Ron Grapple
Technical Information
Japanese ロン=グラップル
Romaji Ron Gurappuru
Biographical Information
Died July, EC 323
Classification Human
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Beelzenian Empire
"As the husband and Duke, you have to first attend to your own responsibilities."
―Ron Grapple to Muzuri Conchita[src]

Ron Grapple was the grand chamberlain of the Conchita family. Serving closely to Muzuri Conchita, he was among the household inadvertently cursed during the duke's daughter Banica's birthday celebration. Becoming one of the few survivors of the plight, the man continued working for the ruined noble family.


Early LifeEdit

"My Lord, the livestock has been transferred to the barn..."
"Does it look like a delicious animal, yes or no?"
"Well, it... Evidently, it isn't known who the giver of the livestock is."
―Ron and Muzuri[src]

Born in the third century EC, Ron was hired as a servant to Duke Muzuri Conchita around EC 293 and eventually became the grand chamberlain. In November of EC 296, Ron stood by as his employer oversaw the gifts given in honor of the birth of Muzuri's daughter, Banica. When the Duke asked who had sent the sword and shield, the chamberlain was taken aback and replied they had come from Empress Juno, noting he should recognize them. As Muzuri expressed pleasure over all the new gifts, Ron pointed out how they were sent in advance due to the other nobles not being able to attend the birthday feast.

After the Duke cut him off, reminding him he knew this, Ron then heard him complain that he wanted to be with his daughter. The chamberlain told the Duke that she and Megour were with another chamberlain and that, as husband and Duke, he had other responsibilities to attend to. When Muzuri continued to complain Ron added that once he settled down he would be able to spend more time with Banica, telling him to be patient. Soon after, he was informed that a new gift was brought to the mansion, this time a live animal. Commanded to go have a look, Ron went to the door of the estate and found that the animal had already been delivered to the barn, and that the sender of the gift was unknown.

The chamberlain reported this to Muzuri and then followed his master inside to have a look at the pig. He then watched as Muzuri recognized the new red pig, the baemu, and was witness to his explanation on its rare, legendary status. After Muzuri determined the pig was a gift from God and to be served in tonight's banquet, he was left with the stockman and helped carry the pig to the kitchen. Like the rest of the staff, Ron ate the baemu pig during the celebratory feast that night, as well as drinking too much alcohol.[1]

Ten Years of GulaEdit

"I don't know whether the incident of this time is the same as your current one, but if you hold off the disease—no, this "curse" as you call it, for ten years, you might be alright."

Dizzy from hangover the next morning, the chamberlain cleaned the garden before finding a man fallen by the back door to the kitchen. Recognizing the head cook, Ron asked what was wrong and then tried to summon help. After the family doctor came and told the chamberlain that the chef was indeed dead but not a known cause of death, Ron remembered how he had eaten the baemu. Suspecting the rare pig could've been poisoned, the chamberlain immediately reported his concerns to Muzuri.

Afterward, the Duke ordered everyone to be examined by the doctor and Ron obeyed. Once everyone was checked for similar symptoms, the doctor told them they'd just have to wait and see, saying he'd stay overnight due to the circumstances so they should tell him if they notice anything. With no one suffering the same symptoms after a day since eating the pig, everyone began believing the cook died of an unrelated illness. As a new death occurred each day for the next four days, the entire household became increasingly unnerved.

When Muzuri sought the council of AB-CIR regarding the recent deaths, Ron joined the Duke's meeting with the mage the next day. After AB-CIR confirmed the wine glass found in the baemu's stomach was the source of the deaths, Muzuri ordered Ron to retrieve the red wine glass from the treasury vault and the chamberlain abided; once he returned with the wine glass in hand, Ron was shocked to see a red cat leap from the mage's robes and grapple the wine glass from him.

After AB-CIR took the glass and stated it would be his payment, Ron listened to the mage confirm for Muzuri that the "Gula Disease" they suffered would only be stopped from progressing beyond one death per day. The mage then told them that a single man from Gula village survived by satiating his appetite for ten years and suggested they could possibly do the same. Once AB-CIR stated there was no other way and pointed out it should be possible if the feudal lord used his authority to collect food from his territory, the mage left.

As the staff continued to die over time, Ron managed to satiate his appetite. Six years later, he attended a meal with Muzuri, Megour, and Banica. Witnessing Megour attempting to stuff the child's leftovers down her throat, the servant protested that she didn't need to force her to eat, pointing out the girl hadn't eaten the baemu; she ignored him and he watched the furious woman stuff the child's uneaten carrot's down her throat. Over time, he continued to satiate himself and survive the ordeal. When the ten year period finally passed, Ron was one of the only members of the Conchita household to survive the disease, alongside Muzuri and Banica.[2]

Peculiar EngagementEdit

"Prince Carlos. With all due respect, you may not be too keen about this engagement. However, please don't forsake the Conchita family—no, Lady Banica. I want her to be happy no matter what."

