Prim Marlon
Technical Information
Japanese プリム=マーロン
Romaji Purimu Maaron
Other Names Prim Rogzé (maiden name)


Biographical Information
Born January 14, EC 457
Died EC 505
Classification Human
Race Lucifenian
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lucifenia (formerly)
Kingdom of Marlon
Levin Church (Levia sect)
"Mother... You're insane."
―King Kyle regarding Prim[src]

Prim Marlon, born Prim Rogzé, was the queen of Marlon and the mother of Kyle and Ney. Childhood friends with both Anne Swee and Arth Lucifen d'Autriche, Prim grew to resent them both and plotted against the couple. Conspiring with the sorceress Abyss I.R., Prim enacted a plan to destroy everything Anne held dear, including both her kingdom and family.


Early LifeEdit

"Anne was my best friend. Her happiness was my happiness. That would not change in the future—that was how it was supposed to be."
―Prim regarding her and Anne's friendship[src]
Akuno 009

Prim listening to Anne practice playing the violin

Prim was born an HER in the Kingdom of Lucifenia on January 14, EC 457 as a noble of the esteemed Rogzé family. Early on, she met Anne Swee and the two grew up together. Around the same time, she also met Prince Arth and the two periodically interacted with one another. Over the years, the child received whatever she desired and grew to believe her illustrious position was destiny.

At some point, Prim began studying her family's expertise in medicinal drugs. Around the same time, she met with Elluka Clockworker. Fascinated by magic, Prim began receiving instructions from the Beelzenian mage in basic spells. As time passed, Prim saw Anne surpass her in music and academics and ignored it, believing her family made her permanently superior to her friend.[1]

Love and HateEdit

"But, why'd Mr. Plus Rogzé make such a poison?"
"The era he lived in seemed to have been an era of unrest in many ways... One theory suggests he made it per the request of his daughter."
―Hanne Lorre and Dr. Puerick Rogzé[src]

In the early EC 470s, Arth became famed for his conquests and greatly sought after by women. Confident in her pedigree, Prim believed she would inevitably marry the Prince. When Arth instead chose to marry Anne and told her they were in love, Prim was in disbelief; with the Prince inheriting his father's crown, Anne became the Queen and Prim was instantly of lower status to her. Although she refused to believe Anne fairly courted Arth, Prim outwardly gave her best friend her blessing.[2]

Soon after, Prim asked her father, Plus, to develop a lethal poison so that she could kill Arth. Once her father developed a more lethal variant of Gift, Prim learned how to brew the poison and procured a sample.[3] During her next meeting with Arth, the noble poisoned his wine glass. After the assassination attempt failed, Prim noticed that Anne and Arth had begun distancing themselves from her. Shocked by the development, Prim met with Anne and demanded to know why they were ostracising her.

Anne explained how Arth was poisoned and that someone close to them was suspected to be the culprit. Prim then noticed Anne was glaring at her and grew insulted that her close friend suspected her. As Anne tried explaining that they trusted her but that no one remotely suspicious was allowed near the King, Prim was convinced that she was lying. Believing the Queen was trying to distance Arth and her, Prim secretly swore vengeance on her former friend.

Unable to be the Queen of Lucifenia, Prim learned the King of Marlon had lost his wife and became depressed over the event. She immediately travelled to the island nation, leaving her magic training with Elluka incomplete. Once she took up residence at Marlon Castle, Prim comforted the haggard man and eventually earned his affection.

Once the King proposed to her, Prim accepted his love and married him. Shortly after, she became pregnant; around that time, the Marlon Queen learned of her husband pleasuring himself with multiple concubines. In EC 474, Prim gave birth to her first son, Kyle. Obsessed with the boy, the Queen was determined to make him a great king that ruled the greatest Marlon kingdom ever, unlike her philandering husband with his many concubines.[4]

Competition with LucifeniaEdit

"I did it! I beat Anne!"

