Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche
Technical Information
Japanese リリアンヌ=ルシフェン=ドートゥリシュ
Romaji Ririannu Rushifen Dooturishu
Other Names The Daughter of Evil
Rin (alias)

Kagamine Rin

Biographical Information
Born December 27, EC 485
Died December, EC 562
Classification Human
Race Orthodox Lucifenian
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lucifenia (formely)
Kingdom of Marlon (formerly)
Lucifenian Republic
Levin Church (Held sect; formerly Levia)
For other uses, see The Daughter of Evil (disambiguation)
"I am the Princess of the Kingdom of Lucifenia: Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche. Now, kneel to me!"
―Princess Riliane[src]

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche was the last Princess of the Kingdom of Lucifenia, regarded as The Daughter of Evil, and the twin sister of Prince Alexiel. Separated from her twin in a political dispute during childhood, Riliane grew up in a lavish lifestyle, ignorant of her past. The selfish Princess was unknowingly possessed by the Demon of Pride and, after her mother's death, became Lucifenia's monarch. An arrogant tyrant, Riliane became despised for her terrible regime, aided by her loyal servant, Allen, in exterminating any opposition.


Early LifeEdit

"The sun is always alone, isn't it? Just like... me..."
―Princess Riliane[src]

Riliane with her brother on the beach

Riliane was born on December 27, EC 485 along with her twin brother, Alexiel as heirs to the Lucifenian Royal Family.[1] Growing up together with her twin, the young Riliane often played with Alexiel. Whenever they were in trouble, their mother, Queen Anne locked them in their room and they cried in each other's arms.[2]

In EC 491, Alexiel told Riliane about escaping through a hidden passage past the fireplace in their room,[3] saying that it was their secret.[4] The six year-old twins then escaped, Riliane taking the lead,[5] and they passed through the Forest of Bewilderment before arriving at the shore of Lucifenia's coast, playing along the beach.

Over time, they escaped more and more often to play at the beach.[6] During one of their visits, Riliane played in the sand and uncovered a small, black box. Calling to her brother, they examined it and then excitedly opened the box to find a hand mirror inside. While the perplexed princess held the small mirror, a demon manifested around them and she became scared, clinging to her brother.


Riliane and Alexiel confronted by the demon

As it gawked at them, the princess decided to walk away and leave the demon, and was surrounded by the creature's ethereal form shortly after. As she struggled against it, Riliane reached out to Alexiel before being possessed by the demon and rendered unconscious. Waking up at twilight, the princess told her twin that she was hungry and they smiled at each other while getting back to their feet.[7]

The twins then decided to return home and, after reburying the black box in the sand,[8] headed back to the palace. Becoming increasingly hungry, Riliane began staying in the kitchen to gorge herself on food.[9] During their midafternoon teatime another day,[10] the demon appeared to both twins and asked if it could have their meals;[11] the princess refused to share it with the hungry monster.[12]


Riliane is told about the legend of the sea

While playing at the beach again, Riliane tripped and scraped her knee. She then cried while her brother rushed over and treated her wound.[13] As the sky darkened, Alexiel admitted he wanted to go home and Riliane told him to not be afraid and just hold her hand. Afterward, Alexiel told her that if she wrote down her wish, put in a bottle, and threw it in the sea, it would come true as a reward. Riliane told her brother she wished that in her next life, she could become a horse, explaining the palace was boring and that she wanted to freely play outside with Alexiel anywhere they wanted.[14]

Sometime after, Riliane was influenced by Minister Presi to take interest in becoming her deceased father's heir and began treating Alexiel coldly as a result. Presi later led Riliane from the kitchen to Prime Minister Genesia's room. While eating the meat of a hare, Riliane witnessed Presi murder the noble and Elluka Clockworker came in soon after. When the horrified sorceress asked what she was eating, Riliane happily admitted it was a hare. Presi then transplanted the demon possessing her to himself and Riliane passed out.

After Presi's defeat, the demon repossessed her but was exorcised by Elluka, removing many of the princess' memories in the process. With Prince Alexiel pronounced dead due to an assassination attempt, Riliane became the sole successor to the throne, attended by Head Maid Mariam Phutapie as one of her new personal maids.[15] In the years that followed, Riliane became acquainted with her betrothed, Kyle Marlon, and the two became very close. Riliane eventually developed a crush on the King.[16] At some point, Kyle gave her a shell pendant as part of their courtship.[17]

Claim to the ThroneEdit

"Who are we to turn to? Well I was told I would rule this country. Naturally, I shall, as I alone draw blood from the former King. However, I shall not inherit the throne. Until I became an adult, I shall leave the throne to my mother. My mother alone is the Queen, so I shall respect her with that. As the Princess and as the daughter of the former Queen, I shall take over my mother's rule."
―Princess Riliane before the assembly of ministers[src]

Princess Riliane before the assembly

After the death of Queen Anne in EC 499, the thirteen year-old princess attended her mother's funeral, weeping in front of her casket.[18] Around this time, she received a hand mirror from Ney Phutapie, one of her maids, and kept it in her possession, becoming unknowingly possessed by the Demon of Pride.[19]

Afterward, Riliane attended an assembly of the ministers in the Hall of Sounds. Playfully questioning who they could turn to, Riliane recalled that she was told she'd eventually rule the Kingdom, noting that only one of royal blood had that right, namely her. As the ministers began to interject, the Princess qualified that she'd postpone her coronation until she became an adult, respecting that her mother was the only rightful Queen. She then reiterated that she would be the new ruler in her mother's place.


