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Seth Twiright
Technical Information
Japanese セト=トワイライト
Romaji Seto Towairaito
Other Names Demon of Wrath

Hiyama Kiyoteru

Biographical Information
Classification God Kin (till death)
Human (till death)
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation(s) Magic Kingdom Levianta (formerly)
Project 'Ma' (formerly)
"I must search for the next 'Mem Aleph' for the sake of having my ambitions granted."
―Seth Twiright[src]

Seth Twiright, later known as the Demon of Wrath, was a scientist from the Magic Kingdom Levianta and the father of all HERs in the Third Period. Originally one of the surviving god kin, he was sealed with his fellow kin in Sin before escaping and reincarnating as a human. Afterward, Seth experimented with the creation of ghoul children and vessels of sin to increase the number of HERs in the world, eventually taking over Project 'Ma' for his ambition. Following the Levianta Catastrophe, Seth reincarnated again as the Demon of Wrath.


Early LifeEdit

"You've still forgotten, just like the other demons and spirits. Shame the only one who seems to recall the Second Period is me."
―Seth to Gumillia[src]

Born in the paradise created by the gods,[1] the mask with a will enjoyed paradise with the rest of his kind.[2] At some point, one of the mask kin began researching parallel worlds.[3] As the Second Period became wrought with Hereditary Evil Raisers and faced destruction, the mask became a HER himself and began plotting to sneak aboard the ark Sin with the other refugees to escape the world's destruction.[4]

When Levia consulted the researcher regarding her impulsive desire to kill,[5] the researcher suggested she kill her counterpart from an alternate reality to possibly destroy the malice,[6] hoping to have her be consumed by her murderous desire and take her place on the ark.[7] After the plot failed, the one HER mask secretly boarded the ark Sin and successfully escaped the world's destruction along with his fellow seventy-one kindred.[8]

They then sailed to another new place. Afterward, it was decided that the most skilled scientists would become the "gods" of the new world. After Levia, Behemo, the sun god, Held, and the moon goddess took up the moniker,[9] the sun god tasked the others with helping create the individual aspects of the third paradise. During the process, 62 of their kin died and Held had them reincarnate as forest spirits on the ground world. The surviving four gods and six kin then completed their creation by BT 528.

When the sun god shared his plans to leave their new paradise in the hands of the humans they created, Rahab and the other five kin opposed the decision along with Levia and Behemo.[10] At some point, the six kin swore their allegiance to the twin gods.[11] After the sun god transformed the twins into a twin-headed dragon and tasked "Levia-Behemo" as the "temporary gods" for the humans of the new world, the six kin joined the wrathful twin gods in breaking the sun god's rules and attempting to destroy the Third Period. The sun god then sealed Levia-Behemo and the kin in Sin and buried the ark in the world's north.[12]

Human ExperimentationEdit

"You aren't exactly human either, right? Seth made ghoul children by imitating me."
―Behemo to Irina Clockworker[src]

Sometime after the ark was excavated by the nation of Levianta, the mask kin escaped Sin and reincarnated as a human. Unaffected by the sun god's rules for reincarnation, "Seth Twiright" became a prominent scientist in the Magic Kingdom, using his knowledge as a former god kin to experiment with Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome.[13] Around the BT 020s, Seth developed a method of creating artificial human HERs based on Behemo's original method for creating human bodies.[14]

After cloning his cells, Seth created and released his first two "ghoul children" into the world, Pale Noël and Kiril Clockworker. As Pale gained notoriety as the mass murdering leader of the criminal organization Apocalypse, Seth's position became increasingly compromised. He then lied that he and Pale were separated twin brothers, hence their resemblance. After quieting the suspicion with the cover story, the scientist decided making ghoul children with his face was unviable.

