Presi Rogzé
Technical Information
Japanese プレジ゠ログゼ
Romaji Pureji Roguze
Biographical Information
Died December, EC 491
Classification Human
Race Lucifenian
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lucifenia
"Presi... The one who killed Genesia was..."
"Yes, that is correct. I poisoned him."
―Elluka Clockworker and Minister Presi[src]

Presi Rogzé was the Minister of Interior Affairs in the Kingdom of Lucifenia and the younger brother of Prim. In the wake of his failures against his rival, Presi agreed to collaborate with his sister in her dark conspiracy. Colluding with Abyss I.R. for his planned treason, the minister worked to advance his status in Lucifenia via the vessels of sin.


Early LifeEdit

Presi was born in the Kingdom of Lucifenia during the fifth century EC as a noble of the esteemed Rogzé family. During his childhood, he met another noble around his age, Genesia, and the two entered an intense rivalry, constantly trying to best one another. At some point, Presi began studying his family's expertise in medicinal drugs. Around the same time, Presi witnessed the supposed Beelzenian mage Elluka Clockworker become close friends with his older sister, Prim, and seemingly give her magic training.[1]

Time in the MinistryEdit

Once he came of age, the young Presi became the Minister of Internal Affairs at the royal palace and continued his competition with Genesia, who had also become a minister there.[2] After Prim departed for Marlon and became the Queen there by EC 474, Presi began exchanging letters with his sibling to keep her updated on Lucifenia's current affairs.[3] As time progressed, Presi continued to be credited with failure while Genesia was given praise for many achievements.

Around EC 480, Elluka Clockworker defected to Lucifenia; displaying her supernatural powers before the ministers, Presi was convinced she was a real sorceress seen in fairy tales.[4] Afterwards, the minister wrote to Prim about Elluka's defection to their side during the nation's war.[5] Later on, the minister spoke with Elluka about his sister and she related how she had given Prim magic training because she had impressive magical potential, though she had left Lucifenia before it was completed.

At some point, Presi learned that Elluka was actually an immortal and had been searching for the mystical vessels of sin for centuries.[6] After Princess Riliane and Prince Alexiel were born into the royal family in EC 485, Presi wrote to Prim about King Arth and Queen Anne's children.[7] In the following years, he learned his sister's influence in the Marlon government was growing; when Genesia became the prime minister instead of him, Presi was humiliated.[8]

Dark PropositionEdit

"This is the demon? I can't believe it so suddenly..."
"Feel free to believe or not to believe. At any rate, you can't afford to choose, can you Minister Presi?"
―Presi and Abyss I.R.[src]

After King Arth's death in EC 491 and the end of Lucifenia's conquests with its neighbors, Presi was devastated to witness Queen Anne select Prime Minister Genesia as the guardian to Arth's chosen heir, Alexiel. Around December of that year, the Minister of Internal Affairs discovered that Riliane and Alexiel had been recently sneaking out of the palace to play at a nearby beach nearly daily.

Afterward, he was visited by an old woman in a black cloak with a red cat. Introducing herself as Abyss I.R., the woman presented him with a letter from his sister, Prim, telling him to cooperate with the woman. Surprised, Presi agreed to meet with her and led the attendant into another room. Afterwards, Abyss proposed they have Prince Alexiel become possessed by the Demon of Pride residing in one of the vessels of sin, letting Presi manipulate the Prince as a puppet to advance both his and Prim's ambitions.

Once the woman took out the alleged vessel they'd use, Presi was surprised to see a seemingly ordinary hand mirror. Abyss then pointed out the faint red light dwelling within the depths of the mirror and Presi voiced his skepticism that it was actually the demon. The mage then brushed off his disbelief as his choice, though noting he wasn't in a position to choose. He then spoke aloud that his sister was simply attempting to take control of Lucifenia through him and the old woman joked that she didn't know much about politics.

Expressing his disbelief she was just his sister's maid or attendant, the minister asked who Abyss I.R. was. The woman answered that she was a masterful sorceress, though few ever believed her anyhow, and Presi remarked that it was the same in Lucifenia, pointing out they had Elluka in their country. Abyss then noted she would only be a small nuisance, saying they'd just have to arrange for Alexiel to be moved outside the palace for the possession.

Presi then revealed to her the twins recent escapades out of the palace, certain they'd continue the trend, and the mage was amused at the opportunity. After hearing Abyss tell him to be ready, Presi turned around and asked if she was certain the plan would work and saw she had already left. Trembling at the thought of his sudden treason, Presi thought how it was impossible for him to turn back at that point and affirmed he'd beat Genesia, even if he had to become evil and just be used as his sister's puppet.[9]

Change in PlansEdit

"Although the demon unexpectedly possessed Riliane... the results seem to have gone well."

