Technical Information
Japanese シャーザ
Romaji Shaaza
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Union State of Evillious
"I was dying to see the expression on womens' faces the moment they lost all hope."

Scherzer was one of the world's leading celebrities in the Union State of Evillious. Growing obsessed with the suffering of women, he became involved in the local slave trade, abducting countless young women for his personal pleasure. After being caught assaulting a woman, the man bribed Gallerian Marlon to acquit him of all charges.


Early LifeEdit

"I stole those girls' hope. And then, at that moment, I felt myself living."

Born sometime during the tenth century EC, Scherzer began lusting to see women succumb to total despair. He eventually became a huge celebrity around the world, living a life of luxury at his suburban mansion in Levianta; around that time, he hired Bogaerts to manage his immense fortune for him. At some point, he learned about Duke Sateriasis Venomania and the infamous serial kidnapping incident he had caused centuries ago. Inspired, the sadist began abducting women and imprisoning them in his basement, humiliating and tormenting them into losing hope before selling them into the local slave trade.[1]

Corrupt LawEdit

"I was saved thanks to you."
"Hmph. People are saved if they have money. That's it."
―Scherzer and Gallerian Marlon[src]

Scherzer smiling as he is found innocent

While attempting to abduct a woman, Scherzer failed and was later arrested on charges of assaulting the woman. Appealing to the USE Dark Star Bureau Director, Gallerian Marlon, the judge agreed to have him acquitted in exchange for a bribe and Scherzer passed the transaction onto Bogaerts.

The day of the trial, Scherzer took the accused stand before Gallerian at the bureau's courtroom. Following the trial, he smiled as Gallerian proclaimed the man not guilty, claiming the evidence surrounding the charges was circumstantial and therefore insufficient. In the aftermath of the trial, the man was kept busy for most of the day. That night, Scherzer snuck into Gallerian's office through the window.

Once the judge entered and noticed him standing by the open window, the celebrity explained he would've come earlier had he not been so busy. After pointing out the judge had saved him, Gallerian retorted that people were only saved if they had money. The celebrity then teased that he really was a great judge and the blue-haired official coldly replied that he didn't want to hear that from him. When the judge advised he be more respectful with women, the sadist chuckled and said he'd keep it in mind while leaping back out the window, wishing Gallerian farewell.[2]

Double JeopardyEdit

"Gallerian, I'll be arrested soon. You'll help me again, won't you?"

Scherzer begs for Gallerian's help

Afterward, the celebrity continued his abductions and underworld dealings. Once he learned a whistleblowing was made spreading rumors of his actions, the man had a media control imposed to limit public attention. After learning the police raided his home and discovered the missing women later on, Scherzer fled.

In the middle of the night, he entered Gallerian's office through the window again and found the judge working at his desk in front of him. Begging him to save him again, Gallerian agreed to do so if he paid him ten times the previous amount. Angered by the clear extortion, the celebrity warned him to watch his step before finally agreeing to make the arrangements. When the curious judge asked whether his crimes had financial motives, Scherzer admitted he had more money than he could use and Gallerian inquired what motive he had then.

After briefly contemplating telling him, the sadist shared his innermost desires with the judge and how breaking women made him feel alive; adding that it doubled as a means to make more money, the celebrity stated there were no limits to the money one could have. When Gallerian scoffed that he was the pinnacle of a sleazebag, Scherzer pointed out he was no different acquitting any scoundrel if paid money and Gallerian agreed that he indeed saved anyone who paid him.[3]


"It wasn't because I hated you. You're an idiot devoted to your lusts, and your carelessness overdid it."
―Gallerian to Scherzer[src]

Scherzer arrested in court

Afterwards, Scherzer allowed himself to be arrested again and confidently waltzed into the Dark Star Bureau courthouse the next morning, taking the accused stand a second time. During the subsequent trial, Scherzer ignored the testimony of his subordinate, Bogaerts, and snickered instead. Once the proceedings finished, Scherzer heard Gallerian proclaim him guilty for all thirteen charges including kidnapping and confinement. Shocked, Scherzer screamed at the "traitor" when the police gagged him.

