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Nemesis Sudou
Technical Information
Japanese ネメシス=スドウ
Romaji Nemeshisu Sudou
Other Names No.8 (codename)
Master of the Hellish Yard


Biographical Information
Born EC 964
Died EC 998
Classification Human
Race Elphe
Gender Female
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Affiliation(s) Union State of Evillious
Lucifenia (formerly)
Levianta (formerly)
PN (formerly)
Tasan Party
For other uses, see Master of the Hellish Yard (disambiguation)
"Sinful man... Now, repent."
―Nemesis Sudou[src]

Nemesis Sudou, codenamed No. 8 and also regarded as the Master of the Hellish Yard, was an assassin in the USE Dark Star Bureau's PN and the underling of First Santa Claus. After carrying out a job to kill her lover Nyoze Octo, she swore vengeance on her former master and father, becoming possessed by the Demon of Wrath.


Early HistoryEdit

"Sir, sir! This is terrible! Your wife and Lady Michelle were in an accident. The ship they were voyaging on sank! Just before it arrived into the harbor, the ship was attacked by an octopus that I've never seen so huge before and—"

Nemesis with Ziz-san after the octopus killed Michelle and her mother

Born from an adulterous, incestuous affair between Gallerian Marlon and Kayo Sudou, Nemesis was raised out in an abandoned house in the Millennium Tree Forest in EC 964 by her mother alone, and grew up in isolation, never knowing her father's face.[1] Around EC 970, she adopted a small Ziz tiama as her pet and named it "Ziz-san", playing with it in its tank throughout her childhood.[2]

Later in her youth, her mother left and locked the child inside the house. While Nemesis awaited her mother's return,[3] Nemesis was tormented by the twin voices claiming she was abandoned.[4] Eventually, the girl began to stop sleeping for fear of waking up alone and began to scream for the door to be unlocked.[5] Accepting her apparent abandonment, Nemesis succumbed to the voices' claims.[6] At some point, she was unknowingly forged a contract with the Demon of Wrath.

At some point, Nemesis joined the Zeus organization, using her pet ziz tiama to kill her half-sister Michelle and Gallerian's wife Mira in EC 978.[7] Afterwards, Nemesis happily played with her enlarged pet by the harbor.[8] Later that year, Nemesis blew out a candle before quickly leaving her cabin.[9] She was later confronted by PN.[10] Later on, Nemesis met a man on the neighborhood streets and superimposed the image of her unseen father onto him. Becoming a duo, Nemesis and her partner committed numerous crimes together, becoming increasingly twisted. Nemesis and her partner were later captured and brought before Gallerian in court.[11]

After the judge sentenced them to be executed for their crimes, Nemesis was offered exemption from her sentence on one condition: she become an assassin for the USE Dark Star Bureau's PN espionage force; Nemesis accepted the terms and joined Gallerian's secret organization.[12] Given the codename No. 8, Nemesis moved to the city of Rolled and lived among the public while working as a PN agent for her new master.[13] Whenever she was mailed orders to assassinate a target from "First Santa Claus", Nemesis obeyed the instructions and completed each assignment, killing numerous targets for PN.

An Impossible RomanceEdit

―Nemesis to Nyoze[src]

Nemesis meeting her future love

In spring of EC 982,[14] she saw a soldier investigating her killings while under a sakura tree.[15] After seeing the katana on his hip, Nemesis closed her eyes to ignore him; when he suddenly approached her, the assassin was surprised and they began to converse. Despite the man, Nyoze, being on the side of justice, she began to like him and the two fell in love.[16]

Later that year, Nyoze began taking shelter with Nemesis in Rolled. During the summer, Nyoze decided to take her to a summer festival.[17] Changing into eastern kimono, Nemesis interrupted Nyoze as he was listening to the radio, hearing him note that they should go.[18] Nyoze then grabbed her hand and led her towards the festival, prompting her to smile. During the event that night, they watched the fireworks together and she smiled again.[19] At some point during the event, they pinky promised to always be together.[20] On an autumn night, he hugged her tightly and the two became a couple.[21]


Nemesis crying as she prepares to kill Nyoze

That winter, the end of EC 982, Nemesis received a loaded gun and new orders addressed from Santa to kill Nyoze.[22] Wracked with grief, Nemesis brooded over the scenario and curled up on her bed against the wall before finally accepting her mission. Conflicted, she met up with Nyoze under the sakura tree where they first met, pointing her revolver at him.

Absolutely torn, Nemesis began to cry as she readied to fire,[23] wishing he wouldn't look at her so fondly since everything was her fault.[24] After she apologized, he spoke to her,[25] grabbing the barrel of her gun.[26] Shocked, her trembling finger fired the gun, killing him.[27] After he collapsed on the ground, Nemesis cradled his corpse as she sobbed.[28] Regretting everything that had happened, the assassin remembered the promise they had made to each other.[29] She then reassured him they would meet again soon.[30] Shortly afterwards, Nemesis fired a second shot at her temple.[31]

Leviantan Civil WarEdit

"Relinquish your fortune. If you return everything you stole from the people, your life will be spared."
"I will never hand over my fortune to you!"
―Nemesis and Gallerian[src]

Nemesis seeks retribution from her father

Having failed in her suicide attempt,[32] Nemesis discovered she was a demon contractor; sometime after, Nyoze's brother Gammon approached the assassin and she shared what transpired. Afterward, the Tasan anti-government leader convinced her to swear vengeance on Gallerian.[33] At some point, the enraged woman acquired Grim the End.[34]