Riliane meets the new servant, Allen

The next day, Riliane saw Leonhart Avadonia in the halls with a boy that greatly resembled her. Surprised, she called out to the knight and approached them. Curious who the boy was, she asked and the captain of the royal guard explained that he was a new servant for the palace named Allen.

After looking at him up close, Princess excitedly noted their resemblance and immediately grabbed the boy to start helping her. Leonhart then insisted Mariam have him properly dressed first. Taking a second look at his shabby appearance, the Princess agreed and stated she would only wait for a while, commanding Leonhart to take him and then return him at once before leaving the two.


Riliane with her new "toy"

Later that day, Mariam brought Allen before her properly dressed and she happily grabbed his hand and ran off with her new attendant. Soon after, she decided to play a game and chased after the servant through the halls in an attempt to put her hair accessories on him. After successfully putting a bow in his hair, they played again and Riliane threatened to behead the elusive servant if he didn't stop. Tackling him, she began singing to herself as she put another bow on him when she noticed Mariam and Elluka were there, looking around to assure Leonhart wasn't with them.

When Mariam asked if she was injured, the Princess brushed it off while finishing her tie, and happily showed them how she had won twice. After the head maid fixed up her bow, much to her delight, the head maid insisted she shouldn't recklessly threaten to behead someone, even if she was playing. The Princess denied she was playing, saying she was the country's Princess and had the authority to behead anyone as she pleased. With a dark smile, she reiterated that she wasn't playing before taking Allen's hand and leaving.[20]

Reign of EvilEdit

"I am not playing. I am the Princess of this country. I have the authority to behead someone, no matter the crime. Therefore, I am not playing around."
―Riliane, The Daughter of Evil[src]

As the year progressed, Riliane imposed heavy taxes on all the citizens and had her ministers and servants beheaded for the most minor offenses.[21] During the period, Leonhart continually opposed her policies and, aware she couldn't easily convict the legendary hero without suffering a serious political backlash, the frustrated princess quarreled with the captain of the royal guard constantly, growing to hate him more and more with each altercation.[22] At some point, she had her portrait painted.[23] By the end of October of that year, Riliane sent twenty-eight people to the guillotine for their petty offenses.[24]


Riliane listening to Leonhart's complaints

In November, the Princess met with Leonhart in the Hall of Sounds, accompanied by Prime Minister Minis while she seated herself in her throne. Laying her cheek on her propped up hand, the bored monarch listened to Leonhart's argument that they should share the palace's food reserves with the starving populace in light of the recent famine. Riliane then coldly refused.

As Leonhart insisted the people wouldn't have any food otherwise, the princess argued she couldn't be bothered regardless. Noting there were other things one could eat, Riliane provided a solution: let them eat snacks since they couldn't eat bread. When the knight expressed his outrage, Minis interrupted and Riliane sat back and watched with a victorious smile while the prime minister explained everyone was too busy preparing for Riliane's fourteenth birthday party and one-year anniversary as sovereign to help with the famine.


Riliane cursing Leonhart's manner

Reaffirming her lackey's words as what she meant to say, Riliane began suggesting he leave when she saw the Captain of the Royal Guard's furious expression. Terrified, Riliane silently watched while the knight politely said he's return another day and ask she keep their conversation in mind before leaving. Humiliated, Riliane vented her frustration that he'd dare act so rude toward the kingdom's princess. When Minis pointed out he did feel strongly about the topic, Riliane glared at him and the prime minister assured her the party preparations were proceeding smoothly regardless.

After Minis gave her the invitation list, Riliane noticed the huge list of people including Kyle and King Thorny Elphen while the minister explained it should be a lavish party but would need her confirmation just in case. Expressing her amazement at the number of people, Riliane heard Minis remind her it was a party for her and Riliane smiled, agreeing. Saying she saw no problems with the list, Riliane handed it back to Minis and began considering what to add to her party.[25] Her mood soured by the knight's continual complaining,[26] the princess sent another seventeen people to the guillotine for their minor offenses.[27]

Flight of FuryEdit

"Sir Leonhart was worried about you, your Highness"
"Hmph, serves him right. If I had not been found until the ball, then he might have at last been sacked. How annoying."
―Allen and Riliane[src]

Riliane fleeing from the palace on Josephine

On the morning of December 27, Riliane was struck with the idea of having a massive cake for her birthday and ordered the patisserie to bake it for the nighttime celebration. Later that day, the princess devised a plan to sneak out and remain missing until she missed her birthday party, giving her proper pretense to have Leonhart executed for his failure to protect her.

That afternoon, Riliane sneaked out through the secret passage in her room early the next morning and rode her horse, Josephine, through the gates unimpeded. The princess then fled through the Forest of Bewilderment until she reached the coastline, cutting her hand along the way. Certain no one would find her before she missed the birthday party, she sat on the beach with Josephine and stared at the sun on the horizon.


Riliane slapping the servant

As the sun began to set, she began staring at it when the sound of someone's voice startled her. Surprised to see Allen, she expressed her surprise that he found her. When the servant mentioned that Leonhart was worried about her, she snorted that he deserved it, lamenting about her original plan. As thoughts of how protected the hero was creeped into her mind, she suddenly exploded in anger, screaming about how the man irritated her. After moaning to Allen about how he ruined her plans, the servant apologized.

Riliane then regained her composure before getting up and admitting it couldn't be helped. As she prepared to mount Josephine, saying they should return home, Allen suddenly touched her hand and the Princess screamed and slapped the boy for his insolence. The servant then calmly explained that her hand was injured and asked if he could heal it. The princess looked at her scratch on the back of her hand and realized his intent. Averting her gaze from him, Riliane silently extended her hand to him. As Allen applied ointment to her wound, the princess considering using the scratch as an excuse to behead Leonhart before realizing it was probably too minor to demean him.


