Rahab Barisol
Technical Information
Japanese ラハブ=バリーゾール
Romaji Rahabu Bariizooru
Other Names Demon of Envy
Kagura Octo
Kagura Sudou
Biographical Information
Classification Earthling (till death)
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde (original)
Eye Color Yellow (as demon)

Rahab Barisol, later known as the Demon of Envy, was one of the demons residing in the vessels of sin and the mother of Levia. Originally one of the survivors of the Second Period's destruction, she was sealed with her fellow kin in Sin before escaping and reincarnating as a demon. Taking dual blades as her vessel, the demon caused numerous incidents over the centuries to spread malice.


Early LifeEdit

In the Second Period, Earth, Rahab Barisol became a psychiatrist and deputy director at Held Yggdra's clinic and research institute. Entertaining many, many lovers, she eventually had a daughter Levia, though not knowing who was the father.[1] She eventually romanced the astrophysicist Gilles Derais and murdered all of his other lovers.[2] After Levia undertook her studies of the mind, Rahab instructed her in the Swap Technique.[3] As the Second Period began to collapse due to HERs contaminating the world, Rahab and 71 other scientists, including Levia, boarded one of several spaceships intended to travel to inhabitable planets and repopulate them, theirs under the name Climb One.

As they lost contact with all their fellow spaceships, the crew of the Climb One realized they were the last inhabitants of Earth and decided to create a new species in the image of earthlings.[4] After finding a new planet to inhabit, they set about constructing the new world and species.[5] During this process Seth Twiright, an HER who had secretly boarded the Climb One, instigated the deaths of 62 of the crew members and contaminated the new species to have a possibility of developing HER Syndrome. The remaining crew, including Rahab, proposed they reincarnate as gods into the world to guide the humans, unaware that Levia, at least, was an HER.

When their colleagues Held Yggdra and Hazuki disagreed, Rahab joined the ensuing fight and was killed along with everyone else when it caused the Climb One to crash, leaving behind only her spirit data. Rahab and her colleagues remained trapped in the Climb One for some time while the new species of humans began building their societies; eventually, the humans of Levianta discovered the Climb One and established it as a holy relic called the "Sin" ark.[6]

Mantle of EnvyEdit

"Yes, unlike the others, I'm apparently the only one who hasn't lost her memory when becoming a demon."

Sometime after, the earthlings escaped Sin and reincarnated as demons, Rahab being the only one to retain her memory.[7] When Hänsel and Gretel split Eve Moonlit's Original Sin into seven fragments in EC 014, the demons slipped in while they created the vessels of sin, Rahab becoming the "Demon of Envy" inhabiting the Twin Blades of Levianta.[8] Afterwards, the demons and their vessels of sin were scattered across the world,[9] armed with the knowledge of the sun god's rules for demons.[10] Realizing the others had seemingly forgotten their past lives, Rahab noticed that another crewmember, which had become the moon goddess, had taken a new form and that Hazuki was seemingly hiding her existence.[11]

Changing HandsEdit

Sometime during the EC 300s, the Levin Church gained ownership of the blades and stored them in Lucifenia.[12] Centuries later in EC 508, the Demon of Envy possessed church leader candidate Mikhail Asayev, who formed Neo Apocalypse and launched numerous terrorist attacks across Divine Levianta. Following the Four Horsemen Incident, the Demon of Envy left Mikhail and returned to her vessel; around that time, Chartette Langley gained ownership of the blades.[13] Unable to influence the carefree woman,[14] Rahab's vessel was reforged into two pairs of scissors in Jakoku and later sealed away in a cave by Gaou Octo in the middle of the sixth century EC.

The Mermaid of OnigashimaEdit

Falling in love with the tailor Nagare Sudou in the early ninth century EC, Rahab used the Swap Technique to exchange her vessel for the body of her guardian, Kagura Octo. Fleeing to Onigashima with the vessel in-hand, "Kagura" married Nagare Sudou and settled in Enbizaka, helping her husband with his tailor shop. In EC 822, the couple sired a daughter, naming her Kayo. Sometime after, Nagare died of disease.