During the Leviantan Civil War in August, EC 983, Nemesis donned a mask and entered Gallerian's mansion as it was set ablaze during the revolts. She then confronted the Master of the Court while he held the Clockworker's Doll.[35] Deciding to give him a chance to atone, the assassin offered to spare his life if he returned everything he stole to the people,[36] gesturing while she referenced his fortune.[37] When Gallerian refused, Nemesis resolved he was beyond help and drew her gun.[38] Pointing it at his head, she offered her father the chance to either die shot in the head or burning in the mansion's hell fires.[39] She then noticed him comforting his "daughter" and, enraged,[40] put the gun to his head and prepared to shoot. Wishing him goodbye, the assassin fired.[41]

Rise To PowerEdit

"Now we are all... sons of bitches."
―Someone following the successful test of Punishment[src]

After the civil war, Nemesis was charged with Gallerian's murder and was subsequently imprisoned. Around EC 989, she was pardoned for her crime and released. Afterwards, she joined the Tasan Party in Elphegort and elected as the party's vice leader. When the party's leader, Gammon Octo, suddenly disappeared, Nemesis succeeded him as President. By EC 993, the Tasan Party gained power both locally and internationally, allowing them to gain control of the Elphegort government.

Nemesis then became a dictator and ordered the Elphegort army to invade Lucifenia. Sparking a war with the USE, Nemesis immediately allied her nation with Beelzenia and Jakoku, and war spread across the entire world.[42] As the war dragged on, Nemesis witnessed its carnage and came to believe "Evillious" was hell and that she was its master, deciding to completely obliterate it as the "Master of the Hellish Yard".[43] With the USE army pushing a two-front offensive upon Elphegort, the dictator ordered her military to launch a secret project to develop the nation's newest weapon: Punishment.

In EC 998, a prototype for Punishment was created and moved to the Millennium Tree Forest for testing. With a golden key in hand, Nemesis inserted it into the black box and fired the weapon, resulting in the entire Millennium Tree Forest being scorched by the blast. After the weapon's successful test, the dictator decided to have the weapon aimed throughout all of Evillious.[44] Having had numerous models of Punishment pointed across the world, Nemesis destroyed all life in the Third Period.[45] Around this time, Nemesis was murdered by the Punishment boy.[46]


"I... destroyed the world?"
"Oh for the love of, you don't even know your own cause of death? You stupidly used Punishment on your own country. So—that means everyone, you bitch!"
"I did... No. I didn't destroy the world. I destroyed Hell. Yes—that hell called "Evillious"."
―Nemesis and Allen Avadonia[src]

After her death, the insane Nemesis was judged by the Master of the Hellish Yard for her sins and kept in the underworld. After the ground world began merging with the Hellish Yard, Nemesis escaped and ended up in the Grave Yard, wandering the wastelands in search of her mother, "Ma". She eventually found a black clock tower among the Second Period technology there and decided to head up to get a better vantage point for her search. Once she reached the viewing platform, the former dictator constantly looked over the railing for Ma across the vast area.

During her search, Nemesis noticed two boys fly down nearby on the platform, startling her. Recognizing them as the Punishments, Nemesis questioned why they were there before realizing the two were different from the identical boys she knew. After one introduced himself as Allen Avadonia and asked what she was doing there, Nemesis explained her reasoning. When the other boy, Hänsel, said he didn't see anyone else there, Nemesis shook her head and insisted Ma had to be there. The boy then insisted no ordinary soul could get there and the former assassin related that Ma wasn't a soul, elaborating that she was still alive and wandering the ground.


Nemesis wrestles for control of the key

After Allen walked up to Nemesis and told her that they were in the Grave Yard and that no one should be still alive since she destroyed the world with Punishment, the confused woman questioned his assertions. Allen then angrily snapped at her for not remembering she "stupidly" fired the weapon on her own country and therefore killed herself and everyone else. Considering his words, the mad soul finally insisted he was wrong and that she destroyed the hell called "Evillious". As she continued that it was the "boy" who looked just like them that killed her, Nemesis suddenly screamed in terror and jumped over the platform's handrail.

Falling down to the ground, the former dictator dashed toward a nearby hill. After retrieving Punishment along with the black box and golden key to fire it, Nemesis stood with the boy atop the hill. As she prepared to fire it, the two boys from earlier arrived and rushed over toward her. When Hänsel leaped at her, the former assassin easily dodged the assault and inserted the key to activate the weapon. As the boy called to his "mother", Allen quickly jumped at Nemesis and wrestled the key from the terrified woman's hand. Punishment then fired, enveloping Nemesis and everything else in its explosive light.


Following the destruction of the ground world, the mortal realm began merging with the Hellish Yard and all souls of the Heavenly Yard were pulled from the heavenly world into the hellish domain's new land. Shortly after its destruction, the god Sickle prepared to intervene and tasked Allen with meeting some of the souls who had been possessed by the Demons of Sin.[47]

Personality and TraitsEdit


Nemesis' dispassionate method of killing

Nemesis was a ruthless young woman, eventually consumed by her wrath and desire for vengeance against her father. As a child, she acted like a cheerful girl and often played with her pet ziz tiama she affectionately referred to as "Ziz-san" throughout her younger life.[48]


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