In BT 022, Seth developed another type of method for creating ghoul children. Implanting seeds of malice in a young girl he created, he attempted to create a new HER. Naming the child "Meta Salmhofer", Seth continued the creation of ghoul children through seeds of malice implantation,[15] allowing them to wreak havoc upon Levianta in the succeeding years.[16] In BT 004, Seth successfully created his twelfth ghoul child, inputting "Irina Clockworker" as Kiril's little sister.[17]

Project 'Ma'Edit

At some point, Seth collaborated with the Senate to take Adam Moonlit's mother, Queen Alice, away from him.[18] Hoping to achieve his ambitions, Seth took vested interested in Project 'Ma' and its goal to have a mother bear the reincarnated bodies of the twin gods for their reincarnation into the world as humans. After the first project failed and the head scientist Adam Moonlit fled the country with the test subject, Eve Zvezda, Seth was appointed the head for the second project.

Searching for the new Ma, the scientist chose Meta Salmhofer due to her unique magical power. With the cooperation of the Leviantan Senate, Seth successfully capture Meta and had the terrorist condemned to death. While she awaited her execution, he approached the witch in her cell. Extending his arm out to her, the smiling man offered her freedom in exchange for becoming his test subject for the project. Once Meta accepted the deal,[19] Seth presided over the ghoul child's inoculation with the seeds of god, replacing one of the seeds with a seed of malice.[20]

Following the successful births of the "twin gods" Hänsel and Gretel on December 27, EC 0, Meta fled with the twins and a search for the escaped mother began. During the process, Seth's past experiments creating artificial humans were discovered and he was dismissed from the royal institute.[21] At some point, Seth began experimenting on creating devices similar in effect to Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome, eventually succeeding in developing a Jakoku styled sword and a golden key he dubbed "Grim the End".[22] He also developed a new device capable of drawing the affected into one's inner psychological world, installing "Black Box Type S" into the heart of a stuffed red cat.[23]

Sometime after, Seth was readmitted to Project 'Ma' after successive projects failed to produce twins. While passionately devoting himself to the seventh project in EC 013, Seth met Kiril Clockworker and learned he had been cured of being a HER. When his creation noticed their resemblance, Seth claimed to be a ghoul child like him, convincing Kiril he was freed of his Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome and trying to save the country from the rampaging HERs through the project.

After Irina Clockworker, Elluka Chirclatia, Ly Li, and Milky Eights were selected as potential candidates for the seventh project,[24] Seth whispered to his creation that she would be the new Ma if the other three were gone.[25] Once Irina was discovered to have killed the three other women, Seth had her selected to be the new Ma by default,[26] implanting Irina with the seeds of god at the royal institute.[27]

When the Magic Kingdom was destroyed around six months later, Seth was caught in the blast;[28] severely burned in the destruction, he managed to survive. He then took the stuffed red cat and carried it under his arm while he approached the limbless and dying Irina.[29] Asking if she remembered the song she heard somewhere,[30] Seth touched the mutilated mage and stated she was reborn, that day being her "rebirthday".[31]

He then began using a transference ritual to move Irina's soul into the stuffed cat body, telling the dying mage about his specialty in the study of variable shape memory substances and the application of forbidden transference techniques.[32] Once the ritual was complete and the ghoul child was made into an ageless, immortal stuffed cat, Seth said that he would never return there and commanded her to continue the experiment.[33] He then left the red cat mage and later died of his injuries.[34]

Mantle of WrathEdit

"Surprisingly, he had been the Demon of Wrath. After he died as a human being, he probably cleverly slipped in when the twin gods began creating the vessels of sin—no, you'd think it was his suggestion for the other demons as well, perhaps..."
―Irina Clockworker[src]

Following his death, Seth reincarnated again as a demon, continuing to maintain his prior memories. When Hänsel and Gretel split Eve Moonlit's Original Sin into seven fragments in EC 014, Seth slipped in with the other reincarnated kin while they created the vessels of sin, becoming the "Demon of Wrath". During the period, Seth came in contact with other demons and forest spirits, discovering they still didn't remember their time as kin.[35] Afterwards, the demons and their vessels of sin were scattered across the world.[36] Armed with the knowledge of the sun god's rules for demons,[37] Seth eventually inhabited Grim the End as his vessel.[38]

