Rajih avatar4
Technical Information
Japanese ラージフ
Romaji Raajifu
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Affiliation(s) Beelzenian Empire
"Here's a peasant. His enemy's the fuedal lord, and he can turn into a monster."

Rajih was a peasant of Asmodean in the Beelzenian Empire and a childhood friend of Lukana Octo and Lilien Turner. After Lukana's disappearance, Rajih warned Lilien to be wary of Duke Venomania, jealous of their growing relationship. Discovering the Duke was beholden to dark powers and had enchanted Lilien, Rajih gave his information to Karchess Crim to help track down his missing friends.


Early LifeEdit


Lilien and Rajih meet for the first time

"A peasant named Rajih, an acquaintance of Lilien's. Everyone says he's gone mad with his childhood friend gone."
―Marquis Ferdinand[src]

Born in Mystica, Rajih lived as the son of a peasant farmer. While he was a child, he met Lilien Turner and Lukana Octo, becoming their friend and playmate. Due to the lack of exciting things to do where they lived, the three strived to have fun together and became close. As they grew older, the three began helping with their parent's work and began seeing each other less and less.[1]

Visitor to MysticaEdit

"So what? Lord Venomania, one of Beelzenia's Five Dukes, will take a baker's daughter as his bride!? At best, you'll end up as his mistress."
―Rajih to Lilien[src]

Rajih watches Lilien and the Duke

After Lukana left to help her uncle in Lasaland at the end of EC 135, Rajih and Lilien learned she disappeared sometime after the New Year Festival. In April, EC 136, he came by the Turner bakery and Lilien's father told him that she was escorting Duke Sateriasis Venomania to the Misty Mountains. Heading after them, he spotted the baker standing before the mountain range. After gaining her attention, he explained his reasons for being there before noticing her blushing face and questioning what happened.[2]

The next day, Rajih spotted Lilien with Duke Venomania in the market, hiding behind a wall as he watched their date from afar. Bothered by her flirtatious behavior, he came by and saw her father working the shop a few days later, learning she was heading on another date with the Duke at the Ferdinand Mansion before he left town. Finding her in another room, he asked about her date when he noticed the frilly dress she was wearing; shocked, he questioned her appearance.[3] He then expressed his conviction she was acting weird, pointing out her usual distaste for restrictive dresses.


Rajih confronts Lilien about her behavior

When she happily revealed the Duke bought her the "cute" outfit, Rajih angrily slammed his fist into the wall and screamed for her to not lose her mind. After Lilien reminded him she was a girl asked what was wrong with falling in love, the peasant calmed down and tried to refuse before relenting. After apologizing for his reaction, he warned her about dealing with Duke Venomania and she argued that he wasn't that kind of person.

He then questioned if she fantasized the prestigious noble was going to marry her, declaring she'd become his concubine at most. As she tried to retort the Duke only loved her, he screamed that she was an idiot. As he reminded her of what Lukana would think of her behavior, the baker threw a vase of flowers at him and told him to shut up. After she tearfully demanded she leave, the torn and guilty farmer obeyed.[4]

Battle with the DemonEdit

"Why are you fighting so hard? You can't be in love with Lilien... You haven't said you are... Even if you took Lilien back from me, you won't be able to win her over."
"Duke, you... have never actually loved someone, have you?"
―Duke Venomania and Rajih[src]

Rajih discovering the corpses

That night, Rajih approached the Ferdinand Mansion to check on Lilien. After failing to force the locked gates open, he wondered what he was doing as he began scaling the property's wall. Deciding to confirm the two's love for himself before giving up on opposing their relationship, Rajih explored the mansion in search of them until he discovered the corpses of Marquis Ferdinand among others massacred in one of the rooms.

Horrified, he realized Lilien was in danger and ran through the halls crying out her name. Deciding to search in another room, he prepared to open the door before seeing a nearby suit of armor. After retrieving its sword, the farmer cautiously entered, shocked to see Lilien laying herself upon Venomania's bare chest. Demanding he get away from her, the furious farmer swiped his sword toward him as the Duke questioned if he was a thief or a jealous man. Rajih told the "murderer" to shut up.


