Technical Information
Japanese プラトニック
Romaji Puratonikku
Other Names Phantom Thief Platonic

Hatsune Miku

Biographical Information
Classification Clockworker's Doll
Gender Female
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Elphegort (defected)

Platonic, also known as Phantom Thief Platonic, was a thief from Calgaround in the Kingdom of Elphegort. Taking up the life of a thief under a new name to escape her noble family, the rebellious and free-spirited youth became infamous across Evillious. After her mentor's death, she was hired by AB-CIR to steal the wine glass of Banica Conchita and later the Twin Blades of Levianta from Elluka Clockworker. She was one of Eve Moonlit's incarnations.


Early LifeEdit

Following the death of the daughter of the noble family of Calgaround, Elphegort, the Clockworker's Doll was activated and its demon assumed the child's identity.[1] The girl then grew up in an affluent lifestyle, but eventually became tired of the restrictions her life gave her. Desiring freedom, she ran away from home and was cared for by an old thief. Choosing to emulate her caretaker, "Platonic" took up the life of a thief and made it her goal to one day buy a house and fall in love.

Under her master's tutelage, she became an excellent thief, using the Association to help with her heists; she soon became infamous throughout Evillious, with her wanted poster in every country. At some point, her master introduced her to AB-CIR. Tested by the mage, Platonic failed to perform basic spells.

Later on, the old thief told Platonic of how AB-CIR had defeated the wicked I.R. in battle, though his hand was severely burned during the battle. Shortly after, her aging mentor died. Around EC 325, Platonic attempted to steal a black crystal ball from Duke Demilamb and acquired the Association's layouts of the mansion. She infiltrated the home only to find the Duke's daughter extremely sick and was unable to complete the mission.[2]

Wine Glass HeistEdit

Chara img4C
After failing to steal the black crystal ball, Platonic returned to the Association's hideout in Beelzenia and spoke with Bruno. When he mentioned a new client wanted to meet with her, Platonic saw it was AB-CIR. The mage then hired her to steal a particular wine glass from Banica Conchita, offering to pay the thief enough money to buy her dream home.

Accepting the job, she had Bruno provide her the mansion's floor plans and staff for the planned heist. Learning of the rumored white monsters roaming the area and that the allegedly cannibalistic Banica had only three staff in her employ, Platonic planned her heist and infiltrated the mansion the following evening. Once inside, she made her way towards the treasure room but hid when she heard someone coming. Hearing the sounds of the twin servant and maid working there, she listened for their voice.

Once the twins were seemingly gone, Platonic attempted to run into the next room, only to be ambushed by the servant, who latched onto her arm. Shocked, the thief tried to shake off the boy when the maid walked up, holding a murara pig. While the twins argued over who would hold the pig for capturing her, Platonic got free and created a smoke screen. Quickly running to hide, she anxiously waited while the twins hunted her. Discovering a crucified man behind her, Platonic realized he was Banica's cook and was terrified.

Spying the wine glass she sought was on the nearby shelf, she grabbed it but accidentally spilled its contents. After noticing the corpse began to move, she freaked out as she witnessed its foot that made contact with the glass' liquid touched turn white and spread across the body. As the deceased cook transformed into a hideous, undead monster, Platonic dashed for the staircase before it could escape, glass in hand.

While running to another floor, she ran into a slender, red-dressed woman and deduced she was Banica. Scared, Platonic watched as the Duke took the wine glass from her and mused how she was cute enough to eat. Once she realized the situation was out of hand, Platonic heard the sound of the undead cook coming after her. Following a brief battle, Platonic escaped to the garden and left the estate empty-handed.

She then traveled to Lioness and reported her to failure to AB-CIR at Castle Hedgehog's prison. At that time, one of the prisoners spoke up about him mentioning Banica and Platonic questioned who he was. AB-CIR explained he was Prince Carlos of Marlon.[3] After the mage decided to have Carlos infiltrate the mansion instead, changing his face with the Venom Sword, Platonic helped care for the unconscious prince until he was awake.

Forcibly EmployedEdit

AB-CIR then assigned Platonic to steal the Twin Blades of Levianta from Elluka Clockworker instead.[4] Learning from Bruno about the Elphegort inn Elluka was staying at and her room number, Platonic drugged the mage's tea and planned to steal it while she slept. Creeping into her room number, she pronounced her victory when she heard Elluka retort that wasn't the case. Surprised that the sorceress wasn't drugged and knew her name, Elluka captured her.[5]

Forcibly hired to assist Elluka, Platonic was repeatedly instructed in casting basic spells but failed each time. While at their current residence, Elluka cast a capture spell on the thief and left her there for some time, though the mage later returned after remembering she left no food for the girl.[6] Taken before Empress Juno in July, Elluka bartered for Platonic's exoneration by helping her investigate Banica Conchita and, surprised to be saved, she agreed to assist the mage.

While investigating one of the towns ravaged by attacks by monsters, Platonic recognized one of the monsters the mayor caged as one of the white monsters that attacked her. Once Elluka extracted what information she could from the creature, they continued on towards the mansion. On the way there, they encountered the minstrel Xenos Jaakko, ignoring his warnings about approaching the mansion.