Exchanging letters with her younger brother, Presi, Prim kept herself updated on Lucifenia's current affairs.[5] At some point, she began taking up residence at Castle Hedgehog over the years as a resting place from the royal palace.[6] Around the same time, she took up a hobby collecting Gine Dolls and began displaying her collection in Right Palace.[7] When Kyle and his vassals expressed interest in the boy learning swordplay for self-defense as well as speaking about battleships to her, Prim refused to let the boy study the subjects, arguing that the future king should lead from behind the troops.[8]

Around EC 480, she learned that Elluka had defected to Lucifenia and that the kingdom was growing even more powerful. Fearing Anne's kingdom would surpass Marlon before Kyle came of age, Prim began searching for a mage that could counter Elluka, immersed in magical research. Around that time, Prim discovered a mage residing in the Blood Pool region: Abyss I.R. After learning that the sorceress was rumored to be a descendant of the mage who served the infamous lord of Castle Hedgehog, Prim remained skeptical.

After expressing her uncertainty to Abyss, the sorceress presented Prim with the Venom Sword, claiming it was a lucky love charm. To prove its authenticity, Prim departed for Lucifenia with the sword. Since Arth failed to sire children with Anne, Prim used the sword to seduce him, entering a secret affair with the King. After several months, Prim returned to Marlon and immediately learned that she was pregnant with Arth's child.

Ecstatic that she beat Anne, Prim kept the baby's lineage a secret from everyone, insisting she had the child with the Marlon King, and took leave from public service. Around this time, Prim learned her husband had a new mistress that gave birth to a boy named Arkatoir. Months later, Abyss I.R. visited the castle and offered to help Prim fulfill her ambitions in exchange for helping her collect the other vessels of sin and provide her a child to experiment on for magical research.

Overjoyed, Prim accepted the conditions, planning to refer Abyss to Arkatoir, and agreed to make the formal arrangements the next month, after she went through all the pains and stresses of childbirth. A month later in EC 482, Prim gave birth to a golden-haired baby girl. Aware the infant's hair color would reveal her infidelity, Prim became nervous before crafting a new plan to give the child to Abyss instead. Once she publicly declared the child stillborn, claiming to be unable to have any more children as a result, Prim gave the baby to Abyss I.R. and the mage named the girl Ney.

After finishing the formal arrangements with Abyss I.R., the Queen tasked Duke Sfarz with finding the rest of the vessels of sin via his vast information network. With Abyss I.R.'s cooperation, Prim completed her magical training and was given access to the sorceress' vessel of sin collection.[9] When Abyss proposed creating "new facilities" for espionage, Prim gave her permission to develop the Espionage Task Force.[10] Hoping to maintain her beauty from youth, Prim had Abyss cast a spell to mask her aging appearance.[11]

Political ManeuversEdit

"My mother's plotting ruined all that though."
―Kyle regarding his painting career[src]

As time progressed, Prim noticed that Kyle had taken great interest in painting and disapproved of the hobby, finding it a distraction from his kingly duties. Sometime during his youth, Prim began relating tales of Elluka to Kyle, telling him of her wartime heroics and how she previously mentored the Queen.[12] During the same period, Duke Sfarz successfully found and collected the Glass of Conchita and Marlon Spoon for Prim to go along with Abyss I.R.'s Venom Sword and Clockworker's Doll.

Once they also acquired the vessel of Pride, Prim discovered Abyss I.R. had split the mirror into four smaller hand mirrors, claiming it had more advantages that way. Around EC 485, Prim learned Arth had sired twins with Anne, Riliane and Alexiel, and was alarmed to hear the royal couple had returned to a loving relationship.[13] Around EC 488, the royal family faced heavy criticism from Kyle's art teacher, Margaret, and her politically high-ranking husband, often forcing both Prim and her husband into open arguments with them.