When Gakuga Octo came by, the Sudous permitted him to live with them. Noticing Gakuga was pursuing a romance with Kayo, the tailor revealed the two's relation as cousins and the couple insisted on continuing their relationship. Once Kayo and Gakuga married in January of EC 838, Rahab decided to abandon her "human" life and fake her own death, leaving the Twin Blades of Levianta by the Onigashima cliff side before leaping into the sea and transforming into a mermaid.


Rahab returns to her vessel

Assumed dead, Rahab observed her daughter's life from afar while traversing the sea, seeing Kayo lose her family and sanity in the huge fire that struck Enbizaka at the end of the year;[15] she also learned Allen Avadonia had reincarnated into Kokutan-douji to meet his sister Riliane, who had reincarnated into Rin Miroku. Knowing that this meeting would result disastrously,[16] she used her magic to keep Kokutan from regaining his memories of his past life.[17]

With Kokutan-douji growing up pondering what his purpose was, she plotted to send him to Kayo as a distraction and to try and save her daughter from madness.[18] Approaching the boy, she told him that his life's purpose was to meet his real mother, a pink-haired tailor in Onigashima, and instructed him to tell her that his name was "Ren."[19]

After returning to the sea, Rahab stayed by the reef and watched out for humans as Kokutan-douji traveled to meet Kayo and move in with her. Following Kayo's execution for the murders she committed, Ma approached Rahab at the reef and confronted her over swapping Kagura into the scissors. After Rahab explained how she had swapped into Kagura's body for love, and after the two discussed the implications of Kayo being her daughter, she explained why she sent Kokutan-douji to Kayo. She then, at Ma's command, transferred back into her vessel and set free Kagura's spirit. Nonetheless, she refused to let Ma use her and instead prepared to sleep until the end times.[20]

The World's EndEdit

Rahab was later absorbed by Ma, her scissors left empty, and she resisted her will until she was set free when the mage was killed.[21] After the Third Period's destruction and subsequent merging with the Hellish Yard in EC 998, Rahab was tasked by Hazuki with helping Allen Avadonia meet Kayo Sudou.

After waiting through the boy's meeting with the demons of Lust and Gluttony,[22] Gilles told Rahab to meet with him in the Court once she finished guiding Allen to Kayo.[23] Traveling to the site of Toragay in her half-fish form, Rahab watched Allen and Hänsel defeat the Sleep Princess and then greeted the former, explaining that she was the Demon of Envy and that they would be swimming to Jakoku.

Not long after Clarith and Allen said their goodbyes to each other, Rahab had Allen climb on her back and fully transformed into a fish. She then began swimming to Jakoku.[24] Some time after, Rahab saw Jakoku in the distance and was briefly confused that they would arrive at their destination so soon, although noting a few reasons why this would happen. Pressing onward, Rahab arrived at Jakoku and moved on to Onigashima, where she turned back to her humanoid form and followed Allen to Enbizaka. After they reached the slope leading to Kayo's home, the demon ended up only watching Allen ascend the hill.[25]

Secret RendezvousEdit

"I know for a fact that there's nothing between you and her. So I have no reason to hate her."
"Is that right... then tell me, Rahab, where exactly did she—where exactly did the moon goddess disappear to?"
―Rahab and Gilles[src]

Afterward, Rahab transformed back to her fish form and swam deep into the ocean. Once she reached the Court, she returned to her original form and met with Gilles; she listened as Gilles recounted the story of the Third Period's "creation" and briefly spoke to him about how he had for a time lost all of his memories of the event, in contrast to her. She also listened as Gilles brought up how the humans had written up the story from Levia and Behemo's "revelations," but pointed out how the gods had evidently omitted the moon goddess from their account.