Later on, he met with Abyss and led her into another room. Giving him the hand mirror, she explained that the demon had ended up possessing Riliane, not Alexiel. Panicked that he could no longer have the rightful heir have Genesia replaced by him as the guardian, Presi devised a new plan. Forging Arth's will to claim Riliane was the actual successor, Presi brought up the "discovery" with the rest of the ministers in the Hall of Sounds, accusing Queen Anne and the Prime Minister of conspiring to prop up a false successor with a fake will.

Met with the laughter from all the ministers, including Genesia, the Interior Minister presented the "real" will before the assembly, clearly stating that Riliane was the true successor. With rumor spreading that Anne and Genesia were in an affair, debate sparked among the ministers and some sided with Presi that Riliane should be the rightful heir. Around the same time, Presi met with Riliane and was surprised to see her gorging on food. He then influenced her to take interest in inheriting the throne.

Afterwards, the minister privately met with Abyss I.R. in the palace again, out of breath. Muttering that Riliane's unexpected possession had been working out, Presi heard Abyss joke about his impressive ability to adapt to the situation. Telling the mage to shut up, he reminded Abyss that her role in the plan failed and she flatly told him the demons' whims were beyond her control.

Remembering Riliane's new attitude, Presi asked to confirm that she said it was a Demon of "Pride". Once the sorceress affirmed her earlier statement, the minister questioned why she was suddenly so gluttonous, saying she'd likely eat up the entire storehouse's food supply, and showing no signs of arrogance. The sorceress then nonchalantly brushed off her apparent mistake as unlikely to affect anything.

Realizing their arguing was getting nowhere, Presi thought over their next course of action. Concluding Riliane's odd behavior would garner notice, Presi pointed out it would be difficult to hide what was inside her and asked the mage if it was possible. Abyss then confirmed it would be difficult and added that he only had a matter of time for his ambitions.

After citing that he'd need to be careful of the recent movements of the Three Heroes, particularly Elluka, Abyss disappeared in a cloud of smoke and left Presi alone. At the realization that the Three Heroes might suspect his treason, Presi panicked, knowing he couldn't stand up to their power. As the minister mentally lamented how much easier things would be if Alexiel and Genesia weren't still in the world, he realized he could assassinate them and quelled his fear.[10]

Possession and DeathEdit

"You really did it with your own hands. Anyhow, it's already the end for you. Accept it."
"The end? Is that so? Is that really so? Hehehehahahahahaha..."
―Elluka and Presi[src]

Afterwards, Presi arranged for Alexiel to be immediately assassinated by one of the ministers and, with some difficulty, procured the poison Gift. With the assassination attempt on Alexiel failing, Presi took the hungry Princess with him to Genesia's office and poisoned the Prime Minister; while watching him die on the floor, Presi stood behind the chair Riliane sat in while she ate.

Shortly after, Elluka entered the scene and Presi watched her forcibly take Riliane's hare meat she was eating; the Interior Minister then playfully asked why she was in such a hurry, teasing her for thinking that the Princess had been eating Genesia. Presi then laughed and noted she was quite hungry and that there wasn't any other food after that, wondering aloud what she might try to eat afterward.

Once Elluka implicated him as Genesia's murderer, the Minister readily admitted it, recounting how difficult it was to acquire a lethal poison in their country. When the mage stated it was over for him, Presi questioned her words before erupting into maniacal laughter. He then declared that wouldn't be the case if he killed her, Mariam, Leonhart, and Prince Alexiel. Transferring the demon's possession to him, Presi joked he'd be borrowing the Princess' power for a little while.

When Elluka asked what he had taken inside of him, Presi announced it was what she had failed to acquire for five hundred years. As he questioned if he could finally defeat her with his newfound power, he erupted again into wild laughter. Succumbing completely to the Demon of Gluttony, Presi's questions devolved into roars and he attacked Elluka. During their fight, Elluka was overwhelmed by his demonic power. As he prepared to deal the final blow, Mariam arrived and saved her. Fighting together, the two defeated and killed the possessed Presi.[11]


"To fool that pitiful man and make the demon possess him, just as you planned."
―Ney during her report to Abyss I.R.[src]

After his death, the demon possessing Presi returned to Riliane before being exorcised and sealed in the hand mirror by Elluka, inadvertently wiping much of her memory. As a result of the chaos, Prince Alexiel was publicly declared dead and secretly adopted by Leonhart under a new name to prevent another incident by Presi. After Ney Marlon reported Presi's planned death to Abyss I.R., the sorceress joked about his loss and continued with the planned infiltration and undermining of the Lucifenian government for Queen Prim.

After the death of Queen Anne and Princess Riliane assumed her place as monarch, the Three Heroes discussed bringing Alexiel back when Leonhart cited the Prince's sudden return would only repeat the incident Presi caused seven years prior.[12] When explaining her motives behind her dark conspiracy to her son, Prim stated that Presi's death was "regrettable" but ultimately couldn't be avoided for securing her own ambitions.[13]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Do you know that Presi has suddenly begun claiming to know Riliane's the actual heir and that he should be her made her guardian?"
"Yeah, with all due respect, it seems to be in opposition of Genesia, which is foolish."
―Queen Anne and Leonhart[src]

Presi was a proud but somewhat pathetic man, always trying to prove himself as more than a tool for others. Being a member of such a prestigious noble family, Presi held a great amount of pride in himself and what he could accomplish. As a result, he strived to establish his own greatness and poured himself into his work. This ambition also made him extremely competitive, leading Presi and Genesia to become eternal rivals since childhood.

