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 was a type of magic that allowed the user to manifest a disembodied individual or themselves outside a vessel as an intangible apparition. Used commonly with demons, the power allowed the affected to communicate with another party in a visible form.


By casting the spell, the user was able to project their spirit as an intangible apparition outside of their vessel or other physical form. Once projected, the affected could take on a different shape and, in the case of Demons of Sin, could mask their appearance as an abstract form or other means to conceal themselves. The manifestation could travel freely in the area around their true body.[1] Likewise, the projection allowed the affected to communicate either verbally or telepathically with other parties.

Projection magic could have been worked by the user or by a second party as a ritual. The ritual, however, was unable to project the being for very long and could only be used a certain number of times before being rendered ineffective. To complete the ritual, the user recited an incantation within a certain proximity of the spirit being projected.[2]





  • The incantation for the projection ritual recited by Gumillia, when the katakana is reversed, is the first line of The Last Revolver.[3]



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