In EC 489, the couple was arrested and convicted as political prisoners. Afterwards, Prim ordered Margaret's guard to hand the art teacher Gift and commit suicide with the poison. Despite her efforts, Kyle became even more enthusiastic about his art career after Margaret's death. To discourage his painting, Prim hired multiple art dealers and critics to demean her son and his works, including the famed Nikolay Tolle. With her son's confidence broken, Prim asserted Kyle as the next King.[14] Around this time, she gave one of the four hand mirrors to Kyle.[15]

At some point, Anne visited Marlon and proposed that her daughter, Riliane, marry Kyle once she turned fifteen. Although appalled by the idea, Prim realized the Marlon King and Prime Minister liked it and so she reluctantly agreed to the arrangement. Learning Arth had come up with the betrothal, Prim grew furious at the King and soon began to consider killing him and his children. She soon took a liking to the idea and wondered how it would make Anne suffer.

In EC 490, Prim requested Abyss I.R. to kill King Arth and his twin children. Despite the apparent difficulty, the sorceress said she could do it and demanded she kill them with her own methods. Once the mage used the Glass of Conchita to infect Arth with a Gula plague in Beelzenia, Prim anxiously awaited his death.[16] Around this time, Prim became aware that Kyle had gone off with the army and defeated a small band of pirates to test his fencing skills. Furious, Prim forbid the boy from traveling anywhere without the protection of the navy and had the Royal Victoricia assigned as his escort vessel.[17]

Once King Arth finally succumbed to the gula disease in EC 491, Prim began the next stage in her plan to kill Arth's twins.[18] As Abyss I.R. desired, the Marlon Queen wrote a letter to Presi, instructing her brother to cooperate with the mage to have Alexiel possessed by the Demon of Pride so he could act as the minister's puppet. Expecting the promise of advancing his ambitions would earn her brother's support, Prim sent Abyss with the letter to Lucifenia around December of that year.[19]

Later on, Prim discovered that only Alexiel was seemingly successfully assassinated and that Presi had been killed during the event as well. Once she learned Abyss I.R. had deviated from the plan to have Elluka falsely believe she had completely sealed a vessel of sin, as well as had Ney infiltrate the Lucifenian Royal Palace as a spy, Prim realized the sorceress had hostility towards the pink-haired mage.[20]

Paving the WayEdit

"She didn't tell me about her specific purpose, but I saw a small glass bottle filled with white and yellow powder among her belongings, so it was perhaps to get that."
―Mikina Freezis[src]

In EC 492, Prim traveled to Yatski village in Elphegort with the Marlon Spoon to acquire some materials for Gift. While in disguise, she found a pregnant Mikina Freezis unconscious at the bottom of a steep hill; the Queen then carried her to an inn in the village and cared for her injuries. From the shaman living in Yatski, Prim acquired a glass bottle containing the white and yellow powder she was after.

When Mikina awoke, she begged Prim to help her, explaining how she was planning to have an abortion due to her and her husband's failing business. After she silently listened to Mikina's full explanation, Prim told her she didn't need to abort the child. She then gave Mikina the Marlon Spoon, promising it would bring her good fortune. Assuring the girl that her business would be successful, Prim left to return to Marlon, saying she hoped Mikina gave birth to a strong child.[21]

Sometime afterward, Prim's husband died and the Queen began purging the royal family, killing her husband's children he had with his previous wife, his concubines, and most of their children that could threaten Kyle's legitimacy as ruler. Once Prim exterminated all the dignitaries that could oppose her son's right to rule, Kyle was crowned king in EC 494.[22]

Later that year, Mikina visited Prim and told the queen dowager how the Marlon Spoon conjured blue fire that killed her father and her son's nanny when the patriarch threatened to take her child, Shaw, away. After explaining what the vessels of sin were, Prim told Mikina that she unwittingly made a contract with the Demon of Greed and that it was slowly eating away at her family's souls. In order to prevent such an event, Prim demanded Mikina replace her father, Duke Sfarz, as their collaborator.

