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The Reincarnation Ritual was a magic ceremony used to transmigrate the soul of an entity from one form of being to another, achieving reincarnation. Conducted via a third party, the ritual allowed one's soul to be incarnated into a new physical body.


The ritual's primary purpose was to supply a being with a new body via reincarnation.[1] The procedure for the ritual's preparation involved drawing a magic circle on the ground of an area that was suitably astronomically aligned, designing the circle to accommodate the world's celestial bodies through various symbols.[2] As another prerequisite, the intended target needed to imagine the desired being for reincarnation while positioned within the area of the magic circle while the actual ritual was being performed.[3] After the preparations were complete, the user invoked the ritual with magic, lighting up the magic circle and causing a projection to form above it, encompassing the desired targets.[4]

Afterward, the affected targets' memories were used as a basis to construct the being's physical body. During the process, the target could feel the consciousness begin floating higher and higher until reaching the void of space; as the target's soul began taking the shape of its new physical form, the target's consciousness would then feel a quick descent back to the ground, freefalling straight toward an illusion of the desired being for reincarnation reconstructed from the memories of the moment the target imagined. Once the target's consciousness made contact with the being, consciousness would be lost while the soul incarnated in the new physical body created.

The reincarnation ritual was an extremely powerful technique and required a great amount of magical power and focus by the caster. Aside from the limitations in its location and preparation, the ritual could otherwise be used at anytime and the affected targets could be reincarnated into different forms multiple times if needed.[5] However, errors in performing the ritual could cause defects in the reincarnated body produced for the target's soul. Similarly, while the reincarnated body would be constructed based on the memory of their physical appearance and structure, defects could still occur with varying effects, including abilities outside the normal limitation of the body's species.[6]





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