corpa's mansion in Rolled for a time before moving to the Freezis Mansion in Marlon. When Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia hid in the mansion to escape the Lucifenian army, Shaw and his siblings, Yukina and Aile, played with the mages before they left in EC 501.[4]

Merchant's AideEdit


Shaw comforts his grief-stricken father

In EC 504, Yukina ran away from home in pursuit of researching The Daughter of Evil, leaving Shaw and Aile to comfort their father as he became wracked with grief over her absence.[5] A few months later, Shaw heard rumors that the Gula plague was spreading throughout Marlon.[6]

During the following year, EC 505, Shaw noticed his mother had been repeatedly disappearing and coming backing back a few days later. Because his mother acted like nothing had happened, he ignored it.[7] Around the same time, he heard rumors that the Gula epidemic was becoming especially bad up north, particularly around Castle Hedgehog.[8]

Later on, Keel tasked Shaw with retrieving his elder sister and King Kyle. Given him letters for the two plus Germaine Avadonia and Gumillia, Shaw was sent on the Royal Victoricia as a messenger and an entourage of attendants and sailed to Lucifenia.[9] Finding his runaway sibling there, the messenger told Yukina what had occurred and gave her their father's summons, worried of Keel's despair for losing both children.[10]

Voyage to MarlonEdit

"You called, Miss Gumillia!"
"We've received permission. I entrust you with the arrangements."
"Yes, maam!"
―Gumillia and Shaw[src]

After their departure for Marlon on the Victoricia, Shaw became reacquainted with Gumillia and acted as his crush's underling. The next day, when a giant octopus had begun pursuing the ship, Shaw agreed to help with Gumillia's modifications of the cannons once she required permission. After waiting below deck for some time, Shaw heard the mage snap for him and leaped out onto the main deck with his entourage to answer her call. Once Gumillia confirmed she'd received permission and entrusted him with the preparations, the boy happily obliged and headed to the battery deck, tasking his attendants to modify the cannons as the sorceress had instructed.[11]

Return HomeEdit

"Big house as usual."
"What's with that? Saying stuff like that now."
―Yukina and Shaw[src]

After the octopus was defeated and they arrived at Jamet, Shaw and the others said goodbye to the sailors while they headed off to the party; the group then took three carriages prepared for them, Shaw joined by his sister and two attendants. Once they reached Bariti, Shaw asked his sister about her long time away from the city, using the opportunity to stare just past her and look at Gumillia.

Once they crossed into the Northern District and approached the church, Shaw noticed his sister staring at the lines of people and explained they were all afflicted will Gula, surmising that the church was handing out free medicine. When Yukina asked if anyone had died, the boy stated very few had because of the church's early action, though mentioning the rumors he had heard about the Blood Pool region.

After they arrived at the Freezis Mansion, Yukina noted the house was still huge while dismounting the carriage and Shaw questioned her words. After being greeted by the waiting servant, Shaw asked the boy to tell Keel that he brought Yukina and guests. The servant boy complied and the four waited a short while. Afterward, Shaw watched the merchant rush over and dote on his daughter and greet the two visitors. He then observed Yukina tell their father she wanted to go see their mother and Aile next and listened to Keel tell her to call them to dinner so they could together as a family.

Once Keel left with the guests, one of Shaw's attendants stated they would take their leave too. The boy admitted it had been hard on them, noting they should rest for the day. After they left, Shaw told his sister to go to their mother's room while he checked on Aile. After his sister offhandedly questioned what he said, Shaw hesitantly inquired if she had changed, given what just occurred with their father. Yukina then glared and told him he should speak better to his elder sister regardless.

Shaw then apologized, explaining he had heard something strange, and shrugged before heading off to Aile's room. After telling his younger sister that Yukina was home and checking on their mother, Aile ran off to see Yukina and Shaw went after her. Opening the door to the room, the boy poked his head inside and told his mothers sisters they should go to the table immediately, expressing his own hunger. Mikina complied and they all headed to the dining hall.

Once the food was served and they were all seated, the family ate with Germaine and Gumillia. After they all had finished, Shaw watched her father recommend their two guests rest in the bedrooms and recount what happened tomorrow. As the drunk Germaine ranted about their terrible experiences at sea, horrifying his parents, Yukina interrupted that they could hear the rest of the story tomorrow and Shaw then added that everyone was tired and should do as their father said. With the two managing to subside the situation, everyone retired for the night.[12]

Battle and Returning StormEdit

"Shaw? You should've gone through proper procedures for an audience—"
"I'm sorry. I was in a hurry and had to come here to shake off the soldiers."
―Kyle and Shaw[src]