After the aristocrat begrudgingly joined their conspiracy, Prim had Mikina secretly allocate some of the Freezis Firm's wealth to fund her ambitions and used its information network to replace the loss of Duke Sfarz's own network.[23] After Kyle's half-brother who'd left the royal family, Arkatoir, returned as the parliamentary secretary, Prim considered killing him, though ultimately decided to let him live due to his excellence in the government office.[24] With the continued success of the Espionage Task Force, Prim consolidated their position and increased their influence.[25]

Decisive PlayEdit

"If this goes on, our country will be the largest in history. My son... your brother, will be crowned King."
―Prim to her daughter[src]
In EC 499, Prim learned Anne had died of the Gula plague and that Abyss I.R. had once again strayed from her desires and killed her. Afterward, she cried throughout the whole night, saddened that she could no longer make her friend miserable. The Queen then resolved to instead destroy the Kingdom Anne left behind and assure her surviving daughter, Riliane, die in absolute despair.[26]

Since Abyss I.R. had Ney transplant the Demon of Pride to the Lucifenian Princess,[27] Prim continued to maintain a façade and openly support her son's marriage to the princess until Abyss fulfilled her new designs. In EC 500, after learning Kyle planned to reject his betrothed in favor of his green-haired sweetheart Michaela and had been possessed by the Demon of Lust, the dowager queen confronted Abyss I.R. and learned she had set up Kyle for his possession.[28]

Despite being furious that her son was acting more like his father, Prim became pleased by Kyle's more obedient demeanor to her will and desire to reject Riliane. Planning to launch Lucifenia into a war, Prim convinced Kyle to write a formal letter rejecting the marriage to give to the Lucifenian ambassador during his upcoming visit. Around that time, Prim learned a baby ziz tiama was caught on Marlon's shores and decided to give it to the ambassador as a gift for Elluka.[29]

When Prime Minister Minis visited as the ambassador, Prim expressed her satisfaction with the gifts he brought them for supporting Lucifenia during its recent food crisis. She then offered Elluka's present to him in return and clarified that it was for the sorceress. When Kyle asked about the peculiar octopus, Prim answered that it was a very amazing octopus, clarifying that it was simply overall amazing. She then described that only she and Abyss I.R. knew what distinguished it from a regular octopus.

Once Kyle gave Minis the letter discarding the engagement and explained his intentions, Prim told the prime minister that she would respect her son's decision.[30] At some point, it was discovered that Michaela was Elluka's apprentice. As Kyle prepared to leave Marlon for Elphegort, the Queen Dowager imprisoned the king and kept him under house arrest to delay his departure while Ney learned her location from Mikina and killed the diva.[31] Afterward, Prim allowed her son to covertly assist the Lucifenian Resistance planning to overthrow Riliane while Marlon remained neutral in Lucifenia's resulting war with Elphegort.

After the events of the Lucifenian Revolution, Prim sent a letter to Kyle, saying she accepted her son's actions for joining the Resistance and helping to overthrow Riliane so long as he obeyed a list of conditions she sent him, including Marlon's occupation of Lucifenia and eventual integration as one of its territories. Kyle obeyed his mother and the vast kingdom's territory was occupied by Marlon.[32]

Later, Prim greeted Ney after the spy returned to Marlon. Prim then told her absent daughter that she grown up since she last saw her. The double agent reported that with Riliane's execution, the Three Heroes ceased to exist and that there was no one left who could stop the Queen. Prim noted that Elluka was still alive and Ney insisted the sorceress would not interfere. Dropping the subject, Prim praised her daughter for her efforts and remarked how it became possible for their nation to be the largest in history with Ney's brother as king.

She then told her daughter to rest, saying she would take care of everything else.[33] Afterward, the Queen Dowager learned Abyss I.R. removed the Demon of Lust from Kyle, saying it had fulfilled its use. Unwilling to let go of her son's obedient disposition, Prim had the Demon of Pride possess Kyle instead from one of the vessel's mirrors she gave him. Once Kyle incorporated Lucifenia as part of Marlon's territory, Kyle handed over administration of the Marlon Island to Prim while he ruled from Lucifenia.[34]


"But because of that mage and swordswoman's meddling, the Demon of Pride is gone. You've returned to the original, rebellious Kyle defying his mother. So... that's why, Kyle. Your mother shall once again have you possessed by the Demon."
Handbeat clock

Prim entrenching herself at Castle Hedgehog with Ney by her side

With her vengeance complete, Prim allowed Kyle to seek vengeance on those Ney blamed for Michaela's murder whilst planning to prove himself as a competent ruler by annexing Lucifenia and conquering all of Evillious. While Kyle expanded his imperialistic regime, Prim remained in Marlon to deal with its domestic matters.