Their rivalry became almost an obsession for Presi, with his constant attempts to counter Genesia becoming well-known among his constituents. Due to his apparent incompetence, the minister lacked a strong reputation as a minister, although he could be rather manipulative when pushed under pressure. However, this also made him more nervous or argumentative. In the wake of his successive failures, Presi's rivalry developed into an undying loathing for Genesia.

Presi was also intimidated by his older sister, Prim, and considered her an absolutely awful person. Because of his pride, Presi's failures to succeed in his homeland were an even greater humiliation when compared to his sister's success in a foreign country. This humiliation was further cemented by Prim's disdain for him, where even the thought of his sister looking down at him with her cold, judgmental glare becoming unbearable for the minister.

Regardless, his sister's power over him made Presi submissive to her will, her pressure earning both his respect, humility, and fear. Though terrified at the prospect of committing treason to the point of trembling uncontrollably, Presi's ambition and hatred for Genesia made him compliant with his sister's schemes and even willing to be her pawn if it helped advance his status. At the same time, Presi resolved he'd even become evil if it meant defeating Genesia.

Before becoming well acquainted with Elluka, Presi was skeptical of the existence of magic, despite his sister being trained by the mage in their younger years. However, after seeing the awesome displays made by Elluka over her years as their court mage, Presi's views on magic completely changed and he developed a certain respect for the craft. Regardless, he still had trouble believing the supernatural, such as the Demons of Sin, and didn't fully understand the effects it could have over him.

After resolving to murder Genesia, Presi crossed the point of no return and quelled his concerns and worries. With his grasp on reality bordering madness, the minister lost all care for any consequences and lapsed into hysteric fits of laughter; after being possessed by the Demon of Gluttony, Presi's mind shattered and acted more like a frothing animal.[14]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"To change strategies in response to the situation... As I'd expect."
―Abyss I.R. regarding Presi[src]

Despite his poor reputation, Presi was a talented individual. As part of the Rogzé family, he was well-versed in the creation and utilization of medicinal drugs and poisons, with the relatively new and readily available Gift becoming his poison of choice. Similarly, his place as one of the highest-ranking noble families in Lucifenia increased his prestige and capabilities. He also seemed to have some ability to forge handwriting, having created a seemingly authentic version of Arth's will.

As Minister of the Interior, Presi handled administration over all of Lucifenia's internal affairs, handling it effectively during the kingdom's period of conquest. However, his rivalry with Genesis and many apparent failures gave the minister a poor reputation and resulted in him lacking a strong presence in the King's court. Regardless, he still held some political savvy and could quickly adapt to unforeseen events while under pressure.

Unlike his elder sister, Presi lacked any magical potential and didn't have the capability to be a powerful mage. However, after borrowing the Demon of Gluttony from Riliane, Presi was able to gain a tremendous amount of power, enough to kill Elluka. In exchange though, the demon's influence caused his mental state to collapse and his speech devolved into simple moans or screams.[15]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Genesia: Presi's rival. Cultivating a competition with Genesia from a young age, Presi began to resent the noble for receiving constant praise while he was credited with failures, culminating in the other becoming Prime Minister. As such, Presi's rivalry turned into hatred and he was driven to discredit and kill Genesia as revenge.

Prim Marlon: Presi's older sister. Although acknowledging his sister's darker nature and knowing he was only a pawn to her, Presi nevertheless bowed to her pressure and kept in contact with her, aiding Prim in her darker schemes to further his own ambitions.

Abyss I.R.: A mage who worked with Presi. While highly skeptical of her claims and her control over the Demons of Sin, the minister nonetheless felt no choice but to work with her for his own ambitions; he later was suspicious of the sorceress when it seemed she had used the wrong demon, but decided to improvise his plans rather than pointlessly chide her.

Elluka Clockworker: A mage whom Presi became well-aquainted with. Presi was initially astounded by Elluka's magical talents and her quest to find the vessels of sin, and respected the mage and member of the Three Heroes as being very powerful; despite this, with the power of the Demon of Gluttony he became unafraid of the sorceress, mocking her when he believed she was unable to stop his plans.

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Presi's pawn. While initially only focused on Alexiel, Presi saw Riliane as a suitable pawn after she was possessed in the Prince's stead. Seeing the child only as a tool, he showed no concern for Riliane's mental wellbeing and was only disturbed her gluttony could expose his plans.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Presi's name may be derived from the word "president", referring to the head of a state, company, or other organization.
  • Like other named members of his family, Presi's name begins with the Japanese character プ (pu).
  • His surname seems to be a corruption of Zero-G, the company that created his sister's representative Vocaloid, Prima.




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