At some point, the soul of Adam Moonlit joined Seth in the golden key and the demon allowed his former colleague to leech off his vessel and power. As time progressed, the demon allowed Adam to act in his place as the "Demon of Wrath", watching while Adam contracted with humans consumed by hatred and rage.[39] In EC 137, Count Karchess Crim forged a contract with the demon through Adam to kill Duke Sateriasis Venomania. They later watched while Karchess transformed the key into a knife and stabbed the duke possessed by the Demon of Lust in the chest, killing him.[40]

During the turn of the fourth century EC, Prince Carlos Marlon began shaving the demon's vessel to create a fine powder, mixing it with ziz tiama ink to formulate a healing elixir. Regularly ingesting the concoction over the years to maintain its effects, the Demon of Wrath's magic became infused with his body.[41] In EC 477, Yvette transformed the demon's vessel into a golden knife before murdering stepfather Shalgham with it. After being sealed away at the Held Monastery around the mid EC 490s,[42] Seth escaped some time after and his vessel ended up in a cupboard in one of the nun's rooms.

In EC 505, the Demon of Wrath possessed Clarith through Adam and watched while his former colleague goaded the enraged Netsuma into trying to kill Rin by impersonating her beloved Michaela. Once Allen Avadonia intervened and Clarith discovered Adam's deception, he relinquished possession of her while the Netsuma gave up on seeking vengeance against the girl.[43] Sometime after, Grim the End fell into the possession of the Blankenheim Family.[44]

After Grim the End was acquired by Irina in the latter half of EC 608, the surprised mage spoke to Seth about her suspicions regarding Elluka Clockworker, citing the woman's apparent immortal resurrection via Sin inexplicably taught her the Swap Technique ability while she suddenly lacked the ability to detect and cure HERs and was apparently old friends with Held despite never having left the Magic Kingdom. The Demon of Wrath then readily told her about the gods and their kin, revealing the true identities of the demons and the mechanics to the world, including the memory suppression caused by reincarnation.[45]

Storing Seth's vessel in her treasury, Irina later gave the key to Gatt Coulomb for his assassination of Seventh Magician in December of EC 608, transforming it into a golden knife.[46] Following his failure to complete the mission, Gatt returned the vessel to the mage. On October 6, Gretel moved Grim the End from the treasury into Lemy Abelard's pocket;[47] around that time, Seth realized the Demon of Gluttony had contracted to the reincarnation of Hänsel through Gretel.[48] The key was later morphed to unlock a door in the Corpa Mansion before returning it to Irina the next day.[49]

On January 26, EC 611, Irina took the vessel while fleeing her mansion and stored it in Pale Noël's tomb at Merrigod Plateau. On January 29, Gatt took the vessel and transformed it into a longsword before waiting on the outskirts of Calgaround, ambushing Elluka Clockworker's carriage en route to Merrigod with a blast of the demon's power. After Elluka acquired Grim the End from Gatt and gave it to her apprentice on January 29, EC 611,[50] Seth recognized the human Gumillia as one of the former kin that became Held's forest spirit.[51]

Duel of Merrigod PlateauEdit

"Feels like the first time I've tried being the Demon of Wrath but it's quite difficult, isn't it?"
―Seth to Adam[src]

The next day, the demon watched while Elluka Clockworker and her apprentice Gumillia confronted Irina at Pale Noël's tomb in Merrigod Plateau and battled her before Lemy arrived. Seth watched as Irina triumphantly declared her adopted son's invulnerability due to his contract and explained to the shocked Elluka that only contractors with the demons' power could kill other contractors. After viewing the fight drag on for two hours, the Demon of Wrath sighed and exasperated about the length.