In EC 502, Kyle asked to borrow the Espionage Task Force from her for his Witch Hunt. At Abyss I.R.'s suggestion, Prim agreed to the arrangement on the conditions that the organization have absolute freedom for matters regarding the Witch Hunt and that Abyss decided who would lead the group, namely Ney.[35]

In EC 505, after word reached the parliament that Kyle planned to return home, Prim became upset by the turn of events and learned her son had been freed of the Demon's control by Gumillia and her compatriots. Immediately afterward, Prim took leave for Castle Hedgehog, claiming she felt ill from all their recent work and needed to rest at the royal villa. Accompanied by Ney, Prim had her daughter use the Glass to begin building up an army of undead soldiers for her retaliation.


Prim sitting atop Heartbeat Clocktower

Around that time, the Queen Dowager sent Abyss I.R. to counteract Kyle's voyage to Marlon while she kept their remaining vessels of sin. After Abyss's failure and her subsequent death, the Marlon Queen prepared for her son's inevitable assault. During the ensuing battle at the castle, Prim took the Clockworker's Doll and the last hand mirror with her to Heartbeat Clocktower.

From there, the Queen Dowager oversaw the battle from atop the tower, waiting for Ney to lure Kyle inside. Later on, Ney fled inside and stood beside Prim, having succeeded as bait. Once Kyle arrived, she noticed his surprise about the sudden quiet; she then mused about how the clock tower managed to be quietest there while nearest to it, though unfamiliar with its construct.

Afterward, she smiled while petting the doll's head on her lap, certain he was surprised by its resemblance to his art tutor, Margaret. After Kyle sent two soldiers after the fleeing Ney, leaving the two alone, Prim questioned him not also going after her. Her son replied he had a lot to hear from her first and the Queen chuckled and agreed with the sentiment.

When Kyle asked if she had been captured and was being held there by Ney, Prim closed her eyes and shook her head, readily admitting she was the one willingly commanding Ney and the corpse soldiers from there. The Dowager Queen then agreed with her son's pleas to know the reasons for her actions, thinking it might've been good to tell the tale of her past and the numerous sacrifices she made for their country's continued prosperity.

As she recounted her younger years with Arth and Anne, Prim expressed her disgust for being suspected by them, though admitting a bitter member of her family could potentially procure Gift and poison Arth. As she vaguely remembered putting something in the King's wine glass, the Queen Dowager cast aside the notion and reiterated it was Anne's false suspicion of her that was important and continued with the tale.

While elucidating how she came to give birth to Kyle, Prim recalled there were other children from the Marlon King's previous marriage but that they had since disappeared. She then questioned what happened to them and Kyle interjected, saying she killed them. Insulted, Prim expressed her disbelief that he would think his own mother would murder them, calling him an awful child. She then cast aside the topic and continued explaining what she had expected of Kyle since then.

As she described her encounter with the Venom Sword, Prim pointed out he should have seen it at the Freezis Mansion and noted that Elluka's apprentice seemed to currently have it. She then explained what occurred with Abyss I.R., Ney, Arth, and her assassination plans. As she described Abyss I.R.'s deception, she guessed the mage's true intention was to make Elluka unhappy before she stated that asking her was the only way to know. Laughing, she remarked how it was now impossible since Abyss had died.

Once she started elaborating about Kyle's possession, she expressed certainty he'd understand her reasons for wanting Kyle obedient to her will when he became a parent. With her explanation finished, Prim said that was why she would have Kyle repossessed by the Demon of Pride. In response, Kyle said she had gone insane. The Queen Dowager then showed her son the mirror in her possession, explaining how the Demon of Lust had since resided in it and mentioned the convenience behind moving the demons into the Demon of Pride's vessel.

