Technical Information
Japanese 猿帝都
Romaji Saruteito
Other Names Sixteenth Saruteito
Saru (nickname)

Kasane Teto

Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Jakokuese
Gender Female
Hair Color Black (dyed red)
Affiliation(s) Jakoku
"Uh, you mean that young lady with the curly hair and the monkey mask?"
―Oyuka to Eikichi[src]

Saruteito was the sixteenth head of the Lang Clan and a blacksmith from Jakoku. Searching for the legendary blades forged by her ancestor, she befriended Kokutan-douji and joined his party traveling to Onigashima, taking part in various adventures.


Early LifeEdit

"Well, the rumor is the head of the Lang clan has joined them."
―Eikichi to Oyuka[src]

Born into the Lang Clan sometime during the EC 800s, Saruteito received her ancestor's name as the sixteenth generation. Living with her family near Momogengou village, she eventually participated in her family's traditions, engaging in swordsmithing and dying her hair red.[1] She also wore a monkey mask modeled after hers and ended every sentence with "yeah" like she supposedly did.[2] She later became head of the family.

Journey to OnigashimaEdit

"You two're headin' for Onigashima, yeah? Then ya should take me along too..."
―Saruteito to Inukichi and Kokutan-douji[src]

Kokutan-douji's party on their journey

In EC 842, she was assigned to take back the swords sealed by the Octo Family. After running into Kokutan-douji and Inukichi outside Momogengou, she asked them if they were heading for Onigashima and asked if she could come along, she then joined their party and journeyed alongside them.

During their travels, the group was attacked by a thief and promptly defeated the bandit. Later on, the group learned about a corrupt magistrate pocketing the people's money on his authority. The three then brought the magistrate to justice before continuing their travels. Later on, the three met a retired crepe silk wholesaler. Afterward, they punished a scoundrel and tattooed playboy. Eventually they departed of the main island and sailed to Onigashima.[3]

Encounter at the CliffEdit

"Anyway, it doesn't seem like you'll get in our way, that's good."
"Ya say "get in your way", but if I don't know what ya guys're doin', I may interfere with ya mission... yeah."
―Kiji Yarera to Saruteito[src]

After their arrival, Saruteito began investigating the town of Enbizaka for clues about the twin blades' location, noticing the numerous men in business suits doing their own investigation around town. Sometime after, Saruteito began searching the seaside cliffs. Finding the cave the blades were supposedly stored in, she prepared to enter when another man in a business suit stopped her, questioning why she was there. When asked, the man introduced himself as Kiji Yarera of the Yarera-Zusco Firm before recognizing her as one of Kokutan-douji's friends and asserting that her presence bothered him.

After assuming the businessmen she saw in town were his own associates, Saruteito heard Kiji inquire about her peculiar speech pattern and she lucidly explained her clan's traditions. After a short silence, the young businessman pointed out she spoke normally that time and Saruteito immediately corrected herself. Once Kiji determined she wouldn't get in their way, Saruteito noted she might unintentionally interfere if she didn't know the specifics.

After Kiji revealed his intention to have his beloved's murderer killed, Saruteito pointed out that Jakoku forbid taking revenge while he insisted he needed to do it regardless. Once the woman admitted she didn't care since her mission was simply finding the blades her clan spoke of, the girl laughed at the thought of Kokutan-douji getting involved once he heard about the murders. When asked what was so funny, Saruteito shared her thoughts with Kiji and he replied that the boy would be done for if he made one bad move before leaving the masked woman.[4] Following Kayo's execution, Saruteito's group disbanded.[5]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"I do it out of respect for the founder of the Lang clan, the first Saruteito."
―Saruteito to Kiji Yarera[src]

Saruteito was a stern and loyal woman, devout to her family traditions and her personal allies. Despite being burdened to uphold her clan's customs, the Sixteenth Saruteito was dedicated to follow through with them. As part of this, she did her best to imitate the first Saruteito in honor of her forerunner. However, when drawn into extensive conversations, she sometimes forgot to employ her ancestor's unique verbal tic, much to her embarrassment. After befriending Kokutan-douji and Inukichi, Saruteito supported them in whatever just cause they threw themselves into despite it sidetracking her main objective.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Saruteito was able to carry out her family's traditions and was, by extension, a capable blacksmith. She was also a decent fighter, able to assist her companions in defeating the numerous foes they encountered over the course of their journey.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Kokutan-douji: Saruteito's friends and traveling companion. Encountering him outside Momgengou, Saruteito eventually befriended the boy and aided him in his adventures.

Inukichi: Saruteito's friend and traveling companion. Encountering him outside Momgengou, Saruteito eventually befriended the boy and aided him in his adventures.

Chartette Langley: Saruteito's distant ancestor. Knowing her as the first Saruteito, Saruteito had a deep respect for the woman and took part in her clan's tradition of imitating her.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Saruteito's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative UTAU, Teto, with Saruteito's romanization containing "te" and to".
  • Saruteito's name is similar to the romanization of Chartette's name, シャルテット (sharutetto).
  • Her name contains saru (猿), the Japanese word for monkey.
  • Her friendship with Kokutan-douji is possibly inspired by the tales of Momotarou; one of the talking animals Momotarou befriended was a monkey.




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