Later, Shaw accompanied his father and their maid, Gerda, to Keel's meeting with King Kyle at Marlon Castle. After they entered the audience chamber in Right Palace, Shaw waited for a while before Kyle entered the room; the boy immediately knelt before the King. Kyle then noted Shaw hadn't been to the palace before and sent him on a tour with his parliamentary secretary, Arkatoir, and Gerda. Once Arkatoir finished giving the tour, Shaw and Gerda returned with his father.[13]

After the battle for Castle Hedgehog and Keel's injury, Shaw noticed his mother had suddenly disappeared again. After two weeks, he grew concerned that she hadn't returned and then discovered a letter from Yukina addressed to Kyle, explaining that she had left Marlon. Running to Marlon Castle, Shaw learned Kyle was in Left Chapel and sprinted to the crypt while avoiding the guards. Once he found the King speaking to Arkatoir among the graves, he called to him, out of breath.

When Kyle tried to reprimand him for not getting an audience, the boy quickly explained that he had an urgent task. The King questioned if it was related to Keel and Shaw affirmed his condition was stable, though still in a coma. During Kyle's speech regarding him taking up his father's mantle with Mikina's help, Shaw interjected that his mother was missing, explaining how he'd initially brushed it off. He then added that Yukina had also vanished and handed over her letter to the King.[14]

Business ExploitsEdit

With his father's injury became a permanent condition even after waking from his coma, Shaw was made the new head of the Freezis Firm. While under the guidance of his father and several aides, Shaw began improving the firm and it flourished under his leadership. In EC 531, the young businessman reorganized the firm and established the "Freezis Foundation" in its place.[15] Around that time, he established a Freezis publishing company for Yukina's popular Freezis Fairy Tales and their copyrights.

Sometime afterward, Keel passed away and Mikina disappeared, not telling them where she went. Tracking her down to an obscure home in Marlon, Shaw told his sisters the news and the three siblings rushed to their mother's side just before her death.[16] At some point, Shaw learned that the mage Abyss I.R. and the vessels of sin were responsible for his father's injury and his mother's unhappiness and swore vengeance on the elusive, immortal sorceress.

At some point, Shaw began to fear the prospect of growing old and dying. Seeking out Elluka, he begged the sorceress to give him the secret to her eternal youth. The mage refused, unable to teach him her method.[17] Shaw then had the Foundation begin informal experiments to discover the secret to immortality. As part of these experiments,[18] he made a pilgrimage to the new Millennium Tree and begged for eternal youth; as a result of his wish, Shaw was granted an extended human lifespan.[19] During this time, he married and sired several children.[20] Eventually, Shaw took on Bruno Marlon as his personal aide.[21]

As organized crime rose in Evillious, Shaw proposed that an international police organization be formed under the Foundation umbrella, merging the security forces already existing in several countries into a single network. When opposition rose among some of the aristocracy for giving the foundation such centralized power, Shaw explained that the organization would operate independently of any single business or nation and that each government would be able to maintain jurisdiction over their own police forces.

Afterward, Shaw's proposal was approved by the Evillious governments and the World Police was established in EC 573;[22] during the period, Shaw had a secret police branch established in the organization under his direct command. With the foundation's incredible influence due to their heavy funding for the organization, Shaw and the foundation created the Lost List for Yukina's lost works, having the World Police heavily enforce any illegal trade violating the Freezis Fairy Tales' copyright. At some point, Shaw established several other organizations within the foundation umbrella, including the Schuburg Newspaper in Aceid. 

A New FamilyEdit

After his great-granddaughters, Hanne and Heidemarie Lorre, passed away from illness, Elluka asked if she and Gumillia could masquerade as the two so they could fade away from the public eye. Shaw agreed to the arrangement, permitting Elluka to become "Hanne" while Gumillia became "Heidemarie". Committed to eradicating the vessels of sin, the businessman permitted Hanne to use all the resources and power of the foundation whenever she wanted to assist in her quest to collect the vessels.

He then quickly received criticism from the other foundation members, including Bruno, for making such a rash decision without their consent.[23] To maintain their incognito, Shaw assigned Heidemarie as part of the World Police's International Tasks department while Hanne was made a reporter for the Schuburg Newspaper. Afterwards, Shaw had his information network look into finding potential leads for the vessels of sin and the mage with the red cat. Over time, Shaw and Hanne constantly quarreled with one another, eventually making up later on each time.

In EC 593, the foundation-funded exposition overseas discovered the western continent of Maistia, and the landmass was colonized soon after for trade with Evillious.[24] At some point, Shaw appointed his grandson, Dashaw, as his successor. Shaw later learned that Dashaw died protecting Hanne during the Lioness Burning Incident in EC 597; after the World Police's investigation determined the incident was allegedly caused by "Elluka Clockworker", Shaw poured resourced into finding the impostor.

