Original Queen Of The Glass
Singer(s) Hatsune Miku
Kagamine Rin/Len (back-up)
Release Date August 16, 2015 (CD)
Series Original Sin Story
Preceded by Barisol's Child is an Only Child
Followed by Project 'Ma'
"The name of I, standing at the top, is Alice Merry-Go-Round."
―Maria Moonlit[src]

Queen of the Glass is a song released by Akuno-P on August 16, 2015 in the Original Sin Story: Complete Edition album. It is the first song in the Original Sin Story.


A woman narrates how her "parents" sleep in the Sin in a large temple, in a country governing the "third world." Ruling the country she, Alice Merry-Go-Round, is a prophet "Queen of the glass," a glass which reflects the future. She then explains that this is actually false; wanting to meet with her "mother" and "father", she asks them how to turn gods into humans and receives their reply in the bottle: to create vessels for them in a way similar to how she created Adam. Making a false prediction of the future to this end, Alice warps history. Despite this, she expresses unease and asks her parents for assurance she isn't being manipulated by them. Not having a heart or life, she doesn't understand if this is the correct choice.


Hatsune Miku Append's "Solid" voicebank is used for the piece, with a brief line sung by Kagamine Rin and Len. The song primarily uses electric and bass guitars, violas, and a harpsichord. Primarily a rock song, the instrumentation is set to a high-energy drum beat. The song opens with a guitar riff and viola melody, backed by the drums. By 0.13, the song heads into its main instrumental sequence, followed by the vocals at 0.27. For three seconds, only a guitar is heard against Miku's vocals, but returns to the normal instrumental at 0.30. At 0.54, the song ascends into the pre-chorus, accompanied by the harpsichord, preceding the chorus beginning at 1.07.

The chorus finishes at 1.33, reverting to the main instrumental until 1.47, when the second verse begins. This time, the only instrumentation is the harpsichord, until 1.57, at which the rest of the instrumental kicks in. By 2.15, the song reaches a second pre-chorus, succeeded by the second chorus at 2.26. At 2.53, the second chorus finishes, followed by a guitar solo, with backing from the drums and bass guitar. By 3.33, the chorus is repeated once more, until 3.59. The main instrumental carries on until an abrupt end at 4.24. The song officially concludes at 4.26.





母さん あなたたちに会うためには
父さん 何をすればいいですか?


「愛しき娘アリスよ 我らの憑代(よりしろ)を創るのだ


母さん たまに不安になるのです
父さん 私は本当に

母さん これが正しい選択でしょうか?
父さん 私にはわからない


Haha to chichi ga nemuru kyotou
'Tsumi' to yobareru yami no isan
Hakaba no ue ni dekita kuni ga
Osameru dai san no sekai

Chouten ni tatsu watashi no na wa
GARASU no joou
Mirai wo utsushi sashishimesou
Sore ga shinjitsu de naku tomo

Dekisokonai no yogensha
…… Soshite rekishi wa yugamerarete iku

Kaasan Anata tachi ni au tame ni wa
Tousan Nani wo sureba ii desu ka?
Douka watashi ni oshiete kudasai
Kami wo hito ni kaeru houhou wo

GARASU no kobin ni utsutta
Haha to chichi kara no otsuge
Kami ga kureta MESSEEJI

"Itoshiki musume ARISU yo Warera no yorishiro wo tsukuru no da
Katsute omae ga ADAMU wo tsukutta toki to onaji you ni"

Itsuwari no mirai yochi
…… Soshite sekai wa yugamerarete iku

Kaasan Tamani fuan ni naru no desu
Tousan Watashi wa hontouni
Anata tachi no musume na n deshou ka?
Tada no ningyou de wa nai no desu ka?

Kaasan Kore ga tadashii sentaku deshou ka?
Tousan Watashi ni wa wakaranai


The large temple where my mom and dad sleep
The dark legacy called “Sin”
The Third world, governed by
A country built over a graveyard

The name of I, standing at the top, is
Alice Merry-Go-Round
Queen of the glass
Who will reflect and indicate the future
Even if that’s not the truth

I’m a failure prophet
…And so history is being warped

Mother, in order to meet you both
Father, what should I do?
Please tell to me
The method to change gods into humans

There was a revelation from my mom and dad
That was reflected in the small glass bottle
A god given message

“Our dear daughter Alice, you will make our divine vessel similar to the time you once made Adam”

A false prediction of the future
…And so the world is being warped

Mother, occasionally I grow uneasy
Father, I’m really your daughter, aren’t I?
I’m not just a doll, am I?

Mother, this is the correct choice isn’t it?
Father, I don’t understand

Not this me without a heart
Not this me without life

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related SongsEdit

Project 'Ma'Edit

The song Project 'Ma' shows the results of Maria Moonlit's false prophecy and the events she set in motion to create Project 'Ma'. It in addition also shows her son Adam Moonlit and his desire to get revenge on the senate for their role in her manipulation.

Master of the CourtEdit

Many lines stated by Maria are shared by the Master of the Court in her titular song, both figures beseeching their parental figures to explain their choices as they're being directed on a certain path outside of their own will. Additionally, both figures state they have no life or heart.

Barisol's Child is an Only ChildEdit

Barisol's Child is an Only Child shows the backstory of Maria Moonlit's supposed parents, showing them from before they were put inside the Sin to sleep.





  • The second verse of the song features a brief instrumental with a similar melody as the instrumental track "Prophet Merry-Go-Round" preceding it in Original Sin Story: Complete Edition.
  • When the Original Sin Story: Complete Edition album was first formally announced, the tentative tracklist listed the song's title as "Original Sin Story".

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