The demon noted Irina and Elluka were evenly matched since the former didn't seem to neglect her magical training while the latter acquired Eve Moonlit's power. He then added that Gumillia was impressive too with applying magic to a gun before acknowledging she was always excellent since time immemorial. The demon then spoke about Lemy's own inferiority, questioning if it would be different if the boy was intelligent enough to use the Glass of Conchita's corpse soldiers. He then mused that the boy's contract to the Demon of Gluttony made him unkillable and admitted that made him the strongest technicality.

Afterward, Seth announced his boredom with the duel, declaring it ending in a stalemate would be irresponsible since Gumillia literally held the golden key. He then questioned why Adam wasn't making a move already. When he answered that she lacked hate, the demon recalled the soul couldn't lend her his power without it, admitting that was inconvenient before musing he was only leeching off the vessel.

Seth then asked if that meant it was his turn, saying it would be nice once in a while and that Gumillia could be considered an old acquaintance under the circumstances since they both incarnated as humans at one point. As the demon prepared to engage her, he asked Adam what was he supposed to say before deciding to speak his own words rather than the traditional "Leave it to me".

Seth then called out to the exhausted Gumillia, noting she was having a hard time. When the mage ignored him, he called her heartless and told her to respond. The mage then inquired about his identity and the demon asserted she should recognize him by his voice. Once the mage admitted she didn't know anyone by his voice, Seth lamented her having forgotten about the Second Period like the other demons and spirits except for him.

When the mage determined he was the Demon of Wrath, Seth confirmed his demonic identity and Gumillia declare she wasn't acquainted with any demon. The demon immediately declared it fallacy, telling her how the demons and spirits were the same beings and had only forgotten the fact. The mage then brushed off the topic, citing she was too busy as Lemy prepared to charge her again. Seth mused her pathetic sloppiness would be what finished her soon enough and the former kin retorted she couldn't help struggling against the boy.

Seth then reminded her of Irina's earlier words giving her a means to kill the contractor. When Gumillia acknowledged his implication they should form a contract and refused, Seth lamented her stubbornness before offering a "special service" contracting to her temporarily, promising it would resolve the fight. After the mage replied she couldn't trust him, Seth stated she had no other options and that even she understood her situation was gradually worsening.

The Demon of Wrath then argued the simplicity of his answer to her problem, noting Grim the End's shape changing abilities made it his greatest masterpiece among his inventions, and that she could even transform the key into a bullet to drive into Lemy's heart to end the battle. When Gumillia again refused to forge a contract with him, the annoyed demon changed tactics; exclaiming she was cruel, he lamented Lemy being left in tatters when he was only doing what his mother told him to.

After calling her a sadistic woman for torturing him in that state, Gumillia finally gave in and took the key from her robes. Granting her a temporary contract, Seth lent his power to the mage as she transformed the key into a golden bullet. Once she shot it at Lemy and killed him with it, the Demon of Wrath relinquished the contract; during that time, the demon noticed the Demon of Gluttony absorbing the reincarnation of Hänsel's soul into the glass.

Afterward, he sighed and admitted it ended safely, noting the difficulty for his first time actually being the Demon of Wrath. He then related about the Demon of Gluttony's expected actions, pointing out she finally had both twins in her possession. Noticing Adam's unhappiness with the situation, Seth acknowledged she could become a troublesome foe for him in the future. The Demon of Wrath then stated they interfered enough with the bout between the two six hundred year old mages before saying the Demon of Gluttony might not agree.

Noticing Gumillia was trying to speak with her, the exasperated demon told her he kept his promise and had no right to complain when he realized she was asking for his name. He then related the mage's sudden interest in him to Adam, questioning if she was regaining her memory after he talked to her. The demon then told Gumillia he would tell her his name from when he incarnated as a human, revealing his identity as "Seth Twiright".[52]

Once Irina activated her heart's Black Box Type S, Gumillia was caught in the blast and transported into Levia's inner psychological world, leaving Grim the End and Seth behind. After the Demon of Gluttony opened a portal into the mental world and clashed her Worldeater with Levia and Irina's magic,[53] the blast blew Seth and Adam out of the golden key.[54]

Meeting in HellEdit

"Honestly, I'm in quite the mess..."

