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NND (subbed) / YT (subbed)
Original リグレットメッセージ
Romaji Riguretto Messēji
English Fallen Angel
Singer(s) Kagamine Rin
Kagamine Len (back-up)
Release Date May 25, 2008
Collaborators Painter Brioche (PV illustration)
Ichika (album illustration)
Series Story of Evil
Preceded by Wooden Girl ~Thousand Year Wiegenlied~
Followed by The Daughter of White
"I will tell you, a secret lore."
―Allen Avadonia[src]

Regret Message is a song released by Akuno-P on May 25, 2008. It is the third song in Story of Evil, following after the events of The Servant of Evil.


The song starts in a harbor outside a town where Riliane stands alone. She recalls a legend that Allen once told her that states that if she writes a wish, puts it inside a bottle and throws it out to sea, her wish will come true. As such, Riliane writes down a wish in a bottle and sets it out herself. Recalling on her past, she regrets her actions as she realizes how selfish she was and how Allen would follow her every command, even when it caused him pain. She hopes the ocean will express her gratitude. She writes her wish with the words, "if I could be reborn."


Kagamine Rin's VOCALOID2 voicebank is utilized. The original song utilized the sounds of waves, tambourine, french horn, musicbox, strings, viola, claps, steel drums, drums, guitar, and electric piano.The song uses a scale of F sharp minor and tranposes to A minor for the chorus, a tempo of 115 bpm, and a meter of 4/4. The song uses the following pattern:

Sound - (Instrum.) ; V - PreC - C; V - PreC - C ;(break); V - PreC  - C;(Instrum.); Refrain - Coda;(Instrum.)

The song starts with the sound of the waves and the instrumental, ending at 1.00. The songs repeats the sequence of a verse, pre-chorus (climbing verse to the chorus), and a chorus, three times. There is a break between the second and the third sequence to emphasize the character's hesitation, and after the last chorus at 3.07, there is an instrumental variation of the chorus to build up to the finale. The finale is made of the refrain and a coda. The song ends with the instrumental variation of the chorus beginning at 3.48.





流れて行く ガラスの小瓶




流れて行く 小さな願

流れて行く ガラスの小瓶

流れて行く 小さな願


Machi hazure no chiisana minato
Hitori tatazumu shoujo

Kono umi ni mukashi kara aru
Hisokana ii tsutae

"Negai wo kaita youhishi wo"
"Kobin ni irete"
"Umi ni nagaseba itsu no hika"
"Omoi wa minoru deshou"

Nagarete iku GARASU no kobin
Negai wo kometa MESSEEJI
Suiheisen no kanata ni
Shizuka ni kieteku

Kimi wa itsumo watashi no tame ni
Nandemo shite kureta no ni

Watashi wa itsumo wagamama bakari
Kimi wo komarase teta

Negai wo kanaete kureru kimi
Mou inai kara
Kono umi ni watashi no omoi
Todokete morau no

Nagarete iku chiisana negai
Namida to sukoshi no RIGURETTO
Tsumi ni kizuku no wa itsumo
Subete owatta ato

Nagarete iku GARASU no kobin
Negai wo kometa MESSEEJI
Suiheisen no kanata ni
Shizuka ni kieteku

Nagarete iku chiisana negai
Namida to sukoshi no RIGURETTO

"Moshimo umare kawareru naraba....."

Related SongsEdit

Twiright PrankEdit

The song Twiright Prank establishes an event in Riliane's childhood before her separation from Alexiel; it shows how she encounters the Demon of Gluttony

The Daughter of EvilEdit

The Daughter of Evil relates the events for which Riliane wishes to repent, as it details her selfish ways and the sins she committed as queen of Lucifenia.

The Servant of EvilEdit

The Servant of Evil communicates the situation pushing Riliane to send out her wish, as it details the death of her brother; as well as the song containing a similar wish for the two twins to reincarnate together.

The Daughter of WhiteEdit

The Daughter of White relays occurrences that happen previously and during Regret Message, as it details Clarith coming to meet and, eventually, forgive Riliane 

Re_birthday Edit

The song Re birthday contains a reference to the wish sent out by Riliane in Regret Message.




Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The song's English title, "Fallen Angel" is a reference to Lucifer, whose name is included in The Daughter of Evil's English title "The princess of lucifer", referring to Riliane. 


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