Riliane teasing her attendant

While mumbling to herself, Riliane noticed Allen had finished but was still holding her hand, speaking up to confirm she was fine and he could let go. When the flustered servant suddenly freaked out and apologized, the surprised Riliane briefly stared before smiling. Drawing herself closer to his face, she teased how flustered he was over that compared to when she slapped him. When the boy answered that it was rude of him, she laughed.

Riliane then said they better leave since it was getting dark. Allen then recommended they head toward the nearby port town, explaining to the curious princess that it was faster than the path through the woods. Surprised and embarrassed, Riliane asserted she knew that and began running towards the port town. After Allen called out and reminded her of Josephine, Riliane returned to the servant as he suggested they launch a signal beacon to call for the royal guard, pleading for her to return with them.


The princess escorted by Allen

Riliane immediately questioned if he was not coming with them and Allen explained he didn't know how to ride a horse and would follow behind on foot. Mounting Josephine, the Princess said they'd travel there together and they began their trek toward the port. Riliane then began staring at the setting sun again when Allen suddenly spoke up that she had been doing it before as well. The princess then solemnly remarked that it was always alone like her.[28]

Once they arrived at the port town and the beacon was launched, Riliane stood in the streets with Allen, happily conversing with the servant as they awaited the royal guard. When the furious Leonhart confronted her, Riliane's smile disappeared and she vehemently questioned if he was going to spew harsh words to her even on her birthday.


The Princess reminds her subjects of their place

The screaming knight lectured her escape from the palace and questioned what she was planning to do if the worst happened. The Princess coldly responded that it was their job to prevent such stunts. Noting she heard scolding, the princess admitted that if he apologized for his misstep, they could all rejoice for her safety. With a fiendish smile, the princess asked why he'd neglect doing so.

After briefly staring at the frustrated knight with pleasure, Riliane declared her identity as the kingdom's princess, commanding everyone to kneel to her. As her subjects complied to show their loyalty, the pleased Riliane looked upon them while Leonhart declared that her safety was what was important. Afterward, the princess returned to the palace on Josephine, escorted by the royal guard.[29]

Their Fourteenth BirthdayEdit

"Your Highness, my heartfelt congratulations for your fourteenth birthday."
―King Thorny Elphen at Riliane's party[src]

Kyle and Riliane enjoying the party

hat night, Riliane attended her birthday celebration in the Hall of Mirrors, smiling on her throne as nobles and royals bowed their heads to congratulate her. Seeing Kyle approach her, the excited princess greeted her fiancé and later led him along through the crowds as they attended the festivities before returning to her throne.[30]

When Minis publicly addressed the guests, the princess happily sat in her seat in preparation for them bringing out the cake. Once the servants opened the doors and brought out her gargantuan birthday cake,[31] the overjoyed Riliane gasped and ran up to the giant dessert to sample its taste. Once the treat was finished and the party ended, Riliane retired from the Hall.[32]

Assassination AttemptEdit

"And that’s not all! I was short one knife at lunch today! I am always telling you that when I have lunch, I must always have five knives set out!"
―Riliane shortly before Asan's assassination attempt[src]

Later on in EC 500, Princess Riliane assigned General Gaston Mouchet to serve as the commander of Retasan Fortress, citing she disliked his rather long beard.[33] Following a dinner party, Riliane learned a minister had spoken ill of her with foreign dignitaries and had him put on trial several days later. At its conclusion, the Princess condemned him to the guillotine. Once the man was taken away, Riliane left to eat. While at the dining table, she noticed the poor quality of her food, as well as having only four knives when she had specifically ordered to have five. She immediately returned to the Hall of Sounds, angrily calling for Minis.

After the Prime Minister approached her, she yelled at him over the issue when the servant Asan suddenly roared and charged at her with the missing knife. Frozen in fear, Riliane watched as Allen intervened and disarmed Asan, thwarting his assassination attempt. Once she regained her composure, the Princess ordered the guards to seize him, and had him executed the next day. Since then, Riliane alienated herself from everyone save for four: Allen, Chartette Langley, Ney, and Mariam. Of those, she only permitted Allen to be with her in her room.[34]

Killing the LionEdit

"Why would you ask me to kill Sir Leonhart?"
"Do I need to explain that?"
―Allen and Riliane[src]

Three days after the assassination attempt, Riliane heard rumors circulating among the chefs about the ingredients arriving being "unnatural". Furious, she stormed into the kitchen and demanded for Mariam. When her daughter, Ney, responded that her mother was absent, the seething Riliane turned her attention to the maid and asked if she knew about the rumors; soon after, she queried if the servants were stealing food from the palace. Denying it, Riliane threatened that if anyone dared to do so, they would immediately be beheaded.

Noting Ney's love for gossip, she asked how the maid knew about these rumors but she was at a loss for words. A chef joined the conversation and claimed to have seen someone stealing food from the palace stores that was too tall to be a servant and Ney finally admitted she knew who it was. Her anger growing, the princess threatened to have Ney's head cut off if she didn't tell her, and the maid confessed the culprit was Leonhart.

Having heard vile rumors about Leonhart from Ney, such as lechery, war crimes, and treason, the princess decided to have Allen assassinate him. Riliane ordered the servant to her room after dinner. First congratulating him for protecting her from Asan days earlier, she asked about his fencing ability. When Allen confessed his father taught him, she bragged about her own fencing capabilities, but still commended Allen's skills. Desiring the use of his swordplay, she wrote her order on a piece of parchment and placed it in a bottle before giving it to Allen.