After the blast, Seth ended up in the Hellish Yard. Helpless in his mask form, the demon was later found by Behemo before the bridge leading to the gates to the Heavenly Yard. He then began stomping on the demon until Gumillia approached them. When Gumillia asked about the mask, Behemo picked up the mask and handed him to her, prompting Seth to remind her that they've met before. After confirming he was the Demon of Wrath in his true form, the demon questioned if she could believe that there was once enough masks with wills, nonexistent in the ground world, to form a country.

Behemo then took back the mask and noted he seemed to be affected by the blast well due to the hole the Demon of Gluttony opened between Levia's inner psychological world and the ground world. Seth then began laughing hysterically as he admitted he was in a terrible situation, adding the "other guy" was probably fine by comparison. When Gumillia questioned who he referred to, Seth elaborated about the other being residing in the key with him who had been blown away in the blast, wondering if Adam found a new vessel already.

Once Behemo confirmed he didn't know what happened with Levia, Irina, Eve, or the Demon of Gluttony for Gumillia and suggested they meet with Held in the Heavenly Yard to see if he knew, the god carried Seth across the bridge and up to the gates. As he prepared to enter, the demon stopped him and demanded to be left where they were. When Behemo questioned why, the Demon of Wrath admitted he didn't want to return to heaven or see Held. Once the god noted he wouldn't be able to return to the ground world, Seth answered he didn't care, citing he was already bored of it and would prefer beginning his research there where the people in hell could provide numerous new discoveries for him.

Behemo finally conceded he had that liberty and said goodbye before tossing the mask and entering the gates. After they confirmed the living Gumillia couldn't leave either without being burned by heaven's light, Seth listened while Gumillia asked if there was any way to get to the ground world from hell. Once Behemo stated only the missing Master of the Hellish Yard, his sister Levia, knew, Seth began cackling with wild laughter. As Gumillia trampled on him, the demon continued to laugh while the mage stated she'd wait for "Elluka" to come pick her up.

After Behemo told them that a miasma permeating the Hellish Yard would slowly drive them insane and left, Seth continued laughing until the mage reminded him the miasma would affect him as well. Admitting that was troubling, the Demon of Wrath noted it was his duty as a scientist to start researching a means to stop it. The former god kin then related about his unfortunate inability to conduct his research without hands and feet, requesting the mage be his limbs for him.

After the mage considered it for a while and asked if it was the only way, he told her to wear him if it was too much trouble carrying him around. He then encouraged her to relax, confirming he wasn't some cursed mask that would take over her body and could only be worn. When the woman replied she couldn't trust him, Seth reiterated she could, pointing out his previous kept promise during her battle with Lemy.

Once Gumillia conceded and put him on her face, she noted she could still see out of the missing left eye hole. Seth chastised her not to make fun of his abilities, describing her ability to see in the dark and read minds with him. The Demon of Wrath then suggested they start look for materials and tools and Gumillia complied, walking off to search.[55] After the soul of Giyara ended up in the Hellish Yard by mistake in EC 842, Seth witnessed Gumillia grant him a wish to make up for the trouble. Conversing with her soon after, the two of them decided to head to the Heavenly Yard to investigate.[56]

Leviantan Civil WarEdit

After Nemesis Sudou acquired Grim the End, the Demon of Wrath forged a contract with the woman. After her failed suicide attempt in December of EC 982, the assassin became enraged at her at her father, Gallerian Marlon, for ordering her to kill her lover. Swearing vengeance, Nemesis transformed the key into a golden bullet before loading it into her revolver during the civil war that erupted in August of EC 983.[57] Confronting the judge possessed by the Demon of Greed at gunpoint within his home, Gallerian refused Nemesis' demands and the demon's bullet was fired into his skull, killing him.[58]

Defying the EndEdit

"I don't know that woman's intentions though. Whether they're her intentions or she's being manipulated by the mask..."
―Hänsel regarding the Master of the Hellish Yard[src]

After the Third Period's destruction and subsequent merging with the Hellish Yard in EC 998, the demons were approached by the sun god, tasking each of them with helping Michaela have Allen Avadonia meet one of their previous contractors, the Demon of Wrath's being Nemesis Sudou. After the demons agreed to cooperate,[59] Seth waited while the Master of the Hellish Yard began collecting other former contractors who escaped the underworld.