Kyle then pointed out Abyss' absence and Prim not being a mage, questioning if she could actually use any techniques for demonic possession. Affirming she could, the Queen Dowager revealed the doll's name. Afterward, Prim explained the Demon of Sloth dwelled in the vessel before clarifying the demon could be considered the vessel itself. At that moment, Ney returned and screamed for her mother and Prim ignored the child, continuing to explain that the doll had the appearance of the Demon of Sins' mother and that she could only use its true power from in the clock tower.

Interrupted by Ney, Prim ignored the girl again and invoked the doll's power, continuing to explain to Kyle that through the doll, she could freely control the demons and have him repossessed. When Ney stood in front of her, continuing to call for her, Prim ignored the girl a third time. Hoisting the doll overhead, Prim remarked about his earlier surprise upon seeing the Clockworker's Doll, explaining it was actually modeled after the Original Sinner, Eve Moonlit.

As Ney continued calling for her, Prim commanded Kyle to return to his previous state while preparing to summon the demon. Just then, Ney again screamed for her mother and stabbed the Queen Dowager in the chest. As she gushed blood, the shocked Prim dropped the doll. Her youthful appearance immediately disappearing, the wrinkled Queen breathlessly asked Ney why before dying in her seat.[36]


Immediately after her death, Ney attacked Kyle, believing he was the one that murdered their mother. After the battle was over, Kyle carried Prim's corpse out of Heartbeat Clocktower. Weeks later, a nation-wide funeral was held for the Dowager and she was afterward buried in Left Chapel next to her daughter. Abyss I.R., having fled from Marlon after Prim's death,[37] took the vessels of sin the Queen had collected with her before being defeated by her pursuers not long after.[38]

In the wake of the battle, Kyle publicly declared Prim killed by her captor, a mage manipulating the Espionage Task Force, before the witch fled the castle, leaving the truth surrounding Prim in the darkness.[39] Yukina Freezis later wrote a novel detailing the true events and Prim's actions, gaining popularity around the world during the succeeding centuries.[40]

Over the years, some theorists speculated that Prim had planned to kill King Arth I using her father's newly developed Gift and had convinced him to develop the poison for that purpose, though the theories were never validated.[41] A century after the royal's death, Irina Clockworker cited Elluka's inability to notice that Prim was a HER as evidence that the mage wasn't the real Elluka during her confrontation with the god Levia.[42] While discussing Gallerian's youthful appearance, Loki Freezis mused that it was because he descended from the youthful-looking Prim.[43]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"You lack the capacity to stand above people."
―Prim's cold disdain for Presi, as imagined by him[src]

Prim was a vain, spiteful, and cruel woman. Having been born with Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome, she felt compelled to spread malice and misfortune to others.[44] As a member of such a prestigious noble family, Prim came to believe she was chosen for her position in life, destined to always be superior to those around her because of her lineage. As a result, the young Prim looked down on other noble families with lower status and considered any accomplishments her peers made were ultimately insignificant. Emphasizing her conceit, the girl believed she would naturally marry the famed Prince Arth solely because of her pedigree.

During her childhood, Prim became close friends with Anne Swee as well. The noble seemed to enjoy spending time with Anne, even complimenting her singing and violin skills. At the same time, she appeared apathetic to Anne's abilities surpassing her own, regarding her lower noble status as the unchangeable difference between them. However, after Arth married Anne instead of her and she became the Queen, Prim grew to despise her friend for suddenly becoming of higher status than her.

Becoming embittered by the event, Prim refused to believe Anne fairly "beat" her, believing she cheated in earning Arth's affection; in response, the Queen wanted to deprive Anne of what she couldn't have, trying to kill Arth. Despite this, Prim convinced herself she was happy as long as her friend was happy and grew concerned when she was losing contact with them. She also seemed to be in denial of her bitter sentiments, insulted Anne seemingly suspected her and projected her vile feelings on the Queen instead.