She then instructed the confused servant to read the message. Seeing his shock at her assassination order, she explained how she wanted Allen to do it since the other palace guards wouldn't dare to do it. Her servant asked why she used such an odd method to tell him and she claimed someone told her about it long ago, although she couldn't remember who.

When Allen asked why she wanted Leonhart killed, Riliane said it was because his constant obstinance wore out her patience, briefly devolving into a tantrum about how she hated him. She then clarified it was because of the rumors she heard. When asked, she stated it was Ney who told her and, in response to Allen's skepticism, the princess explained that Ney may love gossip but wouldn't lie and noted how her words alone couldn't kill him because of his prestige. She then told Allen about her scheme to silently kill Leonhart without the public's knowledge, having him poisoned while she conversed with him regarding his stealing and affirmed it was only their little secret.

The next night, Riliane invited Leonhart to join her in her room. Once he arrived, she told him to sit down. Although the swordsman felt uncomfortable having the two of them isolated together at night, she claimed their conversation was private, jokingly asking if he wanted to sexually assault her. Laughing at the intimidated swordsman, Riliane brushed off her joke since he preferred women with large breasts like her mother. Joking, they talked about Queen Anne's crushes before Riliane commended Leonhart for stealing from the palace to feed the people and agreed with his cause, offering to allow him to freely transport food from the palace to the hungry masses if he received her permission.

Claiming she wanted to improve their relationship for the future, the princess offered Leonhart drugged Blood Grave, commenting how it was the favorite wine of Vampiress Vanika Conchita, though assuring him there was no blood in the concoction like in the fairy tale. When asked if she also wanted some, Riliane responded how she didn't like alcohol and didn't understand struggling with it. They continued celebrating until late at night. After Allen successfully assassinated the drunk and drugged Captain of the Royal Guard, Riliane had his body disposed of in the nearby river. Although offering to hold a public funeral once his body was discovered, his family refused.[35]

Rejection of BlueEdit

"Who...! Who is the whore who seduced our dear Kyle!? Where is she!?"

Sometime later, the Freezis Firm in Elphegort and the Kingdom of Marlon provided relief aid to ease the people's starvation. A conference was held in the Halls of Sounds regarding the political discussions had afterwards. Allen reported first to the princess about his meeting with Keel Freezis. Hearing Allen report that Keel was interested in the state of affairs within Lucifenia, Riliane brushed it off with disinterest, confident the merchant wasn't planning anything of major concern. As the other merchants discussed the matter, Riliane nodded with increasing disinterest as she wondered what her next snack for the day would be. Before Allen stepped down, she asked the servant and he responded it was brioche.

Afterward, Minis gave his report. Riliane was stunned when she saw the Marlon Royal Family give a baby octopus to Elluka and, disgusted by the creature, let the court mage have the gift. Impatient, Riliane asked if King Kyle spoke about their wedding and Minis gave her Kyle's letter. Reading it, she became outraged that Kyle broken their engagement and had chosen a "green-haired girl" instead. Screaming about whom had seduced her Kyle, the ruler screamed for Mariam and ordered the Head of Maids and member of the Three Heroes to uncover the identity of Kyle's green-haired lover.[36] Later on, the princess cried, broken-hearted.[37]

Lucifenia-Elphegort WarEdit

"If you don't know who she is... Then! You should just kill all of them! We know for sure that it was a woman from the royal family over there who seduced Kyle, at any rate!"

Less than a week later, Mariam reported to the princess her scant findings while she was in her room along with Allen and Elluka. Infuriated, Riliane smashed the jewelry box with Kyle's gifts to her on the floor and had a tantrum about why Kyle rejected her. Minis entered her room, hearing the noise, and Riliane calmed down, quietly ordering the Prime Minister to destroy Elphegort.

Demanding he prepare the army to slaughter all of the green-haired women, the minister tried to reason that the forests between the two countries made it impossible to invade. Riliane simply ordered the forest to be burned. When Elluka spoke out against Riliane's rash behavior, she ordered the mage to be beheaded. Elluka immediately resigned and left; the seething Riliane ordered Allen to kill her while demanding Minis stay. After speaking again with her minister, they both left the room.[38]

During the Green Hunting, Riliane and Ney spoke in the Servant Room and the princess learned that Allen had been keeping the location of Kyle's lover, Michaela, secret from her. After commending Ney for her information, Allen walked in, confused about why she was in the servant quarters, and Ney left. The princess order the servant to sit and venomously questioned where he had been. The servant responded he had gone out to buy some green onions and Riliane asked what kind and if they were still alive.

Saying he didn't understand, Riliane clarified she asked if The Daughter of Green was still alive. Noting Allen's apparent betrayal for not mentioning Michaela earlier, Riliane said she couldn't hate Allen and would give him another chance. Before giving him his new instruction, she wrote down a new order on a piece of parchment and placed it in her bottle: Kill Michaela.