After Empress Juno stripped Muzuri of his authority over his territories, Ron took care of the household as the duke's health worsened.[3] When Arte and Pollo came to the mansion, Ron agreed to hire them under to take care of Banica in the wake of the deceased staff per Muzuri's instructions. Over the years, the twins refused to let the head chamberlain into their room to clean and he repeatedly told them to take care of their room and its fireplace or it'd become useless.[4]

In June of EC 311, Ron accompanied Banica, Arte, and Pollo to Marlon to meet with her betrothed, Prince Carlos, and introduced her to the Prince. After Banica finished dining with Empress Juno, her Beelzenian ministers, and the Marlon Royal Family in February of EC 312, Ron and the twins approached the dining table and began clearing the dishes. The party then saw Banica suddenly steal and devour the leftovers like an animal and were frozen in horror. Afterward, the furious King Charon broke off the engagement, fearing Banica was still afflicted with Gula, and the Conchita staff returned home with their mistress.[5]

Gourmet Noble BanicaEdit

"Anyway, what's important is that you're safe. How were your travels?"
"Good, they were certainly quite fruitful."
―Ron and Banica[src]

When Banica, Arte, and Pollo began traveling abroad in January, EC 316, the aging Ron remained at the mansion and took care of Duke Muzuri over the next two years. After receiving a letter that the group was returning home from Lioness in a few days, Ron worried of the dangers of Banica being in enemy territory. Reading that she wanted him to set up a meeting with Empress Juno at the imperial palace, Ron abided and later received the imperial court's confirmation to host the audience.

On the day of Banica's expected return, the head chamberlain gave Muzuri medicine and let him rest before waiting in the entrance hall for his mistress. When he still hadn't heard the horse carriage drive up that evening, the concerned servant cursed himself for not making the journey with them. Ron then heard footsteps before the aristocrat burst in greeting him, explaining the horses suddenly collapsed in town and they had to travel the rest of the way on foot. Seeing her massive growth, the chamberlain remarked that she looked stronger compared to their last meeting.

He then looked to see Arte and Pollo carrying their luggage behind her. Noting the twins still hadn't changed, Ron suffered Arte's outrage that he implied they were still short before Pollo argued he only insulted them because he was glad to see them. The furious maid then demanded the head chamerlain cook something and the two rushed over to the dining hall. When Banica assured Ron the twins really were happy to see him, the servant questioned it before admitting her safety was what mattered.

After learning she had enjoyed her travels and brought many souvenirs, the servant heard her decide to greet her father and stopped her as she headed for his bedroom. Once he solemnly told her she couldn't, the servant saw her alarmed reaction and quickly confirmed he was just resting, making a mischievous grin. Banica protested misleading her and he laughed before apologizing. When she then asked if made the arrangements she requested, he confirmed he followed her letter before questioning if she had the energy to go. Banica answered that she was fine and wanted to head over there immediately.

In August of EC 321, Ron learned Empress Juno planned to restore the Conchita province to the Conchitas in light of Banica's success revitalizing Beelzenia's food culture. After seeing the excited Banica off to the trauben fields to pick the fruit for winemaking, he was summoned to Muzuri's quarters and obeyed. Asking what was wrong, the chamberlain looked upon the lord's thin appearance and recalled his original obesity before the curse. Muzuri replied he just wanted to talk to him and Ron abided.

Asked about Banica's whereabouts, Ron related her recent departure. When the lord noted she was doing well, Ron pointed out Juno's agreement to return their province for Banica's contributions. Hearing the Duke wonder if the people would forgive him regardless, Ron shook his head and insisted that they'd welcome him due to Banica's food contributions. As the servant supposed he'd make a full recovery, Muzuri interrupted to say he wouldn't and that the citizens would  the territory being governed brilliantly by his daughter.

Understanding his meaning, Ron tried to insist he was wrong to cheer him up when the lord again stopped him and he finally relented. Muzuri then asked if he bore a grudge against him and the confused servant questioned his words. Once the Duke explained his regret in letting them eat the baemu that brought the chamberlain and Banica so much pain and killed everyone else, Ron saw the heartfelt tears in his eyes and asked him why he thought no one who died of Gula voiced their displeasure about what happened.

Met with no response, he continued that the baemu was so tasty that they believed they wouldn't have any regrets even if they suffered and died, assuring him that he was at least grateful to the Duke and would never blame him. The touched lord then asserted that Megour still wouldn't forgive him and that he'd therefore need to go to her and apologize. Seeing him close his eyes, the shocked Ron realize yelled as his lord whispered in wonder if Megour was still angry after so long, beginning to entrust Banica to the chamberlain before he finally passed away.[6]

Fatal RevelationEdit

"We simply follow Lord Banica."
"We simply follow what Lord Banica decides."
"don't get in the way."
―Pollo and Arte[src]

After Banica was appointed as the new Duke of the Conchita province two months later, Ron continued serving his new lord. When Banica left on a journey with Arte and Pollo in July of EC 323, Ron began cleaning the mansion while they were aware, certain even he could handle that while the twins went with their lord. Seeing the twins hadn't cleaned their room, the exasperated chamberlain entered and began working. Recalling they had served the Conchitas for over a decade, Ron questioned why they seemingly hadn't aged since he hired them before realizing he couldn't remember where he even found them. Wondering if he was getting old, Ron blamed his forgetfulness on his age and continued working.

