Rita Flohn
Technical Information
Japanese リタ=フローン
Romaji Rita Furoon
Biographical Information
Died October 17, EC 609
Classification Human
Race Elphe
Gender Female
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Elphegort

Rita Flohn was the director of the Toragay Charity Institute. Originally working as a midwife, Rita helped deliver the infant Margarita Felix. Sometime after, she took over the local orphanage founded by the Sisters of Clarith, taking in and caring for the orphans there.


Early LifeEdit

Rita was born in the Kingdom of Elphegort sometime during the EC 500s. Becoming a midwife in Toragay, Rita eventually became acquainted with Dr. Marx Felix. In EC 593, While helping deliver Felix's baby, Margarita, on a rainy night, Rita witnessed the mother get struck by lightning and die along with the baby she birthed. As she held the infant's corpse in her hands, she watched a mysterious cloaked woman with a red cat walk into the home and replace the baby with the Clockworker's Doll before leaving.

The doll's hypnosis soon caused Rita to believe it was the same baby, and she was overjoyed when "Margarita" suddenly began crying. After Margarita's sleepless condition was discovered, Rita came to believe the woman was an angel from God that blessed Margarita.[1]

Running the OrphanageEdit

Rita later took over the Charity Institute founded by the Sisters of Clarith, taking in and raising the local orphans in Toragay.[2] When Margarita married Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim in July of EC 608, Rita celebrated the occasion with the rest of the townspeople.[3] Afterward, Margarita began to regularly visit the local Charity Institute to cook meals for the orphans there. As time progressed, Rita heard about Kaspar openly cheating on Margarita with numerous women.

On one occasion, Margarita visited with cloaked woman in red clothes, and Rita took a disliking to the marchioness' "friend," assuming she was one of Kaspar's mistresses. After Kaspar and Margarita left for King Soil's birthday on August 24 of EC 609, Rita came across the woman and directed her to the local inn run by Brigitta to stay at until the Blankenheims returned home.[4]

When the reporter Hanne Lorre visited the orphanage on October 6, Rita greeted her and learned that she had allegedly come to cover the orphanage in the Schuburg newspaper. As she led the reporter through the orphanage, Rita talked about the donations the orphanage received from Dr. Felix and then fell to explaining her relationship with the doctor, as well as the story of Margarita's birthing.

She then tended to a crying child in the other room before continuing to tell Hanne the circumstances of Margarita's birth and sleeplessness. She then spoke about Dr. Felix's arranging her to marry Kaspar and became angry as she recalled Kaspar's philandering, going on to talk about Margarita's visit with one of Kaspar's "mistresses." She then insisted, despite Hanne's questioning, that Kaspar's "mistress" was different from the red-dressed woman who had approached Margarita at birth and related how she had come across her three months ago. She then directed Hanne to the inn she had pointed out for the woman.[5]

Toragay EpidemicEdit

On October 17, Rita came across the Institute children all sleeping and was unable to wake them; calling Egmont, she watched as he administered tonics to the children, to no result. Screaming frantically, she caught sight two officers and asked them for help, explaining the situation and bringing them to the orphanage.

As the officers examined the children, Rita noticed Ingo wasn't breathing and became hysterical, learning the child was dead. As she staggered to the wall, Rita sat and lost consciousness, dying soon afterwards of the Gift. The toxic infection that killed Rita quickly spread during the following weeks, prompting the World Police to quarantine the town to prevent the infection from further spreading.[6]


Afterward, the mysterious epidemic continued to spread among Toragay's inhabitants, resulting in the World Police quarantining the entire town to contain the infection. The mage Elluka Clockworker used the information Rita provided to "Hanne" to track the mysterious cloaked woman to Mayrana Blossom in Calgaround in order to stop Margarita's rampage.[7] News of Rita's death along with the orphanage's children was published in the Schuburg Newspaper's fifty-ninth issue on October 28 and the incident was officially labeled as simply the result of a "mysterious epidemic".[8]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Rita was a caring and kindhearted woman. Because of her nurturing personality, she enjoyed caring for infants and children. She also maintained close relationships with her friends, being involved in their personal lives and showing concern for them. Due to perceiving Margarita to be the baby she delivered, Rita was compassionate towards the marchioness, even becoming angry with Kaspar after hearing about how he treated her. Despite this kindness, Rita was also slightly judgmental, taking a disliking to Mayrana despite seldom interacting with her.[9]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Rita was a natural with children, working as both a midwife and orphanage director. Due to her experience as a childbirth assistant, she was capable of successfully delivering a child. This expertise with children carried over to her work of running an orphanage, being able to care for the children that stayed there. Rita was also competent at running a business, managing to keep it running for a period of time.[10]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Margarita Blankenheim: The daughter of Rita's friend. Rita cared greatly for Margarita, having witnessed the "miracle" of her survival and growing with her as the girl helped her take care of the orphanage children. As a result, she was greatly concerned by her happiness and detested Kaspar Blankenheim for making her unhappy.

Marx Felix: A friend of Rita's. Rita shared a long and close relationship with Marx as friends, with the latter helping to fund her orphanage later on; she had also been the midwife at Margarita's birth and witnessed the tragedy that occurred. Due to this closeness, Rita believed in and trusted Marx to only want what was best for his beloved daughter.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Rita's name is a shortened form of the name Margarita and its derivatives present in several languages, including German; Elphegort, Rita's native country, is inspired by Germany.



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