After The Daughter of Green was confirmed dead, Riliane, Ney, and Chartette hung out together in the palace's Heavenly Yard. During their talks, Chartette recommended her favorite novel to the princess and Riliane joked how she finally understood why she was always leaving the palace. When Chartette noted Ney often left too, Riliane asked if the friends Ney went out to see were boys and they continued to happily converse until Riliane heard the Levin Church bells signal it was three o'clock, noting it was teatime. Allen then brought her brioche as she happily smiled.[39]

After the assassination attempt on Minis, Riliane and the other ministers convened in the Hall of Sounds to discuss the war in Elphegort and the shortage of soldiers due to the prolonged conflict. Remembering Allen's report from the Freezis Mansion, Riliane mentioned using Gast Venom's mercenaries, which the conference eventually agreed upon. With the Venom Mercenaries hired, Gast respectfully thanked the princess in the Hall of Mirrors. In response to his gratitude, Riliane noted how she had mistaken the "Demon of Asmodean" for a woman due to his beautiful face.

Gast laughed it off, saying she shouldn't judge anyone by their appearance. Agreeing, she mentioned his past defeat against Leonhart but was interested in seeing his prowess, given Leonhart's death. Finished bantering, she ordered Allen to give Gast a tour of the palace and walked off. Sometime after that, Allen had served her cake at three as she watched the sunset in the Heavenly Yard. While eating, she noted the sky foretold an apocalypse.[40]

Lucifenian RevolutionEdit

"I had thought... I was all alone. But Allen, you... you've stayed by my side until the end. Until now you've done anything and everything that I wanted."

When the Lucifenian Revolution broke out, she attended the war meeting and became bored. As Minis seemingly resolved the crisis, she asked if the meeting was over yet before yawning, asking Allen about the day's snack. During the war meeting a week after, Riliane assured the panicking Minis that King Kyle would not abandon her if they asked for assistance. When Allen brought her snack, the princess refused and said she lost her appetite.

The week after that, when the Elphegort and resistance armies merged and Marlon refused to send troops to defend Lucifenia, Riliane was shaken and her hands trembled, distraught and afraid by Kyle's gesture of apathy. The following week, Riliane left the Hall of Sounds war meeting after hearing that the revolutionaries were approaching the palace, and many of the ministers were attempting to or had already fled.


Riliane's breakdown as she fears her death

While the revolutionaries began to overtake the palace, the unnerved Riliane ate snacks in her room with Allen and answered the servant how she wanted brioche or something less sweet. She finally weakly asked him if she would be killed and began breaking down with the realization that the people would never forgive the awful things she had done.

As she tried to continue eating, she dropped her fork and asked Allen to hold her hand. When the servant complied, she calmed down and confessed that she just wanted to be strong like her mother, barely holding back her tears. Thanking Allen for always being with her despite her loneliness,[41] the servant asked her to swap clothes with him.

After doing so, Riliane teased how well her dress suited him, noting how it was like they were twins. She then noted how his shabby-looking clothes were surprisingly comfortable and Allen replied she should be able to escape with those clothes. Confused by his words, the servant told her to escape the palace on Josephine. Riliane condemned the idea, saying the revolutionaries would send out a search team if she tried.

When the servant brushed off the idea, demonstrating how the "princess" was still there, Riliane refused and said he would eventually be exposed. When the servant hugged her, saying they didn't know they are twins and wouldn't recognize him in the dress or her in the shabby-looking clothes. Shocked by the revelation, the confused and crying princess asked why he was choosing to get killed for her and Allen responded that she had been an evil girl and therefore her evil blood also flowed through him, so he would take her place.

Saying she didn't want that, Allen comforted the sobbing princess and, after releasing their embrace, left the room. Chasing after him, Riliane tried to open the door but struggled with the lock. Allen then recounted how their mother did this to them when they got in trouble and they simply cried in each other's arms; the princess then told him she didn't remember and begged her brother to fill more of the void in her memories and tell her more about their past.

Afterwards, Allen left and Riliane weakly begged for him not leave her alone. The Princess banged on the door for some while before heading down her room's secret passage to Josephine and fleeing the palace,[42] her glass bottle in hand.[43] Nearly a week later, the fugitive princess, disguised in a cloak, attended her public execution. Seeing Allen take the stand, she watched in horror as the "princess" was beheaded before the vehement crowd.[44]

Humility and RegretEdit

"No matter what kind of person I am... for example, if I were a heinous, wicked person... would you still treat me like you do now?"
"Yes, definitely."
―Rin and Clarith[src]

Sometime after Allen's death, Riliane traveled to the port town along the Lucifenian coast and, weak and hungry, collapsed there. Found by Clarith, the princess clung to the white-haired nun in her sleep when she went to get help, begging her not to leave her alone.[45] Once Clarith and the bakery owner saw how thin she was, Riliane was carried to the Held Monastery and was nurtured back to health. Calling herself "Rin", the princess said she had nowhere to go and began living with the other orphans at the monastery. Haughty, Riliane acted spoiled, treating everyone there with disdain; when given food, she complained about it and refused to eat anything but desserts.

A week since she began living there, Rin was asked to help with the farm work but, not willing to carry the heavy tools, began lazing about in the tool shed. Discovered by one of the nuns, she complained about the woman's screaming and argued how ridiculous it was for one person to carry such heavy tools. Clarith then arrived and offered to carry half of them with her and convinced the sister to forgive her. When urged by Clarith, Rin refused. When the Clarith noted she wouldn't be able to eat if she didn't work, the princess responded that she could smuggle her food instead. When Clarith refused to do that for her, Rin childishly whined that she wouldn't do her work and plopped herself on the ground.

Overhearing Clarith and another orphan, Donnie, talk about how even trash could carry their shovels and that Clarith would reward the boy with a snack for his efforts, Riliane snatched the tools from him and said she could do it too so the snack should be hers. Despite struggling with the tools, she urged Clarith to join her and headed for the fields. Roped into doing farm work, Rin exhausted herself with the task and was later given lunch at the cafeteria. While eating her vegetables the princess was asked how it tasted by Clarith and she admitted it wasn't bad, beginning to realize food was scarce.