Rajih facing Duke Venomania

He then watched in horror as Venomania sprouted demonic wings, horns, and claws right before his eyes, telling him his Lust powers didn't work on men and he therefore had to "physically" disappear.[5] The terrified peasant then battled the Duke, swiftly disarming and injuring his left arm. Collapsing to one knee, the farmer grabbed his bleeding arm as Venomania taunted him and called Sateriasis a monster.

When the Duke suggested he flee out the window, Rajih cursed before looking at Lilien placidly standing behind him. Regaining his resolve, the love-struck peasant took the sword and attempted to attack the demonic lord again. After Venomania swiftly sliced his blade to pieces and injured him again he collapsed to the ground. He then heard Sateriasis question why he was fighting so hard, noting he never actually declared his love for Lilien and would never win her affections regardless of the battle's outcome.

As he collected himself, Rajih asked if the duke ever truly loved someone. Barely standing back up with his broken sword in-hand, he declared that a man felt compelled to act even if he knew the love was unrequited. He then succumbed to his injuries and passed out, collapsing on the spot. He awoke later that night and saw Lilien still standing placidly in the room. He then carried her back to her home in Mystica before passing out again and Rajih's father carried him to his bed to sleep for the night.[6]

Love LostEdit

"I want to hear your story. Everything you know about Lilien Turner and Sateriasis Venomania."
―Karchess to Rajih[src]

Rajih awakens after his battle

The next morning, Rajih awoke and grabbed his head, still feeling his injuries. After recalling where he was and what transpired, the proud peasant realized his feelings for Lilien. Resolving to confess how he felt to her, he limped to her room, leaning on the nearby wall for support, and entered to find her bedroom window open and the baker missing.[7]

After the farmer realized Lilien left to be with Duke Venomania, he tried to explain to her parents what had occurred. Learning they didn't remember the Duke even visiting the town, Rajih tried sharing his discovery to the town and everyone revealed similar amnesia to Venomania's visit. With everyone believing he imagined the scenario, the disheartened peasant turned to drinking all day to drown out his sorrows.


Rajih drinking on the roadside

During the summer of EC 136, the drunk peasant sat on the side of the streets with his alcohol, realizing Lilien still hadn't gone back and no one but him remembered what happened. As he ranted about everyone thinking he'd gone crazy, he discovered his drink empty and threw it on the ground while cursing. Deciding to head to the Duke's mansion in Lasaland himself, he tried getting up before collapsing in his drunken stupor.

Laughing at his hopeless situation, he noted he faced a feudal lord that could transform into a monster. When someone suddenly insulted his decision to drink for losing his "lover", Rajih saw a noble and raised himself to see a blue-haired noble looking down on him. After clarifying she was his childhood friend, the effeminate aristocrat confirmed he was Rajih and the peasant questioned who his sudden visitor was. Told the blue-haired man wanted to learn everything he knew about Lilien and Duke Venomania, Rajih commented that he should introduce himself before asking such questions.


Karchess stops Rajih with one arm

After the aristocrat introduced himself as Karchess Crim, Rajih got up and began to leave. Hearing the noble note he should be satisfied and speak to him, Rajih admitted he was but had nothing to tell him. The man then grabbed him by the shoulder and politely insisted he could potentially be his savior. Surprised by his amazing strength, the peasant hesitantly suggested he was a foreigner before admitting they weren't uncommon there.

Karchess questioned if a man from Marlon could speak on equal terms with a peasant like him and Rajih agreed, noting he understood his unfriendly speech. The blue-haired noble then declared he had three things Rajih lacked. After telling him the first two was status and the resolve to reclaim those they loved, he then pulled out a Golden Key and stated the third was a weapon capable of defeating a demon.[8] Convinced to help the Count, Rajih told him everything about Duke Venomania's visit to Mystica and their battle prior to Lilien's disappearance.

