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Nemesis Sudou
Technical Information
Japanese ネメシス=スドウ
Romaji Nemeshisu Sudou
Other Names No.8 (codename)
Master of the Hellish Yard (by Gallerian Marlon)


Biographical Information
Born EC 964
Died EC 998
Classification Human
Race Elphe
Gender Female
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Affiliation(s) Union State of Evillious
Lucifenia (formerly)
Levianta (formerly)
PN (formerly)
Tasan Party
For other uses, see Master of the Hellish Yard (disambiguation)
"Sinful man... Now, repent."
―Nemesis Sudou[src]

Nemesis Sudou, codenamed No. 8 and also regarded as the Master of the Hellish Yard, was an assassin in the USE Dark Star Bureau's PN and the underling of First Santa Claus. After carrying out a job to kill her lover Nyoze Octo, she swore vengeance on her former master and father, becoming possessed by the Demon of Wrath.


Early HistoryEdit

"Hey mother, you labored on your own to raise me. I was born in a deserted house in the forest, I didn't even know my father's face"
―Nemesis' perception of her childhood[src]

Nemesis and her only friend

Nemesis was conceived from an adulterous, incestuous affair between Gallerian Marlon and Ma under the alias "Kayo Sudou," with Kayo using the baby as a receptacle for Levia's soul.[1] After Nemesis was born in EC 964, Ma left the baby for dead in the Millennium Tree Forest. Rather than killing the infant, however, Ma's apprentice Hanma Balledold decided to raise her himself, taking on the alias "Nikolay Tolle" while occasionally watching over Nemesis in an abandoned house.

Raised in isolation and largely ignorant of her parents, over time Nemesis concocted a delusion that her mother Kayo, at least, had not abandoned her and was instead just away for long periods of time, inventing occasions where Ma would come by and visit,[2] or even celebrate holidays with her.[3] While periodically waiting for her mother's "return," Nemesis was tormented at least once by the voices of Hänsel and Gretel insisting she'd really been abandoned.[4]

In EC 970, Nemesis found a small Ziz tiama that was really Seth Twiright in a shape-shifted Grim the End and adopted him, believing him to be a Christmas present from her mother. That night, when Seth approached her in a dream, she unwittingly made a contract with him as the Demon of Wrath and became close friends with her new pet "Ziz-san."[5]

Life of CrimeEdit

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Growing up, Nemesis joined the Zeus organization, and in EC 978, used her pet ziz tiama to sink the SS Titanis, killing her half-sister Michelle and Gallerian's wife Mira.[6] Later that year, she was confronted by PN.[7] Nemesis was later captured and brought before Gallerian in court.[8]

After the judge sentenced her to be executed for their crimes, Nemesis was offered exemption from her sentence on one condition: she become an assassin for the USE Dark Star Bureau's PN espionage force; Nemesis accepted the terms and joined Gallerian's secret organization.[9] Given the codename No. 8, Nemesis moved to the city of Rolled, Lucifenia and lived among the public while working as a PN agent for her new master.[10] Whenever she was mailed orders to assassinate a target from "First Santa Claus", Nemesis obeyed the instructions and completed each assignment, killing numerous targets for PN.

An Impossible RomanceEdit

―Nemesis to Nyoze[src]

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In spring of EC 982, Nemesis met and fell in love with Nyoze Octo in Rolled. That winter, the end of EC 982, Nemesis received a loaded gun and new orders addressed from Santa to kill Nyoze, and she reluctantly shot her lover. Shortly afterwards, Nemesis tried to commit suicide by shooting herself in the temple, only to find herself unable to die.

Leviantan Civil WarEdit

"Relinquish your fortune. If you return everything you stole from the people, your life will be spared."
"I will never hand over my fortune to you!"
―Nemesis and Gallerian[src]

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Having failed in her suicide attempt,[11] Nemesis discovered she was a demon contractor; sometime after, Nyoze's brother Gammon approached the assassin and she shared what transpired. Afterward, the Tasan anti-government leader convinced her to swear vengeance on Gallerian.[12] During the Leviantan Civil War in August, EC 983, Nemesis entered Gallerian's mansion as it was set ablaze and confronted him; finding him unable to repent for his crimes, she shot him with Grim the End.

Rise To PowerEdit

"Now we are all... sons of bitches."
―Someone following the successful test of Punishment[src]

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After the civil war, Nemesis was charged with Gallerian's murder and was subsequently imprisoned. Around EC 989, she was pardoned for her crime and released. Afterwards, she joined the Tasan Party in Elphegort and was elected as the party's vice leader. When the party's leader, Gammon Octo, suddenly disappeared, Nemesis succeeded him as President. By EC 993, the Tasan Party gained power both locally and internationally, allowing them to gain control of the Elphegort government.

Nemesis then became a dictator and ordered the Elphegort army to invade Lucifenia. Sparking a war with the USE, Nemesis immediately allied her nation with Beelzenia and Jakoku, and war spread across the entire world.[13] As the war dragged on, Nemesis witnessed its carnage and came to believe "Evillious" was hell and that she was its master, deciding to completely obliterate it as the "Master of the Hellish Yard".[14] With the USE army pushing a two-front offensive upon Elphegort, the dictator ordered her military to launch a secret project to develop the nation's newest weapon: Punishment.