Later LifeEdit

"How's your health?"
"Just awful. When you become a hundred and sixteen... Oh dear... a hundred and seventeen? No, was it a hundred and fifteen? Ha ha ha, I've even forgotten how to count my age."
―Elluka and Shaw[src]

After the construction of the Freezis Foundation's headquarters in EC 599, Shaw moved into the building as his personal quarters; at some point, he contracted an illness and became bedridden.[25] After the emergence of the criminal organization Père Noël, Shaw had his informants learn about the organization. In EC 608, Hanne visited her fake great-grandfather for a time before returning to Elphegort.

A year later, around the end of August, the businessman learned that the organization's leader, First Santa Claus, was allegedly visiting the town of Toragay every so often, claiming to be the mage "Elluka Clockworker". Immediately afterward, Shaw sent his summons for Hanne to the Schuburg Newspaper. In early September, while Shaw was being attended to by his maids, Bruno knocked on the door and announced that Hanne had arrived.


Shaw receives Hanne

Pleased, the CEO beckoned the mage inside and greeted her. When asked how he was feeling, he lightheartedly admitted he felt awful. As he tried to point out what it was like to be at his age, he suddenly laughed at his difficulty to even recall it.  After stating he had God to thank for his long life, he expressed his glee that she accepted his invitation. Looking around, he asked if she wanted him to clear the room for their privacy and Hanne refused, teasing how Bruno wouldn't want the two of them alone.

When Hanne then inquired if he had found "that", Shaw recalled how much "that" brought his parents so much misery and made him vengeful toward it. Once Hanne reassured him she would fulfill his wish with his help, Shaw voiced his gratitude before noting their objective was in Toragay. Noticing Hanne's surprise, Shaw asked if she had already found something there; when she noted it was for a separate matter, Shaw asked if she could share it.

Hanne complied and explained that Toragay's Marquis, Kaspar Blankenheim, had recently died and that she didn't believe his father-in-law's diagnosis that it was illness. Shaw inferred she suspected foul play and Hanne noted it was just a guess, as no evidence supported it; after pointing out it was simply her suspicions, the mage pointed out that Yukina's memoirs noted that many "coincidences" turned out to be "laws".

Amused, Shaw laughed it off before teasing that he couldn't provide any more help, if she was already looking into Toragay. Hanne retorted that she would only need his information. Quoting his father's mantra, Shaw noted information was indeed important, hence their talk. Inquiring if she knew of Père Noël's connection to Toragay, Hanne answered that her investigation determined Kaspar was the organization's leader, meaning they had already lost their head.

Impressed by her swift investigation, Shaw repeatedly nodded before pointing out there was an inconsistency. As he tried to explain how the information differed, he began violently coughing. When Bruno attempted to make him rest, Shaw brushed aside his aide's hand and told him not to mind, saying this was an old man's reason for living and he'd only get worse if they stopped there. Once he finished explaining that the leader was supposedly a woman visiting the town, he noted she claimed to be a "mage", whether the title was authentic or not.

When Hanne insisted to know her name, the businessman answered her, noting the importance that name meant to her. Shaw then declared he would place the World Police under her control to investigate the matter. As Hanne noted the antagonism such actions would bring, glancing at Bruno, Shaw laughed while shaking his head. The elderly man then stated he wasn't going to live much longer anyhow, so he didn't care what others thought of him using the organization selfishly.

He then added he would arrange for Heidemarie to assist her once she finished her current case. Hanne expressed certainty she'd solve it before that and Shaw encouraged her to find this Elluka they've been hearing of.  Coughing again, Shaw questioned if he spoke for too long and decided to rest for a bit. Taking a pill brought to him by one of his caretakers, Shaw laid down and went to sleep as Hanne left.[26] Over a month later, on October 17, EC 609, Shaw died peacefully in his sleep.[27]


After his death, the entirety of Marlon was wrapped in grief for days, with the whole capital of Bariti dressed in mourning for his loss during the period. After being laid in a coffin in preparation of his funeral, Bruno allowed Hanne and Heidemarie to visit him before the rest of the family. When Bruno attempted to arrest the two immediately after, Hanne told the belligerent Heidemarie not to resist, saying they shouldn't disturb Shaw while he's resting.

