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Possession was a magic ability where the user could inhabit and influence another being or object. In addition to high-level magic-users, the technique was commonly employed by demons.


Possession involved the user inhabiting a being or object as a vessel, allowing them to influence or manipulate that object to a certain extent. When possessing a living being like a human, the user could take full possession of the body, controlling it as if it was the possessor's own by suppressing the possessed's consciousness; while fully possessing the body, the user also had access to the host's magical power and abilities. The possessor and possessed could communicate telepathically as well.[1]

In the case of demonic possession, the demon could project an extension of itself out from the vessel and root into an individual's mind,[2] influencing a human host's behavior with their respective sin. Likewise, a demon could forge a contract with its host through possession, as well as grant the host access to its powers.[3] The demon's ability was limited to only being able to possess Third Period humans who had enough compatibility with them;[4] this compatibility was determined by the host's vulnerabilities or insecurities in their personalities, corresponding to the demon's respective sin.[5]

Despite the inherent ability to inhabit a body or object, possession had a number of weaknesses. While possessing a body or object, the user was forced to remain within the vessel until either the possessor chose to relinquish the possession or the vessel was destroyed or killed.[6] In the case of demons projecting themselves, their true vessel could be sealed or destroyed, causing the demon to relinquish their possession as a result.[7] The host's consciousness could also resist a complete possession and potentially regain control of the body from the possessor.[8]

A possession could also be exorcised to forcibly remove the possessor from a host. Despite this, demonic possession could render exorcisms ineffective if too deeply rooted in the being's mind, though the effects could be reversed with the Clockwork Secret Art.[9] Outside of demons, possession was limited to humans able to perform high-level magical techniques like the Swap Technique or borrowing a demon's power.[10]



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Demonic possession is common in many religions and media, wherein a demon or other malevolent entity takes control of a person's body.



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