Absolutely convinced Anne had cheated her and betrayed their friendship, Prim resolved to have vengeance upon her and it became an obsession. Turning their lives into a competition, Prim attempted to outdo Anne in everything, becoming the Queen of Marlon, building a more powerful Marlon state, and even trying to obtain a better court mage. This eventually culminated in Prim hoping to bear a child with Arth, and she was ecstatic that became pregnant with his child before Anne did, believing it was God cursing her "wicked" friend.

In the end though, Prim's bitter sentiments extended to Arth as well, horrified that he and Anne bore children together and even more so that he proposed one of those children marrying her own son, Kyle. Associating Arth's decision as mixing her kin's blood with Anne's, Prim deemed it unforgivable and eventually entertained the idea of murdering Arth and his kids to spite both him and Anne. Prim's hatred went so far as to make her cry once she learned of Anne's demise, devastated that she no longer had a chance to make her suffer.

Prim's quest for vengeance also made her extremely ambitious, becoming the Queen of Marlon by the time she was seventeen and hoping to make Marlon the greatest nation in Evillious' history. Her expectations for others similarly intensified and Prim regarded her success as an example her family and peers should mimic. Her arrogance also seemed to make her increasingly delusional over the years, and Prim's selective memory colored many of her actions and intentions as more benevolent than they were, even forgetting or justifying her many murders.

The Marlon queen also became obsessed with her son. Determined that he'd become a great king, Prim manipulated every aspect of Kyle's life to keep him on the road she envisioned for him,[45] even killing his art tutor and later bribing art dealers and critics to criticize his work in order to break his artistic dreams.[46] She similarly refused to let Kyle be anything like his philandering father, disapproving of his courtly affairs and being possessed by the Demon of Lust. In spite of this, Prim enjoyed his more obedient behavior while possessed and considered his possession by the Demon of Pride an ideal.

Her disregard for Kyle's personal wants and dreams extended to the rest of her kin. Prim compared her family to pawns and considered them pieces to be used for her designs, holding no true affection for Ney or her brother, Presi. Likewise, she readily manipulated them to her own ends. She similarly held her husband's numerous concubines and their children in contempt and purged the royal family of its members to ensure Kyle was the only legitimate heir.[47]

Despite this, Prim did show mercy in rare cases. Although holding high expectations for everyone, including family, the Queen respected those who proved their worth to her and demonstrated competence in their role. Likewise, the Queen Dowager's ruthlessness was tempered by her guile and she was willing to tolerate talented and, more importantly, useful individuals, even if she hated them.[48] In reverse, the woman held disdain for those who failed to advance their own ambitions, disgusted by their apparent weakness.[49]

The Queen had a fascination with the unknown and therefore was fascinated by magic and wished to fully understand and practice the craft.[50] Prim also seemed to enjoy collecting Gine Dolls as a hobby, decorating the Right Palace with her collection.[51] The Marlon matriarch had tremendous faith in Ney and Abyss I.R.'s loyalty, though eventually considering her inability to control the latter a detriment. In the end, Prim fully believed Ney would never betray her, an overconfidence that led to her downfall. [52]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"And in the Kingdom of Marlon as well, while the country is officially governed by the young King Kyle, it is said that his mother, Queen Dowager Prim, is the one who holds authority there."
―An aristocrat speaking about Kyle and Prim[src]

Queen Dowager Prim with Abyss I.R. and Ney

Befitting her arrogance, Prim was a talented individual. As part of the Rogzé family, she was well-versed in the creation and utilization of medicinal drugs and poisons, with the relatively new and readily available Gift becoming her poison of choice. Similarly, her place as one of the highest-ranking noble families in Lucifenia increased her prestige and capabilities.

Prim was also very intelligent and mastered manipulation at an early age, having moved to Marlon, courted its King, and bore his child by the time she was seventeen.[53] Likewise, Prim had great influence in the political scene and was able to maintain her position of power as Queen for decades; even after her son was crowned King, Prim ruled Marlon from the shadows.[54]

These abilities extended to Prim's ability to strategize. Although not having any military experience, the Queen was able to effectively coordinate the corpse soldiers and utilize them effectively in dividing the Marlon army. Similarly, the Queen planned her actions years ahead of time when seeing their potential, and was also decisive when using a situation or person to her advantage. However, due to her arrogance, Prim often neglected internal loyalty and rarely suspected sudden betrayals or deviations in plans from her underlings.