Having no living children left nor a proper heir, the Foundation selected Shaw's grandniece, Aai, as his successor a month later.[28] The Freezis Foundation itself continued to persist with its strong economic and political hold across Evillious and the New World after his passing.[29] Without Shaw's support, Elluka and Gumillia shed their false identities and acted independently of the foundation, eventually infiltrating Père Noël to obtain more information on its leader, Julia Abelard, and the vessels of sin she seemingly owned.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Yes, "that"... Thinking back, some of the commotion I experienced in my youth—was also because of "that". I became much more aware of it as an adult. In that sense, I and "that" are tied by fate. For it ruining my mother and father's lives... I must take revenge."
―Shaw regarding the vessels of sin[src]

Shaw was a gentle, loyal, but stubborn man, decisive in business and loving with family. Raised with the expectations of succeeding his father,[30] the boy readily served as Keel's attendant and regularly accompanied his father during important meetings throughout his youth.[31] Likewise, Shaw treated everyone, whether they be peasant or royalty, with the same courtesy, politeness, and respect. At the same time, Shaw wasn't rigid in his upbringing, choosing to deviate from official procedures in the case of an emergency.[32]

Regardless, Shaw was a bit more low-key than his older sister, Yukina, and appeared more reserved, calm, and restrained compared to her more emphatic and emotional demeanor.[33] On the other hand, Shaw acted somewhat oblivious at times,[34] as well as a little mischievous when he wanted something.[35] He was very trusting as well, willing to provide Elluka every economic resource the foundation could provide for her quest to collect the vessels of sin.[36]

Shaw was a loving member of his family and cared for their well-being.[37] Having been pampered by his parents, he was very attached to them; as a result, he was bothered by Keel's injury and Mikina's later disappearance after his death, using all his resources to track her down and see her again.[38] Likewise, Shaw was vengeful towards the vessels of sin for their part in his parents' misery and was committed to rooting out the malicious magic tools.

He shared a similarly loving sentiment with his siblings.[39] As part of the family, Shaw shared its convictions towards family and friends, holding even their servants in high regard, and willing to protect them above all else.[40] As a result, he grew extremely close to Elluka and Gumillia, even having a small crush on the latter as a child,[41] and cared for them deeply when they posed as his dead great-grandchildren.

As time progressed, Shaw became tormented by the idea of growing old and dying. His fear eventually became desperation as he passionately searched for a means to obtain eternal youth. After being granted an extended lifespan from the Millennium Tree, the businessman was grateful for God's gift. By the time he reached over a hundred, the elderly Shaw came to accept death and even joked about his eventual demise with a carefree demeanor.

Despite his kind personality, Shaw was a decisive businessman and a bit stubborn. Because of this, he often butted heads with Elluka's capricious personality, though the two would always make up before long. Likewise, age made Shaw more and more apathetic to the interests of his constituents, giving little care to what others thought of his use of his economic and political power.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

From a young age, Shaw showed a certain aptitude of intelligence and was a capable attendant for his father whenever needed.[42] He was also impressively nimble, able to outrun trained soldiers and quickly deliver messages in his youth.[43] Under the guidance of his father and other excellent aides,[44] Shaw gradually developed a strong business sense and used it to help propel the Freezis Firm, and later Freezis Foundation, to new heights.[45]

As the founder and CEO of the Freezis Foundation, Shaw's wealth and influence was nearly infinite, having control of all the Foundation's resources and sub-divisions under the organization's umbrella. As a result, he held strong business relations with all the Evillious governments and controlled an extensive information network throughout the region. Due to the blessing of the Millennium Tree, Shaw was able to live an exceptionally long life for a human, though his health would still inevitably deteriorate over time.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Keel Freezis: Shaw's father. Shaw loved his father and would try to cheer him up when upset, such as after Yukina ran away. After he was injured, Shaw looked to him as a mentor figure as he ran the Freezis Firm and took his father's advice in order to develop his business sense.

Mikina Freezis: Shaw's mother. Shaw and Mikina had a close relationship, with his mother often coddling him and Shaw becoming greatly disturbed by her being forced to contract with the Demon of Greed. Due to this, he understood the patterns of her comings and goings very well, but would become concerned if anything out of the ordinary happened to her such as disappearing for unusually long lengths of time. 

Yukina Freezis: Shaw's big sister. Shaw held a close relationship with Yukina as his elder sister and understood her reasons for running away; as a result, he didn't worry when she left.

Aile Freezis: Shaw's little sister. Shaw held a close relationship with Aile as his little sister and worked in tandem with her in things such as comforting their father.

Elluka Clockworker: An associate of Shaw's when he took control in the Freezis Firm. Shaw trusted and respected Elluka, allowing her use of his resources despite the criticism he faced from his colleagues. Even after many decades, Shaw continued to trust in her and support her quest.

Bruno Marlon: Shaw's aide. Shaw viewed Bruno as his closest and most trusted servant, allowing him to serve as a representative of the Freezis Foundation and conveying on him many privileges as a "Bruno," staying with him for many decades.

Dashaw Freezis: Shaw's grandson. Before he was killed, Shaw trusted the man's integrity and business sense to name him as his successor in the Freezis Foundation.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • His surname is possibly derived from the English word "freezing".
  • Shaw's name is partially inspired by the name of his representative Voiceroid, Shouta, with Shaw's romanization containing "shou".





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