She then asked Clarith about the plant she was watering and the Netsuma admitted she didn't know what it was. Questioning why the white-haired woman would raise such a thing, Clarith explained it didn't matter since all life was equal and that the plant was her special friend; Rin then called Clarith gloomy for having a "plant friend". When the Netsuma laughed it off, the princess sighed before questioning her words that all life should be equal, expressing her belief that a society couldn't function that way and one needed to dominate or be dominated. As Clarith kindly asserted she may be right but that she still supported equality, Rin scoffed that she thought like a saint and asked if everyone had her mentality after staying at the monastery for too long.

Once Clarith said she's understand soon enough, Rin voiced her skepticism since she wasn't a Held sect follower and Clarith countered that both the Held and Levia sects were essentially the same. Finished eating, Rin set down her cutlery and brushed off the topic. After Clarith told her to put away her utensils, Rin said she was aware. While clearing the table, the former princess asked her friend if she would treat her the same even if she was a terrible person. She then heard Clarith reply yes.[46]


"I was convinced that in order to make the country prosper, the ruler must have absolute power. However, it all ended up in capricious and arbitrary ways. I was just using my own power for my own prestige. I was just a stupid, ignorant little girl."
―Rin's confession[src]

As the years progressed, Rin opened up to others and gradually began taking her work seriously and respecting everyone at the convent. In EC 505, the maturing orphan asked Clarith for cooking tips and Clarith obliged. A few days later, Rin did some farm work after breakfast and cleaned the confessionals in the afternoon. Leaving one confession box door open, she sneaked into it during the night and confessed to God her responsibility for countless murders and abusing her power for her own prestige. When trying to pin the blame on the ministers around her, she admitted her own part, having allowed her envy of Michaela to destroy an entire country.

Although believing she heard someone, the Princess ignored it and went to the shore with her glass bottle, a message inside it, and placed it in the ocean, making a final wish for Allen. Watching the bottle drift out to sea, she turned around in surprise to see Clarith poised to kill her with a golden knife. Realizing Clarith had been the one who overheard her confession, Riliane closed her eyes and told Clarith to do what she wished, accepting her fate with a sad smile.[47]

Instead, Clarith used the knife to cut her hair. Later that year, Rin joined Clarith on her journey to plant the tree sapling containing Michaela's spirit next to the Millennium Tree in the Millennium Tree Forest. Clarith apologized to Rin for cutting her hair short but the former princess didn't mind, finding it easier to manage shorter hair. Riliane then asked the white-haired girl if she could teach her how to make brioche, to which Clarith agreed. After the tree sapling was planted, they both offered up prayers again. Rin began to cry, saying she was sorry, followed shortly after by Clarith. The two of them continued to cry until nightfall.[48] Later, Clarith taught her how to make brioche and the Netsuma was impressed by her improvement.[49]

Life at the ConventEdit

Cha10 rin
At twilight on another day, Rin visited the shore to stare at the waves. Deep in her own thoughts, the girl began questioning why she gazed at the sea when she no longer found it interesting. As her thoughts drifted to darker thoughts, she shook her head to forget them. The girl spoke aloud that she was fine and shouldn't worry. Rin then heard a voice behind her and turned to see a rich woman chastising her servant.

While the nun stared at their exchange, the woman saw Rin and asked if she worked at the monastery and if she could give them directions to visit a friend. The girl happily agreed and led the two as the woman explained their trials to find the place. After receiving the woman's thanks, Rin asked who the friend she hoped to visit was and the woman responded it was Clarith.[50] After showing her to Clarith, Rin learned the woman was Mikina Freezis, the head woman of the family that funded the monastery.

Six months later, Rin learned Clarith was meeting with an old friend of hers. Expecting them to have already run out of tea, she prepared a fresh pot. Entering the room, she replaced the old one with a blank expression, speaking aloud how she supposed they had run out. When Clarith suggested she replace the tea in the next room too, the nun in training said it was no problem. Clarith then told her to inform the cafeteria workers to make a two-person meal and the frustrated girl said again abided with a nod.

As the other girl, Yukina Freezis, stood and introduced herself, Rin bowed deeply and did the same. She then stared at Yukina and noted that she must be the daughter of the family that funded the monastery. Once Yukina confirmed it, Rin noted that first it was Mikina and now her appearing there. When Clarith chastised her for her wording, she apologized for her rudeness and asked if the woman in the other room was Yukina's servant. Hearing that the woman was actually the revolutionary hero, Germaine Avadonia, Rin cried out in shock and dropped the tea tray.

She then listened as Clarith declared she would take the tea out to Germaine and began to be pushed out of the room by the nun; before she could leave, she saw the door open and Germaine enter. Frozen in fear, she watched as the swordswoman asked if she was an acquaintance of Yukina's and then fall into silence. Eventually, Germaine asked for her name and Rin managed to squeeze out an answer. Afterward, the swordswoman turned and muttered it was nice to meet her before leaving. The nun apprentice then excused herself as well and left the room.[51]

Two days later, Rin spotted a masked Mikina on the beach and told the right immediately after. When Yukina left to search for her mother and didn't return for some time, Rin grew worried and went looking for her through the night; she then saw Yukina being attacked by Mikina under the influence of Abyss I.R., surrounding the girl with the Marlon Spoon's blue flames. Rin then impulsively sneaked up behind the sorceress and attempted to steal the spoon, forcing Abyss to release the spell.