After they collected Sateriasis Venomania from his mansion, the Master took Seth to the USE Dark Star courthouse manifesting in Jakoku to collect Gallerian Marlon and Kayo Sudou. Walking in on the judge's ongoing trial for Allen Avadonia, Seth watched while the Master of the Hellish Yard lectured the judge for leaving and questioning his choice to bring Allen there.

Once they confirmed the Demon of Greed led the boy there, the hell master sent Gallerian through a portal back to the underworld. While they collected Kayo, Allen intervened and the Demon of Wrath watched the master explain her intentions. When Allen asked where Nemesis Sudou was, the Master of the Hellish Yard agreed to skip returning her to the underworld until after the boy met with her before sending him and Hänsel through a portal to the Grave Yard.[60]


Following his death as a human, the seeds of malice Seth implanted in the ghoul children were released into the atmosphere in the wake of their deaths during the Levianta Catastrophe, making it possible for a HER to be naturally born in the Third Period during the centuries thereafter. Seth's surviving ghoul children continued to exist,[61] the remaining five eventually being cryogenically frozen and kept in stasis at an underground facility deep below Castle Hedgehog and guarded for centuries. One ghoul child eventually reawakened and escaped, mixing with the ground world's humans to become the Freezis Family; the remaining ghoul children were later terminated a century later by their keepers on Behemo's orders.[62]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"But, you can't return to the ground world."
"I don't care. I was already bored with that place. And the people here in hell are likely to allow me to see numerous and new discoveries. I'll begin with my new research here from now on."
―Behemo and Seth[src]

Seth was a vile and opportunistic man, obsessed with his research and personal ambitions. Ingrained with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Seth constantly sought new and interesting discoveries about the universe. He therefore took a great amount of pride in himself as a scientist and his achievements.[63] After becoming a HER, he felt the compulsive desire to spread malice across the world. As a result, Seth took extensive interest in experimenting with Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome and how to develop more HERs.

Taking pleasure in human experimentation,[64] the mad scientist was especially attached to his ghoul children and became wholly dedicated to the success of Project Ma for his ambitions. His desire for research could also make him rather ruthless, demonstrating little care for others' well-being in comparison to his personal endeavors.[65] However, after becoming the Demon of Wrath, Seth grew bored with the Third Period, studying the Hellish Yard instead to satiate his curiosity.

Despite this, he continued to enjoy watching others suffer at their expense, finding their setbacks to be laughably hysterical. Regardless, Seth was willing to cooperate with others and cut deals or compromise, though only when it was to his advantage or he was certain to have the upper hand.[66] Still, the man wasn't above deception and readily lied to anyone for his own benefit, even creating an outward persona dedicating his life to trying to save the Magic Kingdom Levianta from destruction during his tenure as a human.[67]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"If he weren't a HER, it wouldn't be odd for him to be the fifth god."

As a scientist, Seth was very intelligent and extremely knowledgeable in the technology of his fellow kin. Due to his years of research and study, he became an expert in variable shape memory substances and their application to forbidden transference techniques. Combined with his own impressive magical power, the scientist could move souls into inanimate objects and grant them an ageless immortality.[68] His studies of Levia and Behemo's creation of the human mind and body likewise led to his development of both Black Box Type S and ghoul children,[69] inventing multiple methods of creating the latter.[70]