Compounding this, Prim had strong magical potential and studied under two of the most powerful mages from the Magic Kingdom Levianta's era, though not an actual mage herself. Having finished her mage training under Abyss I.R., Prim was knowledgeable about the vessels of sin and their history.[55] As a result of Abyss I.R.'s magic, Prim maintained her natural youth and beauty with clear skin and glossy black hair well into her forties, though the effect disappeared after being mortally wounded by Ney, leaving Prim's visage with a more wrinkled appearance matching her actual age.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Kyle Marlon: Prim's son. Prim had an obsessive fixation on her son that manifested in controlling his every action, wanting to make him into the perfect champion for the Kingdom of Marlon; to that end, she was willing to sacrifice his emotional and mental well-being to achieve that goal. Seeing him as a pawn more than a person, Prim preferred Kyle possessed by the Demon of Pride, where he was obedient to her will; she also held a low opinion of his judgment, mocking his choice in women.

Ney Marlon: Prim's daughter. Happy that Ney's birth, via her affair with Arth, meant she'd "beaten" Anne, Prim only recognized the girl as her daughter through the lens of viewing her as a pawn. She was willing to let her be experimented on and manipulated her into becoming a tool in her revenge-scheme, relying on the girl's skills in espionage and subterfuge for manipulating events to her liking. In addition to this, Prim would only show affection towards Ney when necessary to secure her loyalty.

Abyss I.R.: Prim's partner. Although amused and confounded by her secretive ambitions, Prim held Abyss I.R in high regard for her skills as a sorceress and ability to manipulate the vessels of sin. The two had a close confidential relationship initially, but after she began acting for her own ends Prim viewed her with mixed approval, disliking Kyle's possession by the Demon of Lust in particular. 

Anne Lucifen d'Autriche: Prim's childhood friend and later enemy. Although looking down on Anne for her low status, Prim initially maintained a real friendship with her. After the girl married Prim's childhood crush, Arth, her fondness turned to spite as she perceived herself being cheated by the lower class noble. Following her attempted murder of Arth, these feelings quickly developed into a bitter rivalry with Anne, Prim becoming consumed with a desire to best and humiliate her former friend.

Arth Lucifen d'Autriche: Prim's childhood love. Prim fell in love with Arth when she was young, and losing him to Anne was one of the factors that drove her to hate her childhood friend. Although continuing to desire him, she nonetheless attempted to kill him out of spite and later used Arth in her vendetta against his wife, seeing herself as "beating" Anne after inciting their affair with the Venom Sword. Following her conception of Ney, Prim continued her vendetta by finishing Arth off with the aid of Abyss I.R.

Presi Rogzé: Prim's brother. In spite of, and in part because of, being her brother, Prim saw Presi as little more than a pawn to further her plot against Anne and was unaffected by his death. She relied on his close position as Lucifenia's Prime Minister to relay information to her and carry out necessary actions, such as planting the mirror with the Demon of Gluttony inside it. 

Mikina Freezis: A pawn of Prim's. Prim saw Mikina as a reliable pawn due to the latter's desperate circumstances and believed her useful for her revenge scheme, as Keel Freezis' wife. 

Elluka Clockworker: One of Prim's teachers. Prim held Elluka in high regard as a sorceress and looked to her tutelage for learning about magic. Despite this, the two stood opposed to each other and Prim had no qualms having her pursued as an enemy later.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Prim's name is derived from the word "prim", which means to be excessively decorous to the point of being vain or prudish.
  • Her maiden name, Rogzé, is likely a corruption of Zero-G, refrencing Zero-G Limited, the company that created her representative Vocaloid.
  • Prim's surname, Marlon, is a reference to Mammon, the patron demon of Greed.
  • Prim's name is inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Prima, with both names sharing the first four letters.
  • Like other named members of her family, Prim's name begins with the Japanese character プ (pu).





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