During their scuffle, the mage sent the trainee nun sprawling along the sand. Landing flat on her back, Rin stood up and groaned, holding the back of her head. She heard Yukina call out to her and she explained how she had went looking for her, before Abyss attempted to turn the Marlon Spoon on Rin. The demon's power was then blocked by the Demon of Gluttony and Ney, and Rin watched as the sorceress was defeated and the red cat, her true body, was slain by Germaine.[52]

Later LifeEdit

"I feel relieved to entrust the work to Rin."
―Yvette in a letter to Yukina[src]

Rin was eventually baptized as a nun under her new name. After the death of the abbess around EC 529,[53] Rin became the new head of the monastery at age 43.[54] After Clarith had left the monastery to establish her own convent, Rin kept in touch with her and they remained close. She continued raising the orphans there, treating them kindly and working hard to make them happy. In EC 562, surrounded by the orphans she took care of, the 77-year-old Rin passed away quietly.[55]

A New LifeEdit

Main Article: Rin Miroku

In EC 828, Riliane reincarnated as Rin Miroku, born a member of the Miroku family and residing in Enbizaka, Jakoku. Growing up with a feeling she was waiting for someone, Rin helped with the family business. In EC 842, Rin grieved the deaths of her mother and sister, going to her father's hometown in Amayomi to recover. While there, she found each of the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia, forging a contract with the Demon of Pride and dreaming of her past life as Riliane. Regaining her memories and realizing she was waiting to reunite with Allen, Rin returned to Onigashima. The girl later confronted Kayo Sudou at the beach before being killed.[56]



Riliane bursts out of the cake

After the destruction of the Third Period in EC 998, Riliane returned to the palace and reunited with her parents. Allowed to throw a dinner party for everyone from their era, Riliane hid inside a reconstructed version of her giant cake. Sometime during the festivities, she burst out of the cake, commanding everyone to kneel to her.

She then heard a furious Germaine scream at her to not ruin the food. Bopped on the head with an armored fist, Riliane complained and was told she was being punished for being a naughty child. After ordering her to be put on the guillotine, Riliane heard Germaine scoff at her remark before stating she'd have Elluka turn her into a pig, calling for the mage. Teased and pushed toward the exit of the Hall of Mirrors by Germaine, Riliane quarreled with the swordswoman before fleeing into her room.[57]



Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, immortalized as The Daughter of Evil

Historically, Riliane was regarded as the worst ruler in the history of the Lucifen dynasty and the Kingdom of Lucifenia. Over a hundred years after the Lucifenian Revolution, Ton Corpa acquired Riliane's portrait and had Rin Chan's face changed by Seventh Magician to match the princess' visage.[58] Debuting as a singer, the child became immensely popular across both Lucifenia and Elphegort. Like the infamous princess, Rin would say "Now, kneel to me" as her signature phrase on-stage.[59]

Yukina later wrote a Freezis Fairy Tale inspired by Riliane's actions, titled "The Daughter of Evil"; said fairy tale became widely popular over the centuries.[60] At some point, Yukina also wrote a novel version of the fairy tale in secret, portraying the true events.[61] After reading the novel version centuries after its writing, Gallerian Marlon was skeptical about the story's validity, although his friend Ma insisted it was entirely true.[62] The Waiter of Evil's Theater shared many traits and qualities with the spoiled princess, although she would lament about losing her "other half" much like Riliane had after the revolution.[63]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"In the world, there are those who dominate and those who are dominated. It is not like there isn't a reason for this. If everyone were equal, it would be impossible to constitute a society."
―Riliane expressing her aristocratic worldview[src]

Since childhood, Riliane was influenced by several factors to be prideful, selfish and inconsiderate. Raised in luxury, she was ignorant of and apathetic towards the outside world, therefore abusing her authority to cater to her own whims. She similarly felt entitled to anything that she wanted and couldn't tolerate being questioned in the slightest; this spoiled selfishness even exhibited in her as a child, albeit not nearly to their later extremes, and as Riliane matured it seemed to vanish entirely. Although Riliane at the world's end at first appeared to be as bratty as she was before, she later used her sense of pride to fuel her self-confidence instead of her cruelty.

Her selfishness was compounded by the effects of the Demon of Pride; influenced to act as an HER, Riliane saw no value in others' lives and never questioned any decision or request she ever made, no matter what it was. As a result, she ruled her people without any regard for their suffering, readily executed servants, and thought nothing of even large scale atrocities. Riliane justified this with a stratified worldview, believing that inequality was necessary for society to function. She also, however, hid an undercurrent of insecurity, often feeling that she was all alone while at the "top" of society due to losing her parents and, subconsciously, her twin Alexiel.

Despite all this, Riliane as a young child was nonetheless kind, gentle, assertive, and loving. After being freed of her possession, this kindness in Riliane was allowed to gradually develop in the humble setting of the monastery. Burdened with guilt over her past behavior and adopting Levin principles, she grew into a nurturing figure and respected all life, and all people, equally. Similarly, after the world's end Riliane shared her affluence with everyone from her time period with a party, rather than only trying to show off her power to the elites. She also began to take the initiative in doing things for herself, rather than having other people do things for her.