Resisting arrest, Scherzer was dragged away and forced into a strait jacket before being imprisoned. Later that day, he saw a hooded figure approach his cell and ask how he was feeling. Recognizing Gallerian, he tried yelling through his gag. The judge then removed his hood and admitted he'd feel uneasy with him getting the wrong idea, telling him he came to explain his reasons. Once Gallerian confirmed he didn't have a personal vendetta against him, the fallen celebrity listened to the judge's explanation that he was an idiot who got careless in his devotion to his lusts.


Gallerian's farewell to Scherzer

Noting he still didn't seem to know who one of the girls he abducted actually was, he revealed she was Bogaerts' niece. Shocked at the realization, Scherzer listened to Gallerian ask if he finally understood that he had asked him to save him when he couldn't actually pay him. Gallerian then reminded him that the only thing that mattered was that he got paid and maliciously revealed the plan he worked out with Bogaerts: Find Scherzer guilty and have his entire fortune transferred to the judge.

Gallerian mocked how he ultimately struck the gavel cleanly for the sake of money despite it hurting his heart a little. Beginning to yell through his gag again, Gallerian interrupted to add that he would be executed the next day along with his subordinates since what he just told him was potentially detrimental to Bogaerts. Hearing Gallerian say they'd meet again in hell if possible as he left, Scherzer wildly screamed through his restraints. The next day, the criminal was executed as planned.[4]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Scherzer... is a vulgar sadist!"

Scherzer flaunting his confidence

Scherzer was a sadistic man devoted wholly to his personal pleasures. Having long desired to watch women suffer until they finally lost hope, he eventually became unable to resist his desires and grew obsessed with satiating them, taking immense pleasure in watching girls succumb to total despair as he imprisoned and tormented them.

As one of the world's leading celebrities, Scherzer's seeming invincibility made him arrogant and he often acted in a carefree and somewhat playful manner, not even denying being an absolute sleazebag. This behavior made him reckless as well, blithely flaunting his confidence in front of his constituents. However, Scherzer could still suffer stress when under pressure or caught completely off-guard, and was prone to anger when faced with something unexpected as a result.

He also had an apparent liking for Sateriasis Venomania, choosing to mimic the Duke of Lust's infamous kidnappings rather closely. Despite his monstrous desires, he was rather foppish and always kept an elegant appearance in public, as well as maintaining a certain politeness to others; in a similar vein, he liked preserving his public image and was very controlling about keeping his dark hobby outside the people's notice. Though having no real greed himself, Scherzer had no qualms with acquiring more money for himself when the opportunity arose, believing one could never have too much money.[5]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"But out of curiosity, what's this I hear about you abducting women? Don't you have money?"
"Money? Oh, more than could possibly be used."
―Gallerian and Scherzer[src]

Scherzer had a certain charisma, becoming immensely popular on the world's stage and naturally drawing crowds of women to his elegant public appearance; due to his fame, the man possessed an immense fortune, giving him the resources to have or do anything he desired. However, because he handled the administration of his finances to a subordinate, his affluence was dependent on the underling's efficiency and cooperation. He also demonstrated some acrobatic ability, able to slip in and out of a room through a window several stories above ground with ease.[6]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Bogaerts: Scherzer's financial adviser. Scherzer trusted Bogaerts to handle his financial affairs and, confident in his ability to buy his way out of prison, paid no mind to Bogaerts' potential as a witness to his crimes and didn't concern himself with the possibility of earning his ire. Due to this inattention, he carelessly kidnapped the man's own niece, unaware of this at the time.

Gallerian Marlon: Scherzer's savior. Grateful to Gallerian for getting him out of prison initially, Scherzer was confident in the judge's ability to bend the law to his needs and felt comfortable speaking to him informally. He even became conceited about getting Gallerian's aid, believing they were both the same in doing anything for money; because of this overconfidence, Scherzer was enraged by the judge's betrayal and unable to control himself. 


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Scherzer's name is an occupational name for a jester or nickname for a facetious person; it is derived from the German word scherz, meaning "amusement", "game", or "jest".




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