Once he finished picking up the scattered items on the floor, Ron went over to clean the fireplace and noticed a small hole in the back. Seeing something clogged in it, he lodged his arm inside and retrieved the red wine glass. Recognizing the cursed glass, the shocked servant pocketed the cup and immediately headed to the exit to throw it out somewhere. Blocked by Arte and Pollo, the surprised and perplexed chamberlain wondered why they returned and where Banica was when the twins stated they'd someday need the glass.

Ron immediately questioned if they brought it to the manor and they shook their heads and insisted Banica herself wanted to acquire it. He then exclaimed that it was a cursed tool and shouldn't be there and the approaching twins insisted that wasn't for them to decide. As he questioned what the terrifying duo was, he remembered why they were there and then heard them recite that dying or forging a contract was Banica's decision to make. Saying he shouldn't interfere, one grabbed Ron's arm and they both killed him.[7]

Undead RevivalEdit

He was later revived along with the rest of the servants and made to guard Banica's mansion. When the Beelzenian army surrounded the mansion in March of EC 325, Arte rode upon Ron as a steed while commanding the undead horde to slaughter the soldiers. At some point, the corpse soldier discovered Banica had sired a son.[8] Sent out to ravage the province, the undead Ron eventually wandered into Re Tasan and was captured and caged by the populace there.

He was later released by Elluka Clockworker in August and the mage subsequently placed a palm on his forehead and banished the demon's influence from him. As his body was reduced to a skeleton, he revealed all that he knew about the situation to the sorceress, begging her to help Banica and her baby by destroying the wine glass before his body completely fell apart.[9]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"M'lady! Unlike us, Lady Banica hasn't eaten the baemu. There's no need to force her to eat like that!"
―Ron to Megour[src]

Ron was a loving and loyal man, devoted to serving the Conchitas in both their best and worst of times. Polite and very formal, Ron believed in upholding the duties expected of both his noble lords and himself as their servant. As a result, he could be very strict with his constituents and even his aristocratic masters. However, the man could still relax and enjoy himself when presented the opportunity, enjoying drinking wine and partying as well. He was also a kind and considerate of others.

Due to his long history with the family, the man shared a very close relationship with both Muzuri and Banica, caring for both their well-being and treating them with the utmost respect.[10] Although having suffered Gula for a decade, Ron didn't blame Muzuri for the plight and supported his lord's decision to share the baemu with everyone, believing the cursed creature's delicious taste to have reflected the kind gesture.[11] Despite this, Ron wasn't above criticizing his master for his behavior and reminding him about his conduct.

Likewise, Ron was especially caring with Banica. Having witnessed the suffering, abuse, and death the child had grown up with,[12] the aging servant treated her like the true victim of the events and wished only for her to find true happiness. Because of this, the servant was unafraid to stand up for the child when looked down upon by others and supported her in the same way he supported her father.[13] Though typically polite and tolerant, Ron was nevertheless annoyed and somewhat unnerved with Arte and Pollo's conduct as servants.[14]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"As expected of you, Ron. You remember things well."

As a longtime servant, Ron was capable with cleaning and other menial chores, his skills honed from years of serving the Conchitas.[15] As the grand chamberlain, he handled all kinds of tasks in the family and often accompanied the feudal lords he served to fulfill whatever they required of him. His suitable decorum, manner, and memory also made him excellent as both an adviser and representative for the family.[16] However, Ron lacked any apparent combat skills.[17]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Muzuri Conchita: Ron's employer. Ron faithfully served his master and believed him a kind, if scatterbrained man, whom he often ended up chastising as a result of his lackadaisical behavior. Despite his criticisms, Ron never blamed Muzuri for unleashing the Gula plague and served him loyally until his lord's death, comforting him in his final moments and looking after his daughter similarly.

Megour Conchita: Ron's employer. Ron served Megour loyally as a member of the Conchita family and cared for her as he did Muzuri. He was, however, horrified to see her conduct towards Banica during the Gula plague, not understanding her spite towards the child.

Banica Conchita: Ron's later employer. Ron cared deeply for Banica from the day she was born and, although helpless to prevent her abuse during the Gula plague, was protective of her whenever she faced scorn from others because of it. Ron faithfully served his master's daughter up until his death, his loyalty so strong that it became primal, present in his body even when his soul was gone.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Ron's name is Scottish in origin, meaning "mighty counselor" or "ruler".
  • The English word grapple means to "engage in a close fight or struggle without weapons" or "wrestle".



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