In EC 998, a prototype for Punishment was created and moved to the Millennium Tree Forest for testing. With a golden key in hand, Nemesis inserted it into the black box and fired the weapon, resulting in the entire Millennium Tree Forest being scorched by the blast. After the weapon's successful test, the dictator decided to have the weapon aimed throughout all of Evillious.[15] Having had numerous models of Punishment pointed across the world, Nemesis destroyed all life in the Third Period.[16]

World's EndEdit

After the destruction of the world, Nemesis' soul was separated from her body and became deluded into thinking she was still Levia, while her body stayed alive due to her contract. As the Third Period merged with the Hellish Yard, the soulless body ended up in the Grave Yard and began to instinctively carry out the last things that she had done before losing her soul: killing Ma and destroying the world. In the middle of seeking Ma from a clocktower viewing platform, Nemesis was startled by the arrival of Allen Avadonia and Hänsel.


Nemesis wrestles for control of the key

As the boys tried to question her, Nemesis insisted she was looking for Ma and was unable to understand Allen's assertions that she was dead and that the world was already destroyed. Nemesis abruptly leaped from the platform and dashed to a hill, where a "boy" she perceived to be Punishment was waiting with the black box and golden key used to fire it.

Retrieving these tools, Nemesis prepared to fire Punishment and, despite Allen and Hänsel's attempts to stop her, inserted the golden key. As Allen wrestled the key from her, the "boy" enveloped everything in its explosive light.[17] Not long after, Allen fetched Nemesis' body and brought her to the delusional Levia, using the body's memories to break the delusion and merge body and soul back together.

With her consciousness restored, Nemesis stood in the ruined world with Allen, Gumillia, Seth, and Michaela, as Allen explained to her the truth of all that had transpired. She then talked to Michaela and Gumillia with Seth, learning how the three had all watched over her and protected her in their respective ways. After talking with her old friends a little longer, Nemesis heard Allen suggest they go to Evil's Theater next to solve some remaining mysteries he had of the world's end. Agreeing to help, Nemesis and her friends set out to save the world.[18]


Following the destruction of the ground world, the mortal realm began merging with the Hellish Yard and all souls of the Heavenly Yard were pulled from the heavenly world into the hellish domain's new land. Shortly after its destruction, the god Sickle prepared to intervene and tasked Allen with meeting some of the souls who had been possessed by the Demons of Sin.[19]

Personality and TraitsEdit

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Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Nemesis was a trained killer and had immense skill with wielding a revolver, although she had skill with other kinds of guns besides.[20] After becoming part of the Tasan Party, Nemesis gained immense political power within the decade. As the dictator of Elphegort, she held absolute power over the nation and its military. Following the development of Punishment, Nemesis was able to freely fire the device at will using the golden key she carried and could potentially wipe out all of the Evillious region with the weapon.[21]

Due to her contract with the Demon of Wrath, Nemesis was unable to be killed by ordinary means, essentially making her immortal. Despite this, the contractor's wounds didn't automatically heal while near the demon's vessel, leaving a serious scar following her suicide attempt. Regardless, she was still able to wield Grim the End, allowing her to use the demon's power to kill other contractors through the vessel; to complement her fighting style, Nemesis transformed the golden key into a bullet for her revolver.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Nyoze Octo: Nemesis' lover. Nemesis loved Nyoze deeply despite her opposition to him as an assassin, growing close to him over the time she spent with him; as a result, she was naturally willing to harbor him as a fugitive after Gallerian convicted him. Because of this, Nemesis was conflicted about her orders to kill Nyoze and, afterwards, experienced deep regret at his death. This regret warped into wrath following the event.

Gallerian Marlon: Nemesis' master, father, and half-brother. Nemesis was originally loyal to Gallerian as "Santa Claus" and followed his every order as her master. After he forced her to kill her lover, however, she grew wrathful towards Gallerian; furthermore, after learning he was her father, she was resentful of his failure to acknowledge her. She also displayed envy of the love and attention Gallerian gave to the Clockworker's Doll, wishing he'd notice her, his actual living daughter, instead.

Ma: Nemesis' mother and grandmother. Knowing her as Kayo Sudou, Nemesis saw her mother as a maternal figure while growing up and would look to her memory for guidance in life. Although loving her in contrast to the hatred she eventually harbored for her father, Nemesis questioned why her mother would ever love such a corrupt man.

Michelle Marlon: Nemesis' half-sister and niece. Nemesis greatly envied her due to the love she received from their father Gallerian, wishing to receive the same love from him as well.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Nemesis is the goddess in Greek mythology who carried out retribution against those who did evil deeds and obtained undeserved fortunes.
  • In Roman mythology, "Invidia" is sometimes attributed as the equivalent to the Greek goddess and is the Latin name for the Deadly Sin of Envy; Nemesis' mother, Ma, acts as the replacement for the unawakened vessel of Envy and uses the body and identity of Kayo Sudou.
  • Nemesis bears many similarities and parallels to the German dictator Adolf Hitler; both became dictators of their respective countries, held the title "Führer", and participated in worldwide wars; fittingly, Elphegort is also inspired by Germany.
  • Nemesis' actions in the Leviantan Civil War take place in August, the eighth month of the year, possibly referencing her codename; she also has an "eight-armed" octopus as a pet.
  • Prior to The Muzzle of Nemesis album being announced, mothy posted a poem entitled "Nemesis" on twitter, seemingly alluding to the events depicted in the album; at the end of the poem, mothy stated it was a late night work and didn't have any meaning.[22]
  • The Master of the Hellish Yard's relation to the Hellish Yard is connected to the event of Hell in Hieronymus Bosch's The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things.


  • Nemesis' codename, Eight, and subordination to "Santa Claus" parallels Gumillia, codenamed Eighth Sniper and subordinate to First Santa Claus in Père Noël.[23]
  • Her featured song in the Seven Deadly Sins Series was also uploaded on August 8th; humorously, mothy admitted he had uploaded the song on that date by pure coincidence.[24]
  • Wondering what happened to the original incarnations of the Servants, Gammon Octo questioned if they needed to ask the Master of the Hellish Yard to find an answer.[25]




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