Surprised that Gilles remembered the moon goddess, Rahab denied murdering her like she did the women he was involved with and then the two were interrupted by a bright light. Noting that it was Punishment, Rahab remarked on the light and reassured Gilles that they wouldn't be killed, claiming things would simply start over while the moon goddess still existed. She then clarified that he and everyone else born into the world should already be cognizant of her existence even if they weren't aware of it. After telling him the "four gods" had hidden her existence beforehand, their conversation was interrupted by the light consuming them.[26]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Befitting her role as a demon, Rahab was an envious, selfish, and eccentric woman. Caring greatly about appearances, she was easily irritated by people misidentifying her.[27] Similarly, although maintaining multiple lovers herself,[28] she would become envious of any competition for their affection to the point of murder.[29] She was thus ordinarily quick to violently punish those who offended her.[30] Likewise, when faced with a difficult or potentially dangerous task, the Demon of Envy typically opted to avoid doing it if possible.[31]

At the time of taking her role as one of the demons for the vessels of sin, the Demon of Envy had no aspirations or goals save for sating her own boredom, the same as her fellow demons.[32] Like the other Demons of Sin, the Demon found amusement in the inconvenience or suffering of others and thought nothing of stealing lives and hurting people for her own desires. Despite this, she was capable of maternal feelings and of actual love, however muted. She was also stubborn and refused to submit to someone else's will.[33] Rahab also wasn't fond of conversation, and was slow to censor herself when speaking.[34]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Possessing immense magical power, Rahab was capable of using the high-level Swap Technique to move her or others' souls into different bodies.[35] She was also capable of changing shape, transforming her body or even just parts of it into that of a fish. While in her full fish form, Rahab was an incredibly fast swimmer, making her trips even quicker than one of the other demons' would by flying.[36] She could also see long distances.[37] As a downside, her aquatic forms couldn't remain out of the water for extended periods.[38]

As a Demon of Sin, the Demon of Envy was able to possess those who wielded her vessel and influence their personality and actions, fueling their owner's jealousy and turning it into envy.[39] If a contract was forged between an individual and the Demon, the Demon's host would have access to powers provided by the Demon. She could also communicate with her host through telepathy.

Although inhabiting the body of its host while possessing them, the Demon of Envy's true essence remained in the Twin Blades of Levianta. Because of this, the Demon's powers could be inhibited by a sealing spell;[40] similarly, the demon was forced to abide by the "rules" put in place by Sickle until the end of the Third Period.[41] Aside from her supernatural powers, Rahab also possessed a beautiful and alluring speaking voice.[42]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Allen Avadonia: The Demon's temporary charge. The Demon of Envy was not particularly attached to Allen and saw no need to make unnecessary conversation with the boy. Although she saw to it that he arrived at his destination safely, she didn't care for the boy's comfort and did not wish to take the effort to oversee his journey the rest of the way to Kayo.

Hazuki: A fellow earthling. Although originally fine with working with Hazuki as a colleague, and willing to work with him at the world's end, Rahab appeared to hold no particular loyalty to Hazuki or his cause.

Gilles Derais: One of Rahab's lovers. Rahab romanced Gilles as one of many men during her time as an earthling; during this time, she was murderously jealous of any of his other lovers. Aside from that, the two seemed to get along amiably.

Levia Barisol: Rahab's daughter. Despite their familial relationship, Rahab and Levia seemed to have a frosty relationship, Levia embarrassed by her mother's promiscuous and eccentric nature while Rahab became disappointed with Levia's succeeding failures after the creation of the Third Period, as well as unwilling to return to being her subordinate.

Kayo Sudou Rahab's daughter. Although only distantly, Rahab appeared to care for Kayo to an extent, wanting to watch her life even if she had also abandoned her, and hoping to help Kayo by sending Kokutan-douji her way.

Nagare Sudou: One of Rahab's lovers. Rahab cared deeply for Nagare, moving into Kagura's body in order to be with him. After Nagare's death, she lost interest in human society.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The demon's representative sin is derived from Envy of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • In medieval Jewish folklore, the name Rahab refers to a sea monster; in Biblical passages, the name was used to refer specifically to the Leviathan, the patron demon of Envy.
  • Rahab manifests her demonic form as a fish; fittingly, the Leviathan is sometimes portrayed as a sea monster.
  • The beliefs surrounding Rahab's mermaid form match the Japanese myth of the Ningyo, whose flesh is believed to grant one immortality when consumed; Jakoku, where Rahab transformed herself into a mermaid, is inspired by Japan.


  • Rahab's humanoid form is described as being a blonde middle-aged woman.[43]
  • A "Barisol" is mentioned to be the parent of Behemo; however, it is unknown whether they have the same first name or gender as Rahab.




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