Later LifeEdit

After Karchess successfully assassinated the Duke in EC 137, Rajih reunited with Lilien and Lukana and the three of them decided to start a new life; traveling to the East, Rajih and his friends eventually settled there.[9]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"E-Even if a man knows it's unrequited... there are times he can't help doing it."
―Rajih's thoughts on love[src]

Rajih was a loyal and steadfast individual, devoted to those he cared about and concerned about their welfare. Having grown up with Lukana and Lilien, Rajih considered both of them to be his close friends, even as they began seeing each other less and less. In particular, the peasant developed romantic feelings for Lilien and became very protective of her safety. Regardless, he wasn't afraid to argue with his friends, especially when angered, and was jealous of Lilien's courtship with Duke Venomania. Despite this, Rajih hid his feelings for her, and instead decided to support his friend's relationship if he saw the Duke truly made her happy.

The farmer was somewhat headstrong and could be to difficult to deal with. At the same time, Rajih stood firm with his convictions, even when afraid or in dire circumstances; likewise, he had a degree of righteousness, believing in doing the right thing regardless of the reward. However, after losing Lilien to Sateriasis and failing to convince them of his visit, Rajih sunk into a depression and took up drinking to help drown away his sorrows. After being recruited by Karchess, the peasant renewed his conviction to save Lilien and provided all the information he could about the Duke.

Rajih showed a particular distaste for nobility and had a clear disinterest in the manners or respect the aristocracy expected from him. He also disliked noble society, particularly how they treated women, and what he perceived as their hubris when speaking with "lowly" commoners like himself. As a result, Rajih had a distinct skepticism about Sateriasis and, after their encounter, was convinced he was a monster. In contrast, while initially disliking Count Karchess, Rajih agreed to work with him in order to save Lilien.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"What's wrong? Weren't you about to attack me just now?"
"Ugh... You monster..."
―The Duke and Rajih[src]

Rajih showed a degree of resourcefulness, able to adapt to his situation and remain resolute while taking advantage of his surroundings.[10] Despite this, he lacked any actual skills as a fighter.[11] Although partially motivated by jealousy, he was able to recognize the duke's deceiving nature, displaying a strong judgment of character.[12] Still, he was largely powerless against the nobility, being a peasant, a fact that had broke his spirit for a time.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Lilien Turner: Rajih's friend and the object of his crush. Rajih became friends with Lilien from childhood and eventually came to love her, seeing her as the most important person in his life. Rajih wished only the best for Lilien, investigating Venomania's true intentions and attempting to rescue her even if she did not return his feelings. Although demoralized when she left to join the Duke's harem, Rajih's convictions to save her were soon rekindled and he later joined her and Lukana in their travels to escape Abyss I.R.

Lukana Octo: A childhood friend of Rajih's. Rajih valued his friendship with Lukana deeply, although unable to see her as often once they grew up. He became very concerned when she vanished, helping Lilien to look for her, and after she was freed from Venomania's clutches he aided her in her travels to escape from Abyss I.R.

Sateriasis Venomania: A rival for Lilien's affection. Rajih disliked the duke for courting his childhood love and was suspicious of his intentions, believing that Venomania was only using Lilien. After discovering the truth about the duke, he was deeply shocked as well as horrified, believing him to be an evil man. Rajih became broken by his defeat at the duke's hands, although his drive to stop him was soon rekindled by Karchess.

Karchess Crim: Rajih's partner. Rajih was initially suspicious of Karchess and his motives, wondering why a man of such high status would speak to him and too disillusioned by being defeated by Venomania to take the count seriously. After being shown the Golden Key, however, Rajih recognized Karchess as his only means to free Lilien.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Rajih's name is Arabic, meaning "having the upper hand" or "more acceptable"; Asmodean, Rajih's native country, is inspired by the Arabian Peninsula.





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