Despite his magical and scientific accomplishments making him worthy of being a god,[71] Seth was limited by his true form as a kin. Being a mask with a will, he lacked any limbs and was unable to move on his own, though still able to project his voice. Despite this helplessness, he was significantly sturdy and could take a flurry of brute force without breaking. Likewise, while worn by someone, the mask was able to grant his wearer the ability to see in the dark and read minds.[72] While incarnated as a human, Seth was able to move and act at his leisure, even using his biological body to clone himself; however, he suffered blindness in his left eye and needed to wear glasses to supplement his poor eyesight.[73]

As a Demon of Sin, the Demon of Wrath was able to possess those who wielded his vessel. While possessing a host, Seth was able to influence their personality and actions, fueling their anger and rage.[74] If a contract was forged between an individual and the demon, Seth's host would have access to powers provided by him and be automatically healed when seriously injured, making the host essentially immortal unless counteracted with the power of another vessel of sin.[75] He could also communicate with his host through telepathy.[76]

Aside from this, Seth was capable of impersonating an individual, appearing before his host in the being's guise, and allow the host to release blasts of energy from the vessel.[77] Although inhabiting the body of his host while possessing them, the Demon of Wrath's true body remained in Grim the End. Because of this, the Demon's powers could be inhibited by a sealing spell;[78] similarly, the demon was forced to abide by the "rules" put in place by the sun god until the end of the Third Period.[79] However, after being thrown out of his vessel and into the Hellish Yard, Seth was able to act more freely. He was able to share his power with another soul to act as his familiar.[80]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Gumillia: A fellow former god kin. Seth admired Gumillia's capabilities since time immemorial and was impressed by her continued excellence after incarnating as a human; due to this, he was willing to bargain with her in order to make use of her capabilities when necessary. Despite any previous relationship he may have had with her, Seth was nonetheless willing to manipulate her with emotional blackmail as well.

Adam Moonlit: An associate of Seth's. Initially, Seth antagonized Adam in taking his mother away from him and had no particular interactions with him, but would later be able to tolerate sharing a vessel with the human for large amounts of time and allowing him to carry out contracts on his behalf. Despite this, while sharing Grim the End with him for centuries, Seth garnered no visible fondness for Adam.

Pale Noël: One of Seth's creations. Seth created Pale as a means of spreading HER Syndrome and had no scruple against unleashing him to cause havoc in Levianta. Although providing a cover story that they were twins to hide his human experimentation, Seth nonetheless regretted Pale's havoc becoming so easily associated with him due to their similar appearance.

Kiril Clockworker: One of Seth's creations. Seth created Kiril as a means of spreading HER Syndrome but appeared to have no visible affection for his creation. Due in part to wishing to keep his own human experimentation a secret, Seth hid their connection and deceived Kiril for his own ends later on, pretending to be a Ghoul Child himself to the craftsman.

Meta Salmhofer: One of Seth's creations. Creating her only for the purpose of spreading HER Syndrome, Seth showed no sense of responsibility towards her as a creator, abandoning her as a child, and later had no compunction against using her for his own ends during Project 'Ma'.

Irina Clockworker: One of Seth's creations. Creating her only for the purpose of spreading HER Syndrome and to be a sister to Kiril, Seth later had no scruple against using her for Project 'Ma' saw use in prolonging her survival to continue spreading HER Syndrome in Evillious. He also saw fit to confide in her about the mechanics of the Third Period.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Seth's name is likely a biblical reference to the third son of Adam and Eve, sired after the demise of Abel at the hands of his brother Cain.
  • His last name, Twiright, likely shares the same wordplay with Twiright Prank, acting as a pun on the word "twilight" and creating a portmanteau of the words "twist" and "right".[81]
  • Seth's description as a "serpent" acting behind the scenes in the Original Sin Story: Complete Edition album likely references the biblical serpent of the Garden of Eden.
  • The demon's representative sin is derived from Wrath of the Seven Deadly Sins; Satan, the patron demon of Wrath, is commonly interpreted as being the serpent of the Garden of Eden in Christianity.
  • Seth manifests himself in the form of a mask; in literature, masks often symbolize concealing one's identity.





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