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Plant Magic was a type of magic involving the germination and manipulation of plant life. Capable of controlling a variety of flora, plant spells were extremely effective in verdant environments.


Plant magic allowed the user to influence the growth and development of nearby flora and therefore manipulate it to an extent. Skilled practitioners could rapidly grow small flowers into large, robust plants and freely twist them to their will within seconds.[1] Due to this flexibility, plant spells could vary from simply using vines as whips or ropes to confining targets or as physical weapons to cut or crush opponents. Harder plants, such as tree branches, could be quickly sharpened and fired upon targets as projectiles.

Also, by manipulating toxic plants, the caster could utilize the poisons as well, allowing wounds inflicted to opponents by the plants to cause their additional effects.[2] As an added benefit, the caster supplemented their spell power with already existing plants, casting more powerful spells with less magic power. In reverse however, the magic was completely dependent on verdant environments to use the power, making the magic useless indoors or in barren landscapes.[3]




  • While Gumillia is described as having learned to predict the weather, it isn't clarified whether the ability is related to plant or water magic.



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