Riliane maintained a haughty and proper facade, wishing to appear like a strong queen so as to prevent herself from being manipulated again; despite this, when not in public she was prone to sporadic and childish tantrums if displeased, or flat apathy if bored. Riliane also would act more casually with those that she liked, with her cheerful and girlish behavior a stark contrast to her murderous whims. As she matured, Riliane became calmer in personality; although she remained occasionally rude by nature, she continued to observe propriety in her duties when appropriate. Riliane also, through the whole of her life, loved sweets and brioche in particular.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"I see... Well that's fine. I also have some experience with fencing. I have contested against soldiers several times, and yet have not lost once. What do you think? Impressive, yes?"
―Riliane boasting her "achievements"[src]

Because of her place as the absolute ruler of the most powerful kingdom of the time, Riliane was effectively the most important person in Evillious and was able to demand almost anything that she wished.[64] As a princess thrust into the role of politics, Riliane lacked much experience in the political field and largely abused her power. Regardless, she did have some amount of political savvy and a certain skill with manipulation.[65] Despite this, her unpredictable temperament made her often act rashly without consideration of the consequences.

Riliane, having been raised with a royal lifestyle, conducted herself with a certain elegance, even when exhausted, and knew how to read and write.[66] She was also very skilled at horseback riding and presumed to be good at fencing, although no soldier dared fight her seriously for fear of injuring her.[67] However, she had no skills in cooking and cleaning, relying on her attendants for such menial tasks. After the revolution, Riliane began to learn how to farm and cook, taught by Clarith on how to make brioche.[68] Among the basic, everyday tasks she learned, she also became adept at managing the orphans, even being entrusted to become the monastery's abbess.[69]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Allen Avadonia: Riliane's twin brother and servant. Riliane and Alexiel were close friends in childhood; because of this, she subconsciously became lonely after his absence and took to him quickly once she met him again as "Allen". Although initially viewing Allen as just as a servant, Riliane gradually grew close to him, even listening at times when he tried to reason with her; although inconsiderate of his feelings, she came to trust and rely on him over anyone else. Following the Revolution, Riliane recognized Allen fully for who he was and deeply mourned his death.

Kyle Marlon: Riliane's fiancé. They became good friends in childhood, with Riliane developing a crush on Kyle and enjoying his company greatly. After he rejected their engagement, she became distraught and intensely jealous of his professed love, in her rage sparking the Green Hunting. Despite ordering the murder of Michaela, she was still hurt and bewildered when Kyle refused to send aid to Lucifenia during the Revolution.

Clarith: A nun who aided Riliane after the revolution. Initially Riliane treated her and her beliefs with scorn, however as time went on the two became friends, Clarith becoming like a big sister. Her gentler outlook on life caused Riliane to repent for her ways and she felt no anger when Clarith appeared to be about to kill her. She learned how to cook from Clarith and they took comfort from each other's friendship. 

Chartette Langley: One of Riliane's maids. Riliane often forgave Chartette's habit for breaking things due to the girl's upbeat personality, being one of the few servants Riliane trusted to be near her after Asan's attempted assassination. The two often spent time together as friends. As the revolution became worse, Chartette fled the palace and Riliane believed the maid had betrayed her.

Ney Phutapie: Another of Riliane's maids and half-sister. Riliane relied on Ney to provide her with information about the palace and rumors concerning her plans, such as rumors about Leonhart's shortcomings and Michaela's location. After Asan's attempted assassination, Ney was one of the few servants Riliane trusted to be near her, and the two often spent time together as friends. During the revolution, Ney fled the palace and Riliane believed she had betrayed her.

Leonhart Avadonia: The Captain of the Royal Guard. Over her reign as queen Riliane came to hate Leonhart for scolding her headstrong behavior, as well as for undermining her decisions and arguing for her to think of the people. Frustrated in being unable to publicly execute one of the Three Heroes, she plotted for his death nonetheless, utilizing Allen's fencing ability and tricking the warrior into drinking drugged wine. 

Mariam Phutapie: Riliane's Head of Maids. While taking no interest in Mariam's moral lessons, Riliane nevertheless relied on her skills in espionage when trying to discover certain information, such as the identity of Kyle's lover, and trusted her out of only a few servants to be near her after Asan's attempted assassination. Though she ordered her around with impunity, Riliane was intimidated by Mariam's serious and coolheaded nature.

Germaine Avadonia: The daughter of Riliane's Captain of the Royal Guard. Riliane did not meet her in her time as a princess, but her role in Leonhart's death caused Germaine to vow revenge against her. Five years later, she met and made peace with Germaine while working in the Held monastery.

Anne Lucifen d'Autriche: Riliane's mother. Riliane loved and viewed Anne with great respect, mourning her death bitterly. She wished to honor her mother by retaining the title of princess until she came of age, attempting as well to emulate her example as a strong queen who never showed her weak side in order to be as beloved as she was.

Gretel: An intended past incarnation. Riliane was fated to be a reincarnation of Gretel and shared the girl's appearance, but the position was instead taken by Ney due to the disturbance of fate caused by Abyss I.R. and Prim Marlon.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Riliane's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Rin, with both names sharing the first two letters; she later uses the name "Rin" after the Lucifenian Revolution.[70]
  • Riliane is inspired by Marie Antoinette; like her real life counterpart, Riliane assumed the throne at an early age due to being the only candidate and was executed following the French Revolution.
  • Riliane's last name "d'Autriche" means "from Austria" in French, a name shared with Marie.
  • Riliane's words to Leonhart, "Let them eat tea cakes," is taken from the famous phrase "Let them eat cake"  popularly attributed to Marie Antoinette as an example of her disconnection from the people's plight in pre-revolution France; the "cake" was a translation of brioche, considered her trademark food.
  • When making a theoretical illustration of Princess Riliane as an adult, Ichika based her dress after a Marie Antoinette doll she had owned beforehand.[71]
  • Riliane owned a horse, Josephine; the horse represents pride in many different cultures.





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