Original 「Ma」計画
Romaji 「Ma」Keikaku
Singer(s) Hatsune Miku
Hiyama Kiyoteru
Release Date August 11, 2012 (CD)
Series Original Sin Story
Preceded by Queen of the Glass
Followed by Escape of Salmhofer the Witch
For other uses, see Ma (disambiguation)
"This is the story of the beginning..."
―Eve Zvezda, Adam Moonlit and Seth Twiright[src]

Project 'Ma' is a song released by Akuno-P on August 11, 2012 in the Original Sin Story -Act 1- album. It is part of the Original Sin Story, explaining the very origin of the story's famous events. 


In Magic Kingdom Levianta, Eve Zvezda introduces herself and her love Adam Moonlit, who told her she would soon be the "mother of gods" in the Project 'Ma'. She explains how the prophet Merry-Go-Round foretold that Sin would destroy their country, with the only solution being to incarnate the twin gods, Levia-Behemo. In order to carry out their plan, they sought a woman with great magic to bear them, who would become Ma. As Eve expresses her doubts, she tells of how Adam comforted her and wished to get married in Held's Forest afterwards. She then awaits the twins' birth.

Later, Adam Moonlit introduces himself and reports that Eve's twins were stillborn. He explains how, using Project 'Ma', he had planned to punish Seth Twiright and the Senate for "taking his mother away." Selecting Eve for the project, he used the Venom drug to seduce her for her power. He now asks for Eve's forgiveness, as he has ruined her and caused the twins to die. Realizing his love for her, he flees with the witch to marry in Held's Forest. At the end, Seth introduces himself; noting that Cain and Abel are stillborn and Adam and Eve have fled, he states he will now take control of the project for his own ambitions.


The song utilizes piano, drums, violin, bass guitar, and synths prolifically. Electric guitar is heard as well, along with the sitar. The song is composed of three independent sections, one section for each of the singing characters. The vocals for Eve's section were provided by Hatsune Miku Append. The first section starts at 0.00 and ends at 2.23. The song starts with an introduction followed by a bridge. It then proceeds with an A verse, a B verse and an A verse again, each slightly resembling the bridge. It ends with a C verse. 

The vocals for Adam's section were provided by KAITO and Miku Append. The tempo and meter remains the same as for the previous section, and lasts between 2.24 and 5.18. Although this section mainly uses the components of the first section, it features a duet part between KAITO and Miku between 4.15 and 4.50. The vocals for Seth's section were provided by Hiyama Kiyoteru's VOICEBANK2. It is written in the same scale, tempo, and meter as the second section. It is very short (lasting only between 5.20 and 6.10) and contains only the introduction. 


これは始まりの物語 何から語りましょうか?
私の名前はイブ=ズヴェズダ この国で一番の魔女

愛する彼の名はアダム とても優秀な科学者
「君はこれから神の母 『Ma(メム・アレフ)』になる」

<闇の遺産『罪』> それはやがて国を滅ぼす
偉大な預言者 そう告げた
防ぐ手立ては ニ匹の神竜の転生

計画始動 母親候補を探せ

二人のお気に入り エルドの森で

神の種を埋め込まれ ゆりかごの中
生まれる時を待つの 『神の双子』の

これは始まりの物語 何から語ればいいか
僕の名前はアダム=ムーンリット この国で一番の科学者

残念なお知らせがある 計画は失敗だった

『Ma』計画 僕にとって願ってもないチャンス
元老院 そしてセト

計画始動 候補者はネムの村の魔女
近づき誘惑 自分の恋人にした

愛しいイブよ 君を壊してしまってごめんね
利用するつもりで 一緒に暮らした君を

さあ あの森で結婚式をしよう
二人のお気に入りの エルドの森で

「愛しているよ」 「アイシテルワ」
月と星は南空 姿を消した

これは始まりの物語 何から語ればいいかね
僕の名前はセト=トワイライト この国で一番の科学者


~IBU no keikaku~
Kore wa hajimari no monogatari Nani kara katarimashou ka?
Watashi no namae wa IBU = ZUVEZUDA Kono kuni de ichiban no majo

Aisuru kare no na wa ADAMU Totemo yuushuu na kagakusha
Kare wa watashi ni kuchidzuke shite kou itta no
"Kimi wa kore kara kami no haha "MEMU AREFU" ni naru"

<Yami no Isan "Tsumi"> Sore wa yagate kuni wo horobosu
Idai na yogensha sou tsugeta
Fusegu tedate wa Ni hiki no shinryuu no tensei
"Kami no Futago" wo tanjou saseyou

Keikaku shidou hahaoya kouho wo sagase
Maryoku ni sugureta onna wo sagasu no da
"Ma" ni erabareshi mono ga sou
Kono kuni no atarashii joou

Doushite watashi ga erabareta no ka wa wakaranai
Kare wa "daijoubu da" to dakishimete kureta
Subete ga owattara kekkonshiki wo ageyou
Futari no okiniiri ERUDO no mori de

Kami no Tane wo umekomare Yurikago no naka
Umareru toki wo matsu no "Kami no Futago" no

~ADAMU no keikaku~
Kore wa hajimari no monogatari Nani kara katareba ii ka
Boku no namae wa ADAMU = MUUNRITTO Kono kuni de ichiban no kagakusha