Platonic then complained of being tired and suggested that they continue to investigate the day after, only for Elluka to insist they keep going and dragging her along. When they arrived in August, the estate was discovered empty and in perfect order. Once they reached the third floor, the pair discovered Banica's bloody wine glass and her child. Afterwards, Platonic managed to steal the wine glass from Elluka on their way back and escaped.

The thief then returned home to Calgaround and rejoined her aristocratic family with the wine glass. Two months later, her family was visited by Xenos Jaakko, hoping to report his sighting of her many months prior; she failed to recall the man. While holding the wine glass in-hand, the girl entertained Xenos for a period before he left empty-handed. Some time after, she delivered the vessel of Gluttony to AB-CIR.[7] The girl later regained all her memories as Eve Moonlit and passed away, allowing the slumbering Demon of Sloth to regain consciousness.[8]


Centuries afterward, no records of Platonic's true identity survived, leaving only her birthplace and thief identity still recorded in history.[9] Xenos Jaakko later penned a song entitled "Platonic and the Wine Glass", singing the unpopular tune six times during his time as a minstrel. Xenos later detailed his encounter with Platonic in his memoirs entitled "Evillious Travels", including an illustration of the noble thief.[10] Centuries later, during the EC 900s, a waiter of the Graveyard restaurant related stories of Platonic's involvement with AB-CIR, Elluka, and Banica before being arrested by the Dark Star Bureau.[11]

After her death, the Clockworker's Doll crafted a new persona and assumed the identity of Margarita Felix nearly 300 years later.[12] While investigating the tales of the Flower of the Plateau, Elluka Clockworker came across Xenos' Evillious Travels and his accounts of Platonic.[13] After investigating the incident, Elluka confirmed Eve Moonlit's connection to the phantom thief and her false life as the original daughter of Calgaround.[14]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"You do cruel things..."
"There was no helping it, was there? That girl tries to escape as soon as I look away."
―Held and Elluka[src]

Platonic was a free-spirited and energetic person, determined to live a full life as she pleased. Having known only the life of an aristocrat's daughter, the child grew restless with the formal and rigid lifestyle she was born into and eventually grew rebellious. Severing all ties with her past, Platonic fully embraced the way of thieves, living by her own rules and only being responsible for herself.[15] Despite this, she continued to uphold religious tenants drilled into her since childhood, such as being a vegetarian. Coinciding with her free lifestyle, the girl dreamed of owning her own house and gladly dedicated her thievery for paying for one. Likewise, she dreamed of falling in love with a handsome man.

However, although confident in her abilities, she was against killing and refused to murder anyone;[16] she was particularly adamant about killing high-ranking nobles, knowing the crime would risk her being hunted down and executed. She also had a great degree of loyalty to her employers, willing to complete a job long after it was originally assigned, and never revealed her clients.[17] Despite this, she would delay the mission's completion should her life be at risk.[18] Similarly, she was not above deceit to get a job done.[19]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"How odd. That you have a stranger as a companion. Does she, perhaps, have some talent for sorcery?"
"She's wonderful––so wonderfully talentless."
―Held and Elluka[src]

Despite having come from a rich and cultured background, Platonic was able to have some success as a thief and fit well into the lifestyle and work required. Although working alone, Platonic's connections to the Association allowed her to be well informed on her targets and more easily break into homes and avoid their inhabitants. Due to being a incarnation of Eve Moonlit with the dregs of Sloth magic, Platonic was also resistant to demonic influences, making her ideal for AB-CIR's missions.[20] In spite of this ability, she herself had no magical talent and was unable to perform even simple spells.[21]

Character ConnectionsEdit

AB-CIR: One of Platonic's employers. Keeping a business relationship, Platonic accepted the man's job and stuck with the mission until it was completed.

Elluka Clockworker: A temporary associate and partner of Platonic. Having been bound to her for sometime, Platonic had no issue deceiving the sorceress and felt no loyalty to her, often attempting to escape at any opportunity. In addition to this, she showed signs of being afraid of the sorceress to some degree.

Eve Moonlit: Platonic's true self. Hypnotizing herself to believe she was truly the daughter of the Calgaround lord, Platonic had no awareness of the slumbering Eve within her and only retained the witch's memories upon her later death.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Her alias as "Platonic" refers to a nonphysical love or relationship and to be friendly; the name is likely a reference to her birthplace near Merrigod Plateau.
  • Platonic's original surname, Calgaround (カルガランド), may be a subtle reference to the English term "Merry-Go-Round" (メリーゴーランド); the song Madam Merry-Go-Round is also sung by Miku.
  • The romaji for Calgaround (karugarando) may also a reference to the Japanese adverb 軽 (karugaru), meaning "lightly, easily, or carelessly"; it is also a possible allusion to Platonic's being an incarnation of the Demon of Sloth.
  • Platonic's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Miku, with Platonic's romanization containing "ikku" in it, with the same pronunciation as "iku".
  • Her title "Phantom Thief" invokes the phantom thief archetype popular in media; known in Western media as a "lady thief", it refers to a thief of noble upbringing.




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