PN, publicly known as Police Neutrality and secretly known as Père Noël, was the espionage force of the USE Dark Star Bureau. Originally established as a faction working to undermine Loki Freezis, it eventually became the private police force of the bureau and aided Judge Gallerian Marlon in perpetrating his corrupt court tactics.



Sometime during the late EC 900s, Bruno Zero founded a faction working against his master Loki Freezis. Dubbed "Père Noël", the butler was joined by Shiro Netsuma, Hale Jaakko, Feng Li; the four became Nos. 0 to 3, respectively. At some point, the group came into contact with Ma and began using Lunaca Labora as their headquarters. Around that time, Postman was brought into the group by Ma and was designated as No. 4.

In EC 960, the group collaborated with Gallerian Marlon as well as the Yarera family to indict Loki after the man attempted to kill Gallerian. A year later, PN successfully had Loki prosecuted and given 30 years imprisonment.[1] Around EC 977, the USE Dark Star Bureau's private police force was established as "Police Neutrality" in response for the public's call for a police for unaffiliated with the Freezis Conglomerate. With Gallerian as its master "First Santa Claus", the force was supplied with officers by the Yarera-Zusco Conglomerate, with Nos. 0 to 4 becoming part and No. 3 commanding the officers.[2]

Police WorkEdit

At some point, Jorm Zusco joined PN. After the Titanis Sinking Incident in EC 978, PN was barred from looking into the event. Père Noël then reformed and secretly investigated the incident and determined that it was perpetrated by Bindi Freezis and the Zeus organization.[3] Later on, PN shut down the Graveyard restaurant for its illegal business operations. After being convicted by First Santa Claus of criminal offenses, Nemesis Sudou was recruited as "No. 8" in exchange for exemption from the death penalty.[4] Later on, No. 0 forged evidence regarding the murder of Medea Col, framing Second Lieutenant Nyoze Octo.[5]


In winter of EC 982, No. 0 passed on the orders to kill Nyoze Octo to No. 8.[6] That same year, Lich Arklow and Eater Sabella joined the force. In February of the following year, No. 1 was accidentally killed by General Tony Ausdin during the Evillious War. Months later, Nos. 2 and 3 quit the force. During the Leviantan Civil War, PN attempted to fight off the people's army but were eventually defeated.[7] Later that year in August, No. 8 killed First Santa Claus in his home, causing the dissolution of PN.[8]

Organization and StructureEdit

During its time as a criminal organization, PN was composed of several numbered members who maintained a codename containing their assigned number; any member who was recruited would also be given a numbered codename.[9] After being reestablished as a police force, PN was headed by the director of the Dark Star Bureau as its master and was divided into two groups, with the numbered officers being directly under the bureau director and the regular officers being under the codenamed officers.[10]

Because of the group's structure, the bureau director had a great amount of freedom, able to use them for their own ends or recruit new members into even the numbered part of the force.[11] Aside from this, the numbered officers could take on any form of work while in the force, such as military or clerical work, as long as they served PN.[12]

Known MembersEdit


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • PN's public name is derived from the word "neutrality", which means to support neither side of a conflict.
  • PN's secret name is derived from that of the criminal organization Père Noël; like the organization, PN also had numbered members up to eight and worked under the command of "First Santa Claus".


  • While originally established as an impartial police force, PN would ironically end up assisting in Gallerian's corruption later on.




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