Zannen na oshirase ga aru keikaku wa shippai datta
Umareta futago wa sude ni shinde ita
Kore de boku no yabou mo subete yume to kieta

"Ma" keikaku Boku ni totte negatte mo nai CHANSU
Riyou shite kono kuni wo shihai shite yaru
Genrouin soshite SETO
Boku kara Hahaoya wo ubatta aitsura ni ima koso seisai wo

Keikaku shidou kouhosha wa NEMU no mura no majo
Chikadzuki yuuwaku jibun no koibito ni shita
"Sennouyaku" wo tsukaeba kantan na koto
Mayoi nado nakatta hazu na no ni

Itoshii IBU yo Kimi wo kowashite shimatte gomen ne
Boku no gosan wa futago ga shinda koto to
Riyou suru tsumori de
Issho ni kurashita kimi wo
Hontou ni suki ni natte shimatta koto

Saa ano mori de kekkonshiki wo shiyou
Futari no okiniiri no ERUDO no mori de

"Aishite iru yo" "AISHITERU WA"
Hoshi ga kowareta yoru
Tsuki to hoshi wa minamizora sugata wo keshita

~SETO no keikaku~
Kore wa hajimari no monogatari Nani kara katareba ii ka ne
Boku no namae wa SETO = TOWAIRAITO Kono kuni de ichiban no kagakusha

"KAIN" to "ABERU" wa shippai
"ADAMU" to "IBU" wa kieta
Tsugi no "MEMU AREFU" wo sagasa nakereba naranai
Boku no yabou wo kanaeru tame ni

This is the story of the beginning
From where shall I tell?
My name is Eve Zvezda
The best witch in this country

The name of the man I love is Adam
A very superior scientist
He gave me a kiss and told me
“After this you will become the mother of gods, ‘Mem Aleph’”

<The dark legacy “sin”>
Eventually it will destroy the country
The great prophet informed as much
The means to prevent that is reincarnation of the two dragon gods
We shall let the “Twins of God” be birthed

The project begins, search for the candidates for mother
They’ll search for the woman who surpassed all in magical talent
The person elected “Ma”, yes,
Will be this country’s new queen

I don’t know why I was selected
He embraced me with an “It’s alright”
When everything’s over with, let’s have a marriage ceremony
In our favorite, Held’s forest.

The divine seed is embedded in the cradle
I wait for the time they will be born, the “Twins of God”.

This is the story of the beginning
From where should I tell?
My name is Adam Moonlit
The best scientist in this country

I have regretful news. The project was a failure
The twins were born already dead
With that, all my dreams and ambitions disappeared

To me project “Ma” is a heaven-sent chance
I will use it and control this country
The senate and Seth took my mother from me
Now it's time to punish them

The project begins, the candidate is a witch of Nemu village
We were acquainted and in temptation I made her my own lover
It was a simple thing with the "brainwashing drug”
I shouldn’t have had any doubts, but

My beloved Eve, I’ve broken you, I’m sorry
My miscalculations were that the twins died
And that you, who I was with just to use,
I truly came to love, completely.

Come, let’s get married in that forest
In our favorite, Held’s forest.
“I love you!” “I love you~”
The night the stars were broken, the moon and star vanished from the south sky

This is the story of the beginning
From where should I tell, hm?
My name is Seth Twiright
The best scientist in this country

“Cain” and “Abel” were a failure
Adam and Eve disappeared
I must search for
The next “Mem Aleph”

For the sake of having my ambitions granted

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

Related SongsEdit

Queen of the GlassEdit

The song Queen of the Glass elaborates on Maria Moonlit's false prophecy, which created Project 'Ma' as referenced in the song, showing the true reason for her inciting the project.

Escape of Salmhofer the WitchEdit

Escape of Salmhofer the Witch depicts the events following Project 'Ma'; it details Seth Twiright's acquisition of the next project candidate, Meta Salmhofer, as well as the second project's eventual failure.

Moonlit BearEdit

Moonlit Bear tells of Adam and Eve's later life in Held's Forest, detailing the actions leading to the events of the Original Sin as alluded to in Project 'Ma'.

Ma SurvivalEdit

Ma Survival narrates the events following Project Ma in which Ly Li, Milky Eights, Elluka Chirclatia and Irina Clockworker were selected as the last candidates.




Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The song's name is derived from the title Ma, pronounced "Mem Aleph"; it likewise shares the same name origins as the title.
  • The names in the song are all derived from the Book of Genesis, particularly characters directly connected to the Biblical Adam and Eve.
  • Eve's maiden surname, Zvezda, is the Slavic word for "star".
  • The "brainwashing drug" used by Adam, Venom, references Duke Sateriasis Venomania and his brainwashing power over women after sealing a contract with the Demon of Lust.


  • Each singer tells their perspective on where the "story" begins, deciding to start by introducing themselves as the "best" in their field in all of Magic Kingdom Levianta.
  • During Adam and Eve's duet toward the end of the song, they reference that the evening stars were "corrupted", referencing Eve's surname and the result of being "ruined" by Adam and the subsequent events in Moonlit Bear.
  • In the following verse, the stars and moon are said to disappear into the southern sky, referencing Adam and Eve fleeing South to Elphegort.
  • The song repeats the same melody in different scales, except for Eve's and Adam's duet, which has different melody.

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