Original 追想のオルゴール
Romaji Tsuisou no Orugooru
English Clockwork requiem
Singer(s) Megurine Luka
Hiyama Kiyoteru (OSS -Act 2- ver.)
Release Date January 16, 2011 (CD)
Series Original Sin Story
Clockwork Lullaby Series
Preceded by Whereabouts of the Miracle
Followed by Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night
"Filled with love, an extraordinary, peerless music box."
―Elluka Chirclatia and Kiril Clockworker[src]

Recollective Musicbox is a song released by Akuno-P on January 16, 2011 in the Judgment of Corruption ~A Court of Greed~ album. It is the eighth song in the Original Sin Story.


The story takes place in the Magic Kingdom Levianta. In the past, a young man named Kiril Clockworker made a music box that played more beautifully than any other. His skills earned him the name "Clockworker" from others. He made this musicbox for his beloved fiancée, Elluka, and sister Irina, both of whom he loved very much. The song plays the music that the box can no longer play in the present, a "Lu Li La" melody.

It goes on to mention that the ones with the greatest magical talent would rule the country and obtain everything, with the candidates being the two sisters. The "gear begins to go mad" and the two turned against each other, though if magic didn't exist, they could have lived happily. Kiril saw Elluka collapse and Irina cry. The musicbox nowadays is silent and cannot be opened. After later events, the country is now in ruins and Kiril, much older and having lost his sanity, makes something new. He replies that he is making a musicbox when asked, however it looks to be more like just a dirty, black box.




愛する婚約者と 大事な妹

二人の為に作ろう 愛をこめて



歯車が狂い始めた 憎しみ合う二人

最悪の結末 彼が見たものは
倒れている女と 泣き叫ぶ女
どちらも愛してた 愛してたのに


かつて国があった場所 今は廃墟
正気を失った老人 何かを作る
老人は答える オルゴールだと


Kiniro no zenmai ga yuganda ORUGOORU
Naranai MERODI wa ai no uta
Rekishi no kage ni kieta ORUGOORU
Hirakareru koto no nai houseki bako

Kare no tsukutta ORUGOORU wa hoka no dare no mono yori mo
Kirei na oto wo narashiteta
Hitobito wa kare no koto wo sonkei no nen wo komete
"Zenmai shii (KUROKKUWAAKAA)" to yonda

Aisuru konyakusha to daijina imouto
"Jibun wa shiawase mono da" to kare wa Kami ni kansha shita

Futari no tame ni tsukurou ai wo komete
Tobikiri joutou na ORUGOORU
Kore kara mo mirai ni sachi ookare to
Kare wa ORUGOORU ni omoi wo tsumeta

Ima wa mou naru koto no nai ORUGOORU

Kono kuni de wa yori tsuyoi majutsu no sainou wo motsu mono ga
Ou to nari subete wo te ni ireru
Arata na shihai sha kouho toshite erabareta no wa
Konyakusha to imouto

Haguruma ga kurui hajimeta nikushimi au futari
Majutsu nado sonzai shinakereba nakayoku kuraseta no ni

Saiaku no ketsumatsu kare ga mita mono wa
Chi ni somatta tsukuri kake no ORUGOORU
Taorete iru onna to nakisakebu onna
Dochira mo aishiteta aishiteta no ni

Ima wa mou naru koto no nai ORUGOORU

Katsute kuni ga atta basho ima wa haikyo
Shouki wo ushinatta roujin nanika wo tsukuru
Nani wo tsukutte iru no ka to tabibito ga tazuneta
Roujin wa kotaeru ORUGOORU da to

Dakedo sore wa
Tada no GARAKUTA ni shika mienai
Usu yogoreta kuroi hako datta

A music box with golden springs that warped
The unplaying melody is a song of love
A music box that disappeared in the shadow of history
A jeweled box that won’t be opened

The music boxes he made played with a sound that was
More beautiful than anyone else’s
The people, filled with a sense of respect for him,
Called him “Clockworker”

A beloved fiancée and a precious younger sister
“I am a lucky man”, he thanked god

For their sakes he would create it, filled with love
An extraordinary, peerless music box
In the music box he packed his wish
For their future then on to have great happiness

Now the music box won’t play anymore

In this country, whoever possesses the strongest magical talent
Will become ruler, and obtain everything
The ones selected as candidates for new leader were
The fiancée and younger sister

The gears began to go mad, those two who came together in hatred
Could have lived together in harmony, if there was no such thing as magic

It was the worst conclusion; what he saw
Was the music box he built stained in blood
The fallen woman and the wailing woman
Both were loved, loved and yet
Now the music box won’t play anymore

A place that used to have a country is now a ruin
An old man who’s lost his sanity is making something
Travelers enquired as to what he’s making
The old man replies that it’s a music box

But it
Was a dirty black box
That just looks like simple trash

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

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Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The song's title references the nostalgia brought about by the lullaby, likely for Elluka. 
  • The song's English title, "Clockwork requiem", refers to the tragedy of the Clockworker's with the death of Elluka.
  • In media, the music box is often used to lead into reminisces and other flashback scenes.


  • The Evils Court booklet notes that a powerful testimony was obtained regarding the "Clockworker" who went missing, although the full picture concerning the Levianta Catastrophe remained a mystery.[1]
  • Later in the booklet, Gammon Octo summarizes the song, saying it was obvious who won; he then notes that it's uncertain if the "loser" disappeared from history, admitting they could only wait for her to tell them personally.[2]
  • In The Daughter of Evil: Wiegenlied of Green, Michaela calls the song spell Elluka taught her "Recollective Musicbox", a tragic song for workers also called "Clockwork Requiem"; using the spell, Michaela was able to alert Elluka about the location of the vessel of Lust.
  • Interestingly, Michaela was uninformed of the song's meaning, as Elluka had only a short time to teach her and therefore left out the "unnecessary things", leaving the incarnated spirit clueless.
  • The song was rearranged by mothy, titled "Clockworker -Recollective Musicbox-", employing a slower-pace, different instruments, and Kiyoteru's vocals singing the lyrics from a first-person perspective; it was included in Original Sin Story -Act 2-.

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